thunder buddy


“We just caught a string of serial killers. Come on. Drinks… are on me.” Morgan laughed.

“I’m not drinking but I will come along just to witness Garcia drunk.” You said from your desk.

“Alright.” Morgan high fived you before clamping a hand on Reid’s shoulder. “What about you, Pretty Boy?”

Reid glanced at you, nodding.

“Anyone else?”

“I’m in.” JJ shrugged.

“Scotch on the Rocks would do me some good right about now.” Rossi smirked, joining in on the conversation. “Aaron’s coming too whether he likes it or not.”

It was raining outside but none of you cared as you all drove and had some sort of jacket with you. The rain outside became heavier as you and the team began grabbing your stuff.


“Guys, the power’s gonna - Oh, it already did. Nevermind.” You heard Garcia walk into the bullring.

“We’re not going anywhere. Forecast predicts a storm. We’re setting up the backup generator but we have to stay put for the night.” Hotch sauntered out of his office.

A flash of light took your attention. Lightning. You jumped when you felt someone grab your hand in the darkness.

“Sorry.” Reid mumbled.

As the dim backup lights came on, you looked over at your friend who was visibly nervous. You dismissed it, shaking your head as JJ wrapped an arm around your neck.

“Sleepover?” She suggested, grinning like a child.


It was now close to midnight and the rest of the team were at the coffee machine. Your eyes darted around the room looking for Reid before spotting his mop of hair. He was sitting on the floor by his desk.

You sat yourself down beside him. “Spence, what’s wrong?”

“It’s silly.”

“I promise you, if something’s bothering you, it’s not silly.”

Reid sighed before grimacing as another round of thunder and lightning struck outside.

Your face softened. “Spence, are you afraid of thunder and lightning?”

Reid nodded, almost in defeat.

You could tell he was beating himself up over it. You held out your hand, palm facing up. Reid’s eyebrows furrowed before he realised what you were doing. He smiled, taking your hand in his and squeezing as thunder struck again.


It was finally morning and the team were busy gathering their stuff to leave.

Hotch took Reid by the arm, leading him away from the team.

“Reid, don’t be afraid to tell me or the others if you’re afraid of something. We won’t judge you. We’ll help you. You okay?” You heard Hotch softly ask Reid.

Reid nodded.

Hotch gave you a nod as he left.

“Don’t worry - I didn’t tell him. You’re surrounded by profilers.” You walked over to him. Reaching an arm around him, you rubbed his forearm. “It’s okay to have fears, Spence. And you faced them. I’m proud.”

Thunder Buddy

Requests: “Could you do a thunder buddy fluff with Elijah, where the reader is deathly afraid of thunder and its just fluffy cuddly goodness,I love your blog by the way please keep writing☺💜”

The storm outside raged on and you folded the large blanket over your body. Of course New Orleans would have an un-welcomed storm in the middle of the night and you were all alone in a little room where Elijah and his brother Klaus let you stay. You didn’t even remember if you told them you were afraid of thunder and lightning.

It was a long story but the flashes of light outside made your stomach churn and the thunder shook the building, rumbling through the floor and to your bed. You groaned and knew that you could never sleep like this. Not even putting the pillow over your head would put you to sleep or block out the vibrations of the thunder.

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[A thunderstorm going on outside]

Lauren: I don’t understand how you’re 20 and still scared of a little thunder.

Camila: I am not!

Lauren, while removing her shirt and bra: Okay then, if you are, I know something that can calm you down..

[Dinah comes bursting inside their room and in the bed between the two]

Lauren, covering up with the blanket: DINAH, WHAT THE FUCK?!

Dinah: Thunder buddies for life, right Walz?

Camila, snuggling into Dinah: Right.

[Lauren falls off the bed while trying to completely cover up]


Has nobody wondered why Pink Diamond’s Ship and her Palanquin are so far apart from each other?

Here’s a map of the SU world from the art book (yes, it’s canon, the Gem locations match up with what was shown in It Could Have Been Great and Buddy’s Book):

In Lion 4: Alternate Ending, we see that Pink’s Ship is in the desert, the same desert that the Desert Glass and Lion himself were found in.

On a real map, this corresponds to northern Africa. But in Buddy’s Book and Steven’s Dream, we see that Pink’s Palanquin is located in what corresponds to Korea:

But the thing is, when we find Blue Diamond in Korea at Pink’s Palanquin, she’s only a short ways away from her own Palanquin, and her own Ship is parked at her location.

This means a Diamond is never far from their ship or their Palanquin. So why are Pink’s ship and Palanquin so far away from each other? I’m imagining her ship was shot down, but that itself begs the question of what could have possibly done that? Peridot’s hand ship survived 4 Quartizine Cannons, and I imagine a Diamond’s ship to be much more resilient than that. Even if it wasn’t shot down, why would it have been parked in the desert of Africa and left alone while Pink takes her Palanquin all the way to Korea?

If her ship was shot down, then she would have been picked up or gone to a Warp Pad (there’s one in that desert after all) and her ship would have somehow been taken in for repairs or something. She wouldn’t just take her Palanquin for a lovely stroll across the continent like normal, you’d wait for rescue and repairs, wouldn’t you? She certainly wasn’t stranded. Between being able to send a distress call to Homeworld Gems and having the option of using a Warp Pad to get back to Homeworld or a nearby colony, I don’t feel like she was stranded.

If it wasn’t shot down, it’s just as hard to explain why she would make the conscious decision to leave her ship behind and take her Palanquin.

Considering the sand buildup and all the stuff hoarded behind her ship, I doubt anyone took her ship for their own use during or after the war, even Rose, and that’s assuming they even could.

@swaggythunder What do you think? Could there be a viable explanation for this? The only explanation I can come up with is that her ship was (somehow) shot down, Pink took her Palanquin to the nearest Warp Pad, and got to Korea. The only caveat being that Steven and Greg had to fly to Korea, they didn’t go by Warp Pad. But even if there was a Pad in Korea, what business did Pink have there specifically? It’s close to the Galaxy Warp, sure, but she could have just as easily Warped directly there. We know she could have, because it was broken only after the War had ended and Homeworld Gems fled the planet.

Thunder Buddies


 Thor Odinson x Reader
 I know you have a lot of imagines right now, but when you get a free moment, could you possibly do one where the reader is scared of storms and Thor comforts them. I thought that idea was cute. Thank you in advance. :3
Warnings: None
Notes: Thank you all for your continued support, and for the more varied requests ;) Anyway hope you like it and enjoy!

As the lightning cracked across the sky you let out a small shriek and hid yourself further under your pile of blankets. Clutching onto a small teddy bear you felt the tears begin to streak down your face. “Please stop.” You whispered rocking back and forth. A knock at the door made you nearly jump out of your skin. “Lady Y/N, is everything alright in there?” A booming voice called out that could only belong to one person; you couldn’t seem to find your voice to reply so stayed silent. “I’m going to enter your quarters.” The voice boomed again. The lock on the door clicked open and a large shadow stood in your doorway. “Lady Y/N are you alright?” They questioned again. “No Thor.” You managed to croak out shakily. “What ails you?” He asked seemingly confused. “It’s the storm, thunder and lighting scares me…a lot.” You managed to whisper. The next thing you knew Thor had gathered you in his arms. “Oh but Lady Y/N you are forgetting who I am.” He smiled “I am the god of thunder, therefore the storm can not harm you, I will not allow it.” He proclaimed, running a hand up and down your back as you hid your face in his neck. “It’s still scary.” You mumbled, shaking slightly. “Hmm what we need is a distraction,” Thor pondered. Suddenly he was up and carrying you into the living room of the tower. Placing you down on the sofa he wrapped you in a blanket and turned the television on. “You always seem distracted when this is on.” Thor beamed pointing to the television, which was now showing your favorite cartoon. “Thanks Thor.” You giggled, snuggling up next to him and focusing your attention on the television.

 The next morning you awoke wrapped in the arms of a god with the quiet murmuring of the television in the background. You hadn’t slept so well in ages, and it was all because of your new thunder buddy.

But I have seen the best of you, and the worst of you, and I choose both. I want to share every single one of your sunshines, and save them for later. I will tuck them into my pockets so I can give them back to you when the rain falls hard.
Friend, I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe. When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go.
—  Sarah Kay