Ilvermorny Headcannon #35

-uniforms- The Ilvermorny uniform is based on the Scouts uniform, including shawls, sjerps, badges and buttons to define houses instead of the colors of the uniforms. Badges and buttons could be earned throughout the entire school career. Girls wear long, elegant cranberry skirts (thick in winter, thin in summer), white blouses (short sleeves in summer; long, puffy sleeves in winter) topped by a deep blue vest (decorated with pins, or not). Boys wear dark blue trousers (long in winter, above the knee in summer) accompanied by white shirts (long sleeves in winter, short sleeves in summer) and a cranberry vest (decorated with pins, or not). They wore long, thick capes; cranberry for boys, blue for girls which were bound together with a gold robe, knotted with a Gordian Knot, covering the entire uniforms beneath. 

House Points

Because of the outrageous situation concerning Wampus, Thunderbird, and El Chupacabra, House Points will be starting early and guess which Houses just lost 200 points?

Wampus: MINUS 200 POINTS 

Thunderbird: MINUS 200 POINTS

Pukwudgie: PLUS 50 POINTS 

Horned Serpent: MINUS 50 POINTS

The signs as Ilvermorny Houses:

Pukwudgie; the heart, favours healers:
Cancer, Taurus, Libra

Horned Serpend; the mind, favours scholars: Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn

Thunderbird; the soul, favors adventurers:
Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini

Wampus; the body, favours warriors:
Aries, Scorpio, Leo

anonymous asked:

it's the thunderbird from before, we really didn't mean it to be a big expedition, and not to argue with you, ma'am, but the official rule and expulsion wasn't in place until after we went out there. i'm sorry to be arguing, we just all admit that it was a mistake and really love it here at school, is there anything we could do to stay?

The official ruled concerning the expulsion was not in place, yes, but the rule stating the forest is not to be entered without executive permission was there. I look back on my choice and realize I was quite harsh, my apologies. Instead of expulsion, you should expect to be facing detention everyday for five months as soon you get back to school. You will not be expelled from Ilvermorny. - Principal Laray


The Thunderbird appears in many Native American legends and is said to be larger than a condor. 

Some said that the Thunderbird accompanied thunderstorms and that lightning flashed from its eyes. It was said to feed on killer whales. Some called it Piasa, or ‘devourer of man’ and believed the bird required sacrifices or it would attack a whole community.

The Ojibway of Lake Superior said that a Thunderbird fought with Mishipishu, a snake like monster of the lake. In more recent time, the Sioux Medicine Man, John (Fire) Lame Deer told of the Thunderbird and said that the he believed that they had gone to the furthest parts of the earth, unhappy with the dirty and impure civilization of the whites. 

Sightings of the thunderbird go back centuries and fossil records have shown that birds with wing spans between 12 and 18 ft existed alongside early man.


April fools day at Ilvermorny

The students all make/buy hogwarts robes.

Horned serpent take ravenclaw

Pukwudgies take hufflepuff

Wampus take gryffindor

And thunderbird, after a lot of complaining, take slytherin (they wanted ravenclaw)

The students do nothing but wear these robes on April fools day, fake British accents, print out and tape the hogwarts house emblems onto the entrances of their common rooms, and mumble about how Harry Potter is always fucking up their education.

The teachers were very confused.

Many Native American tribes shared a common legend of a massive-winged creature that is suppose to be larger than a condor; the great Thunderbird.

Reports of Thunderbird sightings go back centuries, and the fossil record does show that giant birds with wingspans between 12 and 18 ft were likely contemporary with early man. Today the creature is generally regarded as a myth.