thunder basin

The Temporary Americans

A completely and utterly true account of four (sometimes five) Australians on an excellent and totally epic five-week road and rail adventure around the great west of the United States.

One postcard every day for 93 days.

Postcard 44 of 93: Thunder Basin

We later paused again for a picnic lunch on Logan Hill, where the barren elevation — by American standards, in the middle of nowhere — afforded us a 360-degree view over the Powder River Basin coal railroads and the Thunder Basis National Grasslands, a vast open range purchased back by the US Government after over farming and drought all but destroyed it during the ‘Dust Bowl’ era of the 1920s.

Tomorrow: Devils Tower

There are very few discernible landmarks to help identify the view, but the light, contour and color of the earth draw our attention with fascination. Wyoming’s Thunder Basin National Grassland appears as though the features of the terrain have been scraped away leaving a massive expanse of flat land. The sparse early Autumn snowfall creates a luminous sheen in the early morning light and provides contrast to the earthen hues.