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Male MC: First Day- Discussion About the Party 19:40

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Stomach full and procrastination at its limits Zack sighed as he sat back down at the computer and began typing his report. After this report he would have to take two tests which closed by midnight tonight, and of course they were both in subjects he didn’t quite care for. The thought of skipping it had crossed his mind but both tests accounted for 30% of his grade and he couldn’t afford to skip them.  

He glanced around the desk looking through the drawers and flipping through some of the stationary before landing on one strange drawer in the desk. It was completely locked and no amount of pulling seemed to do anything. Curios Zack opened the drawer beneath it and looked under to see if anything was keeping the drawer in place.

“What the? Is that a pressure sensor?” He felt the sudden the urge to touch it and see if he was right but he knew something wasn’t right. He could see a green light faintly glowing on the metal slab. “What is in this drawer?” He grabbed his phone turning on the flashlight. It was completely locked tight. “That looks like a small receiver.” He mumbled looking at the side of the pressure sensor—being extra careful not to touch it— as a faint blue light slowly faded on and off. Next to the blue light was the words ‘Connected’ a small circle dark and grey was next to the words ‘Disconnected’.

There was nothing else he could look at. A set of serial numbers had been sanded off and the companies manufacturer and been completely blacked out. This was the extent of his knowledge of what to look at and frankly he had no idea what to do except leave it alone. Carefully he put the bottom drawer back in and resumed his report, though now he found it even harder to concentrate.

“What is so important in there? If the pressure sensor goes off then what? Will it explode? No way that there’s bombs in here right? I mean…this is just a charity organization right?” His mind went back to the keypad outside. He had explored the apartment complex and no other room, besides staff rooms, had keypad locks.

He glanced at his phone, it twenty till eight. Taking this as the perfect opportunity to take a break—I’ll start my work at 8, you know a good perfect 8:00 pm— Zack re-opened the app. And to his perfect delight Jaehee and Jumin were logged in.

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