thunderbird edition


Ilvermorny Aesthetics: Wampus // Pukwudgie // Thunderbird // Horned Serpent

Hogwarts Aesthetics: Slytherin // Ravenclaw // Hufflepuff // Gryffindor


Hogwarts Houses as Goddesses & Ilvermorny ideals

Ọya - In Yoruba means “She Tore”. A warrior and unbeatable; the Queen of the River Niger with her 9 children tributaries. An Orisha of winds, lightning, and violent storms, death and rebirth. Represents the Body.

伊弉冉尊 - Izanami no Mikoto, “She who invites”. Together with her husband Izanagi, they created the ōyashima, the 8 great islands, in their union. Known as the Goddess of Creation. Represents the Mind.

Rādhā - In Sanskirt  राधा  means success or prosperity, related to the term   राध  which means kindness and success. Her traits vary from various regions, but she is often paired with Krishna. Is a metaphor and represents the Soul.

龍母 - Long Mu, the “Mother of Dragons”. After discovering a beautiful stone was actually an egg to 5 dragons, she hand fed and raised them. After her death, the 5 dragons turned into the 5 Scholars. Represents parental love and the Heart.

ilvermorny aesthetics

pukwudgie: herbs, secret medical knowledge, feeling someone’s heartbeat against yours, sunsets, working hard to achieve your goals, crystals, a single tear, trusting your intuition, caring too much, the sound of rain against the window, pressed flowers in notebooks, summer

wampus: darkness, sneaking out, box of matches, scars and scratches, knowing exactly what to say to win an argument, never giving up, intimidating others without wanting to, DocMartens, revolutions, smirks, acting without thinking about it first

thunderbird: polaroids, doing something just because you want to experience it once in your life, the sea, having lists of places you want to see, maps, little genuine smiles, daydreaming, self-discovery, random ideas popping into your head, field trips, sketches

horned serpent: piles of books, uniforms, notebooks, perfect score, losing yourself on Wikipedia for several hours, philosophical conversations, complex structures, analysing everything that happened, constantly learning something new


ilvermorny houses aesthetic

It is sometimes said of the Ilvermorny houses that they represent the whole witch or wizard: the mind is represented by Horned Serpent; the body, Wampus; the heart, Pukwudgie and the soul, Thunderbird. Others say that Horned Serpent favours scholars, Wampus, warriors, Pukwudgie, healers and Thunderbird, adventurers.

thunderbird x ravenclaw aesthetic

the creatives and innovators. If Thunderbirds are adventurers, Thunderclaws prefer to adventure via stories - sitting curled up with a good book as their mind takes them to far off worlds beyond anything that can be experienced in reality. They are dreamers and idealists and can often get their heads lost in the clouds. It can be painful for them when their dreams do not match up with reality and perhaps the oft-found obsession with fiction is an escape. (source)


Snickering Snickerdoodles

  • The classic No-Maj treat was brought to the school’s halls in the early 1900′s, but, of course, with a magical twist.  Once you take a bite of these scrumptious cookies, you won’t be able to stop giggling until the whole cookie is finished.  Good luck trying to stay quiet when sneaking a bite during class!

Popping Rocks

  • A spin on the popular No-Maj candy, these enchanted rock candies don’t just explode with flavor, but also with actual fireworks! As soon as these suckers begin to crackle, you can expect sparklers as bright as 4th of July fireworks to erupt from your mouth. And don’t try to close your mouth; they’ll just end up coming from your ears!

Ocean Water Taff

  • Chewing these salty treat will make you end up feeling like you took a swim with the fishes. With every bite, you’ll feel more and more like you’re at the shore, complete with a sunkissed tan and sand in your shoes! Eat at discretion, though. You don’t want to end up smelling like a fish!

Juicy Jackalope Jumpers

  • A delicious, sweet candy that have becoming increasingly popular amongst students in the last few years or so. Appearing as a small, circular-like gummy, each bite of this treat will make you leap with flavor; literally! Those who eat it will end up hopping around like bunnies from classroom to classroom. A good snack if you want to get to class early!

Skinwalker’s Surprise

  • First comprised by a particuarly devious Wampus student back in the 1960′s, this candy is perfect if you’re looking to prank you friends. Place a raw Skinwalker’s Surprise into a mix of another candy, and watch it camouflage in just like it’s namesake. When someone goes to eat it, they’ll be treated with an awfully, nasty taste in their mouths. Yuck!

Chick Pees

  • Disguised as the classic PEEP Chicks, these sweet treats look and taste exactly like the originals!  What’s the catch you ask?  The second the one enjoying the sweet treat gets even the simplest of a fright, the spell detects the jump in their heart rate and automatically makes them pee their pants. Perfect for the prankster within!

Boom Boom Balls

  • These treats are quite simply, really.  These balls of chocolate are absolutely delicious and safe to eat as one normally would.  Yet, if you ever find yourself in a jam and need to escape a sketchy situation (maybe you played a playful prank on Headmaster Hughes), just grab a ball and slam it to the ground.  Very similar to the classic smoke bomb, but instead of nasty smoke these leave yummy chocolate powder in their wake!

Mr. Who’s Wonder Sweets

  • Mr. Who’s Wonder Sweets were created by an Ilvermorny Alum who was obsessed with the No-Maj game of Guess Who (it’s also kinda ironic his last name happened to also be Who).  Each piece is wrapped individually.  When you unwrap your piece the wrapper will read a famous Witch or Wizard.  Once you pop the sweet treat in your mouth you automatically act and sound like the name on he wrapper and you won’t stop until someone guesses correctly. So gather your friends and play a few rounds with these delicious sweets!