thundercats go

If I had Rick Sanchez’s reality-hopping Portal gun, I would waste the potential by only going to realities where my favourite cartoons weren’t cancelled against the creator’s wishes. In fact, I would go to a reality where it was illegal to cancel a cartoon against the creator’s wishes and just binge-watch the nonexistent seasons of my favourite discontinued cartoons.

Mumm-Ra: The Ever Living! Arch Nemesis to the #Thundercats, I always thought Mumm-Ra was weird; an Egyptian dude wearing a skirt who always had spit hanging from his teeth, Here he is in his second incarnation as a buff, immortal vision of #evil … He is the main antagonist on the show, demonstrating absolute mastery of magic. He often uses the Mutants of Plun-Darr as pawns in his schemes to defeat the ThunderCats. Their original intention was to steal, and utilize the power of the Eye of Thundera however, this swiftly shifts to a series-long determination to obliterate the ThunderCats outright. Go #GeekPower!

For the next revival of an old popular series (because it’s gonna happen whether we like it or not), I’ll try to stay away from the internet about it because I’ve gotten so tired of the nostalgic babies whining “It’s not like how I remembered!” “The animation is literally giving me cancer!” “Stop raping my childhood”. Seriously if you hate these remakes so much, make your peace with it and move on. It will save you the mutliple migraines and heart attacks you’ll get from putting yourself in constant negativity.