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He was displeased with the majority of party’s authorities, many of whom seemed ignoble to him and in his eyes were barely who they pretended to be. Who of them was as athletic as he? Nobody. All but fervently, loudly and verbosely spoke of what the Führer principally wished for: “… to be hard like Krupp’s steel, tough like leather and swift like a greyhound.” Who else, aside from Reinhard, was actually so? Himmler, Göring, Ley, Sauckel, Rosenberg…? Nobody. Plenty did not suit Reinhard already because of the appearance. Quite a few he evaluated really low also due to their meagre intellectual disposition. Many felt awkward at the sight of Reinhard or standing in front of him. A lot of people feared him, including Himmler.

– Lina Heydrich “Mein Leben mit Reinhard”