thumbs up pinky down

Do all climbers do the thing?

Where you pull open a door with a solitary ring finger.
Pick up a mug between your thumb and pinkie, take a sip, put it down, pick it up with your thumb and ring finger, take a sip, put it down, pick it up again with your thumb and index etc, etc,
Stand in doorways gripping the top of the frame and clenching distractedly rocking on tip toes whilst conversing with people.
Carry like 8 bags of groceries with a single finger and absent-mindedly flex your grip.

It’s not that you think about doing it before hand, you just kinda do it?

“Would you take us away from here?” The question is soft – hesitant. It trembles in her voice along with her hand and she steadies herself by tracing the groove in the table left by his hook. Up with her pinky, back down again with her thumb. She takes a deep breath. “I don’t know, just take your ship and go somewhere?”

He stills her hand with his, fingers tangling together. His skin is cold, too damn stubborn to wear the glove she got for him when he sits on the porch and nurses a cup of coffee. His rings are even colder, but she doesn’t flinch. Just grips his hand tighter and looks up.

“Anywhere,” he says quietly, eyes serious. “Wherever you wished.”

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Touchy-Feely [Prompt]




Rating: PG-PG-13

Warnings: cancer, and yeah, pretty much cancer [and fluff bc why not]

Pairings: Joelay

Word Count: 1540

Summary: “So, is this permanent?” Ray asked, eyes moving between the older man’s face and his bandaged neck. Joel gave a small shrug and a genuine smile, hoping the younger would get the message that it was okay either way and that he was okay. However, even if it was okay for Joel, it wasn’t okay for Ray.

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inspiration here

Maka frowns at ivory keys.

Learn to play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Soul had told her, grinning sharply. I’ll make it worth your time. Promise.

So she’s learning. Trying to. She doesn’t know where to begin, really— there’s an awful lot of keys…

“You’re thinking too hard,” Soul says, shoes tapping sharply as he crosses the room to her.

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