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1. Wander Over Yonder

2. Penn Zero Part Time Hero

3. Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

4. The Amazing World of Gumball

5. Regular Show

6. Steven Universe

7. Thundercats (2011)

8. Ducktales (2017)

9. Yokai Watch

10. Chaotic (tv series)

11. My little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

12. We Bare Bear

13. Mircaulous Ladybug

14. Trollhunters

15. Star vs the Force of Evil

16. Wakfu

17. Rick and Monty

If I had Rick Sanchez’s reality-hopping Portal gun, I would waste the potential by only going to realities where my favourite cartoons weren’t cancelled against the creator’s wishes. In fact, I would go to a reality where it was illegal to cancel a cartoon against the creator’s wishes and just binge-watch the nonexistent seasons of my favourite discontinued cartoons.

“Lotor, you’re making the murderface again,” Hunk said calmly, barely looking up from the trade agreement he was proofreading.

“Too close, he’s too close,” Lotor snarled under his breath. “Wha- no, don’t laugh, Pidge! You’re just encouraging him!”

Hunk snorted and shook his head at his oldest brother’s protectiveness. “If I didn’t know that you get this twitchy when Lance flirts too, I’d tell you to lay off,” he said in a casual tone. “As it stands now, I’m just gonna stick with ‘Pidge is a big kid and she can take care of herself’. Don’t worry, Lotor.”

The prince’s ears drooped. “But she’s only fifteen!” he complained, “If she’s old enough to flirt, then it means I’m getting too old to keep postponing marriage and I haven’t found anything even close to a proper setting for Merla and I to hold the ceremony yet!”

“Merla’s parents aren’t that scary!” Hunk laughed and set the paperwork aside.

“No,” Lotor agreed with a sour look, returning his attention to his little sister and the Thundarian prince, “Her grandmother, on the other hand, is another story entirely.”


This is a gift for amazing @polarspaz and their doodles - mostly because of their amazing AU’s (And because of them I started watching Thundercats 2011 - too bad the series is canceled.)

Anyway Thundercats AU, crossover with polarspaz​‘s version - In short, the crew found out that Lance was  Thundercat, and they also know that Keith is half Galra-Altean and that he can shapeshift into any race he sees. Few years later, Lance and Keith are captured by Druids, which are fascinated by Lance’s new appearance. The druids then experiment on Keith, all in order to make another Thundercat, because they thought they were all extinct until they saw Lance. Thankfully, the crew rescued them, but Keith is locked on his Thundercat appearance because of Galra’s experimenting and can’t change back. That made him sad because he believes he will never be human again, which is when Lance tells Keith that being human is overrated and that he looks amazing and that he is supper happy because he is no longer alone.

[other voltron art] I also suck at backgrounds, forgive me. Also, you might have recognized the win win pose…
Edit: slightly edited Keith’s eyes :)

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magiesheartlove  asked:

I wanted to ask, if ATLA, and LoK ever got rebooted in a similar fashion as Thundercats (2011) and Voltron: Legendary Defenders (2016), what changes would you do to make the series better in your opinion. I ask because, I'm actually tempted to try a fan-made reboot myself. Any thoughts?

Well, I honestly don’t have a lot of problems with the series in Books 1 or 2, story-wise. So if the series got rebooted, I would really start with the end of Book 2, and change things from there and rewrite Book 3 to make it lead into Book 4. I don’t hate Book 3, but it had a lot of writing problems that simply didn’t exist before. This is because of the decision to cancel Book 4 for the movie. There was a good story underneath, though. Here’s exactly what I would do to improve the series and the writing:

The Crossroads of Destiny: So I would have changed the ending to have Zuko fight alongside Aang and Katara, against Azula and the Dai Li. I don’t think he should have permanently joined Team Avatar just yet, but he definitely should not have joined his sister right after a spiritual awakening. That’s terrible writing. They would have been defeated, and Zuko and Iroh would have been captured as traitors. Aang would have gotten shot by lightning, and Katara escapes with him. Same as in canon.

Going Home Again: I would change the entire Maiko scenario. I don’t care what Bryke say. Mai and Zuko were NOT childhood crushes. And I don’t think Azula would have let Zuko come home with NO ulterior motive. I think she would have had suspicions that Aang was alive because he “died” in the Avatar State. The Avatar State let him survive in the iceberg for 100 years. She would want him to come back to use him as a scapegoat in case the Avatar was actually alive and she would use Iroh to force him to go home against his will. I always found it weird that this was pretty much exactly what actually happened in the comic, too.

The Awakening: I would continue with the concept of Zuko’s spiritual awakening. I do not think he wanted to be back in the Fire Nation after his awakening. After obsessing about going home for 3 years, he finally gets what he wanted…after already letting it go. That would be an ironic twist of fate that makes for good storytelling. He would feel bad that he is known as a hero for killing the Avatar. And he would keep the Spirit Water hidden from Azula because of his conscience, just in case Aang DID survive. Azula blames him for the Avatars death, and he seemed really confused, like he didn’t know why she would have done that. Why would he be so confused unless he really didn’t know Azula’s motives? Aang’s part of the episode is fine and he actually got character development in it, which is rare for Aang in Book 3.

It is obvious that the Maiko pairing was portrayed in an intentionally negative way in The Awakening. This proves to me that the original idea for the relationship was supposed to be be negative, to contrast Zuko’s higher level of consciousness after his awakening to Mai’s lower level of consciousness. It was no coincidence to depict their first kiss showing the scarred side of Zuko’s face, unlike his kiss with Jin. Bryke twisted the narrative into a pretzel to make this awful pairing canon. I think Maiko should have stayed negative by putting Zuko into a situation where a girl he is not interested in only is interested in him superficially. This would have helped his character development.

The Headband: I would have changed a lot about this episode. I think while Aang was out and about, some guards might have thought he was playing hookey, and taken him to school. Being around the kids would have facilitated a flashback about his days with Kuzon. Get rid of the dancing party. I don’t believe that Sokka and Katara would have been okay with going back to the school. Zuko’s part in the episode would be different. He would attempt to see his uncle in prison but the guards won’t let him. Azula clearly didn’t want him seeing Iroh anyways. He becomes increasingly more depressed.

The Painted Lady & Sokka’s Master: I don’t really have a problem with either of these episodes. They offer good character development for both Katara and Sokka and I think they’re both well-written.

The Beach: Change Combustion Man’s role a tiny little bit. Instead of Zuko hiring him, he is a bounty hunter. Aang was spotted and a message was to be sent to the Firelord. Combustion Man, on his travels, happens to see the hawk, gets curious and intercepts the message. He burns the letter to keep it a secret so only he knows, and decides to hunt Aang, thinking it will earn him money if he kills him.

I would focus on Zuko’s misery more this episode. He should not be “confused” about why he is not happy. That was ridiculous. The campfire bonding would be different. I don’t mind them talking about all of their issues, but it was too cheesy for me. Get rid of the horrible Maiko romantic scenes. They are very out of character and do not fit the tone of the episode, especially right after Zuko leaves the beach house. I think it might have been better if they went back to Chan’s house, but instead of trashing it, they just decide to tell him that they’re Ozai’s kids. I think that would have been even funnier and better payback, honestly.

The Avatar and the Firelord: I like this episode overall and I wouldn’t change much. I still think that Iroh would send letters to Zuko in prison, so that would not have to change. The only scene I would change is the ending where Zuko confronts Iroh in prison. That was totally unnecessary. The scenes where Zuko sees Iroh in jail are SO badly written. I do not like Zuko being related to Roku, either. It seemed to just be a lame excuse for why Zuko was acting so out of character in the first half of Book 3. Because of his legacy with his ancestors, being conflicted is apparently just in his “nature”. Um, what? Zuko was not conflicted by nature. That’s the entire point of his character. He only became conflicted because of his abuse. That scene had such awful writing. I have no doubt Bryke came up with that terrible idea to explain why Zuko randomly went “dark” after his spiritual awakening.

The Runaway & The Puppetmaster: These episodes are fine. No writing issues and they are very enjoyable.

Nightmares and Daydreams: This episode is not bad, but once again the shipping is just so forced. Mai and Zuko are obviously not compatible. They do not communicate and she is extremely insensitive to his issues. Yet they are still endgame. Same with Kataang. Katara is so motherly in this episode. Aang’s daydream of kissing her and his nightmare of math tests and Ozai with no pants really show his age. He is still a kid. Yet they still wind up in a serious relationship at the end. Such bad writing. So I would keep the concept of this episode, but change the shipping agenda.

The Day of Black Sun & The Western Air Temple: I don’t have any problems with the invasion, except the kiss. Katara seemed to react negatively to it. I would change that to make it less ambiguous. Everything else can stay the same. The time when Zuko joined the Gaang should have been so much more enjoyable. The way it happened in canon was a total letdown. After waiting the for the entirety of the story to see Zuko join the Gaang, there was still so much negativity and hostility. Bad writing. Get rid of that. Zuko can still rescue the Gaang from Combustion Man. Though I still don’t know how he even got up there to begin with…

The Firebending Masters & The Boiling Rock: Good episodes that don’t have to change much, really. I liked them overall. I would change how the Mai scene is handled, though. I think her decision should have happened simply out of morality, not love. She did not do anything when Tom Tom was held hostage, so this scene would be similar to that and offer her a real redemption. But she was not in love with Zuko.

The Southern Raiders: This episode would not have to change all that much, honestly. After Azula attacked the Western Air Temple, Katara had to separate from Hakoda again. Katara’s dad had to leave because of the war, they had to separate when the Gaang entered the Fire Nation, he got thrown into prison during the invasion, and they just reunited not too long ago. But now they have to separate again. I believe Katara would be in a pretty bad mood about this, and angry at how the Fire Nation keeps separating her from her parents. She would go off and Zuko would try to ask her what’s wrong. She would not really wanna talk about it, but say how she misses her parents. Zuko already knows that the Fire Nation killed her mom, and he would feel bad about this and not wanna push the issue. He leaves her alone and asks Sokka what happened to their mother. Then they go off on their mission and confront Yon Rha.

The Ember Island Players: This should have been the episode where Aang realizes that he isn’t going to be “rewarded” with the girl her likes by saving the world. This is where he should have started to realize what the guru meant by “letting her go”. He seemed jealous of Zuko and Katara during the play, and it’s kind of weird, because in canon, there was “nothing between them,” according to Bryke. Yet there are still hints that there is something between them in the episode…

Sozin’s Comet: Aang would have to decide that his own feelings don’t matter and although he doesn’t want to, he would eventually decide to kill the Firelord to protect the world. He would need to act mature about the situation, which never happens in canon. Zuko would be afraid to see his uncle again. He thinks he hates him because he went back to the Fire Nation, even though he didn’t really want to. When they reunite, Iroh obviously doesn’t hate him and they have a happy reunion.

Aang unlocks his chakra fair and square by putting his own morals aside and sacrificing his own “purity” to protect innocent lives. He takes Ozai’s bending and earns his victory. At the party, get rid of the Kataang kiss. Do what Ehasz originally wanted to do and end Book 3 with a scene of Zuko and Katara having a conversation of how much the world has changed.

Then Book 4 time. That’s how I would reboot Avatar.

Wusk Takes Requests

Hey, guys! So summer’s coming up and I don’t really have anything to do, so I figured I’d try taking writing requests. 

@wuskwrites <—this is my write blog, so you can see examples of my writing here. As you can see, I primarily write for my OCs but for these requests I’ll do whatever. 

So! Some fandoms I will write for:
-Heathers (the musical)
-Dear Evan Hansen
-Be More Chill (the musical, not the book; get the book away from me)
-Transformers (Til All Are One; I’m sorry but that’s the only incarnation I’m really familiar with hsfgsjf)
-Thundercats (2011) (been a while since I wrote for this fandom but I’m willing to try again!)

My favourite genre is romance so if you’re looking for ship fics, heyyyy, hit me up. I’ll be more likely to do your request if I like the ship so here are some ships I ship:
-Heather Chandler/Veronica
-Tree Bros (Connor/Evan)
-Windscream (Windblade/Starscream)
-Chromhide (Chromia/Ironhide)
-Tygra/Cheetara (i like this one but not as much as lion-o/cheetara u feel)

There are other ships and fandoms I can’t remember so if you feel like taking a shot in the dark, go for it! You might get lucky; I kinda hope you do.

I can also try writing for your OCs? So long as I already know it or if you have like a ref I can follow for them (and a piece of writing about them I can read to get the gist of their personality).

If the request makes me uncomfortable or if I just really don’t know the fandom (or if I’m just not interested), I have the right to refuse. Please don’t take it personally. 

Some rules, because I need them:
1. I’m not touching NSFW with a ten-foot pole, sorry. Idk how to write it.
2. I refuse to do any kind of hate. That includes ship/character bashing, or just the general irl hate. 
3. If I accept your request can you maybe not pressure me to do it? I mean, reminders are okay because sometimes I forget things, but constant messages like “hey how’s my request” are tiring and unmotivating hsfgshf.

When requesting your thing please include something I can tag you with so I can let you know when it’s done. :’D
If you have a specific writing prompt/plot or whatever you want to see, feel free to include it! Include the genre you want to see too lol

Thanks guys~