i have been tagged by thugwall

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thugwall’s questions:

  1. whats your favorite singer/band? One Direction and Little Mix.
  2. if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? London or New York.
  3. whats your favorite food? It’s hard to choose it tho.
  4. favorite quote? “Don’t worry, be hippie”
  5. celebrity crush? Harry Styles.
  6. have you ever been to a concert? for who? I’ve been to One Direction’s concert once in april!
  7. do you play sports? I used to!
  8. favorite thing to do?  Blog,sing,dance,laugh!
  9. favorite color? Blue.
  10. favorite candy? Cholocate.
  11. do you have any siblings? Nope,just brother.

Perriethewinkle’s questions!

  1. Favorite song at the moment?
  2. Do you have more than just this blog on tumblr?
  3. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who?
  4. What fandoms are you in?
  5. If you could change your life with someone for one day who would it be and why?
  6. What pages do you use? Like twitter,facebook, etc.
  7. What’s your celebrity crush?
  8. What’s your eyes colour?
  9. One celebrity you just can’t stand and why?
  10. Favorite things to do in your free time?
  11. Where are you from? 

Here it is, my Halloween follow forever! I wanted to put together a Halloween follow forever to celebrate Halloween by honoring my favourite blogs! This follow forever includes 32 of my favourite blogs and my 9 current tumblr crushes. I don’t think i’ll ever unfollow you guys! Thank you for making my dash so lovely! And as always, my favourites have been bolded.

I am well aware that my edit has nothing to do with Halloween but whatever

Jade urls:

✿ greathirlwallthugwall, thirlwall, disneyjade, thirlily ✿ 

Jesy urls:

jesyish, fckingjesy, gorgejesy, jesynation, ofnelsons ✿ 

Leigh urls:

leighstripper, pinncock, crayforleigh ✿ 

Perrie urls:

soperrie, ofperrys, shinebrightlikeperrie, perriezsperrey ✿ 

Little Mix urls:

littelmix, mixersbian, chermix, jdaesy ✿ 

Halloween urls:

✿ spooksjesy, boojesy, pumpkinjesy, draculeighleighscreepyperrievampperriesghostsscareperrieboomix, witchmix ✿ 

Tumblr Crushes as of 28.10.13:

thirlboob - 8%, pinncock - 6%, littelmix - 3%, ghostperrie - 3%, witchmix - 3%, lirryempire - 3%, filthyziam - 2%, crayforleigh - 2%, zyamgasm - 2% ✿

I’m sorry if you weren’t included, i was a little confused as to who some people were because of the large amount of Halloween urls. Also, this is the smallest follow forever that i have done and i based it on Little Mix urls alone. I follow 239 fab blogs so be sure to check out my blogroll

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! this is my first follow forever, and everyone seems to be making some so i decided to make one! (i am probably gonna be missing alot of people) this is not in any order.

stereonelson, ohmymixer, thirlwallnation, thugwall, crayforleighpinncock, 5secs-of-thirlwall, thirlsgirl, perriekachu, blazingedwards, gotperrie, trashymalik,quiffets,itreallygetsonmyboobs, jadesbunnies, perriesnightingale, perrieholicc, lonelyhobbit, wittlemix, littelmix, edwads, greyperrie, niallzaps, cosmicleigh, jesylouisnelson, perriesuniverse, perriencess, lerriepedwards, jesysexual, lerriekiss2011, jesyed, adoresperrie, huggingjesy, planetperrie,jesus-jesy, jadsters, jesybitches, thirlbabe, chermix, foreverjesy, perrielouiseed

I know i am missing people! but thanks guys for being amazing!