thunderbird edition


Ilvermorny Aesthetics: Wampus // Pukwudgie // Thunderbird // Horned Serpent

Hogwarts Aesthetics: Slytherin // Ravenclaw // Hufflepuff // Gryffindor

ilvermorny aesthetics

pukwudgie: herbs, secret medical knowledge, feeling someone’s heartbeat against yours, sunsets, working hard to achieve your goals, crystals, a single tear, trusting your intuition, caring too much, the sound of rain against the window, pressed flowers in notebooks, summer

wampus: darkness, sneaking out, box of matches, scars and scratches, knowing exactly what to say to win an argument, never giving up, intimidating others without wanting to, DocMartens, revolutions, smirks, acting without thinking about it first

thunderbird: polaroids, doing something just because you want to experience it once in your life, the sea, having lists of places you want to see, maps, little genuine smiles, daydreaming, self-discovery, random ideas popping into your head, field trips, sketches

horned serpent: piles of books, uniforms, notebooks, perfect score, losing yourself on Wikipedia for several hours, philosophical conversations, complex structures, analysing everything that happened, constantly learning something new

thunderbird x ravenclaw aesthetic

the creatives and innovators. If Thunderbirds are adventurers, Thunderclaws prefer to adventure via stories - sitting curled up with a good book as their mind takes them to far off worlds beyond anything that can be experienced in reality. They are dreamers and idealists and can often get their heads lost in the clouds. It can be painful for them when their dreams do not match up with reality and perhaps the oft-found obsession with fiction is an escape. (source)


Thunderbird // characteristics of adventurers

Named by Chadwick Boot after his favourite magical beast, the Thunderbird, a beast that can create storms as it flies. Thunderbird house is sometimes considered to represent the soul of a witch or wizard. It is also said that Thunderbird favours adventurers.

[Horned Serpent] // [Pukwudgie] // [Wampus]


hp magical creatures : Thunderbird

“The thunderbird is a flying beast that can sense danger, and create storms as it flies. Its tail feathers were used by Shikoba Wolfe to create powerful wands, particularly good for Transfiguration.”