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Red Roses

I saw this adorable art from @the-sacred-pecan-pie and needed to write something about all those roses. 

His mama saved the flowers from the bouquet she carried when she walked down the aisle.

Bitty found them when he was five years old and bored and snooping through his parents room.

He found a stack of photo albums beneath old sweaters and dress shoes that his daddy rarely ever wore.

The first one was old and musty and filled with people he had never seen before in black and white and yellowing at the corners.

He quickly pushed that one out of the way and kept opening up new ones until the photos switched to color and he started to recognize his moomaw and his mama.

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It was a tiara. Several of the watchmen gasped. Roland looked smug. Letitia looked objectionably winsome. Mrs Proust sighed. And Tiffany… went back in time, just for a second. But in that second she was a little girl again, reading the well-thumbed book of fairy stories that all her sisters had read before her.

But she had seen what they had not seen; she had seen through it. It lied. No, well, not exactly lied, but told you truths that you did not want to know: that only blond and blue-eyed girls could get the prince and wear the glittering crown. It was built into the world. Even worse, it was built into your hair colouring. Redheads and brunettes sometimes got more than a walk-on part in the land of story, but if all you had was a rather mousy shade of brown hair, you were marked down to be a servant girl.

Or you could be the witch. Yes! You didn’t have to be stuck in the story. You could change it, not just for yourself, but for other people. You could change the story with a wave of your hand.

But she sighed anyway, because the jewelled headdress was such a wonderful thing.
—  Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

Characters:  Sam x Reader

Summary:  Research leads to more between Sam and reader.  Basically a little plot, a little poetry and some good old fashioned smut.

Word Count:  2313

Warning:  Smut, language.  Sorta rough sex.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.


It’s a Thursday night and you are seated at an enormous table in a public library after hours. And no, you didn’t enter through the front door. The method of entry for you and Sam had been a window around back that Sam had managed to open with his pocket knife. Because that’s how hunters roll.

Sam is seated across from you. Books are stacked all around, piled high. Dean, the lucky bastard, is staking out the apartment where the suspect lives. You, however, drew the short end of the stick and are stuck doing research for the next ten billion hours. At least, that’s what it feels like.  

The upside is that between paragraphs, you can sneak peaks at Sam Winchester. The way his eyebrows draw together as he concentrates, the way his hair falls down to cover his face as he reads, it does things to you. Fucking hell, it doesn’t’ help that he’s wearing his Fed getup. That white button down shirt? Jesus Christ. It makes your cheeks feel hot in a cool room, your stomach does somersaults. He always has this effect on you, he just doesn’t seem to realize it. Which only serves to make him more desirable.

Blowing out the lungful of air that you’ve been holding in, you force yourself to return to the centuries-old text in front of you. It smells comforting, old leather and musty pages. As much as you hate research, you have a fondness for books. Fiction is more your speed. When it comes to research, you’d prefer some wifi and Google. Ancient lore, unfortunately, isn’t usually found with a few keystrokes.  

Okay, time to concentrate. Grabbing another book from the stack to your left, you quickly scan the table of contents. A chapter labeled ‘Kamadeva’ catches your eye. Flipping quickly to the right chapter, you read the text. Hmm, this sounds like it could be useful.

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Although everybody has a face-book,
all what I can read is:
“We all live crowded in a tight nook”.
Through their selfies,
I can see that
they are selfish.

Here on Giphy.

Original Illustration, by michaldziekan

Check here more about Michal Dziekan. Acid artwork!:

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Remember the Promise, Carl Grimes.

A/N: I made another one! I hope you guys like it as much as you have the last ones!

Summary: The reader and Carl are in a “no strings attached” kind of relationship that is as complicated as can be. Due to the disapproval of the reader’s mother they’ve been sneaking around for quite some time. Despite efforts to stop it, they both feel it turning into something more.

(Flashbacks in italics)

Word Count: 15,247

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Social Butterfly (Jason Todd x Reader)

@ahs-elsa :Could you write a Jason Todd one shot where the reader is super shy around him, so he thinks that she doesn’t like him & it sort of pisses him off and he rants about it to the other Robins and they’re like “dude she’s like in love with you” please?:D”

Schninner: Why of course!!! This is such an adorable idea, but I am pretty sure I butchered it. So apologies, but I hope you like it! This was also WAY longer than expected…

Key: [F/B] – Favorite book

Warnings: Just a few cuss words,

Word count: 1317

You lounged comfortably on the couch inside of the Wayne manor’s living room reading one of your favorite book. You stretched out feeling the warmth of the fire spread through you, and let out a lazy yawn as you curled back once more and continued reading.

Some might find it weird to be so comfortable in a home that wasn’t yours, and if it were any other house, you wouldn’t have even asked to use the bathroom. You were just that timid. This just happened to be the house of your best friend Dick Grayson. You guys had met when you were kids, and both went to Gotham Academy. You had been the awkward and quiet girl that nobody noticed, and you were perfectly fine with that. People had always made you extremely nervous, you just never knew what to say to them, so you tended just to keep to yourself.

Most people just ignored you, but Dick was not most people. He had seemed to make it his mission to befriend you, and in the end, he had succeeded. It wasn’t long before you guys started hanging out, and as the years went by, he eventually introduced you to his family.

You were quiet around them at first, but after a while you warmed up to them and essentially became a part of the family. You loosened up and become more vocal toward everyone in the family. Well… almost everybody.

Jason Todd. That was the name of probably the most gorgeous man alive, and it wasn’t even his looks that made him attractive to you. You loved how he acted like such a rugged bad boy, but in reality, he was just a big dork. You loved the way his blue eyes lit up whenever he heard someone mention his favorite book. And his smile? There were no words to describe the feeling in your stomach whenever he flashed you one of his dazzling smiles.

Of course, you had never told Jason this. In fact, you could never seem to form full sentences when you were around Jason. You spoke, but your more were usually incoherent mumbles or grunts. Simple to say, you didn’t talk to him much.

Just then, Dick plopped himself down right by your feet.

“Hiya [F/N]! What ‘cha reading?” he asked snatching the book away from your grasp.

“Dick, what the hell?” You squeaked in surprise as your friend looked at your book’s cover.

“[F/B]? Oh no, [F/N] not you to!” He said with an exasperated groan.

“What are you talking about-?” You start as you try to snatch you book back.

That’s when a hand reached up from above you two and grasped the book, removing it from Dick’s hands. A pair or bright blue eyes danced with excitement as they read the title of the book. Jason Todd then took his eyes off the book and looked to you, he smiled brightly as he spoke, causing your heart to flutter.

“[F/B]?! No way! [F/N] you like this series too?”

You nodded, avoiding any and all eye contact while letting out a small, “Mmm hmm.”

“Oh, don’t you just love the part when…” He went on and on bringing up several of your own favorite parts of the book. You gave him a small smile and nodded your head while he was speaking.

His phone then beeped a few times, causing him to pause while he was in the middle of angrily ranting about the antagonist o the book. He eyed the phone and gave a slight frown.

“Well, duty calls.” He said gesturing to his phone.

He handed you back your book, his thumb, accidentally brushing against yours, almost sent you into shock.

“It’ been fun talking books with you [F/N], we should do it again sometime.” He said as he walked toward the front door.

You managed to make a barely audible, “Mmm hmm,” and a little wave before the door shut gently behind him.  You stared at the door for a while before turning around to find Dick smiling at you mischievously.

“What?” You said, trying to act as casual as possible.

“OOOHH!!! [F/N] got a crush on Jaybird!!!!!” He teased giving you a wide smile.

“Grow up Grayson! I do not!” but as soon as you said it, you felt your cheeks burn bright red.

“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!” He replied giddily bouncing up and down on the couch like a six-year-old on Christmas day.

You groaned in defeat, and slumped into the couch covering your now bright red face with your book. He was never going to let this go.

Jason Todd did not get you. It wasn’t as if he didn’t try, in fact, some might say he’s tried a little too hard to understand you or get your attention. But it seemed to him that whenever he was around, you would tense up and immediately grow silent avoiding pretty much all eye contact.

At first, he thought you were just shy, but he quickly diminished this idea when he saw you casually chatting with Tim and Damian. He had tried to enter the conversation, but you had immediately found an excuse to leave the conversation.

At first, he thought he might have done something to upset you, but then he realized that you had never been in a conversation long enough for him to have insulted you in any way.

Then, a thought had crossed his mind.

“What if she just doesn’t like me?”

And that idea really pissed him off. It wasn’t just because he had had a crush on you ever since Dick introduced you to everyone, but mostly because he had done nothing wrong.

This is what Jason had been angrily ranting about to Tim, Dick, and Babs for the past 40 minutes. (Damian was there at one point, but he had “refused to tolerate listening to Todd’s sad love life.” Then left)

“… it just really pisses me off!” He angrily stated while walking back and forth.

Babs just sighed, this wasn’t the first time she had listened to Jason rant about you.

“Jay! Just relax, [F/N] is too sweet to hate anybody, your just over reacting.”

Tim gave Barbara an unsure look, “I’m not so sure Babs, I mean, why else would [F/N] not talk to him?”

Jason gestured toward Tim, “Thank you!” he shouted before collapsing in a nearby chair. He sighed angrily and leaned over, placing his head in his hands. He gave his head a firm shake before looking up. He looked over to where Dick was standing… silently?

“What’s up with you? Why are you all quiet all of the sudden?” Jason asked Dick.

Dick’s eyes widened, “Who? Me? Nothing’s wrong! I don’t know anything!” His voice cracked, and he quickly averted his eyes away from Jason’s.

Jason, Tim, and Babs all gave each other confused glances. Jason stood up from his chair and walked slowly up to Dick.

“Richard Grayson, you know something, don’t you?”

“Whaaat? Pfft! No…”

Jason looked at Dick with suspicion, “Well that’s a bummer, cause it would really be helpful if- “

“[F/N] doesn’t hate you, she’s just really really shy especially around you because she has a MEGA crush on you and she made me promise not to tell you but here I am telling you and she is going to kill me if she ever finds out so please don’t tell her that I told you!” The words came rushing out of his mouth, and as soon as he finished talking his shoulders slumped as if a large burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

“So… yeah.”

Jason looked at the older male with wide eyed shock. His heart seemed to be beating faster by the second, and he could feel his face grows bright red. She-she likes me?

“Holy shi-! “

Chapter Three [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: As graduation grows closer, so does your relationship with Lin. 

Word Count: 1,626

Warnings: Slow burn, but y’all are used to it by now, right?

Authors notes:  Ren - Do you guys know how much I love sister dynamics? A lot. This chapter was really cute to write, hope y’all enjoy!

Sab - Things are moving/shaking, we’re getting into the nitty-grtty, basically it’s all very domestic and I’m in love. Please give us feedback we live off of #validation.

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“Lin, how do you spell disseminate?” your voice echoed in his messy living room, his answer coming almost automatically.

“Why do you need to know this word anyway?” You looked up from your laptop, watching his efforts while writing in a notebook on his desk.

“Fancy words make me look smart,” you shrugged.

“You are smart.”

“They don’t know that.”

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anonymous asked:

36.“Don’t move, it’ll be okay.” about Jason Todd, please?

Here you go anon! Have some injured Jason and worried Batfam!

His ears are buzzing, static interspersed with choppy snippets of worried voices. He wants them to go away, they’re only making his headache worse. Slurring something to that effect gets more frantic shouting instead of blissful silence though. He shifts where he’s lying on the ground and his body shrieks with pain from head to-

Oh shit. He can’t feel his toes. Can’t feel anything below his knees actually.

Fuck, what the hell happened?

Someone touches the his neck and he flinches, whimpering when the jerky movement sends new waves of pain across his body. 

“Easy, Hood.” The voice is low, soothing. Too soft to be Batman, too calm to be Nightwing, not condescending enough to be Robin. Must be Little Red. “I need to remove your helmet so I can assess the damage.”

The kid’s fingers skim over the mangled helmet to hit the release button, then carefully pull it away from Jason’s face. He blinks when his vision clears with the removal of the cracked lenses, giving him a perfect view of Red Robin’s worried face hovering over him.

“Ow,” he mutters, which is a bit of a massive understatement because as soon as he tries to turn his head, stabbing pain causes stars to explode across his vision. He tries to lift a hand to prod at his face and neck to figure out how bad it is for himself, but Red Robin catches his wrist - mindful of the two fingers that are most likely broken - and gently pushes it back down.

The younger vigilante’s mouth is a grim line as he rests his other hand against the side of Jason’s head to keep it still. “Help is coming. Just… don’t move, it’ll be okay.”

Jason’s starting to doubt that. “Wha’…” He has to pause to drag in a shallow breath (definitely some broken ribs). “What happened?”

Red Robin’s brow pinches with his frown. “You don’t remember?”

Would I be asking if I did? Jason wants to snap, but that’s too many words so he just says, “No.”

“You jumped out a window,” he reports without meeting Jason’s gaze, concentrating on untangling a coil of wire from around his legs. “Two storeys, limited cushioning for your landing.”

Jason grimaces. That explains why everything hurts so damn much. “Damage?” he rasps.

“Bad,” Little Red reports tightly. He pauses to listen to something said on his comm, then continues, probably more for the benefit of whoever’s listening than for Jason. “Multiple fractures, contusions and lacerations. Moderate concussion. Most likely some internal bleeding.” A pause while he cuts the last of the wire and throws it off to the side, then he adds a little quieter, “Potential spinal damage.”

He winces at whatever is said in his ear. Opens his mouth to reply, then shuts it and sits back, just out of Jason’s visual field - a lovely view of the inky black Gotham sky, glowing faintly orange with pollution and streetlights. Only a few moments later, the Batmobile skids to a stop and Batman is making his dramatic entrance onto the scene.

“Jay?!” he calls and Jason automatically tries to turn his head in that direction. Batman leans over him, gloved hand pushing his bangs back from a cut above his right eyebrow. His mouth is a tight, angry line as he turns to bark at Red Robin, “We need to move him.”

“What part of spinal damage wasn’t clear?” the kid snaps back. “We should keep him still and comfortable until Leslie gets here.”

Jason doesn’t point out that the lumpy mattress and squashed cardboard boxes beneath his back aren’t exactly comfortable, mostly because Bruce is already arguing, “We’re in an open area where a crime just occurred. Gordon’s men are going to be swarming the scene any second now - not to mention nosy citizens! We’ll meet Leslie at the clinic.”

“B, you’re not listening-”

“My spine’s fine,” Jason finally interjects. Two masked heads swing toward him in surprise.

“Hood,” Little Red starts, voice dripping with placation. “I’ve been poking and prodding your legs for several minutes trying to get that wire off and you didn’t feel any of it”

“‘Xactly,” Jason interrupts, triumphant despite the way the words steal his breath away. “Wire was… cutting circulation. Just…. numb. ’S'all… tingly now.”

The kid exchanges another long look with Bruce then shrugs. Bruce nods in return and then he’s slipping a hand behind Jason’s neck to support his aching head as they lift him upward. It’s a slow, painful, dizzy process, but with Red Robin on one side and Batman on the other, they get him into the Batmobile before he passes out again.

Jason comes to slowly, drifting into wakefulness on what is clearly the good drugs. Peeling open crusty eyes reveals that he’s in Leslie’s clinic, body swaddled in bandages and tape. His head is still throbbing but it’s dulled by pain meds, and when he shifts it causes only a sharp twinge in certain areas rather than setting all his pain receptors on fire.

“Ow,” he mumbles when he tries to sit up and his chest protests fiercely, slumping back against the pillows and blinking at ceiling. He lies there listlessly for a few minutes, listening to the hum of machines and hiss of his breath, until the sound of footsteps had him rolling his head toward the door.

“Ah, good to see you awake, Master Jason.”

Jason smiles as Alfred walks toward the bed. “Hey, Alfie,” he says, almost a whisper. “Wha’ time ’s'it?”

“Quarter to three in the afternoon,” the butler replies, straightening the blankets. Once they’re to his satisfaction, he turns his sternest frown on Jason. “You had us all quite worried.”


Alfred sighs. "I suppose it would be too much to ask that you refrain from jumping out anymore windows?”

Jason gives a sheepish smile. “Maybe not my best plan,” he admits.

“I should think not.” Alfred sits down beside the bed and picks up a book, thumbing through it until he finds his page. “And you’ll have plenty of time to think about that while you’re on bedrest.” He pats Jason’s hand before leaning back and settling more comfortably in the hard plastic chair. “Now get some rest, I’m sure this room will be full of people demanding your attention when you wake again.”

One Day at a Time (chapter 3) Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Summary: This is inspired by Lin’s adorable tweet about him messing around on a friend’s Tinder account recently. Lin gets chatting to you on tinder and you decide to meet, and quickly begin dating. You are about to fly to London to see if you can make the long distance thing work when you get a message from your recent ex saying they want to see you again, leaving you confused and unsure.

Warnings: Is this fluff? Is this angst? Who the hell knows. Note to self: don’t try writing what’s meant to be a fluffy fic while going through a breakup irl. Also I swear a lot.

A/N: Lin’s views on HP sauce are not my own and are based on this tweet. I honestly can’t stand the stuff. 

Word count: 6171 (I’ve been working night shifts, I got bored.)

Tags: I think this is everyone who wanted a tag, I lost my original tag list so I’m sorry If I’ve forgotten anyone:   @coolschmoolzines @ruth-hamilton-delrio @iputmyselfintothenarrative @invisiblerambler @mofoing-democraftic-republican @thedoctorsnerdgirl @21phantasticromances @buckybarneshairpullingkink @nesthemonster @rebel-with-cause


The first sight to greet you when you landed in London was the toilet basin. You weren’t sure if it was bad plane food or something you’d picked up from another passenger, but by the time you finally landed and made your way through customs you were sick, dizzy, and longing for bed. Perfect. This was just perfect. You had flown halfway across the world in the biggest act of bravery of your life only to be rewarded with a gut wrenching text from your ex, and a mild fever and sickness from your own body.

You headed out of the bathroom stall and made your way to the arrivals lounge. Your head was pounding and you felt just about ready to collapse, but you reassured yourself with the thought of seeing Lin again. You headed to the arrivals board where you’d arranged to meet, and scanned the crowd hoping to see him. You were sure you were in the right place, but maybe you’d got it wrong.

You checked your phone which was still struggling to switch over to a UK network. You’d kept your phone off for whole flight, not wanting to fixate on Kay’s message, although that was easier said than done. Your thoughts had jumped back and forth between Kay and Lin throughout the entire flight. You’d thought about Lin while watching the Paul Rudd romcom on the plan, you’d thought about Kay while picking at the compartmentalized mystery plane food, you’d thought about Lin as you overheard the unmistakable sounds of Illmatic coming though the passenger’s headphones in front of you, and now as you stared at your phone you thought of Kay and the message she’d sent you.

“Come on, come on” you grumbled to yourself, willing your phone to work. Eventually it began to show signs of life, vibrating non-stop as you received a handful of messages all at once. You set your suitcase down to read them.

Lin: Bit of a day! It’s RIDICULOUS how excited I am to see you, hurry up plane! X

Melissa: Safe travels, stay safe, and please bring home Cadburys, a souvenir Big Ben, and a terrible British accent. xxx

Kay: Please talk to me. I need to see you.

Melissa: RED ALERT! Kay has just shown up at my apartment looking for you! She says she’s trying to get in touch with you??

Melissa: Ok I  know this is none of my business but I don’t trust her. Don’t think about Kay, go have fun with Lin, I repeat: DON’T THINK ABOUT KAY.

Kay: Melissa says you’re away at the moment. Call me when you get back? I miss you xxx

Lin: Argh I might be late coming to meet you at the airport, we are behind schedule today, I’m coming as soon as I can though!! xxx

Lin: Nooooo!! Shooting is delayed by a couple of hours, I’m definitely not gonna make it in time I’m so sorry. I’ll send you directions back to my place and meet you there. I’m so sorry. I’ll be back soon! Xxx

You stood staring at your phone, which vibrated for the last time as Lin sent through directions to his place, and you sighed. This really wasn’t working out how you imagined. The fizzy feelings of butterflies in your stomach felt like so long ago now and you suddenly had the urge to turn around, jump on a plane and go home. What were you doing here? Why the hell did Kay have to send you that message? Why were things suddenly so much more confusing?

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Spoiler Alert

 Based on this post/prompt

Darcy/Bucky, Soulmate AU

Word Count: 1855

(I know Darcy is American, but I just can’t bring myself to refer to Philosopher’s Stone as Sorcerer’s Stone so assume her copy of the book came from England or something, if you need an excuse for that).

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I Didn’t Know You Read Porn

Title: I Didn’t Know You Read Porn
Pairing: Chanbaek/Baekyeol
Rating: pg-13? i guess?
Genre: fluff, literally them being dorks

Summary: Baekhyun absolutely does NOT read porn. He reads beautiful love stories that make him cry. (loosely based on Anterograde Tomorrow because I love it so much and I cried over thought about it earlier and this is what happened)

Originally posted by flawlessohsehun

It had been a long day. An incredibly long day. One of those days where all you want is to get home, take your pants off and lay on your stomach on the couch. And that’s exactly what Baekhyun planned to do. He slips his key into the lock and slowly pushes the door open, one hand already on the button of his jeans, ready to step out of them and relax. Maybe he’d take a bubble bath. He just wants to read his book; it’s such a good book, a beautiful love story that he can tell is going to go full angst and rip his heart out, leaving him to quietly cry to himself, but he’s so sucked in and hasn’t been able to put it down. He stayed up much too late last night reading, the reason for his current exhaustion after a fairly easy day of work.

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Body Party | M

Originally posted by softeyoongi

Summary: You figure that during her birthday was a good time to fulfill one of her wishes

Warnings: Sexual toy (strap-on) involved during intercourse & dirty talk (?).

A/N: I was listening to this song whilst writing this which explains the title.

You took another sip of your drink, the amber colored liquid burning deliciously as it slid down your throat and warmed your chest. You were never one for large parties, but once Jisoo and Lisa planted the seed into your girlfriend’s brain about a party to celebrate Blackpink’s six months anniversary and her birthday, you knew there was no getting out of it.

Not that you could deny Rosé much of anything, anyway.

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“It’s all right.”

The night was cold, and very quiet, as though we were the only two souls in the world. “Come to bed. You must be chilled too.”

He slid in next to me and curled himself against my back. His hands stroked me from neck to shoulder, waist to hip, tracing the lines of my back, the curves of my body.

Mo duinne,” he said softly. “But now I should say mo airgeadach. My silver one. Your hair is silver-gilt and your skin is white velvet. Calman geal. White dove.”

Claire and Jamie, Outlander.

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get On With Your Book


Make a Schedule.

So today is September the 17th? Ok, well let’s say that an average first draft takes around 3 months, so set a schedule from now till around Christmas. The rest of September could be planning, then you could start writing in November, keeping to your plan, and writing a reasonable amount every day, and by December, have a whole story written and ready to be edited!


Nothing is perfect.

If your stuck on the planning stage for twenty seven years, you won’t be able to ever get a book done. Come up with an idea, good or bad, and flesh it out, edit it, re-edit it, and make it amazing. Nothing will ever be perfect and exactly how you want it, but don’t settle for something bad. Even if the initial idea is pretty rubbish, just keep working at it.


Remind yourself why you write.

Maybe you have a deep reason, maybe you just want followers on Wattpad, but hopefully, it’s because you love to write! If, like me, writing seems to fuel your very soul, then get on with it! There’s no point sitting about and twiddling your thumbs when there’s books to be written, and bestsellers to make.