Reading more into my General Psych book and it is talking about intelligence. Identical twins almost always have the same IQ levels but if they reach that genetic potential they were born with all depends on environmental factors that encourage the child of reaching it. 

By the laws of science Stanley Pines has the same IQ level as Stanford but they were both treated differently in school and home life so they both developed it differently.

Stan was clearly not a book learner. If I had to peg him as anything I would say he is more hands on. He just goes for something without reading the instructions and can probably do it pretty well. Ford is the typical book learner that teachers love.

Home life was all about Ford and how great he was in school and Stan put all his might into boxing once he figured that was something he could do well and get praise for. Then comes everyone called him dumber then Ford so he never really tried to go for the high test scores because he probably (subconsciously) thought he could never get great grades. 

I know it is old news that Stan is super smart like Ford but I like having the science behind it. 

I’m really glad that starting with Story of Seasons, your child is now at least a little bit different looking based on who you marry. Because it was awkward as heck when my dark-skinned player character married Sanjay in A New Beginning and our baby came out white with blonde hair. Whose baby is this? Is this Niel’s baby? dayum.

Soooo I often get asked for Linstead fanfic recommendations and in the past few months I’ve stared reading them a lot more than I have before and so I’ve decided to make a page where I’m going to add them when I find a new one that I like rather than forget them all and not know what to say when I get asked so you can find my list here. Happy reading!

so we have these deadass arm size rats running up and down our dorm windows these days and one day one pushed the window open in the middle of the night in my friend’s room. her and her roommates started screaming bloody mary cause they thought it was a jinni. one of them ran out the door in 0.0017 seconds. one of them fell out the bed and started dragging her legs with her arms to crawl away. my friend was screaming and reading quran to chase the “jinni” away. anyways yeah typical night.