Now that is one heck of a handsome set of hot Irish men. (L to R) Ryan Kelly, Emmett O'Hanlon, Keith Harkin, Colm Keegan, Neil Byrne, and Emmet Cahill.

Going to be interesting to see what CT sounds like next year without the tenor voice of Emmet Cahill, but with the added baritone voice of Emmett O'Hanlon. Either way it’s certainly going to be different.

And most importantly….EVERYONE’S HEAD IS ON THE RIGHT BODY shocked and amazed!!!!!


If I’m sad and I get really high….
It feels like there’s a thunder storm in my head.
Does that make any sense to anyone?

The Princess and her Dragon

The child let out a terrified shriek as the thunder clapped over head again. The storm had taken the royal family completely by surprise, and in the confusion, the little 5 year old of a princess had ran off in fear, getting herself completely lost. She took shelter in a cave then, at least she was out of the rain now, but she was still a long ways from home.

“W-where am I?” She sobbed herself, looking around before sitting on a funny looking stone in a huff. Tears ran down her cheek as she sat, jumping every time the thunder or lightning shook the cavern. “I-I want to go home…”

Sharon Brown's New Blog

Hey thunderheads Sharon Brown has a new blog up on the CT site, and can I just say is what the f*** is wrong with that woman? We already pay an arm and a leg (in some cases a rib) to see the guys, and now she’s changing the whole thing and going to be charging us fans even more for things, no way in hell am I happy about this!

Here's a headcanon for you!

Sherlock and John are on a case and Sherlock does something stupid, like risk his life, AGAIN, and they barely escape and they are running down barely lit back alleys as you hear thunder rolling over head.

John who almost just lost Sherlock AGAIN finally grabs Sherlock’s upper arm and whirls him around to face him, lightning flashes around them illuminating the anger so very clear on John’s face.

An argument ensues - and not just any argument, but an argument like we have never seen before between the two of them. They are yelling at each other, more angry then they have ever been as the thunder and lightning rise with their rage.

And during their yelling match the rain begins to come down and they barely even register it, still focused on one another, eyes locked, cheeks flushed, chests heaving.

The rain pours down on them, soaking them both. Sherlock’s coat is drenched, his purple shirt sticking to him, his curls matted to his face and droplets of water running down those lips of his.

Lightning flashes and thunder cracks as the two release so much pent up emotions at one another until finally one of them screams “I LOVE YOU!”

They both stand there, both finally unable to utter another word for the span of a few moments – and then they both close the gap between them and wrap their arms around each other and kiss. And not just any kiss, but a kiss full of hate and love, rage and passion. A kiss that they have needed since the very moment they met. A kiss that says everything they have ever wanted to say to each other. A kiss that has been building for years…

And I’m going to stop there before this post becomes rated E.


Amatsuki:  人生で1番雨に濡れたんじゃないかというくらい濡れた…! 大雨の中、ディズニーでワンスアポンアタイムを見て 〆に大雨のビッグサンダーマウンテンに乗りました!! 頭バグるくらい楽しかったww メンバーは コニーゆりんnero夏代天月!

Amatsuki: This isn’t the heaviest rain I’ve experienced in my life right? I said but got drenched…! In the heavy rain, I saw Once upon a time at Disney while riding Big Thunder Mountain!! My head got banged around but it was fun ww Members include Kony, Yurin, Nero, Natsushiro , and me!