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“So apart from the salmon, the whisky and the beef, I ask you, what have the Scottish ever done for us?”


“Well, there’s the telephone.”


“And the television.”

“Right! But except for the salmon, the whisky, the beef, the telephone and the television you tell me, what have those Scottish bastards ever done for us?”

“Well, I’m wearing a waterproof jacket. And our Denise is taking penicillin to clear up that rash she had.”


“And there’s the oil and gas, that’s all quite handy isn’t it?”

“Okay, okay! But except for the salmon, the whisky, the beef, the telephone, the television, waterproof fabric, penicillin, oil and gas you name ONE THING the Scots have ever, ever done for us… can’t, can you?”

*long pause*



Imagine Chris making you feel safe.

A/N: Inspired by the terrifying IT trailer I watched earlier today, that’s still seared in my brain actually. If you don’t like scary movies or clowns, don’t watch it. Learn from my mistake, we don’t all have Chris to make us feel safe. 😂

Chris walked out from the bathroom and raised an eyebrow at you; you were watching something on your iPad that you were holding at arms length and on mute. He chuckled which made you flinch as you looked up at him. “What are you doing?” He laughed when you did, walking over to join you on the bed.

“I’m watching the new IT trailer,” you told him and you heard him heave a sigh. “What?” You giggled when he shook his head at you, chuckling. “It’s on my Facebook wall and it started playing as I scrolled past it, and you know me- I’m a very curious person.”

“You’re also a very timid person when it comes to scary movies, so don’t watch it.” He instructed as he picked his book off the bedside table to read a little more before bed. “Aren’t you needy tonight?” He teased as you forced your way into his arms, resting your head against his chest; his arm wrapped around you and rested lazily against your thigh.

“I’m always needy,” you lifted your head to kiss his jawline and he smiled, pulling you closer to him as he returned his attention to his book. Truth be told, you just wanted to be closer to him while you finished watching that terrifying trailer. “That looks like a very good book, babe,” you glanced back at him, testing the waters to see how immerse he was in his reading before you continued watching the trailer.

“Mm hm,” he hummed in response and said nothing more.

You smiled as you turned back to your iPad and pressed play, you held it a distance away from you and watched the horror continue to unfold. Even on mute, you were absolutely terrified because Chris was right; you were timid when it came to scary movies which was why the two of you never watched them during movie nights. You tried hard not to flinch or react too harshly because you knew Chris would scold you, but you couldn’t help yourself when the clown pounced at the camera. You yelped and jerked away from the iPad, tearing Chris’ attention from the book and onto you.

“I told you not to watch it,” he recited almost monotonously because he’d already expected you to. “Now what?” He quizzed, an amused smirk on his lips as he watched you pull away from him to put your iPad aside. “Are you going to spend the whole night asking me to check out every creak and thud?” You rolled your eyes as you took off your glasses, tucking yourself into bed; beside you, Chris tried hard not to laugh as he continued to tease you. “‘Cause I will not be doing that, especially not when I have an early morning meeting tomorrow.”

“I’m perfectly fine, Captain,” you retorted, turning your back towards him as you tried to go to sleep. “It wasn’t even that scary.” It was terrifying and you could still feel your heart pounding. “And it’s unrealistic anyway, clowns are- they’re dumb.”

“Mm hm,” Chris tried not to laugh; he knew you were terrified. “Well, since you’re not scared and you’re going to bed- I hope you don’t mind me finishing the book downstairs.” You felt the weight on the bed shift and you quickly sat up; your head snapped in his direction so quickly that it nearly gave you whiplash.

“Why can’t you just finish your book here?”

“Because you’re going to sleep and I don’t want to disturb you.” He was trying hard not to laugh as he leaned forward and kissed your forehead. “Goodnight, baby.” You huffed and laid back down, pulling the covers up to your chin. “Don’t let the clown demons get you,” he sang song as he walked out of the bedroom, turning off the lights as he left.

“Hilarious!” You called and heard his laughter follow him downstairs. “It’s just a trailer, Y/N.” You mumbled to yourself and closed your eyes. “It’s fiction. Stephen King writes fiction, it’s not real.” You heard a thud on the roof and your eyes shot open. “It’s probably just a rat, or a bird. Relax, Y/N.” You heard scuttling against the hardwood floor and you buried your head under the covers. “But you’re a writer and writers write from experience which means-” A blood curling scream escaped your throat when you felt something jump onto you; it was only Dodger, but you were too deep in your own imagination to realize that.

“Y/N?!” Chris scrambled upstairs; his rational side told him he had nothing to worry about, but like you- he caught a glimpse of the trailer and had a vivid imagination. “Fucking hell,” he cussed when he turned on the lights and saw you hugging Dodger with a sheepish look on your face. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“If you didn’t leave my side, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“If you didn’t watch the trailer, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“Can you just stay here?” You asked with an adorable pout and he chuckled softly, holding out a hand. “What?” You quizzed as he walked over, taking your hand and pulling you out of bed. “Where are we going, Chris?” You asked when he tucked your arm under his, leading you out of the bedroom.

“I thought you’d like to join me while I make a round of the house and check all entry points,” he told you and you chuckled, hugging his arm tightly. “That way you’ll believe me when I say everything’s locked.” Your grip tightened around his arm when thunder crashed outside; Chris chuckled and kissed your head. “Scaredy-cat,” he mumbled into your hair.

“I am not,” you yanked your arm out of his and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Okay,” Chris held up his arms in mock surrender and walked ahead, padding down the staircase with you following behind him. Your whole body flinched when another roll of thunder roared, but it wasn’t until you heard a thud come from behind you that you rushed back to Chris side and slipped your hand in his. “Yeah,” he chuckled softly, entwining his fingers with yours. “You’re very brave.”

“Why did you let me watch that trailer?” You frowned at him then scanned your vicinity warily, flinching at another stroke of thunder. “You know how bad I am with scary movies,” you scolded and he scoffed with an amused smirk, “especially when there are clowns involved. I hate clowns, Chris. They’re so- Oh God!” You yelped, making Chris jump too. “It’s just our reflections,” you chuckled sheepishly when he frowned at you.

“I told you not to watch it, but you’re so God damn stubborn that you watched it anyway.” He pulled you along as he checked the front door. “And of course I know how much you hate clowns, you practically had an anxiety attack when that clown tried to approach you in the lobby of that hotel we stayed at in Malaysia.”

“What kind of hotel has clowns as entertainment?” You argued as you shuddered at the memory. “Nobody likes clowns, they’re creepy and they’re not even that funny.” Chris chuckled as he moved on to check the sliding doors that led out to the backyard. “There’s a reason people use clowns as serial killers and possessed demons, Chris.”

“Relax, baby,” he chuckled and squeezed your hand. “It’s just a trailer, okay? It’s fiction, you have nothing to worry about. Look, we’re checking all the entry points- there is nothing and no one that can get in here tonight.” You huffed and he chuckled again, “if you don’t trust grade-A locks, at least trust your grade-A boyfriend. I’m not going to let anyone get to you, I’m Captain America for a reason. Hm?” He poked you in the cheek and waited for you to crack a smile; it didn’t take long. “There we go,” he smiled. “You’re okay, I’ve got you.”

“Let’s check the back door and go to bed,” you said and he nodded, taking lead with you slightly behind him. You bit back your smile as you watched him check the lock. It never once ceased to amaze you that he would do whatever he needed to make you feel safe, even if the reason you felt unsafe was irrational and stupid. Any other guy would’ve just told you to stop being an idiot, but not him; Chris always accommodated you and your overactive imagination, and that was one of the many reasons you loved him.

“We good?” He quizzed and you nodded, smiling. “Okay,” he lifted your hand to his lips and kissed it. “Let’s go to bed.” He said, pulling you alongside him as the two of you made your way back upstairs. “Hopefully you can sleep soundly now that you know you’re safe, and now that it’s raining.” He looked to the ceiling, smiling at the soothing sounds of the rain falling against the roof. “I know how much you like sleeping to the sound of rain.”

“I do,” you smiled, hugging his arm. “And I always know I’m safe around you,” you told him and he smiled. “Like you said,” you poked his side, “you’re Captain America for a reason, right?” He chuckled and scooped you into his arms, bridal style. “Chris!” You laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Gotta keep you close to keep you safe, right?” He winked.

“Right,” you chuckled and tenderly pressed your lips against his.

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Thunder Storm

Request: Could you do a Peter x Reader where there is a storm and the reader is an avenger and is like really brave but for some reason she is horrified of thunder storms, so Peter is trying to comfort her? :)

Summary: You’re staying at the Stark (Avengers) Tower with the rest of earths mightiest heroes but a terrifying storm keeps you up.

Originally posted by spiderholland

The pitter-patter pattern of rain painted the picture windows of the living area in Tony’s skyscraper. The rest of the world below seem a blur through the wet streaks, but the menacing flashes and bolts of lightening flashed through clearly. 

You were sat on the sectional in front of the TV, wrapped in a heavy grey blanket. The claps and rumbles of thunder seemed horrifically worse in your room than it did in the open room that you moved to. You kept your eyes glued to the TV screen, and never once dared to look at the windows in case you caught the neon flashes. Clutching your mug of tea in one hand, you used the other to tighten the blanket around your shoulders. You hoped that a warm beverage would help you relax, but so far there wasn’t too much success.

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thunder - zach dempsey

requested: yes

word count: 1.224

warnings: i swear once, besides that there are symptoms of anxiety in here

plot: zach helps you go through a storm, trying his best to make you feel comfortable and to be there for you

a/n: i can’t believe how much zach content i’m posting but i live for it. anyway i hope this is true to the request. also i listened to this & this while writing idk maybe it creates an ambiance for y’all

Zach was driving you home when the storm broke.

One minute the two of you were joking around as his music blasted from the speakers and wind blew messing up your hairstyles. Then, quick drops of water began falling from the sky, causing Zach to immediately put the convertible’s hardtop on.

You grew quiet as you took in the sight of the darkened sky and the raindrops hitting the windshield.

Zach took notice of your sudden mood change and turned the music volume down. “Everything okay?” He asked, shifting his gaze from the road for a few seconds to look at you.

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25 Lives: Part 1

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stiles x reader
word count: 2,029

authors note: this is the first part of the series :) it’s gonna take a little while for things to actually get going, but there’s gonna be so much drama and soooo many twists. i know this is late, but i’m working on the second part as you’re reading this, just be patient!! anyway, enjoy!

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summary: reader finds a stray cat and begins to have visions of past occurrences, one person from a vision, walking into her life.

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How I see you.

(The many ways Jughead Jones sees Betty Cooper.)

“What does that even mean?” Archie huffed, scratching the top of his head in unconcealed frustration.

“It’s a hyperbole Arch, its kind of like an exaggerated statement. It’s a joke. See, look how it’s written here.” Betty pointed a finger to a sentence in Archie’s literature textbook, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulder as she helped her redheaded best friend understand his homework.

Jughead stared openly at the scene in front of him, she was just so.. warm. No matter what Betty Cooper did it was always in the most gentle and assuring way possible, Archie had been asking the same question for the past ten minutes and while Jughead wanted to throttle him Betty was as patient as a saint. She was all reassuring words and soft encouragements, it really was something to see.

“I can’t do it! I’ll just fail, it doesn’t even matter.” Archie threw his pencil on the cafeteria table angrily.

Betty shook her head
“You can do it, don’t you dare give up on me Andrews. You’re incredibly smart, you think coach Clayton would just let you give up in the middle of a game? I don’t think so. So you pick up that pencil and you finish this study guide.” There was a fierce determination in her eyes that couldn’t be argued, with a sigh Archie picked up his pencil and continued writing.

Glancing up through long lashes, Betty grinned at Jughead, her dimples poking through as she continued her tutoring, clapping her hands when Archie finally finished and declaring Milkshakes were on her after school.

Betty Cooper was the very definition of warmth.

She was spinning in circles outside of his trailer, tiny pink polished toes barefoot on the dying grass, her hair stuck to her back as rain pelted from the clouds.

“Come on Juggie! We haven’t done this since we were little. Where’s your sense of adventure!” She shouted over the thunder, her arms open wide as her eyes shone with mischief.

Jughead tried desperately to keep the grin off of his face as he leaned against the doorway

“I’d rather not catch a cold, you’re insane! It’s practically a hurricane! Get inside.” He called for her.

“It’s just a little sun shower! I get it, you’re chicken! Aw poor little juggie afraid of a little rain!” Betty put her hands under her arms and began making clucking sounds, splashing through puddles while she taunted Jughead.

He rolled his eyes playfully before shrugging his denim jacket off and running after the drenched blonde, gripping her by the waist and swinging her around as she squealed and clutched the hands holding her.

“Who’s chicken now?” He whispered against her ear, reveling in the way she shivered at the sound of his voice.

Whipping around Betty brought her lips dangerously close to Jugheads causing the dark haired boy to gasp sharply, her breath mingled with his and she whispered back

“Still you.”

She shoved him back and he tumbled into a particularly large puddle, staring up at her with shocked eyes as she giggled and slowly backed away, the rain was slowing down now as he stood and marched towards her.

“See.” She beamed “just a sun shower.” She pulled him towards the truck giggling.

Betty Cooper was the very definition of sunshine.


“Go! Just go! Get out of here!”
Betty dug her fingernails into the side of her head, cradling her face as she rocked back and forth. Jughead was standing in front of her, moving slowly to the blonde crouched in the corner of her bedroom

“Bets.. baby, It’s okay. I’m right here.” He tried to steady his voice, but he had never seen her like this before, she was shaking like a leaf and the heavy tears were dripping down her cheeks.

“I don’t want you to see me like this, I don’t want you… you can’t see my darkness. Please..” she whimpered, shoving her hand out to stop him, his eyes instantly fell to the dark scarlet drops of blood falling from her palms. Fuck it.

He ran to her then, picking her up and dropping her onto his lap, his arms coming around her and wrapping her up as he whispered in her ear as she sobbed openly, clutching his shirt in her cut up palms.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you, I’m right here.” He pressed his lips to the crown of her head, inhaling the strawberry and cream of her shampoo.

“My dad.. I just…” she choked out.

He shushed her softly, rubbing circles into her back.

“I know, I know.” He held her until she fell asleep and even after that, they stayed wrapped up in each other’s arms.

She was damaged and broken and lovely but Betty Cooper was the very definition of Perfectly imperfect.

“I’ve got the last box!” Betty held up the medium sized cardboard box and wiggled excitedly.
“Were officially moved in! Our first home!” She dropped the box on the carpeted floor and stood in front of Jughead her hands on her hips as he smirked at her.

“Casa Cooper-Jones. it’s kind of a dump but..” he trailed off, rubbing his neck nervously.

Betty approached him then, her slender arms coming around his neck

“It’s perfect and it’s all ours, our very own trailer.” She smiled up at him, happiness and love shining through her eyes.

They had bought out one of the trailers on the Southside. Both of the twenty year olds had decided to stay in Riverdale, with Polly being a single mother and Jugheads father getting out of prison soon it was almost impossible to leave their families. Jughead had been the one to bring up the subject and of course his beautiful girlfriend had been nothing but understanding claiming Riverdale community college had a great education program, Jughead was in the process of getting his first novel published So working from home really wasn’t a problem for him.

“I’m going to buy you a big house one day Betty Cooper, I’m going to give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of.”

Betty pressed a soft kiss to his lips and smiled dazed

“You already have.” She whispered.

Betty Cooper was the very definition of his angel.

The familiar melody of a 1950s love song played through the speakers in the reception hall, Betty was tucked against Jugheads body, his arms squeezing her waist, fingers toying with the soft white lace on her hips. She hummed into his neck, his nose running up her bare neck, exposed by the ornate updo.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look Mrs.Jones” he mumbled into her soft skin.

Betty giggled
“Only about a hundred times Mr.Jones”

“Well I’m going to tell you every single day until the day we die, you’re my wife now, I think I’ve earned that.” He pulled back and spun her out.

Betty spun back into his arms and laughed
“I can live with that.”

Betty Cooper was his wife.


Isaac x Reader

Requested by @green-days-american-idiot



The pouring rain outside of your window was the last thing you needed; the clattering sound of the harsh raindrops brought even more stress within you than the pile of homework on your desk, waiting to be done.

You stomped towards the window, hoping the heavy rain would go away if you tauntingly glared back at it, but instead you got frightened by the rumbling sound of thunder approaching. 

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Next models complete!

I managed to get these finished in a couple weeks which isn’t bad for my progress so far!

I decided to paint a few characters for my Emperor’s Children to give the completed models a little more flavour and interest before going back to the rank-and-file. I’ll still have plenty of those to work on!

First in line there we have a space marine in Mark II armour wielding a thunder hammer. This one’s not exactly a character per se, but still a unique model compared to the rest of the force. I think it could still be used as a sergeant or bodyguard for a character of some sort. It’s part of the Mark II Command set from Forge World. The other model it came with was a standard bearer, which is what I wanted more, but this model came with that anyways. It’s still cool I think! Gave me some use of the Emperor’s Children Mark II Shoulders as well. The hardest thing about this model was the thunder hammer arms. I couldn’t quite get them to line up properly! So I had to leave both wrists slightly off alignment and just fill in the gaps that were left. I think that worked pretty well! I also added the crest from Burning of Prospero to add a bit of interest. I know I’m not using those crests for sergeants so I have a few extra to use elsewhere. I also gave it a sidearm just to represent that it’s still carrying a bolt pistol.

Next is the Chaplain Kurtha Sedd from Betrayal at Calth. I knew I wanted to try converting this model a little just so that it doesn’t look identical to everyone else’s Kurtha Sedd. Since the pose is so static there isn’t a whole lot of room for conversions. However, the head swap was easy to do! I just gave him one of the Emperor’s Children heads from Forge World with one of the plumes. You get three in the set so rather than use the plumes for sergeants (since I’ll probably make 6 and that would be too many) I decided to leave the plumes for special characters like this. Unfortunately this model still has some massive gaps on the cape, but I decided I would rather paint it in a sub-assembly and leave the back off until after it was all painted. I’m a stickler for trying to paint all of the hard to reach areas even if they’re not totally visible, but the trade off is I can’t ever fill that gap. All well! Speaking of hidden details, I did also bother to freehand on the left shoulder for the Emperor’s Children iconography, even if it’s mostly covered by the cape now. I kind of wanted that look anyway! I also wanted to give the chaplain a volkite charger instead of the plasma pistol. It’s one of the few characters that can take one and I think they’re cool! Also changes things up a bit from the standard model.

Finally there’s the Apothecary in Mark IV armour from Forge World as well. This model was kept pretty well the same that it came with the exception of another volkite charger. Randomly apothecaries are one of the other few characters that can take one so I figured why not! Little more interesting than the standard bolt pistol. There’s something about the pose of the arm though that’s twisting the gun a little too much for my liking, however. The bolt pistol that was there was already at an angle but I guess replacing it with the longer gun just exaggerated that, making it more noticeable. The hardest thing about painting this model was simply deciding what colours to paint all the apothecary gadgets and bottles and wires and other doodads! I almost forgot to paint one of the wires on the arm! I think I’m good with the colours I picked though. I didn’t want to use too many different colours because I figured it would make it look like a pack of skittles. When trying to figure out how to paint one of the types of cable I couldn’t think of a colour I wanted to use but then I thought about hazard stripes! That way the colour isn’t too bold and I get some practice painting chevrons if I ever need to paint Iron Warriors!

Thanks for checking these out! I notice now how much work can still be done cleaning up resin models compared to the plastic. Next time I might spend even more time tying to make all the surfaces totally smooth. I wanted to do another group shot of my completed Emperor’s Children out of the display case but there’s getting to be too many to do that easily now! So I just took a new picture in the case.

Hope to see you for the next ones. I think I’ll paint a few more of the Mark III marines to even out their completion, and then we’ll go from there. Until next time!

Don’t Forget || Ron/Hermione || PG

A/N: So, today, @hermionewazlib asked @doveharper to draw Ron sheltering from the rain. While I was waiting impatiently for her sketch, I got out my phone and randomly wrote this bit of fic from mid-DH.

Hermione was wearing the locket.

He could hear her and Harry, behind him, arguing. The rain was pounding overhead, striking chords against a crumbled stone bridge, abandoned, just wide and tall enough to provide a temporary shelter. He was hunched slightly forward, clutching the collar of his coat round his neck. His arm still ached, the wind was whipping his damp hair into his eyes, and he was struggling to ignore the twisted knot in the pit of his stomach.

She huffed heavily, suddenly closer behind him than he’d realised, and then she was huddling up next to him.

“Damned locket,” she said roughly, tugging it over her head and clenching it in her fist with distaste, briefly closing her eyes.

“I can take a turn,” Ron offered, voice scratchy and barely audible amidst a cracking of distant thunder.

“How’s your arm?” she asked, ignoring him. And he was on the point of calling her attention back to his offer when he met her eyes, catching a glimpse of softness, concern. He swallowed and tried to shrug, but he felt too icy and hollow.

“S'alright,” he said noncommittally. “How’s Harry?”

“Frustrated. He needs a minute.”

She glanced out at the landscape beyond, overgrown grass and weeds flattened to the muddy ground as the rain intensified.

“I can’t tell you how-” she started, voice cracking. “Ron, I’m so glad you’re here.”

She hadn’t turned to face him yet, so he fixed his eyes on her profile, allowing himself to stare.

She looked so tired, bones of her face a bit more pronounced, shadows underneath her eyes. And he thought he had likely seen her nearly every way possible, every version of her. He’d seen her happy, in pain, disappointed, excited, empathetic, terrified… he’d seen her cry more times than he cared to count, not because he was afraid anymore, but because he couldn’t exactly cope with the concept of someone breaking her, most especially him, so many times.

He was too uncomfortable to think straight, stomach grumbling, and he was pretty sure the pebble in his right boot was working on a callous between two of his toes. So it didn’t really seem like much of a stretch to move a bit closer to her, dropping his coat collar to lightly reach for her hand, not making it all the way, but looping a couple of his fingers around a couple of hers.

She finally turned to look back up at him then, wet eyelashes sticking together. He licked his lips, clearing his throat…

“I’m really glad you’re here, too.”

Her lips curved into something like a small smile, and she leaned against him, pressing her cheek to his shoulder.

“He doesn’t know where to go next, does he,” Ron stated blankly, not needing the answer she gave with a small shake of her head.

They were directionless, drifting in nothingness.

“I used to love thunderstorms,” she said quietly, after a while. “Now… well, I’d give up my whole Gringotts vault to apparate somewhere warm and dry…”

He laughed shortly, shifting his posture as she lifted her cheek from his shoulder and linked an arm with his.

“Hot cocoa,” he sighed, and she smiled.

“Hot baths,” she added.

“Hogwarts breakfasts.”

“Feather beds.”

“A new pair of socks.”

“What’s wrong with yours?” she sniffed.

“Last good pair’s got a hole in the toe,” he said nonchalantly. “But I’d forget the socks for the bath and the chocolate.”

She turned to grin up at him, clutching his arm with both of her own now. Her tiny fingers curled around his bicep, and he swallowed.

“We should make a list, of all the things we want to do when this is over,” she suggested.

Part of him was ready to say he felt it was unfair to give himself hope that he’d make it. But another larger part was sure that it didn’t matter. She only wanted to feel safe, for a few moments, and this was about the best they could do.

“Let’s do it when we camp tonight,” he offered, and she closed her eyes for a moment, breathing deeply.

When she opened them again, he couldn’t look away, staring at the way the misty light cast a gray haze across her pupils.

“We should go,” Harry called out behind them.

Please, not yet. For now, the rain was out there, away from them.

But it didn’t matter anyway. They couldn’t escape, only move onward, hoping each step took them forward and not sideways… not circling, never backward.

“Give me the locket, Hermione.”

She hesitated, not breaking his gaze for some time. Lightning flashed in the distance, glowing in a halo round her frizzy hair.

She slid one hand down his arm, about to let go, but he took gentle hold of her fingers again, the shortest of tiny squeezes as they parted and stood inches apart from each other. She reached into her pocket, where he hadn’t even seen her stash it… and she handed it over to him, eyes finally cast away from his, refusing to meet them again as he took it from her.

“Don’t forget,” she half-whispered, “we’re in this together.”

And he slipped the locket over his head.

Peter Parker |Peculiar and beautiful

Count of words: 819

Warnings: well it’s not a warning but plus-size reader… trigger possible, hurtfull comments , swearing(mild, maybe once), fluff

A/N: So had this idea cause Loic Nottet is perfect and he inspired me so here…. Inspire by Peculiar and Beautiful by Loic Nottet… But like it’s very different from the song.

ps couldn’t give you a link to the song cause it’s not on youtube…




She had just returned home from party, once again all those skinny girls showing of their perfect bodies, while she kept hidding her beautiful and natural curves, with the belief that they made her ‘ugly’ and ‘annatractive’. But, as much as she was trying to shield herself with those loose clothes, there was someone that just wanted to embraced those, he wanted to help her.

So here she was again, in front of the full size mirror in her bedroom. She was only in her underware, so that all her flaws were visible. Really, she was just trapped into the mirror’s game. It’s a vicious thing, the mirror. It knew just how to play tricks with your mind, making you wonder is what I’m seeing true or is it a lie? The answer is mostly a lie. Cause what you see in the mirror, is not always what other people see in you. It doesn’t reflect who you are, but rather your flaws, and you into that game, just lie she did; just like we all do. Right now, she was looking at her flawed body up and down, naming everything wrong. “My fat legs… big stomach… love handles/ muffin topping… stetch marks… thunder thighs… under arm fat… chubby cheeks…” And the list goes on, a tear falling for every insecurity. She hated who she was, but she didn’t acknoledge that the body hidding in the shadows loved it all.

He loved her beautiful, godess-like legs, he loved her comfortable stomach, her love handles, her beautiful battle scars, her big thighs; that was actually turning him on a bit, but he couldn’t admit it, he loved her arms and her cute cheeks, that he could pinch and squeez and smile at forever. But, he didn’t have enough courage to tell her this himself, in fear of redjection. I mean, who would like the nerd of the school, especially when they don’t know that underneath all that ‘nerdiness’ hides a superhero.

He’d be keeping an eye on her for a while now, so it didn’t come as a surprise that he knew where she was that night. She was sitting on her fire escape, crying over God knows what. Peter, or well, spiderman, would go on patrol and when he was at it he would check to see if she was alright. Usually, he wouldn’t stop but this time his heart broke at the image of the girl. She really did have him wrapped around her finger, but she didn’t know.

As mentioned, the girl, was sitting on her fire escape, legs hunging off the edge, as she cried over some hurtful comments from those, so called,  'perfect’ girls in her school. Spiderman, of course wasn’t aware of the reason, but he wanted to help. Swiftly, he flew to the girl, sitting beside her without scaring her. There was a comfortable silence, until she decided to break it. “So, what is the Spiderman doing on my fire escape on this fine night?” She questioned, a slight playfull tone evident, almost overshadowing the crack in it. “Well, he was on patrol and saw you cry. So, he wants to help. What is bothering you, darling?” He responded, a sudden confidence obvious in his voice, but the girl was rather oblivious. “Nice story, spiderling , but you don’t even know me. Why would you care?” “Well, first, don’t call me that. Second, I do know you and I do care, so please let me help,” he requested, his voice soft, as if pleading the girl to let him help her. “Well, here goes nothing,” she mumbled. “It’s just my insecurities, really. It’s stupid, but these girls said some things about me today. I mean, they were right. I’m fat. I could use lo-” “No,” he said aggravated that those girls made even conside that they are right. “You don’t have to lose weight, you don’t need to, unless it affects your health. In your case it doesn’t so stop. You are breathtaking, beautiful. It’s the mere fact of being you that makes you peculiar and beautiful. And, it’s the mere fact of being you that makes me fall for you more everyday,” he informed, a rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins. And then the unexpected. He removed his mask and kissed the girl softly, but with so much love and passion involved. “You are perfect just the way you are. Just be you, simply you. It’s enough.” He said after he pulled away. The girl was shocked that her all-time crush had just kissed her, but also about the fact that he was here favorite superhero. Peter searched her eyes for any reaction and he was relieved to see her smile and nod. “Now, two things. First, would you like to be my girlfriend? And two, how about we cuddle and eat pizza?” He offered and the girl chuckled, pulling him inside her appartment.

Dear Journal,

This morning, Sirius, Regulus and I woke up really early to decorate the house for Teddy’s birthday. The living room was filled with balloons and ribbons! While Regulus and I baked the cake and made breakfast, Sirius walked the puppy. They were adorable! He came back just in time when Teddy woke up. We had gotten a big box to hide the puppy in so Teddy wouldn’t know what it was. I walked to Teddy’s room and slowly opened the door. He was jumping up and down in his crib, smiling.

“Happy birthday Teddy!” I said, picking him up.

“I’m one Dadda! I’m a big boy now!” He said, happier than ever.

“You are my love! Do you want to come and get breakfast with Pads and Regulus?” I asked, knowing what was waiting for him behind the door.

“Did you make pancakes?” He asked.

“Of course we did! They look delicious!” I said, opening the door and revieling a big box.

Sirius and regulus were kneeling next to the big blue box, waiting for Teddy’s reaction.

“Is this present for me?” He asked, smiling widely.

“It is! Want to open it?” Sirius said.

I set Teddy on the floor and he removed the cover of the box. He stood on his tippy toes to look inside the box and gasped.

“Ohh! A puppy! Hi puppy!” He said taking the small dog in his arms.

“Do you like him?” Sirius asked.

“Yes! He looks like a mini padfoot! Is he mine?” Teddy asked, his eyes getting big as he realised it was the new member of our family.

“He is! He doesn’t have a name yet..” I said, sitting next to Teddy and the little pup.

“Hum.. let’s name him thunder! So he will protect us during storms.” Teddy said, petting the happy puppy.

“That’s a beautiful name baby.. Do you want to play with him while I set the table?” I asked.

“Okay, thank you Dadda, thank you Padda!!” He said, jumping in our arms. “c'mon Thunder! I’ll show you my room!” He called running next to the dog.

“Thunder’s a pretty badass name..” Sirius laughed.

“Look at him.. they’re adorable.” I said, as Sirius wrapped his arm around my waist.

“They’re our family babe.. We did it.” Sirius said, smiling.

“We did it. I love you.” I said, kissing his soft lips tenderly.

“I love you too.”

May 30th 1998

anonymous asked:

S/O who is afraid of the dark and thunderstorms?

@onlyhumanz I seem to remember you saying you disliked the dark? ;)

A massive rumble of thunder outside makes you jump and squeak, and pull the covers tighter around your head. You shut your eyes and focus in breathing in and out, in and out, counting down from 20, trying to distract yourself. There’s a bright flash of lightning, and you prepare yourself for the thunder, arms aching and trembling with the effort of keeping them clamped over your head.

Your stomach grumbles loudly and you whine, desperately wanting to go and get some food but knowing you’ll just about die if you have to walk through the house without the protection of your cover to hide under.

You carefully calculate it, waiting nervously for the next flash of lightning and rumble of thunder, and then the second it’s died away, you sprint from the bed, moving like a cheetah out of the door and down the landing, storming down the stairs, your covers billowing out behind you like a cloak.

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Initially, I wasn’t sure how to go about this one. Then I got this idea and fell in love. It’s been a while since I’ve written for Quicksilver so it might not be my best work, but it’s light and cute and funny, and it’s got Pietro being a little shit. Thank you to @scarecrowisfugly​ for the request. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader is maybe scared of a thunder storm …and Pietro makes fun of them at first but realizes they’re really scared and comforts them…

“Truth or Dare”

This was ridiculous.

The Avengers were comprised of the most powerful people in the world – including a supersoldier, a Norse god, and a Russian assassin – and you were sat in a circle on the floor playing party games.

It hadn’t started that way. You’d all planned to go out somewhere and eat, but the weather had quickly taken a turn for the worse so Tony had suggested something else. Cooking up leftovers and pulling out alcohol, he’d suggested 7 Minutes in Heaven and Spin the Bottle before proposing Truth or Dare (a thankfully more wholesome option). Steve had countered with the suggestion of Monopoly but you all agreed that you’d like to remain friends.

Thus you watched as Pietro took his turn, reaching into the bag and pulling out a scrap of paper.
“It’s a truth,” he announced, “Who in the team would you most like to hook up with?

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When It Rains, It Pours (Crankgameplays x Reader)

(A short and sweet fic because I need to get back to writing. Hope you enjoy!)

Summary: It’s not when you’re all dressed up when he realizes it. No, it was when you were soaking wet, dancing in the rain, when it hits him like lightning. He loves you.


When he picked you up for dinner, his jaw dropped and he went silent. You were utterly gorgeous and he was stunned. Not that you weren’t stunning on a day-to-day basis, but tonight, you shined especially bright.

You were similarly frozen in place. A handsome man in a dashing suit was a serious weakness for you and Ethan most definitely exceeded that by a long shot. Something about this night made him even more attractive to you.

“You look beautiful, Y/N.” He couldn’t take his eyes off you.

“Thank you,” And you can’t take your eyes off his. “You look absolutely dashing.”

“Shall we?” He smiled, offering his hand.

You took his hand. “We shall.”

Dinner was great. You laughed and talked about everything. From the food to the outfits of other customers to you two’s future.

Ethan and you have been dating for a while now, the relationship on the edge of becoming serious. The prospect of more than casual dating made you nervous. There’s more on the line as you invest more deeply into each other. Yet, it was exciting, electrifying even.

You held hands as you walked back to the car, smiling. It’s night, but the streetlights lit up enough for a clear view. Looking up, you could see lightning cross between clouds, thunder rolling in the distance.

“Ah, it’s gonna start raining-” The sound of water hitting the pavement cut you off.

Ethan looked up, droplets of water falling on his face. “So it seems.”

Smiling, you raised your arms, taking in the rain. Your hair and clothes weren’t a fan of getting caught in the rain, but you were. You loved the rain, the lightning flashing and lighting the sky, followed by a loud roll of thunder.

There was something about you in this moment, wet hair clinging to your face as you danced in the rain, that made some click for Ethan. Lightning struck near enough to make car alarms go off. In the space of the strike and the following thunder, he realized it. He loves you.

“Ethan?” You stopped, looking at him. You expected him to join you, instead he stood still, not even moved by the thunderous storm.

He opened his mouth to say it, but nothing came out. His nerves were getting to him. Once he said it, there was no going back. What if you didn’t feel the same? Is it too early to say it?

The realization bounced around his mind, begging to be said. He needed to say it, though that didn’t make his nerves any calmer.

Lightning struck again, more car alarms going off. For a split second the light made it seem like day before fading back. By the time the thunder came, his arms wrapped around you.

The rain was cold, but he was warm. His lips found yours, barely touching. He whispered it, yet it seemed louder than the storm above.

“I love you.”

Lightning flashed and you kissed him, engulfed in each other. Out of breathe and soaked, you whispered back.

“I love you too.”


(I’m alive! I’m sorry for the inactivity, I started working and I haven’t been feeling up to writing ;^; I’m trying to get back into writing with some little fics like this. I hope you liked this! And you can still send in requests, it’ll just take some time!

And thank you guys so much for over 400 followers despite the fact I’ve been dead!!)