“Oh no Thumbelina, never wish to be anything but what you are”

One of my favourite quotes from my favourite movie 💕 I cannot tell you how much this movie means to me it’s so inspiring and always puts a smile on my face. I don’t care if Thumbelina isn’t Disney she’s my favourite animated princess ever she’s so sweet, friendly, happy, caring and beautiful inside and out…I want to be her I don’t care what anyone thinks


Disneyyandmore’s Under-Appreciated Animated Films Challenge
Day 1: Favorite Song
Let Me Be Your Wings - Thumbelina // Let me be your wings / Let me lift you high above / Everything we’re dreaming of will soon be ours / Anything that you desire / Anything at all / Everyday I’ll take you higher / And I’ll never let you fall

“THUMBELINAAAA!!!” >:D Even though I loved the movie as a kid, I have never enjoyed the story itself (the same way I don’t enjoy any version of “Alice in Wonderland”). :o But but: I LOVE Don Bluth and his style so I had to work with this lovely lady! :3

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