Musing on the Storm

//I’m thinking Voli thoughts while I boil inside from rage over my computer situation.  Currently on a dinosaur that barely handles multitasking let alone tumblr but I’ll see what I can do for those replies I owe but I digress.

//I’ve been thinking on the ThunderBros.  And the different aspects of lighting their blessings embody.  Both have the capacity to use lightning for damage, Kennen more-so than Voli. But then Kennen has electrical powers that speed him up and effectively taze people while Voli has god-tier regeneration.

//And those powers aren’t weak relative to their damaging lightning powers even, it’s the reverse.  Kennen can move so fast that he can move up sheer surfaces and has an endless supply of stamina. Volibear can recover from being mauled by multiple Ursine without any permanent damage.  And they’re both relatively new to these powers - imagine what they could do with practice.

//Imagine Volibear healing wounds almost instantly, imagine Kennen zooming around almost literally lightning quick.

//TL;DR, being a ThunderBro is awesome and everyone should consider earning the favor of their local storm spirit.