thugg talks

do not ever say that "this is about superheroes therefore it shouldnt need to be drawn realistically"

that is fucking bullshit. most comic book art styles are in a realistic style. they are attempting pseudo-realism. so regardless of subject matter or whatever, if the style is pseudo-realism, the art should be drawn realistically. therefore, the anatomy should be realistic and if people (particularly women) are drawn in poses that are physically impossible, the anatomy is not realistic, the style is not successful, and these are the signs of poor art. these are professional artists. they should have a basic understanding of anatomy and human proportion and when poses are physically impossible.

it literally does not matter if the story is about superheroes. do they look like real people? do they have anatomy that imitates real anatomy? 

then it should be drawn as anatomically correct as possible.

“its their style!!!!” is literally not a valid argument in regards to this whatsoever. and if their style is to draw all women in body contorting, overly sexual poses, then fuck them anyways.

and im not even going to get into how women are treated in comics, especially in art, especially with professional artists that apparently do not give a fuck about how women appear aside from unnatural, disfigured creatures that are only there for masturbatory pleasure of the generic basement-dweller. 

regardless of whether its about superheroes or slice-of-life or whatever, if the style is realistic, things should be drawn realistically. if the style is cartoony, things should be drawn like a cartoon. anime, macabre, etc. these are professional, taught artists. they have no excuse to do otherwise.

and btw? can we please not tell people that theyre not allowed to judge art because they cant draw any better? because thats completely wrong. you do not have to be some ~*amazing artist*~ to know when art is shit. 

get it? get it. 

my name is thugg

i am a mixed POC who has a lot of feelings regarding racial erasure and white washing, particularly as this happens to me on a daily basis in my life and i am sick of it. i blog a lot about comics, the treatment of women in comics ie sexualization and misogyny, as well as various social justice. 

im a cosplayer, a fanartist and comic artist who is misrepresented in almost every form of media

and if you have a fucking problem with what i blog about or what i have to say, then dont bother following me. 

im not going to censor myself simply because you cant handle the fact that there are real problems within this day and age, especially regarding race and the treatment of people of colour (and in my case, asians and mixed people) in media. 

hugs and kisses