thunder wheels

Not trying to objectify Bickslow or anything, but he’s definitely the third wheel in the Fraxus relationship. I bet he gives them tons of shit. Like sits in between them on the couch and at the dinner table, makes kissing noises when they’re really close, takes selfies with them being lovey-dovey in the background, and makes sex jokes on a constant basis. Laxus would probably just be like “omg fuck off” in a friendly, I-get-the-joke kind of way. And Freed’s just the blushing green bean. Overall a pretty average, yet sometimes annoying, third wheel. And I think that’d be the greatest thing ever.

Roman Gold Taranis “Wheel’ Pendant, 1st-3rd century AD

In Celtic mythology Taranis was the god of thunder worshipped essentially in Gaul, Gallaecia, Britain and Ireland, but also in the Rhineland and Danube regions, amongst others. Taranis, along with Esus and Toutatis as part of a sacred triad, was mentioned by the Roman poet Lucan in his epic poem Pharsalia as a Celtic deity to whom human sacrificial offerings were made.

Taranis was associated, as was the cyclops Brontes ("thunder”) in Greek mythology, with the wheel. Many representations of a bearded god with a thunderbolt in one hand and a wheel in the other have been recovered from Gaul, where this deity apparently came to be syncretized with Jupiter.

Symbolic votive wheels were offered at shrines (such as in Alesia), cast in rivers (such as the Seine), buried in tombs or worn as amulets since the Middle Bronze Age.