Hello everybody! 

Actually I’m making this follow forever three months too late, so apologies for that, but I’m doing it now! 

So it’s been over a year of me sitting here on tumblr, editing,scrolling my amazing dashboard. And the reason why it’s amazing is YOU. So if you’re in this follow forever I love you,your blog and I’m hopefully never unfollowing you.Thank you, for making my days at tumblr perfect.

I won’t put every single blog I follow here, because it’s too much work and to see who I’m following go to blogroll+

Plus not putting anyone in any alphabetical order, sorry!


P.S. Thanks perrieson for the edit! mwah!x

Perrie Urls:

perrieson, ofperrys, perriedust, perriemove, perrielouise, perriesmakeup, edwardsholic, edwads, perriesicle, perriestripper, perriesbabes,shinebrightlikeperrie, fairyperrie, fairrie, perriemove, perraeyopezza, perriene, perriehipster, isperrie, perriezel, perrielouiseed, perriefect, perrieglitter, perrielouise;

Jade Urls:

jadethirlward, jadehatesmonobrows, thirles, thirlshine, thirlsgirl, thirlwaffles, thirliewhirl, thirlboob, akathirlwall, thirlock, thirlhell, thirlbabe, thirlmoan, thirlheart, jadedrunk, thugwall, thirls, thirlwife, thirlqueen, ofjadeys;

Jesy Urls:

jesynudes, huggingjesy, jesy-nelson, jesynelsonurl, cheekynelson, frecklejesy, nelsonators, damnjesy, gorgejesy, fckingjesy, jesicanelson, princessjesy, jesynation, jesysalute;

Leigh-Anne Urls:

leighsbian,  leighvevos, leighcurves, pinncock, leighsmile, leighsbaesleiqhannepinnock, ofleighanne, tattooedleigh, leighmonade, cosmicleigh;

Little Mix Urls:

wannamoves, littelmix, leighsjade, leiqhade, awlerrie, 4xfactorgirls, jadeyperrie, rhythmixvevo, wowlesy, littlemixer, stephylmix, jerrienation, cannonwall, girlpowermix, girlbandsrule;

As you can see, the follow forever is just from Little Mix blogs. I’m terribly sorry if you’re not in this, I probably forgot, you’re still amazing, I love every single one who I follow and every single follower of mine! Stay amazing.


well, its my birthday, and last year, i got a new computer (the one before almost caught on fire so i could not use it for a few months), and i remember that i had improved my blog so much. ive gone through a journey of many urls, friendships, and followers. id like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. last year, i had around 250 followers, now, i have 3.4k. thank you so much.

special messages to special people (hover over): Maya, Chloe, Lili, Todja, Danielle, Taylor Ann, Mat, Taylor, Payton, Sarah

ok so the rest of the follow forever (if bolded, youre a favorite blog/friend):

Jesy urls- nelsonators, nelsonatrix, jesycouture, jessicanelson, jesyboots, jesybitches, foreverjesy, fckingjesy, nelsonation, bangjesy, jesus-jesy, frecklejesy, jessicanelsons, jesyenlson, jesying

Jade urls- thirlweed, thlrlwalls, thirlwallrs, cannonwall, thirliewhirl, thugwall, disneyjade, thirls, adorewall, adoresjade, jaclethirlvvall, jadecurlwall, ofjadeys, jadehatesmonobrows, jadethirlwaw, jadeliciouss, jadethrllwall, jdaethirlwall, thirldollz, thirlwooll, thirlzwall, jademixs, thirlily, thirlsgirl

Leigh urls- lelghpinnock, waffleigh, pinncock, leighsmile, tattooedleigh, leighanal, qualeighty

Perrie urls- lustsperrie, stoperrie, perrieedvards, perriedswards, amorperrie, soperrie, withperrie, isperrie, perrae, edwads, pezwardz, perrieurl, perriepanda, fairyperrie, fairrie, oroperrie, perriehipster, dammitperrie, perriesicle, omgpezza, perrieste, perriesalute, hellaperrie, perriedust, perriesangels, perriescum, bellesperrie, perrielane, acidperrie, pezzcakes, peerrie, holyperrie

Little Mix/Little Mix Ship urls- thirlock, lerriepedwards, littlemxx, naughtymix, lovedrnk, fourmixes, mixerprince, leighaqes, litlemixes, acapellamix, forgetthatboy, lerriesistible, pandjscurry, wittlemix, southsheild, zerrey, fiestymix, mr-bows, wannamoves, wowlesy, littelmix, chermix

One Direction urls- zaynmalif, crasymofo, zoupremacy, ughlilo, lipayness, harrycmon, motelstyles, freaking-narry, zayncangetsome, inkharold, cutiehaz, javvadmalik, fuckedupstagram, d1rectionfics, zarry, louiswilliams, fuckhazuh, whitekidniall, dirtsbag, blamestyles, tomiinson, louiefootieplay, zarrystalik, nananarry, orozayn, harualds, niamsluts, ofhs, niallar, harriejuana

Fifth Harmony urls- confessionsofaharmonizer, auregui, normanibear, normaniofficial, nrmani, dinahsaurs, jaureugh

Other urls- sarihaim, barbraplvin, calumtomas, tattooedcher, lloydbadbitch, ashtonbangme, haimthehair, horadecallarse, tesdale, llousteasdale, teasdale-please, ofsbullshit, sophlasmith, asslena, fockcalum, atteniton, jonasbrothers, omgdelerrie, thegurlfriends, kalder, babyspcie, neweyork, littletush

im so sorry if i forgot anyone!!


Hello everyone! I’ve had this blog for almost 2 years now (WOW) and let me just say that I love this fandom and the people in it. Some of you are so strong and you would do anything to stick up for your friends. I’ve met and talked to so many amazing people and followed new and beautiful blogs! Some of you have amazing edits and are so creative, some of you are the sweetest people I know, and some of you are just plain hilarious, I love each and everyone of you and I’m so happy I’m followng 151 great blogs. Even if some of you aren’t following me - that’s okay because your blogs are amazing! I hope I can find new blogs soon so this list can grow but for now, here are some of my favourite blogs! P.S THIS IS GOING TO BE LONG AND PROBABLY PAINFUL, DO NOT HATE ME!!!!! ULTIMATE FOLLOW FOREVER

P.P.S Most of the time, I’m not in these paragraph things (never), and most of you might be like “Why did she write me a paragraph) Well it’s because I’m your biggest fans and I love you all loads, even if you think its creepy so :) 

Aurora: This first day I made this blog, I followed you right away, and when you followed me back I think I flipped out for a good five mintues! I’m so glad you were one of the first people I followed because you’ve made having this blog so much better! Your edits are amazing and you never fail to make me laugh and honestly if you ever deleted your blog I’d be really sad, so don’t do that! I know we don’t talk much but when we do, we’re always freaking out about something and I hope that never changes! Anyways, you’re fab and I love you, you rock don’t ever change ;D

Michaela: Even though we don’t talk very much, I’m absolutely in love with your blog (even though its mulitfandom) I remember when you first got your blog, and you’ve grown so much since then! You’re edits and your gifsets are completely amazing and to see how far you’ve come - I’m just so proud of you! You always talk to me when I make sad text posts, and I honestly love you so much for it! P.s your navigation page is sick omg

Tooma: I love you. That’s all there is to it. I’m 200% sure that I’m your biggest fan! Everytime I see your edits I just think "Wow, how does she do that?!” and then I attempt it and fail miserably, so there’s that. You are the sweetest person and you’re just so cute and energetic,  you always talk to me and that always brightens up my day! I remember first looking at your name and going “omg, that’s so sick!” I know that’s random but it really happened true story! I love you so much, you’re the best person!

Michelle: JESYSEYES, or whatever it was, I used to freak out over your blog all the time and I was so sad that you weren’t following me, but then I realized this was a side blog and your masturnialling or something like that and I freaked, just like I did with Aurora haha! I love how I got to know you better, you’re an amazing person (AND YOU’RE SO PRETTY PS.)  From what I’ve seen, you’ve been through so much and you still manage to stay positive and be happy! I love you

Cece: I used to be in the hearts in your description but I’m gone now D: I still love you though, you’re one my favourite people in this fandom! I know we don’t talk very often, we used to but I still love you and I’m always here for you, you’re such a strong person and you were there for me when I needed someone, and I can’t thank you enough for that! I’m so happy I got to know you better, and I now know that if I ever have to pick in between one thing and Jadesy - it’ll always have to be Jadesy (they’re just so adorable)

Camille: We don’t really talk, like ever. But i’m absolutely in love with your blog and I’m a secret fan of yours (obviously, why wouldn’t I be) I can’t even begin to explain how much I wish we could talk more! You just seem so friendly and always in such good spirits, you’re never really in the drama that blogs have and you just continue editing and being all perfect and such, I hope I get to know you better soon!

Okay now, for blogs, bolded ones are my absolute favourites BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYONE ELSE IS LESS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!

Jade: jdaethirlwall | thirlily | thirldollz | thirlboob | jadeliciouss | thirles | adorewall | jadeamellia | jadelust | cosmicthirlwall| thirls | thugwall | ofjadeys

Jesy: jesybitches | jesmindas | wowjesy |

Leigh-Anne: pinnockurl | pinncock | leighstripper | omfgpinnock | cosmicleigh | pinnockes |

Perrie: ofperrys | perriehipster | perriesicle | perries | stoperrie | perriezs | perriencess | amorperrie | edwads | perrieemix

Little Mix: mr-bows | leiqhade | fireupthatrunway | mixerprince | cannonwall | pandjscurry | mixersmagic

Other: diannagrons | jenniferslawrence | okziams​ | asamizdrennka | zerrey |



i have been tagged by thugwall

-always post the rules

-answer the questions of the person who tagged you and write 11 new ones

-tag 11 new people and link them to the post. (also tag me, i want to see your replies!)

-let them know you tagged them

thugwall’s questions:

  1. whats your favorite singer/band? One Direction and Little Mix.
  2. if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? London or New York.
  3. whats your favorite food? It’s hard to choose it tho.
  4. favorite quote? “Don’t worry, be hippie”
  5. celebrity crush? Harry Styles.
  6. have you ever been to a concert? for who? I’ve been to One Direction’s concert once in april!
  7. do you play sports? I used to!
  8. favorite thing to do?  Blog,sing,dance,laugh!
  9. favorite color? Blue.
  10. favorite candy? Cholocate.
  11. do you have any siblings? Nope,just brother.

Perriethewinkle’s questions!

  1. Favorite song at the moment?
  2. Do you have more than just this blog on tumblr?
  3. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who?
  4. What fandoms are you in?
  5. If you could change your life with someone for one day who would it be and why?
  6. What pages do you use? Like twitter,facebook, etc.
  7. What’s your celebrity crush?
  8. What’s your eyes colour?
  9. One celebrity you just can’t stand and why?
  10. Favorite things to do in your free time?
  11. Where are you from? 

Here it is, my Halloween follow forever! I wanted to put together a Halloween follow forever to celebrate Halloween by honoring my favourite blogs! This follow forever includes 32 of my favourite blogs and my 9 current tumblr crushes. I don’t think i’ll ever unfollow you guys! Thank you for making my dash so lovely! And as always, my favourites have been bolded.

I am well aware that my edit has nothing to do with Halloween but whatever

Jade urls:

✿ greathirlwallthugwall, thirlwall, disneyjade, thirlily ✿ 

Jesy urls:

jesyish, fckingjesy, gorgejesy, jesynation, ofnelsons ✿ 

Leigh urls:

leighstripper, pinncock, crayforleigh ✿ 

Perrie urls:

soperrie, ofperrys, shinebrightlikeperrie, perriezsperrey ✿ 

Little Mix urls:

littelmix, mixersbian, chermix, jdaesy ✿ 

Halloween urls:

✿ spooksjesy, boojesy, pumpkinjesy, draculeighleighscreepyperrievampperriesghostsscareperrieboomix, witchmix ✿ 

Tumblr Crushes as of 28.10.13:

thirlboob - 8%, pinncock - 6%, littelmix - 3%, ghostperrie - 3%, witchmix - 3%, lirryempire - 3%, filthyziam - 2%, crayforleigh - 2%, zyamgasm - 2% ✿

I’m sorry if you weren’t included, i was a little confused as to who some people were because of the large amount of Halloween urls. Also, this is the smallest follow forever that i have done and i based it on Little Mix urls alone. I follow 239 fab blogs so be sure to check out my blogroll

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! this is my first follow forever, and everyone seems to be making some so i decided to make one! (i am probably gonna be missing alot of people) this is not in any order.

stereonelson, ohmymixer, thirlwallnation, thugwall, crayforleighpinncock, 5secs-of-thirlwall, thirlsgirl, perriekachu, blazingedwards, gotperrie, trashymalik,quiffets,itreallygetsonmyboobs, jadesbunnies, perriesnightingale, perrieholicc, lonelyhobbit, wittlemix, littelmix, edwads, greyperrie, niallzaps, cosmicleigh, jesylouisnelson, perriesuniverse, perriencess, lerriepedwards, jesysexual, lerriekiss2011, jesyed, adoresperrie, huggingjesy, planetperrie,jesus-jesy, jadsters, jesybitches, thirlbabe, chermix, foreverjesy, perrielouiseed

I know i am missing people! but thanks guys for being amazing!

Hello babes!! I am sorry I haven’t been overly active lately, but I wanted to make up for that by making a follow forever. I love ALL of you guys, so this is EVERY blog I follow! Thank you so much for being here for me and you’re all super cuties. xx

thirliewhirl ✿ disneyjade ✿ thirls ✿ thirlwallrs ✿ thlrlwalls ✿ bowtie-jade ✿ mr-bows ✿ thirlwallflower ✿ jadethirlwallin ✿ thirlbabe ✿ greathirlwall ✿ thirlsgirl ✿ thirlweed ✿ thirlily ✿ thirles ✿ jdaethirlwall ✿ thirlboob ✿ tadejhirlwall ✿ cartoonjade ✿ akathirlwall ✿ ohhmythirlwall ✿ thirlwooll ✿ waltjadey ✿ ilythirlwall ✿ jadescannonball ✿ thugwall ✿ ofjadeys ✿ analjadey ✿ punkjade ✿ adorewall ✿ jademixs ✿ tinythirlwall ✿ jaclethirlvvall ✿ thirvvy ✿ jadehatesmonobrows ✿ thirlin ✿ thirliwalz ✿ thirlock ✿ thirlwallokay ✿ thirldollz ✿ moanjade ✿ queenthirls ✿ thirlwaell ✿ jadethirlys ✿ nanite-jade ✿ thirlhell ✿ thirlzwall ✿ jadeguar ✿ thirllbootycall ✿ thirlcurl ✿ wreckingthirls ✿ thirlyeah ✿ thirlwamelia ✿ omfg-thirlwall ✿ jadesie ✿ jadethirlwawll ✿ jadethirlwawll ✿ thirlheart ✿ jadeswagwall ✿  cannonwall

belleperries ✿ isperrie ✿ perriesmitten ✿ perrey ✿ perriezs ✿ perrielouiseed ✿ perrieemix ✿ perrieedvards ✿ perriesangels ✿ pezzcakes ✿ shinebrightlikeperrie ✿ amorperrie ✿ perriesbabes ✿ holyperrie ✿ pearey  ✿ perrievine ✿ okayperrie ✿ perriedust ✿ perrieslut ✿ perrieste ✿ perriephernelia ✿ oroperrie ✿ ofperrys ✿ perrae ✿ gotperrie ✿ kissesperrie ✿ cyberpunkperrie ✿ perrieswinkle ✿ perieemix ✿ soperrie ✿ perienelson ✿  heiperrie ✿ fairyperrie ✿ dammitperrie ✿ perriehipster ✿ perrlie ✿ perriesicle ✿ screwperrie ✿ stoperrie ✿ ofperriee ✿ missbohoedwards ✿ omfgpezza  ✿ sexyperriie  ✿ snowqueenperrie  ✿ perrieson ✿ perriemafia ✿ perriescum ✿ peekabooperrie ✿ perriefect ✿ withperrie

✿ jesysalute ✿ jlonelson ✿ ehjesy ✿ tattedjesy ✿ powerjesy ✿ jesybitches ✿ jesyslovergirl  ✿  nelsunf ✿ jesy-nelson  ✿ jesyn3lson ✿ jessicanelson ✿ jesicanelson ✿ fckingjesy ✿ stereonelson  ✿ jesyunf  ✿ jesynation ✿ jesmindas ✿ bangjesy  ✿ frecklejesy  ✿ jesyenlson ✿ nelsonators ✿ jesybabe ✿ nelsonation ✿ jesus-jesy ✿ foreverjesy ✿ wowjesy ✿ snogjesy ✿ jesyboots ✿ princessjesy ✿ huggingjesy ✿ gorgejesy ✿ cupofnelson

✿ pinnockes ✿ omfgpinnock  ✿ cosmicleigh ✿ infinileigh ✿  leighplz ✿ leiqhannepinnock  ✿ pickleighs ✿ leighmited  ✿pinnowcks ✿ crayforleigh ✿ leighbian ✿ leighsmile ✿ bellepinnock ✿tattooedleigh ✿ leighanal ✿ leighmonade ✿ leighpie ✿ leighslullaby ✿ nacholeigh ✿ pinnockforlife  ✿ leighstripper ✿ seeleighnow ✿ leighfairy ✿  valeightines

✿ thirlyjesy ✿ mixerbros ✿   holyleighade ✿mixerprince ✿ smallsizedmix ✿sexlerrie ✿  jadeyperrie ✿littliemix ✿ fierymix  ✿ lmicons  ✿ awlerrie ✿ littlemix-news  ✿ queenmix  ✿ perienelson ✿ fourmixes ✿ wowlerrie  ✿ hipstermix ✿ mixersbian  ✿ pinnowards   ✿ littlcmix ✿ littlemixurl  ✿ leiqhade  ✿ rhythxim ✿ bowupjerrie  ✿ jerrieplease  ✿ rhythmixers  ✿ naughtymix ✿ lovely-littlemix  ✿ littlemixbrat  ✿ littlemixmagic ✿ southsheild ✿ lerriesistible ✿ lovedrnk ✿  littelmix

✿ freshprincessed  ✿ chermix  ✿ zerrey ✿ glammuffins ✿ fratboylouis  ✿  itreallygetsonmyboobs ✿ zaynandperrielove ✿ teenwolfiz   ✿ louisbeckham  ✿ javaddvevo  ✿ teasdalelou   ✿ omgdelerrie  ✿ dnaiellehaim  ✿dropdeadirwin  ✿ kalder ✿ fall0utzouis ✿ literallymylifechoices 

Sorry if I missed you! Sorry if I put your url in the wrong section or put it twice, I’m getting a bit tired tbh lol. Enjoy! :) xx


excuse the shitty edit but yay!!! another follow forever. I always make one on holidays or when i reach certain goals w/ followers and Christmas is right around the corner so i thought my gift to you would be to show how much i love and appreciate you all. if you’re not on the list don’t feel offended or anything i’m not great at all.


4thalbum 420normani 5secondsofbeckyg 5secondsofsummor 6xgod awlerrie awwperrie babyperrie balletdancerlouis batmobile bewbies biscuitsbowtiesbraces blackgirlsvevo boobleigh bootyminda breakburnandends caleigha chermix chillselena chillymix chunkymix clivecalderofficial cockholmsyndrome cockmeats cosmicleigh 


deathsofme dlx1989 doctorsnowbarry drakesmami drunkinleigh elfurself emojchic enchantedpezz exoticaleigh exoticharry fairyperrie fckbriana februaryfrst femalespower femsquad forperrie freckleigh frecklejesy frostythot girlbandsrule girlbandsupremacy girlgroupsorgohome grownmix 


hannukahatchi hellalerrie heylittlemix hohohobello holeighdays holyleighade huggingjesy ieighades jadehatesmonobrows jadelicioussjadelust jakeesy jdaesy ​​ jesysalute jinglejadez kristensewart


laurenjaurejui lattemix laurenjauresgui leatherjesy leighkordei leighpnnocks leighsbaes leighsuschrist littlemixladies louteadsale merryjademas mike5os mis4ndry monicalewinskys mosaicswift norrmanikordei nsfwariana nudejade oflerrieeele ofmadhouse ofneons omfgpinnock orhgasm ot5af


perrieblossoms perriecake perriedust perriefect perriesicle perrieson pesykink pezzacabello pinnockalicious pinnockisvevo rasperriecake reindeerjpg relaxliam ripzouis saleighte saluteleighs santafetish santaclausaf santasdicks santaslittlemixer selclaus shereencuntkelvin slayselenamarie sleighpowers sleiqhanne snowfairyperrie snowthirlies softlouis2k14 sophasmith starsdancez 


tangledinhindsight taylorscurves theprettyrekless thighskink thirlbabe thirles thirllmas thirlsgirl thirlxmas thotmales thugwall totallyperrie ughhniam unfselenita viplouis vodkaswift


wannamoves wildwoc withjelena xmasmix xmasperries zaynalprobe zaynplschill zayns1d zerrie-bitchesoh zouislayn zouispotyacht 

happy holidays and stay warm and safe!!! i hope you get all the presents you asked for!!!

Hey! So wow … I actually can’t believe I have made it a year on this blog. When I made this blog, I had no idea how this was going to go. A year ago I never planned that I’d be where I am. A year ago I would never have pictured seeing me go as far as I am, or even the fandom. When I joined this fandom back in early 2013, it wasn’t exactly the biggest. There couldn’t be more than like 50-ish FULL Little Mix blogs. Sure there were ones who posted them occasionally, but not really. I decided that my love for these girls had been big enough to make my own blog.  And that’s what I did.

When I made this tumblr I was welcomed with open arms. You guys were the nicest people I’ve ever met. I can’t remember exactly who I talked to, but all I know is that I loved being in this fandom already! I ended up making loads of new friends and I started to actually gain followers. It shocked me especially since all I did was reblog things ( which that’s still all i really do now lmao ). 

Then as time went on I went from thirlywalll ( if you remember that url then wow you’ve been here with me since the stone age! ) to Pinncock as I’m known now. As I say this I just want to send out a thank you to that one host of GMA for messing up Leigh Anne’s name … I kinda owe you one!

And as I grew so did our fandom. The girls had made their way over the states and even had a record breaking debut album!! Way to go girls!! As their success grew so did the amout of mixers!

There were tons and tons of new mixers coming into the tumblr fandom and I was so happy! Now there’s thousands of you on here and its amazing. 

Now that my blog’s turned a year old I just want to thank you guys. Perhaps this is cheesy, but you guys do mean a lot to me. All the friend’s I’ve made. All the people that follow me. You’ve made my time on this site enjoyable. I guess this is a little thank you for being with me for this long. 

Here is my one year follow forever!! ( sorry if I mess up on your url. I’ve got over 300 blogs to put on here lmao )

External image

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Soo sorry if I misspelled your url or put you in the wrong section or if I forgot you. To be honest by the time I got to the Perrie urls I kinda lost track lol. Also sorry about the sucky edits. They kinda just got worse and worse. Anyway here you go. :)

-Amanda x