Every single white lesbian who has spent years complaining about the lack of lesbians on screen had better support The CW’s Black Lightning. 

Anissa Pierce (portrayed by Nafessa Williams):

is a canon lesbian with superpowers (who goes by the name Thunder) who has, among other abilities, the power to make herself invulnerable (this means she’s essentially unkillable-although she can be hurt/injured!)

Her comic-canon girlfriend Grace Choi (Chantal Thuy) has already been cast:

Grace is half-Amazon, and has superhuman durability and rapid healing abilities-which also help to make her relatively invincible!

Also, they’re really cute in the comics:

So basically-support this lesbian, interracial, basically invulnerable couple on the CW’s Black Lightning-airing January 16th, 2017!!!!!

I can’t think of anything prettier than a flower covered meadow, thunder and lightning that are filling the night with their power, a bird singing its melody on a misty morning or a roaring river that is fighting its way through the mountains. Nature is the most amazing piece of art and it’s an honor that we’re able to live on this mesmerising planet.

Messy Witch App Recommendations

These are some apps I have that I think are witchy related, and I’ll explain each one below. I got all of these for free for Iphone, idk about any other smartphone. 

1. Labyrinthos Academy

This was my first tarot app by Tina Gong which uses the Golden Thread Tarot deck, which is very simple and easy to learn from. This app goes through the cards and their meanings through memorization games. It’s very useful for beginners to learn the basic meanings for each card. There is also a daily card feature where you can log your interpretation, but I never used it much because it’s isn’t the best feature of the app. This one is definately best for using the memorizing games to learn specific meanings. 

2. Golden Thread Tarot

Another tarot app by Tina Gong, obviously it uses the Golden Thread deck. This one’s main function is a daily card where you can log your interpretation. The log also allows you to record your emotional state and specific feelings you had when reading your card. Then you can look at how many times suits or numbers come up in readings, and your most frequent feelings based on week, month, and year. I think it’s a great logging feature so you can keep checking your emotional state day by day. It also has a tarot database where you can look up any card through a search. It also has a collection of spreads. I use these as guidelines for physical cards, but you could also use this app as a digital deck which is also really interesting. What I don’t like about these is that it asks you to write you question after, and honestly, sometimes I forget to ask it before and it messes up the reading. You can also click on the cards after you flip them to see definitions but you can’t do that once you’ve started to log it, so if you forget you can’t go back. Otherwise, pretty good recourse app, I use it to look up meanings from the database a lot. 

3. Luminous Spirit Tarot - 

Yet another tarot app by Tina Gong, this time using the Luminous Spirit deck by Labyrinthos Academy. This is most similar to the Golden Thread app in format and features and function, however, it used a different deck and focuses on teaching tarot through connection with the moon. So for anyone particularly devoted to the moon, I would recommend this one. Instead of daily cards, this app keeps track of the phases of the moon. You come up with a monthly goal or focus and as the phases change you do a full reading about that topic through the cycle. It also asks you to meditate on your question by “charging the moon” where you can really focus on what you need to be asking. It keeps track of your readings and you can use the digital deck, but unlike the Golden Thread, it allows you to look up the meanings of the cards as you write your interpretations and helps you relate them to their position in the spread. This one is best for learning how cards function in spreads and in relation to each other. It also has a database and if you’re not in love with the Golden Thread deck, this deck is more realistic pencil drawings in black and white which has a more soothing appearance. Very simple and useful!

4. Seventh Sphere

Yes, it’s by Tina Gong, however, instead of another tarot deck, this is a Lenormand card deck. It has some short lessons about what a Lenormand Deck is as well as a database like the last two. It has another logging system, more similar to the Golden Thread or Labyrinthos Academy apps than to the Luminous Spirit one. It doesn’t have you meditate on your question beforehand but it gives you a list of interpretations to think about. Because this is a different deck, I don’t mind this set up because it helps me learn each card’s meaning through practice and how to use this set of cards. Also, this deck is gorgeous! Like screw all the other decks I was dreaming about this is first on my list when I get spending money again and want another deck. 

5. Stone - 

So this is the most simple app on this list. It is literally just a list of pictures of gems and crystals and you can click on any and it will show you its properties and a well-written description of it. That’s it. I don’t have my own correspondences for crystals or anything so it’s easier for me to use this. 

6. Planets - 

Okay, this one is cool. This is basically a digital sky. You can hold it up to the sky and move it around and it will show you exactly where all the stars, planets, and constellations are in real time. You can also set it to 2D mode where it rotates like a compass. There is also a section that will tell you the visibility of each planet and the moon, and if you click on each it will give you more details. I think you can also zoom in on planets and stars but I don’t use that much. I recommend for witches who like to time their spells to celestial movements or have a hard time of visualizing or don’t have access to look at the night sky always. 

7. PlantNet - 

This is one of my most popular post on here and it was a goddamn typo. Yes, this is PlantNet, not plannet. I got it, thanks. But seriously this is a super great app for identifying plants on the go. You take a picture of a plant and it searches a database for a list of possibilities of what it could be then, links you to their Wikipedia page. It’s not 100% accurate but it’s cool and sometimes useful. 

8. Infinite Storm - 

This is an audio app that I use for meditation on the go. You can customize the noises, the types of rain, the intensity, if you want thunder or not, and add other sounds. It’s simply lovely. 

9. Yummly - 

I just downloaded this today but I already love it. It’s just a food app but I’m a kitchen witch so, yeah. I have a couple food apps (tasty, pintrest, etc.) but I’m excited about this one. It customizes your feed by your food preferences and you can list your allergies and food you just don’t like. You can add recipes to lists and make a grocery list. You can search by what you’re in the mood for and you can even find recipes based on what you already have so you don’t have to go shopping. I miss cooking and hoping that this will give me a few more good recipies to try that are different than the same 6 that keep appearing on my pintrest feed.

These are about all the ones I have so far that I like. I used to have others but clearly haven’t used them enough to keep them. If you have any witchy apps you love send them my way, I’d love to check them out!

weather as types of people

Wind: Nomadic people are those who love wind. They are born of change and circumstance. Their worst enemy is the jailor of restriction. Seldom seen with restricting clothes, they like to move as they please. Messages pass their hands many times a day, and they love to be the bearer of news: whether good or bad, gossip or fun. They are desert people: hearts of sand and time, ever changing, always different. They are late-night pitstop people: gas station spirits and moonlight souls. People of change, people of destiny, people of drive.

Rain: Gentle souls. Instead of being in constant state of growth like most people, they are in a constant state of settling into themselves. Their presence is a calming one, even if they are not calm within themselves. They create effortlessly, ideas always flowing from them when they are present. When ideas are not present, the drought comes: not a drought of dehydration, but a drought of inspiration. When this drought comes, the people of rain have nothing to offer. All creativity is gone, all motive is lost. That is, until it rains again. A mysterious people, are those made of rain.

Thunder: Thunderous people can often be too loud, too much, and too frightening to those who do not understand them. Their anger holds the power of the earth, and heaven forbid you should see one cry. While they may shout and laugh, and be the greatest presence in the room, their loudness does not reflect who they are. Stormy emotion is their way to be heard, even if it isn’t the way they are best understood. You do not know a person of thunder, until you have studied while one slept next to you, or watched from a distance as they created something. You can hold no judgement to their stormy hearts until you take the time to know one. And should you manage to befriend one, you will find a strange sense of ancientness in their mannerisms. In the way they look off into the distance when they think nobody is watching, in how their art reflects people and places that no longer exist, in how they breathe so steadily beside you, as if they are meant to live forever.

Hail: Just like that embarrassing thing that happened to you in second grade, just like a memory that fills you with nostalgia at odd hours of the night, so hail people only appear in the moments before you fall asleep. They are beautiful in person, yes, but it is not until you have a time to ponder their beauty that you begin to see how incredible they truly are. Buffeted by wind, thrust up into the sky over and over again, their hearts have hardened to ice. But ice can melt; that is apparent with people of this kind. Give them a warm touch, and a kind eye. They will melt, and it will be beautiful.

Snow: Falling slowly, falling beautifully. People of snow are quiet and sad, but there is beauty in it. They drift downward, decorating the world with beauty as they go. You don’t see them much, since they’re quiet and rarely around. But it isn’t until they go missing that you realize how much they’ve impacted your life. They have an odd habit of making everything seem alright. When they speak, it is as if all the world is silent around them. You can never quite describe it, but they have a gentle peace about them: as if they know they are quickly failing, and are content with darkness that will approach. I’m sorry if you’ve ever held one’s hand, because there is no falling out of love with them. I’m sorry if you’ve ever heard one sing, because their music will never stop ringing in your ears. They are quiet. They are beautiful. They impact you in small ways, until everything you’re made up of seems to hold a piece of them.