thug boots


here’s a tip

this is a Nazi.

This is a person who reblogged a post of mine via some Nazi blogs.

Notice they do not call themselves a Nazi. Instead, they use a collection of dog whistle interests that require specific contexts to be understood as basically white nationalism, colonialist white-heritage ‘antiquities’, specifically white nationalist Christianity, Nazi-related gender roles and ‘traditionalism’. Notice they work with children. 

Learn to recognize Nazis. They do not look like goose-stepping jack booted thugs all of the time. Beware.

We’re thrilled to learn that former President H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary Clinton this fall, instead of his party’s nominee, Donald Trump.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Bush chose decency over partisan politics.

In 1995 the former president resigned as a lifetime member of the organization after NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre called federal law enforcement “jack-booted thugs.”

Anyone who says they’re voting for Hillary Clinton specifically to “stave off fascism” must have missed the jack-booted thugs with military hardware already patrolling our streets for the last ten years; they must have missed out on our domestic torture black sites like Homan Square; they missed the fact that the NSA taps every electronic communication they can; they missed the white paper issued by the Oval Office permitting the “extrajudicial killing” of American citizens domestic and abroad; they missed the record deportation and mass incarceration of children and refugees; they missed the War on Drugs and the War on Terror which facilitate the circumvention of our civil liberties.

They’re utterly oblivious to the fascism already here.

When you meet (Jared Letos Joker X Reader)

You sat there in class tapping your pencil against the desk boredly. Math, always so boring. You already knew everything you needed to know for the midterm. You yawned softly, so fucking bored.

You suddenly heard the shots of an AK-47, you rolled your eyes, extremely common for Gotham High. You got up and went to the corner of your room sitting down and burying your face in your knees.

You were lightly shaking at the idea of loosing your life. As the rest of the class did the same thing as you didn you heard the click of the teacher turning off the lights and sitting in front.

You heard heavy booted Thugs walk to the door and jiggle the knob, your heart stopped in an instant. You heard an almost insane laugh as the window of the door was being broken.

Of course Jenn squeaked in fear, the popular bitch, getting you killed. You figured, ‘oh I’m goin out because of her dumbass.’ So you punched her straight in the face. A man with green hair and a suit came in with an AK.

You would’ve admitted he was hot if he wasn’t ya know shooting up your Highschool and almost giggling insanely.

You covered your face after punching Jenn in the face once more. He seemed to just leave, you looked up unsure why he left, unsure of why he was here in the first place.

As soon as things calmed down the teacher slowly arose as did you. You slowly and shakily went back to your desk, there was a business card resting there on your desk.

You picked up the card in your soft small hands, 'The Joker, 768-hah-haha’ you let your eyes drift to the letter at the bottom. 'To the girl with the (your hair color) hair, call me sometime Cutie.
You felt your cheeks heat up, “how’d he even know where my desk is?” You asked yourself.

~to be continued c:~