thunder spirits

Lord of the Skies & Bringer of Storms

“Among the Iroquois the fierce and sudden power that is thunder took on human form as Hino, guardian of the sky. In many other places, the spirit of thunder is believed to manifest itself as the Thunderbird, often represented as a huge eagle-like beast. This immense mythical creature, whose wings beat to make thunderclaps and whose eyes and beak generate and flash lightning, was credited with awesome powers of creation and destruction, though primarily associated with the rain that brings fertility.

Worshiped as a creator of new life, the Thunderbird was thought to inhabit craggy mountain peaks, from where it surveyed its vast hunting grounds. The Northwest Coast peoples believed it was among the chief gods of the sky, and large enough to swoop down on the ocean and carry off whales in its talons, flying inland to devour them.

People in that region believed Thunderbird was engaged in a continual battle with the malevolent spirits or serpents of the underworld- clashes which caused nature’s most violent phenomena such as earthquakes, floods, and great storms.

In many Plains cultures, the Thunderbird, which was known to the Lakota as Wakinyan, was regarded as a senior deity, second in rank only to the Great Spirit. There was a strong cult associated with personal experience of meeting him and images of the Thunderbird were frequently painted on shields, weapons, clothing, and tents in order to inspire courage. Anything struck by lightning was said to exert a particular spiritual power- to be avoided or venerated, depending on local tradition.”

-Larry J. Zimmerman’s The Sacred Wisdom of Native Americans, 2011. Pg 165.


B-2s take to the skies during Global Thunder 15

A B-2 Spirit takes off from Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., Oct. 26, 2014. The aircraft is a multi-role bomber capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear munitions. The B-2’s flight was in support of Global Thunder 15, a field training and battle staff exercise designed to exercise all U.S. Strategic Command mission areas with primary emphasis on nuclear command, control and communications. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Boutte/Released)

Whoohoo guess who made a new digimon oc (again) \o/
His name is Bitoru Rai, Bitoru’s just his nickname, tho. (haven’t choosed a real first name yet) His other nickname is simply Beat. Unlike my other ocs, he’s not a tamer with a partner, but a spirit wielder. He possesses the spirits of thunder. Frontier wasn’t really my cup of tea, actually, and I’m not such a fan of the “humans digivolve” thing, but well, inspiration, it kinda does it’s own thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyways, I just created him a few days ago, but I already love him.

This morning is beyond description, Beautyfull, the Skie bespangled with Clouds which shed a lustre on us by the refraction of the rays of light, together with the healthy and enlivening air, which was purifyed By the thunder, afford most spirited materials for Contemplation. The gaiety of the weather is equally delightfull to the phylosopher, Poet and the man of Pleasure. The Phylosopher finds his passions all Calm, serene, and Pliable so that he finds no Difficulty in subjecting them to the subserviency of his reason, he can now contemplate all the gaudy appearances of nature and like Pythagoras bring Phylosophy down from heaven and make her conversible to men. The Poet thinks this the Best time to Converse with his muse and Consequently gives himself up wholly to her directions. His whole soul is at her disposal!l and he no more retains the government of himself. While the man of pleasure find such delicacys arising from the objects of sence as are adapted to produce the highest sensations of delight in him.

John Adams, from his diary, March 19, 1754

It must have been a long winter.