The captain’s wrist bore a living tattoo of a compass rose; as the icy waves tossed her vessel about, its ink contorted so that its longest petal would always point north. Its pigment conspired with the iron in her blood to reveal the world’s magnetic winds. It hadn’t yet proven useful on this journey, as the tramontana had been making itself obvious for weeks, yet she knew that it would soon become a necessity.

She was searching for a land further north than North itself: the kingdom of Hyperborea. Those who sought its cities of gold and glass told tale that no compass could be trusted to lead the way; in the deep north, beyond the guidance of the stars, its needle would lie so as to bind humanity the world below. So long as she served as her own compass, however, no such deceit could take place.

She sailed past Greenland, past Svalbard, past Nova Zembla, following the secret north inscribed into her flesh. She docked briefly in Thule, as she had always wanted to visit someplace that didn’t exist, and spent the last of her money on supplies. Then, she continued sailing northward, past monoliths of ice and violet snow, until her ship could take her no further.

The north wind continued to oppose her as she set out across the glacial expanse that remained. She could feel tension in her wrist, as the ink had come to a disagreement with her blood, and no longer wished to serve her will. Even so, her conviction held it steady, for she only had one desire left. She knew that if she found nothing, there would be no food or water for a return journey. Even if there were, she doubted that her frostbitten body could carry her that far a second time.

As she at last arrived at the world’s northernmost pole, she found that every angle of her tattoo was labeled with an “N.” A ninth had emerged, leading north of the planet itself, rising from her skin and pointing upwards into the starless sky. North was everywhere; it opposed itself in all directions, and collided with itself at right angles. It ensnared the world and escaped from it in equal measure.

She fell to her knees, and thought about giving in to the cold. Her plan had failed. There was, perhaps, no True North, and no Hyperborea to be found beyond. North had no meaning in this place; it could not survive its own absolution. It was nothing more than a contradiction born of cartography’s assumptions.

Then, she thought about her blood, and felt a spark of hope. She remembered what it was that had brought her this far. Then she closed her eyes, and followed the compass inward.

There’s more than one path to Hyperborea, though all are equally treacherous.

Inward paths can lead out of any labyrinth, as well as any desert.

The mirror whale is commonly spotted in the waters surrounding Thule.

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They have something really cool coming up in episode 12.05 – it will be the “triumphant or not-so-triumphant” return for the Thule, who have decided to bring back Hitler. But the SUPERNATURAL version of Hitler is described as a “psychotic Richard Simmons.” Apparently “Sam and Dean are going to find Hitler,” Dabb teased. “And I think that’s opening up some interesting doors for us just in terms of doing more crazy stuff.”
—  SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con Press Room: The Return of Mary, the Hunt for Sam and Lucifer and More (x)

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Every day I move about 30km to reach my office in the morning before leaving attempted home pick in my backpack all the things that will help me to spend the day in the city of Barcelona (Spain), including articles survival to help me spend a few hours in case of disaster. After leaving the army (The Spanish Legion) I decided to finish my studies in fine arts at the university and devote myself to the overall design and now have my own design studio (Borku Branding Studio / I am a big fan of survival and I love the forest and outdoor camping whenever I have a chance to escape the city.
Oceanography and Price of Milk at Thule Air Force Base, Greenland
Looking ahead across Greenland’s ice sheet and glaciers and sea ice, I fell in love with Thule Air Force Base when I was stranded there last year.

Our curator is currently doing fieldwork at Iita, Greenland (you can keep up real-time with the project by liking Iita Archaeology on Facebook and following @IitaArchaeology on Twitter). Much of the travel and logistical work for the project has run through Thule Air Base. Learn a little bit more about Thule Air Base in this blog post by another Arctic researcher.

Nothing could be known for certain about Thule, and so the word was drawn into imaginative histories, rhetorical speeches, poems and novels and explorers’ accounts. It was worshipped and parodied, cited in stanzas and drawn into rhetorical phrases. A long line of philosophers, poets, advocates and detractors referred fleetingly to Thule, from Boethius to Percy Bysshe Shelley. They cast it in a cameo, adding the word to a line of their prose or verse, using it to evoke pallour and the North. Alexander Pope wrote a slapstick interlude in The Dunciad, in which a fire was extinguished with a dank and clammy page of a poem about Thule. Charlotte Brontë put Thule into a gothic scene, as Jane Eyre sits, abandoned by her relatives, dreaming alone on a rain-drenched afternoon. She is reading a book about the Arctic; a reference to the lonely rocks of Thule propels her into a wild transport, as she conjures the bleak shores of Lapland, Siberia, Spitzbergen, Nova Zembla, Iceland, Greenland, with ‘the vast sweep of the Arctic Zone, and those forlorn regions of dreary space, - that reservoir of frost and snow, where firm fields of ice, the accumulation of centuries of winters, glazed in Alpine heights above heights, surround the pole, and concentre the multiplied rigors of extreme cold.’ Thule was the symbol for all of this, Brontë thought, all these dreams of beauty and fears of desolation. From Julius Caesar to Edgar Allen Poe, Thule suggested cold silent plains, the blank spaces of the remote northern lands, awaiting discovery and interpretation. ’…To the west, to Hesperian darkness, and the shores of barbarian Thule,’ wrote William Godwin, in Things as They Are. 'A wild weird clime,’ Poe called it, a land on the way to Night, a strange unworldly place.

Joanna Kavenna, from The Ice Museum: In Search of the Lost Land of Thule

ok, so after watching the interviews with Andrew Dabb i’m getting a little bit worried…

he says that this season will be all about family and hunting and going back to they show’s core. for example, in this video he describes the first half of the season:
episode three is a ghost story
episode four is about psychics
episode five is about the thule society
episode six is about hunters’ and stuff

…and i’m just not sure how Cas fits into all of this. is he gonna be absent, searching for Lucifer, during motw episodes? then he’s already not in more than a half of the first part of the season. 

or will we see him hunting for lucifer but away from the brothers? then it’s not better.

or is he gonna join the brothers in their hunts? that is ideal but slightly unrealistic.

also the fact that nothing has been said about dean and cas’ relationship in season 12…

call me paranoid, but i’ve been burnt by spn so many times, and even though i’ve felt excited about season 12 after comic con panel, i don’t anymore…

Time Is Not On Our Side, Pt. II: A Long Time Ago, Not Particularly Far Away (SnK Crack Theories Week)



We’ve got barely a fraction of the fossil record in hand when it comes to dinosaurs and the various fauna what came before them.  However many dinosaurs your 6 year old niece can rattle off, just remember that is maybe the barest hint of a fraction of a percent of the species that people who study this sort of thing (paleontologists, Case, they have a name) think may have existed.  Unless something died in a sea bed, or along a muddy riverbank, or somewhere else that would either help preserve their bones or the impression of their shape, they’ve returned to the earth, Circle of Life style.


We’ve existed for about 200,000 years.  (I’m assuming everyone reading this is human.  If not, please don’t hurt me with your psychic powers.  I assure you my thoughts can be very entertaining.  They entertain the hell out of me.)  So we’ve been around for nearly a quarter of a million years, but we’ve only been creating written records of our exploits (cave paintings aside) for the past 4-6,000 years ago.  Short of piecing things together through various chemical analyses, archeology, an oral tradition, there’s no real way for us to know what humans were up to for the other 194,000 years.  My favorite version of this theory is the episode of Cracked’s Spit Take where Jack O'Brien suggests that Lord of the Rings could have happened 20,000 years ago, and there’s no way we’d ever know.


Homo Floresiensis.

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chjorniy-voron  asked:


Full Name: Phoebe Parr-Fitzroy.
Gender and Sexuality: Female. Heterosexual. Possibly really into Furries. 
Pronouns: She/Her
Ethnicity/Species: Inuit-French Canadian, Humany
Birthplace and Birthdate: Thule, Canada
Guilty Pleasures: She watches anime a lot. Has a lot of opinions on Black Butler of Norroway and the reboot of The Buried Sailor Moon.  
Phobias: She’s afraid of chasing her loved ones away by doing something wrong. She apologizes a LOT. 
What They Would Be Famous For: The thought that Phoebe would ever be famous for something is kind of amusing to me. Girl’s too average. 
What They Would Get Arrested For: She’s too good for jail. too cinnamon roll. 
OC You Ship Them With: Well… she married a bear. 
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: The bear has an ex-girlfriend. 
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Shoujo anime, cookbooks, crafting DIY books, etc.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: She’s scared of slasher films. 
Talents and/or Powers: She plays the guitar. 
Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s patient, loving, gentle and sweet. 100% genuine waifu material. 
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s passive and kind of terrified of everything. And you have to REALLY LEAN IN to hear her because she talks so softly. 
How They Change: She married a bear. They don’t always agree on things. 
Why You Love Them: I love East of the Sun and West of the Moon, but I think I told you Sierra how I don’t always agree with the popular interpretations of it. Phoebe’s kind of a way to really show the problematic nature of the story, but also I want her to save the day without the idea that women have to be weaponized in order to be strong. 

“In 1953, the town of Qaanaaq and its inhabitants were relocated a hundred kilometers north to enable the U.S. Air Force to expand its military base in Thule. In “compensation”, the army built the first houses at the new location, which are now considered to be the historic houses of “new Thule”. With no running water, they are identifiable by their small surface areas, low ceilings and two sets of windows.”

Allanngorpoq by Sébastien Tixier [3|4]

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