thumbs up pinky down

Do all climbers do the thing?

Where you pull open a door with a solitary ring finger.
Pick up a mug between your thumb and pinkie, take a sip, put it down, pick it up with your thumb and ring finger, take a sip, put it down, pick it up again with your thumb and index etc, etc,
Stand in doorways gripping the top of the frame and clenching distractedly rocking on tip toes whilst conversing with people.
Carry like 8 bags of groceries with a single finger and absent-mindedly flex your grip.

It’s not that you think about doing it before hand, you just kinda do it?

Still Into You (Song Imagine for Anon)

“Quit it!” you laughed as Harry’s hands flew all over your body, tickling you, “Harry!”

He wrapped his arms around you from behind, lifting your feet from the ground and carrying you into the living room, quickly tossing you on to the couch. You yelped as he dove on top of you, his fingers not ceasing to make you giggle.

“I swear to God, Harry Edward!” you tried with all your strength to shove him away but he had you pinned to the cushions.

“Tell me how much you missed me,” he was laughing nearly as hard as you were.

“Harry!” you were out of breath, “You went to the market! You were gone for 15 minutes!”

He tickled you harder, making you yell out with laughter, “How much did ya miss me, love?”

“A lot!” you admitted, defeated, “I missed you a lot!”

His tickling slowed down, “Knew it.”

“You’re an absolute pain the ass, you know that?” you smiled. You shoved him off you finally and he rolled on to the couch beside you, a huge grin plastered on his face.

“I’m your pain in the ass, though,” his dimples appeared as he pulled you close to him.

You smiled back, grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers with his. You played with his hand for a moment before pressing his thumb and pinky down, leaving three fingers standing. You glanced up at him, “What’s that mean?” he raised his eyebrows at the position of his hand.

“Three years,” you smiled, “I have loved you for three whole years. That’s a long time.”

“I don’t know how you’ve done it,” he laughed, “You’re amazing, you know that?”

“I do,” you joked. Your eyes returned to your hands, woven together with his, “There has not been a single day I haven’t loved you Haz, don’t forget it.”

“Never,” he snuggled in closer to you and you nuzzled your head into the space between his neck and collar bone, “You know what’s odd?”

“Hmmm?” you mumbled.

“Every other girl I’d been with before you–just, it got normal after awhile. Ya know? It became schedule. I got used to it,” he inhaled the smell of your hair, “I don’t know. We’ve been together for three years and it’s still new. I still get as excited to see you as I did when I called after our first date. It’s like nothing has changed.”

You squeezed his hand, pressing your lips to his neck, “The butterflies are still there.”


“The butterflies,” you laughed, leaning back to look at him, “I still get butterflies when I see you.”

“Oh!” he smiled, squeezing your hand back, “Good. Don’t wanna think I’m alone on this one.”

“Of course not, love,” you broke the lock between your hands, sliding yours across his waist and up his back, “I like you just as much as I did then, despite how much of an idiot you can be,” you smiled.

“Ouch,” he joked, “You’re not so easy to deal with, yourself, Y/N.”

“I know,” you winked, “But you’re into it.”

“Oh I definitely am,” he rolled over, pinning you down again. He pressed his lips to your neck, “It’s very sexy, actually,” his hands wandered to your hips.

You elbowed him in the ribs, pushing him back off of you, “You really know how to ruin a moment, don’t you?” you rolled your eyes.

“What?” he laughed, “I was getting a vibe.”

“In your dreams, Styles.”

“How’d you know?”


Super siked about how this turned out. Harry usually isn’t my favorite to write but I loved doing this one :) continue requesting, loves!

xoxo B


Touchy-Feely [Prompt]




Rating: PG-PG-13

Warnings: cancer, and yeah, pretty much cancer [and fluff bc why not]

Pairings: Joelay

Word Count: 1540

Summary: “So, is this permanent?” Ray asked, eyes moving between the older man’s face and his bandaged neck. Joel gave a small shrug and a genuine smile, hoping the younger would get the message that it was okay either way and that he was okay. However, even if it was okay for Joel, it wasn’t okay for Ray.

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inspiration here

Maka frowns at ivory keys.

Learn to play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Soul had told her, grinning sharply. I’ll make it worth your time. Promise.

So she’s learning. Trying to. She doesn’t know where to begin, really— there’s an awful lot of keys…

“You’re thinking too hard,” Soul says, shoes tapping sharply as he crosses the room to her.

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