Overheard at Ilvermorny: The Walls Know All

Pukwudgie~ “He stood me up to go out with that Thuderbird girl. I should have known he only ever hung out with me cuz of my snickering snickerdoodles." 

Wampus~ (smiles innocently) "Soooo, do I have to kill him fast or can I make him suffer?”

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What are the seven schools policies on pets at school?

Excellent question! Thanks for asking :)

We all know that Hogwarts has standards for pets, though the exact extent of those standards is a little debateable. In book one, McGonagall’s letter says that students may have a cat, frog, or owl, and doesn’t make any allowances for any other sort of pet. Despite that, Ron Weasley shows up later in that same book with a pet “rat” and Lee Jordan shows Fred and George Weasley his pet tarantula. If we’re going to be really precise (and I’d like to think we would be) Crookshanks isn’t really even a full cat. Being half Kneazle definitely makes Crookshanks a magical creature, and beyond the strictures of McGonagall’s original limitations. But, for the sake of argument, lets say that the Weasley’s and Lee Jordan had special permission for their pets, and half-Kneazle is, to wizardkind, more or less enough like a cat not to really matter. That would make toads, cats, and owls the historically the allowed pets at Hogwarts.

American schools, of course, buck those traditions a little bit. Which is not to say that you can bring anything to any school! No student is going to be allowed to a have a thuderbird, mishibizhiw, or a gowrow, but the standards and norms of what each school allows for varies widely, and you may be surprised at the type of pets typically allowed. Some of the more exciting points are as follows:

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Personaly I think that Horned Serpents and Pukwudgie would make wonderful couples. Like mind and heart together. Pukwudgie would care and Horned Serpent would plan.
On the other hand Wampus and Thunderbird could conquer the world. Thuderbird would look for something new and Wampus would protect him/her.
Those are just my reflections, love is free and knows no limits :)

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