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Please let one of my favorite scenes from the comics have a sequel!

Community Service

A fun spec on Oliver finally coming out as the Green Arrow and his first public appearance.

Oliver sat in the rafters above the school auditorium at Laurel Lance Elementary.

Below him, about 200 students sat on folding chairs, shifting and fidgeting in their seats, anticipating Oliver’s arrival. Up on the stage, various faculty members also sat waiting, wondering if Oliver was actually going to show up for his scheduled appearance. He was already an hour late and they were getting worried that the kids might start to riot in protest.

Oliver had a City Council meeting earlier that morning which ran late, and when it finally ended, he had to rush back to the Bunker and don his other business suit—that of the Green Arrow. John, Rene and Felicity were also at the Bunker when he arrived, and they began to joke about him being Star City’s new costumed community service hero. Rene even went so far as saying that Mayor Queen was going to the school in drag.

It was Quentin, out of his Deputy Mayor’s office, who set all this up, arranging Oliver’s appearance with Principal Juarez. Lance told Oliver now that Mayor Queen had come out as Green Arrow, he needed to let the city know that Oliver Queen (and Green Arrow) was even more of an integral part of the community. Lance also told Oliver that this school visit would be good for the Mayor’s approval ratings. The Green Arrow’s as well.

“Oliver,” Felicity’s voice suddenly spoke through the com link in his ear. “I just got a call from the school asking if my husband is still coming. What are you waiting for?”

“Just checking out the area,” he told her.

Felicity chuckled in his ear. “Honey, this isn’t a mission you’re on. There are no bad guys or super villains you need to fight. They’re just kids waiting for their hero.”

A small grin appeared on his face. “Alright hon, call them back and let them know it’s show time.”

“Copy that. And Oliver…try to have some fun with this. We don’t have to hide all this anymore. Just be yourself…” Felicity fell silent for a few seconds then added, “Uh, actually, don’t be yourself. Maybe the public isn’t ready for that kind of scary.”

Oliver grunted back. “Uh, just stay with me. I might need your help fielding questions.”

“I’ll always be here,” Felicity told him.

Below him, Oliver noticed that the faculty suddenly became animated and Principal Juarez walked up to the microphone with sure, steady steps. The auditorium’s speaker system clicked on.

“Kids,” she spoke. “It’s time. Please join me in welcoming to our school…Mayor Queen and the Green Arrow.”

Thunderous applause drifted up to Oliver. He pulled a repelling arrow out of his quiver and found a spot on the stage to plant it.

Show time indeed, he thought. He let loose his arrow and descended into infamy.


Below the auditorium, down in the boiler room amid steam pipes and girders, 100lbs of C-4 was wired with two detonators, ready to take out the school and 5 surrounding blocks. On the floor next to the bomb, one of Oliver’s security detail from the city lay dead, blood congealing on the concrete floor from the head shot he took.

The countdown display screen on the C-4 read: 15:00 minutes.


“Yes, the boy in the blue shirt,” Oliver pointed out to the audience.

“My dad says you are a criminal,” the kid said. “He said that you use to kill people. Is that true?”

Oliver glared out at the kid and was ready to unleash his gruff Green Arrow voice.

“Oliver,” Felicity whispered in his ear. “Don’t go savage on the kid. Keep calm and answer the question as Mayor. The kid believes in you, despite what his father told him. Don’t prove him right.”

Oliver took a couple deep breaths, and then followed Felicity’s lead. “Son, what’s your name?”

“Bobby Caldwell,” the kid answered.

“Bobby,” Oliver responded. “Your father was right. I was a bad man six years ago, when I came back from the island Lian Yu. I spent a long time there and had some bad things happen to me. When I came back to the city, I didn’t like what was happening here and I was trying to stop all the criminals.”

“Is that why you killed them?” Bobby asked.

“Uh…” Oliver didn’t know what to tell the kid. “Well, it was a difficult time for me and…”

“Oliver,” Felicity chimed in again. “The kid is not going to understand this. Just assure him that you’re not a bad man anymore…well actually, you are bad, but in a good way…I mean with me; anyway, focus on all the good things you’ve done since the island.”

Oliver nodded. She was right. Now was not the time for therapy. He started to redirect his answer.

John suddenly came on the com channel. “Oliver, security detail #3 has gone silent. He missed his last check-in. Last known position was down in the boiler room.”

Oliver halted his answer for Bobby. “Felicity, are you picking up anything?”

“Stand by,” she told him. “I’m starting a search algorithm.”

Everybody in the auditorium was watching Oliver as he suddenly became still. They were not familiar with how he was when danger came calling. They had only read about him or seen him in brief coverage on TV. A new anticipation emanated from the students and staff. They might actually get to see the Green Arrow in action, and live.

“Oliver,” Felicity returned. “I’m reading an electronic signature about 200 feet below you.” She paused. “Oliver, the signature is similar to some kind of detonator.”

Oliver shifted fully into Green Arrow mode. He turned to Principal Juarez. “I need you to have the auditorium cleared out. Have your staff start leading the kids out of the building.”

“What…” the Principal started to say?

“Do it now,” Oliver told her. “There is a possible situation, maybe a bomb.”

That did it for her. Principle Juarez turned away and complied with Oliver’s directive.


Oliver reached the boiler room 8 minutes later. He found the dead security man—then he saw the bomb. He also saw the countdown indicator telling him he had six minutes before blast off.

“Felicity, it’s C-4. It looks like the one we, uh, I mean the one you and Roy disarmed at Rocket’s Arena 3 years ago.”

“I’m guessing there aren’t any coolant pipes above you?” Felicity asked.

Oliver looked up. “No, just more steam pipes. What’s the status of the auditorium evac?”

“SCPD dispatched 30 officers to the school. ETA is 10 minutes.”

“Not good enough. There’s six minutes left on the timer.”

“Oliver, please tell me you have a directional arrow with you. You remember the one we used on that bomb last year?”

Oliver smiled in response. “Honey,” he said to her. “I never leave home without one. You never know when you’ll come across a 100lb bomb out in the field. Stand by…”

Oliver pulled said arrow out, backed up about 20 feet, and then shot it at the countdown mechanism. It stuck and the relay arms latched on.

“It’s all yours, Felicity.”

“Ah…another piece of ugly modern art,” Felicity sighed in relief. “And by the way Mr. Mayor—I love you.”

Oliver smiled. “You know, I feel the same way about you. Let’s get the bomb squad down here and see if we can find some clues on who put this thing here.”

“Copy,” Felicity answered. “Does that mean the Mayor/Green Arrow assembly is over?”

“No way,” Oliver told her. “Little Bobby Caldwell is still waiting for an answer to his question.”

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Thunder Drift Pro Am Round 1. 

Jeff Wolfson of Halloway Murder in his LS1 Powered 240.  



Old vid but yea thunder drift? One of my favorite vids I could watch it for days.

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