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Love Is Ludicrous; Wedding

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x Jimin feat Taehyung and Jungkook

x Mature, Fuckboy/Playboy Maknae Line

x 1846

Plot: Jimin Park was the ultimate definition of playboy along with his friends Taehyung Kim and Jungkook Jeon. Upon one of his best friends getting married, he’ll have to deal with consiquences also known as Y/N

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Music thumps in the ear drums of those using the excuse of dancing to grind upon random people and of those random people was infamous playboy Park Jimin.

It was normal to see Jimin grinding upon one girl with another in his arms while another is getting him a drink, it was a usual routine for people like him.

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Rating: Gen
Season 8 Drabble for Essence/Existence
The room slowly clears. She watches, wild-eyed, as the strangers trickle out. The baby screams and squirms against her chest, the umbilical cord pulses against her distended belly, still tethering them together.

“What’s that sound?” Monica asks, looking up.

She thought maybe it was her heart, thumping like a bass drum, but it isn’t. It’s the steady, chopping blade of a helicopter.

“It’s Mulder,” she says with relief.

Monica covers them both with a heavy blanket and darts outside. She glances down and gets a good look at him for the first time. She suddenly finds it hard to breathe.

“Hi,” she gasps, tears trickling down her cheeks. “I’m your mom.”

The baby quiets and blinks with puffy, squinty eyes. She weeps as she cradles him close and lets the fear drift away like a handful of balloons. Her son is perfect and his father is coming for them.

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To The Sun

I started this a hundred years ago and chickpea <3 at @bungoustrayscenarios​ reminded me about it tonight so I finished it because I’m weak for Mafia!Dazai.

Pairing : Mafia!Dazai x Reader[F]
Genre: Fluff & Angst
Timeline: Canon-divergent. Odasaku lives & Dazai remains in the mafia.
[language - violence] [told over the course of four seasons]

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The Winding Path (Ch. 15)

An unstoppable grin spread over Luna’s face as she neared Iki Town. Thumping drums filled the air, making her swell with excitement and pride. She primped as the town steps came into view, straightening her strapless dress and smoothing her hair. It was her party, after all.

The central square was filled with trainers of all ages, many of whom she had seen at the league. They congregated around the heavenly smelling buffet table, ready to begin the grand feast. Luna stopped at the edge of town, simply looking over the crowd. It was much larger than she had predicted.

Hala’s booming voice caused the crowd to grow quiet. “It looks like our guest of honor has arrived! Let’s give a warm welcome to the very first koa of Alola, Luna!”

The guests erupted into a chorus of cheers as they turned to see Luna walking towards the center of town. They screamed wildly and raised their arms high into the air, clapping as she made her way through. Hau pushed people out of the way and nearly tackled her to the ground with a hug.

“Koa Luna! You finally made it! Congratulations!” he wailed, placing a beautiful fresh flower crown on her head and a lei around her neck.

“What’s a koa?” she asked, yelling over the wild shouts.

“It means champion!” he said with a wide grin.

“Hau, I want to see her too!”

Lillie, clutching Hau’s hand, pushed past him towards Luna, giving her a gentle hug.

“I’ve missed you these past weeks, Luna! It feels like it’s been so long since I last saw you!” She looked radiant as ever in her golden sundress. Her hair was tucked into an elegant braided bun adorned with a hibiscus flower.

“I’ve missed you, too! You look amazing! Is Glad-”

“C’mon, you can talk later! Tutu wants you to say something before we start eating!” Hau dragged her by the wrist to the wooden platform in the center where Hala stood. He offered her a hand up, then held his arms out and presented her to the crowd.

“Koa Luna, you honor us with your presence this afternoon. We gather here to remember the first step in your journey to becoming our koa. This town is where you chose your very first partner Pokemon and where you had your first battle in Alola. From that day, I knew you were a special trainer. Your bond with Rowlet and your natural talent made that day stand out in my mind, as I’m sure it has stood out in yours. Before we begin the feast, do you have anything you would like to say?” Hala asked.

Luna took a deep breath and nodded. She scanned each face in the crowd, searching for one in particular. She did not find it.

“I have had so many battles the past few months, more than I could ever count. And I know I can’t remember each and every one of them, but I do remember your faces. I remember all the trainers who have helped me along the way. I remember your Pokemon, your battle styles, your strategies… Every single battle helped me to grow stronger. They helped me to develop my own style, and helped me realized just how much I absolutely love Pokemon. The battles, the training, these amazing creatures themselves… I love it all. So to every one of you who battled me, you created me. You shaped me. And for that, I say mahalo. Now let’s eat!”

They erupted in cheers once again and began throwing flower petals into the air. Most of the crowd surged towards the buffet tables, but Lillie and Hau stayed behind as Luna hopped down from the platform.

“That was really touching,” Lillie said, her fingers wrapped around Hau’s.

“Yeah, nice speech! Short and sweet.” Hau flashed his teeth.

“I could tell everyone was getting hungry. I’m a little surprised you weren’t the first one in line at the table!” Luna jested.

Hau shrugged and wrapped his arm around Lillie’s waist. “There’s plenty to go around. Plus, I had a malasada like an hour ago anyway!” They all laughed together.

“You look really lovely, Luna. That dress is so flattering on you,” Lillie said, smiling.

“Thanks. Red is the color of celebration back in Kanto, so I thought I’d bring a little piece of home with me.”

“You look like a champion to me!” Hau said.

Luna grinned at the couple. They were so different from one another, yet they fit together like puzzle pieces.

“You guys are just too adorable together, I can hardly stand it.” Luna giggled, watching both of their faces turn pink.

“Better keep your hands where I can see them, Hau,” a voice called from near the town entrance.

Gladion strode confidently towards them, wearing skinny black slacks and a black button-down shirt. He rolled his sleeves up as he neared them, smiling sheepishly at Luna. His icy blond hair glittered in the early evening sun, and his eyes shown like precious emeralds. A golden pin bearing the Aether Foundation logo sparkled on his lapel. She wanted nothing more than to freeze time and stare at him forever.

Good God. He is beautiful, Luna thought, hearing her heart pound in her now burning ears. That smile. Those eyes. That shirt. Hot damn.

Hau stood straight up, his arms snapping to his sides. “Uh, sorry Gladion. I didn’t mean to-”

“Glady!“ Lillie frowned at her brother.

“I’m just messing with you. I know you’re a good kid.” He held his hand out to Hau, offering a friendly handshake.

Hau relaxed, shaking Gladion’s hand firmly with a warm smile. “Glad you could come.”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” he said, meeting Luna’s eyes.

“But you’re late,” Lille scolded, taking Hau’s hand in hers once again.

“Sorry, I got hung up at the foundation. Still trying to get the Aether Shelter program up and running this month.”

Luna’s eyes widened. “This month? Geez, that’s ambitious.”

Gladion sighed and put his hands in his pockets. “I know it. I’ve got mountains of paperwork and permits in my office. Don’t know how Mom did it, honestly.”

“Late or not, I’m really glad you could come, too,” Luna said, gently touching his arm in thanks. He nodded and smiled.

“Enough chit chat, let’s get some food!” Hau said. “And Luna, you owe me a dance later! Gotta get a turn with the koa!”

“You got it, pal,” Luna laughed.

Lillie and Hau took off to the buffet hand in hand. Luna and Gladion stood next to each other, watching the couple bounce away together.

“Koa, huh? Not a bad title,” he said, green eyes piercing her.

“I could say the same to you, Mister President,” she teased, elbowing him.

He scoffed. “It sounds better than it really is, trust me. I’ve been cooped up in an office all day, telling people what to do and how to do it. I don’t know if I can keep this up for long.”

Luna turned towards him, looking into his lovely eyes. “It’s really that bad?” she asked, concerned.

He frowned. “I hardly get to see the Pokemon. They’re what I’m passionate about, not stupid paperwork and bossing everyone around. If I got to spend more time with them, maybe I wouldn’t be so miserable.”

She watched him fiddle with something in his pocket as he chewed on his lip. She sighed. “I’m so sorry. I hate that you’re miserable. I wish there was something I could do,” she said, imagining him alone in an office all day long.

Gladion placed a hand on her shoulder. “That’s sweet of you to say. But really, I’ll be fine. Actually, I’m getting pretty hungry. I had to skip lunch for a meeting today. Join me?” he asked, started to walk towards the crowded buffet.

“Of course.”

Music thumped through the speakers in the center of town as the party reached full swing. The sky was ablaze with bright red and pink streaks as the sun sank low over the horizon. Luna was sweating immensely as she, Hau and Lillie danced together, acting like no one else was watching. One of Luna’s favorite songs started to come on, and her eyes scanned the crowd, looking for Gladion. She had to dance with him.

The blond sat at an empty table texting on his phone and sipping a Roserade tea. She rushed up to him and snatched his phone away.

“No more business tonight, Mister President! Come dance with me!” she yelled over the pounding beat.

He smiled and shook his head, reaching for his phone. “Not really my pace. Catch me on the next one, okay?”

Luna pouted at him, holding his phone just out of reach.

“You promise?” she asked.

“I promise,” he replied, standing up to retrieve his phone.

She moved it away again, making Gladion lean terribly close to her.

“Even if it’s not your pace?” she begged.

He rolled his eyes. “Yes, I promise. Can I have my phone back now?”

She begrudgingly handed his phone back to him, then spun on her heels and headed back to the dance floor to enjoy her favorite song. Hau and Lillie mouthed the words to each other as they danced, making Luna laugh. Her cheeks were becoming sore from smiling the entire evening.

As the next song began, Luna started to panic. A slow, romantic ballad came through the speakers and everyone began pairing off into couples. She was fully prepared for another fast song full of fun and energy, but a slow dance with Gladion? She was unsure her heart could handle it.

Hau bowed low and held out his hand. “May I have this dance, Madam Champion?” he teased.

“Actually-” she started, looking back to the table Gladion had been sitting at. He was no longer in sight. Her heart sank.

“As long as it’s okay with Lillie, I gladly accept,” Luna said, masking her disappointment.

“I need a break from him anyway! He’s too much for me! I’m going to get some lemonade,” Lillie said.

Hau took Luna by the waist and she draped her arms over his shoulders. He grinned knowingly as her eyes darted around, looking for Gladion.

“So how are things with loverboy?” he asked.

Luna’s cheeks began to burn. “What are you talking about?” she squeaked.

Hau threw his head back and groaned. “Oh come on, Luna! I saw the way you looked at him! I was afraid I might have to wipe the drool off your mouth!”

She poked him hard in the chest. “Quit it! I was not drooling!”

Hau simply laughed and shook his head. “Even I know he’s a handsome guy. Anyone can see that. Now what are you going to do about it?”

Luna buried her face in his shoulder. “Ugh, I don’t know! He’s too untouchable! I’m terrified what he might say!”

Hau shoved her back so he could see her face. “Luna. You’re the champion of Alola! It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Trust me when I say-”

“Mind if I cut in?”

Gladion tapped Luna on the shoulder, making her freeze. Hau grinned hard.

“Sure thing! She’s all yours!” He gave her a knowing look as he let go of her and waded through the crowd towards Lillie.

Luna swallowed hard as she turned around to face Gladion. The Beautiflies had made their return to her stomach, and her pulse pounded rapidly.

“So you ditched me for Hau?” he asked, smiling playfully.

“No, of course not!” she defended, stomping her foot. “I looked for you, but I thought you disappeared!”

He gently placed his hands on her waist and pulled her close. Luna reached her arms around Gladion’s broad shoulders, urging herself to take deep breaths.

“I came looking for you. I don’t break promises,” he said quietly. “I thought I was going to be the lucky one who got the first dance with the koa.”

Luna stepped closer and laid her head against his chest, careful not to crush her flower crown. “You still are. Hau doesn’t count when he’s dating my best friend!”

He chuckled. “I guess that’s true.”

“I don’t want to dance with anyone else anyway,” Luna said, heart fluttering at her bold words.

“Me neither.”

Luna closed her eyes and listened to Gladion’s heart beat. It seemed a little fast. He stroked her back lightly, causing goosebumps each time his fingers grazed her exposed upper back. She took in his scent with a deep breath, relishing the spicy, masculine notes in his cologne. They swayed slowly together to the beat of the music. She pretended no one else was around, conscious only of the romantic music and Gladion.

Realizing the song would soon be over, she opened her eyes. She saw Hau and Lillie sitting together at a table. He leaned over to her, giving her a lingering kiss. A smile spread over Luna’s face just as the song came to an end.

“Hey, so…” Gladion started as he stepped back from her. “I’m going to take a walk back on Mahalo Trail. Do you…” He hesitated, scratching the back of his neck. “Do you want to go with me?”

“Sure,” she said, surprised.

He nodded, seeming relieved. Gladion grabbed Luna’s hand and led her through the crowd, not letting go until they had successfully snuck away from the dance floor. Hau caught Luna’s eyes as she reached the edge of the trail, and gave her a small wave and cheeky grin. She groaned internally, knowing he would drill her with questions as soon as they returned.

The pair walked together through the canopy of trees along the trail at a leisurely pace. Gladion cleared his throat.

“Did Hala kick your butt like I said he would?” he asked, bumping into her gently.

She groaned. “How did you know? He gave me a run for my money like I’ve never seen! It was utter insanity. Decidueye was my saving grace.”

He chuckled as he admired the sun streaking through the palm trees. “But you made it through, just like I predicted. Was Hau bitter about losing?”

“No, he actually took it really well. He made it through Olivia, Kahili and Acerola before he finally lost to Hala. He told me that if he was going to lose, he wouldn’t have wanted to lose to any but his own grandpa.” Luna smiled, remembering Hau’s spirited determination.

“I’ve gotta hand it to him. Hau’s got even bigger shoes to fill now that Hala’s in the Elite Four. He’s a tough kid.”

Pikipek sang in the trees above them as they walked inches apart through the trail. Though she thoroughly appreciated the party, she was pleased to have a moment alone with Gladion.

“So what are you going to do now that you’re done with the island challenge?” he asked.

Luna put her arms behind her back, thinking. “I guess I don’t know. I thought about applying to college for spring. Or I could start looking for a job. I don’t know what I would look for, or what I might want to do. But I do know I want to continue training Pokemon, and I even considered entering a double or multi-battle tournament to stay fresh, but I’m not sure.” She chuckled at herself. “Geez, for a champion, I sure don’t have my crap together.”

Gladion’s elbow bumped into hers as they walked. “Are you going to defend your title if you have a challenger? Or will you let someone else be champion?”

Luna laughed heartily. “What do you think?”

He smiled. “You worked really hard for that title. I hope you keep it for a long time,” he said, watching her out of the corner of his eye. “Do you have a partner in mind if you enter a multi-battle tournament?”

Luna felt the corners of her mouth tugging upwards. “I do, actually. Someone I’ve battled with before. We get along pretty well, and he’s a really talented trainer. He’s really busy these days though, so I’m not sure he would have the time.”

“I’ll bet he can find the time.”

They reached the clearing at the end of the trail, the place where Luna had first met Lillie. She smiled at the memory and saw the bridge had been rebuilt. The waterfall gushed as it plummeted to the river below. Gladion walked over to the edge of the cliff and gazed towards the colorful sunset. Lavender and violet painted the sky, making way for the stars. An orange fire burned along the horizon, sinking slowly out of view. Luna followed him, admiring his striking silhouette. The way his sleeves were slightly rolled up, his long, lean legs, those broad shoulders… If she stared at him too long, she feared she may never look away.

Luna dared herself to take Gladion’s hand. She wanted to so badly. She craved the feeling of his fingers intertwined with her own. She desperately wanted to snuggle into his arms, to feel his breath on her skin.

Luna crossed her arms. She couldn’t do it. He didn’t feel the same. It was just a dance earlier. Now she had no excuse. She wouldn’t allow herself to dream anymore. As much as she wanted to grab him by the collar of his shirt and kiss him for days, she suppressed the fantasy. She was too afraid of the pain of rejection.


She snapped out of her thoughts as he turned towards her.

“I have something I want to give you,” he said, putting his hand into his pocket. He pulled out a normal-looking Pokeball and cradled it carefully. “I don’t know if I ever told you this, but there was more than one Type: Null created. There were actually three. The one I stole, one in stasis in the lab, and another my Mom put into cryogenic preservation. When I heard you had become champion, I knew I had to do something special for you. And I knew that if anyone could raise a Pokemon as difficult and rewarding as Null, it was you. So… I want you to have the second one.”

Gladion held the Pokeball out to Luna, but she could not move. Her eyes remained locked onto his, soft and sweet.

“Gladion, this is… I don’t know what to say,” she choked out, stunned. “I’m so honored that you trust me that much.”

“Of course I do. You’re the strongest trainer in Alola for a reason. Because you love Pokemon. You have such a compassion for them, and you’re extremely talented in your training techniques. I have no doubt you can do a much better job raising a Type: Null than I did,” he said, smiling.

Luna took the Pokeball and held it gingerly. She smiled back at him, humbled by his kindness. “Your Silvally is one of the most incredible, most loyal Pokemon I have ever seen. If I raise this one to be half as amazing as yours, I’ll be satisfied. But I’m definitely not going to get the crap beat out of me like you did!”

A brilliant grin spread across his face, showing his teeth. It was genuine and pure, and it melted Luna from the inside out.

“I love it when you give me a hard time,” he laughed. “But there’s something else, too. Now that I’m revamping the Aether Foundation, I’ve got a lot of things that need to be done. There are several positions that I need to fill with good people I can trust.”

He took a step towards her. “I know you don’t have any official plans yet, but if you ever wanted to work for Aether, I’d be honored to have you by my side.”

Shocked, Luna blinked a few times. “You want me to work at the Aether Foundation?”

He nodded. “It would be good money. I could give you a flexible schedule, and you could start saving up for school. I make the rules there now, so I could make sure you get time off for tournaments if you wanted. Whichever department you want to work in, it’s yours.”

Her head spun with possibilities. “Gladion…” she started, shaking her head. “What have I done to deserve all this? I could never repay you for your kindness.”

“You don’t need to. I’m repaying you for what you did for Lillie and me. And maybe I’m being a little selfish, because… I want to spend more time with you.”

A furious blush flared to life in Gladion’s cheeks as he reached for Luna’s hand. His words sent her heart soaring, and he intertwined his fingers with hers. She could feel her every nerve screaming in excitement as he pulled her close.

She beamed, despite her insides going haywire. “I would enjoy spending more time with you too.”

That smile. That tell-tale smile he always gave Silvally. The one that showed how much he adored his Pokemon. That was the smile he showed, directed straight at Luna. She took it as her cue to wrap her arms around his shoulders and embrace him. Surprised, he returned the gesture.

He pulled back just enough that he could see Luna’s face. Gladion brushed the hair away from her eyes and adjusted her flower crown.

“You look like a princess,” he said quietly, allowing his hand to rest on her cheek.

Luna placed her hands on his chest, admiring the Aether pin on his lapel.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she teased, smirking.

Gladion’s emerald eyes scanned Luna’s deeply. His fingers grazed over her jaw and neck, making her skin tingle with his every movement. She glanced at his lips, soft and perfect. She met his eyes once more as her pounding heart stole her attention.

Upon their first meeting, Luna would never have predicted how hard she would fall for Gladion. His cocky attitude and lack of emotion irked her every time they bumped into one another. How wrong she had been to judge the Pokemon by its ball.

Those perfect lips made glorious contact with her own as Luna’s eyes fell shut. The tension of the moment melted away, and she relaxed into him. Sparks of euphoria flooded her brain as they kissed. Her hands made their way from his chest to his neck, hoping she could hold him there forever. Their lips parted momentarily for a much needed breath, but Luna had not yet had her fill. She crashed her mouth against his desperately, with all the pent up passion she had. He kissed her back, mirroring her intensity.

Damn, he’s good. And he tastes like Roserade tea…

Reluctantly pulling away for another breath, Luna bit her lip and smiled.

“So if I start working for the Aether Foundation, will I be able to sneak into your office every now and then for this?” she asked as she pulled him into another kiss.

He obliged, dragging his lips against hers painfully slowly. Luna shivered from head to toe.

“Anytime you want. I promise. And I never break promises.”

A/N: A sincere thank you to every who has read this entire story. It has been a great joy to write, and now that I’m finished, I feel a little bit empty and sad… But there is also a PURE FLUFF epilogue to follow, and a word of warning: it gets a little steamy! Still pretty PG, but hot none the less.

meeting you was not like the fireworks,
it was like hearing the soft hum of my mother after a nightmare

seeing you did not make my chest thump like a drum,
but it did feel like my lungs have finally got breathing right

loving you did not feel like falling in love,
but it felt more like drowning in not just love, but also in you

losing you didn’t feel much of a loss,
it was more of reaching rather than letting go

—  Annyka Dela Cruz “More of”

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touch meme | Accepting

Leon’s exhaustion hasn’t gotten any better. He’s been
sleeping through countless days. Only to wake, attempt
to eat, bathe and go through physical therapy. Walking on
his own without doubling over had been a success, and
eating was going at a much more smooth pace than anticipated.
That he was thankful for.

But for now, he’s been sleeping. Dreaming of nothing. Unaware
of Ada, unaware that she had planned yet another visit in these
days of his vulnerability. Had he noticed, he would have perhaps
questioned the hand that felt through hospital gown and placed
itself upon the flesh of neck. Fingers angled just so- in search of
pulse. And pulse, there was. A dull throb: thump-thump. Thump-
thump. An ever beating drum.

It takes him a while to notice. Eyes fluttering, squinting under the
dim light and adjusting to the silhouette dressed to kill. As fashionable
as ever.

“I’m still alive, you know.” A tired smile.


- i wanna practice but i don’t wanna practice

- oh what’s that flutes

- everyone else can do a trill b/c they have keys/valves but how do trombones like me trill??? do i just *moves slide up and down v fast* or *does a tounge roll*

- *thumping beat of the drum set behind me rocking my chair*


- obnoxious brass blaring

- the director having to stall the audience with jokes while one of the saxophones tries to find their neckpiece

- clarinet and sax mouthpieces

- spit all over the floor b/c the spit valves dON’T WORK

- having to tiptoe around the spit

- i’M tHe LOnEr TRoMbOnEr

- saxophone squeaks

- s h i n y   n e w   i n s t r u m e n t s

- *looks at that big group of 8th/16th/32nd notes* i never asked for this

- when u and ur bud both play low brass #bassbros

- pulling around people on a tuba case


Janelle Monáe and her Wondaland Records crew (who recently led a march against police brutality in Philly) revamped her song “Hell You Talmbout” (originally a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Electric Lady) into a primal thumping drum tune that urges us to remember all the black victims of police brutality.

Made with SoundCloud
Fall Out

blame @katieandkirby

Ladybug sailed through the open window and landed with a thump. A frantic drum pounded in her ears as she wildly scanned the room. She found him at his computer, back to her.

The local news ran on his monitor, muted. HAWK MOTH IS FASHION MOGUL GABRIEL AGRESTE marqueed along the bottom of the screen. A reporter babbled silently into her microphone and gestured at the Agreste estate behind her. Police cars lined the cobblestone driveway. About a dozen policemen milled about. They huddled in small groups of three or four, always turning their backs to the cameras or hiding their lips behind their hands when they spoke. Steam rose from their coffee cups. Their breath hung in the early morning air. Still dark outside, the spotlights from the news vans were blinding. Reporters buzzed around the front gate like flies attracted to the putrid stench of trash.

Ladybug took a step forward and cleared her throat. “I ruined your life,” she greeted.

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