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Now it´s time! I´ll beg you to join the Jensson-twins universe c:

First you need some information about the setting:
• the story sets place on a small fictional planet called “Castor”
• they´re all high tech
• there´re no animals but some other fictional species besides humans
• the sun is never shining through the clouds, most of time it´s raining
• over 95% of the planet is covered by water
• the planet is ruled by an abusive government which brought absolute piece, most people accept their rude way of reign bcs of the piece
• the army is the absolute safeguard of the whole planet and under controle of the seminal rich leaders
• the only section which ignores the rules of the government are the dregs in the shaddows of the streets (ruffians, dealers, bounty hunters, thugs…)

And of corse about the sections:
• the empires of Castor are living in beautiful apartments in the high buildings, they have their own private partys about every night and are just enjoying their success, everyone of them is rich and also rude
• the emipires are lil racists, they only accept humans in their section
• the army is very abusive, the soilders have strict training and never free time, there is no escape if you once joined
• the army is parted into the typical rangs, but on top there is always an empirer
• the dregs are living in the shaddow and try to prevent contact with the empire or army (eccept for deals of corse), they can be identified by their dirty clothes and upset appereance
• all dregs hate the empires with their heart and soul

Now about your chance to join me:

I want you to create (nothing already used, also no candies and guardians) an original character (OC) for this project. I want to create a whole new universe, so I need your help and support!
You may draw it on your own, use doll creator games or commission someone to create you the character.

A few things you need to think about:

• remember where they live! This is a high tech planet without plants, beaches and sun. there is no desert, no countries as we know them. the only languages are the ones from the diffrent species( for example humans speak “human”, aliens have their own languages, Water-people speak “aquarine”)

• hybrids are allowed but think about that this world has no animals, so the hybrids should rather look like aliens, not like “Nekos” or “Kitsunes”) you may use star wars species as inspiration

• no special powers (no flying, bending and such things) the only ability you may give them has to be something typical for their species (like echolot or nightsight) OR just a talent (like fast runner or good gunner)

• choose your section carefully! a kind harted empire or a crybaby dreg is unrealistic

• remember to give them strengths AND weaknesses, no OP characters

• think about their past, everyone has a reason for their behavior

Now how to participate:

When you created your OC (with dollmaker or drew him/her) reblog this post and add some information about him/her you think might be important c:
(Name, Age, section, do he/she know how to fight?, what does he/she use to fight?, does he/she speak different languages?, likes, dislikes, family, backstory, goals, random facts…)

Hope my story will find some interests ♥♥

For everyone who is participating  have a lil gift: I´ll choose four OCs that will appear on the official poster for the story c:


Is there a deadline?
- For the poster-giveaway yes. I´ll do it this month. For the whole thing. No. You also may paticipate in june 2k27

Are water hybrids alright?
- Yes, but remember: No animals and no special powers like shape shifting. No once a fishtail always a fishtail and that means no contact to the people in the cities

Bayonetta + Culture: Rodin & The Gates of Hell

Rodin. A badass demon with a weird sense of humor.

A man who handles a bar called the “The Gates of Hell”, not a special bar mind you, it is just a place Bayonetta and Enzo hangs out.

And a place where Bayonetta will get her Infernal weapons.

According to Antonio’s Notes, this place was swarmed by thugs, rouges and demon hunters who were rough. They were bloodthirsty, always looking for a fight for money or glory. All of them waited for the next man to be devoured and torn apart from a demon. Their sense of reality was warped entirely when they entire this bar.

It was commonly called “The Dump” by most of the returning customers there. Anyone who calls the bar as its actual name, will instantly be known as a newcomer to the shop.

During the story of Bayonetta, the bar seems vacant and quiet. But Rodin doesn’t seem to mind. When you walk into his shop, you will most likely see him reading a blank book before you begin shopping.

Gameplay-wise, it is a shop where you can buy items, techniques, costumes, and weapons for your feet.

But… who knew The Gates of Hell was a reference to something?

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Reasons To Play Fallen London
  1. Fantastic writing
  2. It’s free
  3. It’s a browser game. Nothing to download.
  4. Lovecraftian influence
  5. Victorian Era
  6. You can have a bat as a pet! (You can also have lizards, monkeys, demon goats, an even bigger demon goat, rats, ravens, a tiger, and a bunch of other animals. But the bats are what’s important.)
  7. Lots of RP aspects. Play the game however you like. Strict moral code? Morally bankrupt? The devils or the church? The Masters or the Revolutionaries? Play every side? You want to be spy? You can be a spy. An author? A thug? Monster hunter? A professional trickster?
  8. Plenty of things to explore and discover
  9. The Sunless Sea spin off game on Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle
  10. The developers are kind, upstanding folks and are absolutely not cannibals. Rumors implying so are nothing but the most heinous of slander.

Will add more to this list as I think them up.