Cards for FFXIV OCs. Help spread the idea! :D

Warriors of Light are not the only ones blessed with strengths. There are all kinds of heroes scattered across Eorzea. All blessed with unique abilities. What are yours?

I was wanting to make cards for FFXIV OCs around the community.
Headshot, little description, followed by some stats. Something not only digital but physical. Something sleek and aesthetically pleasing to hold onto and make you feel happy. 


Hard cap: Can only spend half of the total amount of points. For example; all the stats below add up to 800 total points. So there are only 400 points you can put into these skills.

Soft cap: Once you spend 90 points into a single stat, the last remaining points in that stat cost double points. For example if “Mov Speed” is at 90/100 than it cost you 90 points. However if “Mov Sleed” is at 100/100 than it would cost you 110 points instead of just 100. This is to entice players not to max out any stats unless it’s vital to their character development. 

Don’t have to spend all 400 points if you want your OC to be more around civilian combat level. Though you can not spend more than 400 to make the cards feel balanced. (Will make a civilian/thug/fighter cards for reference as well as NPC’s around the wolrd along with Grand Company leaders)

Here would be some combat stats:

  • Physical/Magical Strength: x/100
  • Atk/cast speed:                   x/100
  • Mov speed:                         x/100
  • Health:                                x/100
  • Physical/Magical Def:          x/100
  • TP/MP:                                x/100
  • TP/MP recovery:                 x/100
  • Health recovery:                  x/100

Am I forgetting any? To shorten the card some stats are combined. I might separate Physical/Magical Defense and Physical/Magical Strength. We’ll see how the cards look. I will also expand on the potency of what 100 means once I’ve ironed out some details. 

Maybe add some “Additional effects” or like “unique skill” slot near the bottom?

Also There would be separate cards for Combat stats and Life Skill stats. Cuz that’s just to much information for a little card.

Figuring out what might counter what will be a fun project. As well as a formula for who would win in a fight giving each cards stats/abilities.

That’s if for the Draft version of what these cards might look like. I might need to find a team to help me put them together. Number tweaks are to be expected up until the final version.

Would you be interested in purchasing these cards if I created them? 

For practical reasons there will be separate bundles. 

Primary Bundle: 

Your OCs card (which will include a link for you to fill out all the cards information attached). Along with Thunder Thighs card (My OC). Just because I KNOW that’s something you want ;) You also have the option if you want your card to be included in the Community Bundle listed below or not.

NPC Bundles:

This bundle includes all currently made NPC and MOB cards. For expample: Stall vendors, Grand Company leaders, Beast Tribes, ect.

Community Bundles:

A stack of 5 cards that are other OCs around the community that were made that you might want to get a hold of. 

Replacement Bundle: (extra cheap)

If any of your cards get lost, stolen, destroyed, or if you even just want extras… You can pick any cards from the bundles above that YOU HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED in the past (Yes, we’ll keep track).These will be in stacks of 3, 5, or 10 with varying prices. 

“But what about the NPC cards that get made after I purchase the NPC Bundle?” 

Good question, all NPC cards made after your purchase of the NPC Bundle will be included free of charge in the purchase of ANY of the bundles listed above. (yep, we’ll keep track of the ones you’re missing.)

All of these bundles should, by my guess, be very cheap. 

This hasn’t been done before has it… that would really fucking suck. In either case I can only do this if there’s enough demand for it. I would really love to. Please share your support and let me know if you would be willing to get a hold of some of these cards! If there’s enough hype, I’ll get started ironing out all the details right away! I will also get started on a beta version of a card for Thunder Thighs (my OC) right away for reference. I’ll re-blog this post with images of it so you can get a feel for it. 

Thank you for all your support! <3