thundercats go

thundera’s such a weird city like ok … it’s at the foot of this mountain … surrounded by OTHER mountains … with a large wall surrounding it too ??? ( smh talk abt making a statement like ‘lol we don’t want u here’ …. j/k actually thundera has largely been considered pretty impenetrable )

out in the middle of fucken nowhere  … in an almost desert/savanna lookin’ region…

there’s fucken houses AAAAAALL over the place ( u see that weird af mass on the right that’s a whole bunch of houses bunched up together wtf ) and ALL OF THEM either have red or blue rooftops. nothing else .  OH YEAH and everything above the slums is fucken white. there’s also a nice lil river there <3

and you know the cats didn’t get the memo that ppl out there are modernizing bc they’re stuck living in the medieval period or something

but at the same time there’s like greek af architecture all over the place 

who the hell constructed that bridge that’s ???? a safety hazard someone could easily fall off and end up on the cold hard ground of the slums … perfectly dead

speaking of slums you can only access them through certain inconspicuous doorways like this one … 

… where the scenery changes drastically like ‘WELCOME TO OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY just u kno don’t look down the slums look like shit’ and honestly most of the thunderian population lives here ???? like unless you’re upper class you’re not living in the upper portion of the city and even less closer to the palace itself sorry ;;;

but also MOST of the open markets are down here. 

AND THEN ???? IF YOU GO DOWN EVEN LOWER THAN THE SLUMS ( bc apparently that’s a thing ??? who the hell drilled/dug this far down wtf SOMEONE COULD -DIE- HERE ) you reach that one level of thundera literally no one wants to go to unless they have to bc people are literally living in some rickety-ass home w/ little sanitation and sunlight. they prob don’t even have ??? proper doors. chances are that if you’re a dog living in thundera you….live down here honestly;;; like jorma you know?

and i’m like wt f thundera did you really have to go THAT far w/ the social and economic hierarchy that you literally had to do that like … the closer you are to the pits of hell the poorer you are whereas the rich enjoy their sunlit 5-room white n pretty houses . who makes a sandwich city like that except cats … cats are assholes man

You Need a Maid? Chapter 9

Fandom: Avengers / Marvel
Rating: G / PG13 / R
Warnings: Sexual situations, swearing. 
Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, blah legal stuff. Don’t sue me, I’m poor.

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With the brisk chill of Autumn at your window, you woke with a taste for apple cinnamon pancakes. Not being one to deny your cravings you headed to the kitchen after wrapping yourself in a sweater. Soon you were standing at the stove, flipping flapjacks onto a plate. The smell of sweet cinnamon wafted through the house.

“You made my favorite!” Exclaimed Tony, and you turned to look over your shoulder, surprised to see him. He almost never ate breakfast with the others. You slipped a pancake from the pan onto a plate and placed it onto the island in front of him.

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For the next revival of an old popular series (because it’s gonna happen whether we like it or not), I’ll try to stay away from the internet about it because I’ve gotten so tired of the nostalgic babies whining “It’s not like how I remembered!” “The animation is literally giving me cancer!” “Stop raping my childhood”. Seriously if you hate these remakes so much, make your peace with it and move on. It will save you the mutliple migraines and heart attacks you’ll get from putting yourself in constant negativity.