thunder clouds and dreams


Wandjina Petroglyphs

These Australian primitive drawings date back 5000 years. They are believed to represent alien beings known as the Wondjina (Wandjina). These spirit beings are represented as paintings of giant humanoid figures, some measuring close to 23 feet tall. They have gray alien-like eyes, cone-heads and no mouth or ears. These drawings look much like beings in helmets, or having physical qualities like Annunaki, Olmecs or gray aliens.

Interesting that all these civilizations separated by thousands of miles including oceans that they didn’t have the technology to cross, all show visitors from the heavens in the same way. The Waddjina are said to be dreamtime spirits (or spirits of the dreaming) associated with rainbows, clouds, rain, and thunder. They protect crops and create child spirits that must be found within a dream before they can become human babies within the bodies of women. This reminds us of the many stories of aliens interbreeding with humans to create the hybrid races that some believe we all decend from today.

In Aboriginal mythology, the Wondjina (or Wandjina) were cloud and rain spirits who, during the Dream time, created or influenced the landscape and its inhabitants. When they found the place they would die, they painted their images on cave walls and entered a nearby waterhole.

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