A very brief overview of the so-called “War on Drugs” which lends its purpose to disenfranchising Black and Latino peoples, promoting poverty, and the creation/perpetuation of stereotypes (thugs, dope boys, criminals, Welfare Queens, etc.), which ultimately threaten not just our general well being and success, but our lives, such as in the cases of Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Eric Garner and countless others.  This is the true example of racism.  Fuck your hurt feelings,  we are fighting for just our basic rights to live.

“The carefully engineered appearance of great racial progress strengthens the ‘colorblind’ public consensus that personal and cultural traits, not structural arrangements, are largely responsible for the fact that the majority of young black men in urban areas across the United States are currently under the control of the criminal justice system or branded as felons for life… Far from undermining the current system of control, the new caste system depends, in no small part, on black exceptionalism.  The colorblind public consensus that supports the new caste system insist that race no longer matters.  Now that America has officially embraced Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream (by reducing it to the platitude "that should be judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin”), the mass incarceration of people of color can be justified only to the extent that the plight of those locked up and out is understood to be their choice, not their birthright… Black success stories lend credence to the notion that anyone, no matter how poor or how black you may be, can make it to the top, if only you try hard enough.”

– Michelle Alexander, New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness


READ THE POST, don’t just look at the pictures! INFORM YOURSELF!

We all know about the riots, looting, and violence that’s taking place in Baltimore, so I just wanted to take a minute to map out what REALLY happened there. It started with DAYS OF PEACEFUL PROTEST WITH TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! After the funeral they were met with hundreds of officers, dressed in swat gear, looking as if they were getting ready to take over the city for some unforeseen reason. IT’S CRAZY HOW STORIES GET TURNED WHEN PEOPLE ARE SCARED! Two of the most prominent gangs in the Nation, BLOODS AND CRIPS PUT ASIDE YEARS OF BEEF AND TURMOIL, AS WELL AS THE NATION OF ISLAM, TO COME TOGETHER IN SUCH A TIME WHEN THEY SAY TOGETHERNESS IS NEEDED FOR CHANGE. SO WHY IS IT THAT WHEN THEY PUT ASIDE ALL THE GANG VIOLENCE FOR PEACE, THAT’S WHEN THEY TURN INTO THUGS?!?! What hurt the most was that endless children were caught in the crossfire when they shut down public transportation. (see my post on that here: ) 

The most amazing part of it all was that this morning, THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEIR COMMUNITY CAME OUT TO HELP CLEAN IT UP! You had CHILDREN offering water to the police, who were standing out there looking foolish. CITIZENS BROUGHT OUT THEIR OWN BROOMS, DUST PANS, AND SHOVELS TO PICK UP THE DAMAGE! THEY EVEN HAD A BAND OF PROTESTORS KEEPING OUT THE ANTAGONIZING ONES. If a city was really full of “savages” and “thugs” do you really think they’d be cleaning up the mess they made? No they wouldn’t. And you’d know that if the media didn’t misuse the words so often. Or if you ever met a real thug.

So when you think about #BaltimoreProtest or #BaltimoreRiots, take a look at these pictures. Remind yourself that the media doesn’t tell you everything. Shit, even Google won’t even tell you everything. I was looking for PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE NATION OF ISLAM FORMING A LINE WITH THEIR ARMS LOCKED TOGETHER TO BLOCK ANGRY PROTESTORS FROM THE POLICE and I only found two amongst endless pictures of kids throwing rocks. That just goes to show how screwed the system is, HOW UNEVEN THE BALANCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN, NEGATIVITY AND CONTROVERSY FOREVER OUTWEIGHING THE TRUTH!!



PLEASE SHARE THIS! So you adopt a Black male, then Snap a photo of him, post it online while calling him thuggish and I’m suppose to think that’s cute. While we have hundreds of black men even our little boys gunned down because white people like you are thinking of them as thugs and not people. No white person will be able to replace a black parental figure and that is the black ass bottom line. PLEASE SHARE! I came across this photo thanks to godgazi ! black-culture afrodesiacworldwide allthingsblackwomen whitepeoplesaidwhat whitegirlsaintshit whiteguiltconfessionals reverseracism thisiseverydayracism thoughtsofablackgirl takingbackourculture theangryblack yung-medusa youngblackandvegan uncle-tomfoolery officialprincessofzamounda susiethemoderator fuckyeahnaturalhair knowledgeequalsblackpower lookthroughmylookingglass naturalblkgirlsrock