Thunderbird Motel - Bel Alton, Maryland

Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge
U.S. Hiway 301 - Telephone (301) WEst 4-8362
Bel Alton, Maryland
7 Miles North of Potomac River Bridge
Air Conditioned …Central Heat…Free Room TVs. Ceramic Tiled Baths and Shower. Shuffleboard. Heated and Filtered Swimming and Wading Pools. 56 New and Modern Units.
AAA Approved. Member of the Congress of Motor Hotels

Marlon Brando as Johnny in the Iconic motorcycle film “The Wild One” which simultaneously thrust biking forward into the limelight in terms of popularity and style, while setting it back in terms of stereotypes and the court of public opinion. Marlon Brando rode his own 1950 Thunderbird in the film– a big boost for Triumph motorcycles. 


Many Native American tribes shared a common legend of a massive-winged creature that is suppose to be larger than a condor; the great Thunderbird.

Reports of Thunderbird sightings go back centuries, and the fossil record does show that giant birds with wingspans between 12 and 18 ft were likely contemporary with early man. Today the creature is generally regarded as a myth.

Anchorage, Alaska - A giant winged creature, like something out of Jurassic Park, has reportedly been sighted several times in Southwest Alaska. Villagers in Togiak and Manokotak say they have seen a huge bird that’s much bigger than anything they have seen before. 

A pilot stated he spotted the creature while flying passengers to Manokotak. He calculated that its wingspan matched the length of a wing on his Cessna 207. That’s about 14 feet.

Scientists aren’t sure what to make of the reports. No one doubts that people in the region west of Dillingham have seen a very large rapto-like bird. But biologists and other people familiar with big Alaska birds say they’re skeptical it’s that big.