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Erins: Moon can't be in any warrior names Also the Erins: MOONFLOWER! AMBERMOON! Oh, and don't forget that a cat can't be named Thunder, Wind, Shadow, River, or Sky. Yet, there is a cat named Windflight.

and runningwind….

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Hey hi hello! I’m Reagan!

I’m a freshman animation major who loves my Shiba and my angry frogadier son from my nuzlocke comic, which is my only personal project at the moment.

My habitats:
Twitter: Reakagamine
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This is Jenko: He is my puppy love please look at him; (The one getting eaten) 

Super quick FAQ; I’ll edit to add onto this if I need to!

She’s one of my oldest oc’s and she may be a sparkle cat but I love her too much to change her. Back when I was like 13 and I made her I tried to write a story for her and made an entirely new set of clan members in all the four typical clans (Thunder/Wind/Shadow/River/etc). It’s kinda cool that I made that many characters back then but lord the story was garbage. She had two siblings back then with…. interesting names. Her little sister Cloverkit. And her brother. …….Ninjascreech. 

Through Allikatnyas warriors AMVs! I looked up to Alli a lot back then and we actually work together pretty frequently now!

Always has been and always will be. Shes the kitty love of my life. Yes that is a spiderman sticker on her crutch.

Amharic Nature Vocab

ፀሀይ (tsehay) - sun
ምድር (midir) - earth
ጨረቃ (chereka) - moon
ኮከብ (kokeb) - star
ጫካ (chaka) - forest
ዛፍ (zaf) - tree
አበባ (abeba) - flower
ሀይቅ (hayik) - lake
ኩሬ (kurae) - pond
ዳገት (daget) - hill
ተራራ (terara) - hill
ፋፏቴ (fafuatae) - waterfall
ቀስተ ደመና (keste demena) - rainbow
ሰማይ (semay) - sky
ደመና (demena) - cloud
ጉም (goom) - fog
ዝናብ (zinab) - rain
በረዶ (beredo) - snow/ice
ነፋስ (nifas) - wind
አውሎ ነፋስ (awilo nifas) - tornado
በረሃ (bereha) - desert
መብረቅ (mebreq) - lightning
ደሴት (deset) - island
ሜዳ (meda) - field
ጎርፍ (gorf) - flood
ነጎድጓድ (negodguad) - thunder
ወንዝ (wenz) - river
ቁጥቋጦ (qutquato) - bush
ውቅያኖስ (wikyanos) - ocean

Two native youth died this month and were found in the river of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The Elders have said they had dreams that one of the youth was held captive and put under the river with a weight…

And yet it seems the police won’t do their due diligence and investigate further if these are murders. According to them, they’re just drownings.

But yet they still aren’t sure how the native youth that have been found in the river for the past 10 years ended up in the river.

I don’t think it’s coincidence what’s happening here… ☹️

after the storm, we were both wet and tired
our bones were cold, a chill that’s hard to describe properly
after the storm, most of the boats in the harbor were destroyed and we held funerals for each and every one
after the storm, you kissed me and i felt safe again (but i knew the safety wouldn’t last)
after the storm the local bakery gave away free loaves of bread to whoever needed them up until they ran out and had to make more
after the storm, we held hands as we walked through a soaking-wet town, streets that glittered and reflected every little light
after the storm, you promised you’d stay the night but neither of us could sleep and i heard you leave around 3:45 a.m.
after the storm, nothing was the same again (after all, how could it be? lightning cut new rivers and thunder paved new roads, changing the landscape of our town and of our hearts)
—  after the storm…