thunder clippers


u/DeerOnTheRocks: I took the NBA’s hilariously awkward Twitter videos showing off players’ shoes during All Star Weekend, and complied them into the style of a 90’s sitcom intro

With just six seconds left in the game, Chris Paul fouled Russell Westbrook while shooting a three. Trailing 104-102 with the game was on the line, Westbrook was forced to put his team on his back in order to win. The scene was too much for Thunder fans, and also Kevin Durant who sat on the court and looked away as his partner in crime went to the line. Miraculously, Westbrook nailed all 3 shots giving the Thunder a 105-104 victory and a 3-2 series lead. 


New Jersey artist Alberto “Laff” Berroa Jr. brings NBA players nicknames to life with his incredible “DunkSlap” series.