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What The Heck’s A Malec (Part Two)

Summery: Alec is ordered to find a troublesome warlock a legal guardian or she will be executed by the Clave for causing centuries of trouble. When he becomes determined to care for he turns to Magnus.

Magnus x Alec

Part One

“(Y/N) are you studying or playing with Chairman Meow?” Magnus called and he heard a gentle thud as the large cat made his way into the living room.

“But I don’t want to study!” (Y/N) wailed and dragged herself into the room, throwing herself onto the sofa as Magnus looked across at her.

“Then perhaps a practical demonstration.” He offered and she looked over at him despite hiving set herself upside-down over the back of his sofa.

“What sort of practical demonstration?” She asked and Magnus beckoned her to sit in the middle of the living room, gracefully sitting next to her and crossing his legs.

“Hold your hands out, palms up, close your eyes, and wait.” Magnus instructed.

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Cutie [Dok2]

Artist: Dok2 | Word Count: 1.990 | Soulmate!AU (2/?)

Soulmate!AU - The first sentence your soul mate says to you is written on your wrist.

The second Soulmate AU series with Dok2! Hope you’ll like this one


You didn’t mind one bit on working with animals, you loved it. Being an animal lover, working as a vet was a dream you’ve always wanted ever since you were a kid. And now, your dreams came true! Today was your first day at work in a pet shop in Seoul, and you were more than happy to work with cute animals and amazing vets around you.

Waking up in the morning, getting yourself ready and filling your stomach with breakfast, you started the day with a bright smile. As you walked out of your apartment complex, you pulled up the sleeve of your right hand, and your eyes met a tiny little sentence written on your wrist like a tattoo.

Hey, get back here!

In this world, and in your life, you have to find your soul mate with the permanent words inked on your skin. The sentence was the first thing your soul mate would say to you when you meet him. The words were really odd to you, and it sounded as if you were being chased by him. Shrugging, you decided that today wasn’t going to be one of those days where your mind would go nuts just thinking about your fate.

“I might not get to see you in my whole life, but I hope you have a good day ahead, my soul mate.” Bringing up your wrist to your lips, you ended your soft mumble with a soft kiss on the words, as if your soul mate could feel your love from the contact.

You continued your calming walk to the pet shop with happy thoughts, your heart racing in anticipation.

In all his life, everyone knew Joonkyung, or commonly called as Dok2, as a tough-looking rapper. He was popularly known as someone who spits fire in his rap, and was the king in the hip hop culture. Not much knew about who he really, since he doesn’t open up much to people. Only those who work with him closely, his friends, and his family were the one that truly knew him inside out. But he was such a softie in the heart, as the Illionaire crew liked to say. Especially for his cats, Rol2 and Ca$h. Joonkyung had a soft spot for the two of them.

And he decided to update to his fans that he has two cats living in his apartment now, and they were more than thrilled to know that Joonkyung was a cat person. The loads of money he got from making music were spent on his loved ones and his beloved cats. Joonkyung would take them for checkups and grooming every month without fail, and feed them the best food the pet shop has offered. There were toys scattered around his house, but surprisingly he could keep it clean and hygienic.

Today was the day of the monthly checkup, and even though his cats had no problems so far, he still put the effort to wake up in the morning to take them to the vet. Joonkyung washed his face and carelessly threw a sweater and jeans on, and slipped on his slippers. Gently grabbing the two cats and putting them in their separate carrier, he placed them in the back seat of his car and drove to the pet shop. In all the visits he did, there weren’t any fans at all. Some people do recognize him, but they respected Joonkyung’s privacy, something he was glad he had for today.

While he drove, Joonkyung pulled the sleeves up, a habit of his whenever he was driving. As the car came to a stop in a red light, his eyes flickered to the words written on his left wrist. Joonkyung bit his lips when he reads the sentence. It was hard finding your soul mate, when the Earth has billions of people living on it. He just has to wait until his time comes, but the curiosity and guilt for not being able to find her for 25 years became stronger every time the words would linger on his mind.

What a cutie!

Joonkyung had thought to cover it up with another tattoo, because the words were embarrassing to him. But the guilt would eat him alive, stronger this time. He wasn’t that positive that he could find her before his life comes to an end, but what kind of man would he be if he doesn’t try? At least he’s putting effort, right?

But he had no effort at all. He wasn’t smart like Donggab, who actually wrote a song about his soul mate, and after a few months from the release, he actually met her because of it. He wasn’t social like Seongbin, who went to lots of parties with different kind of people, and met his soul mate in one of the parties Illionaire threw. Joonkyung didn’t know where to start, but he couldn’t help but be mad at himself for being so clueless.

Joonkyung’s head met the steering wheel with a loud thud, shocking his cats for a moment. Then, the light turned green, and he continued his journey to the vet.

“I’m here to for the monthly checkup,” Joonkyung said to the nurse, “Their names are Rol2 and Ca$h.”

“Do you want to be checked by Doctor Jung as usual?” He nodded shortly. “Alright, her room is at the second floor, first door to the-“


Joonkyung’s eyes went wide when he saw Rol2 dart out of his carrier, swiftly moving up to the stairs and disappearing from his sight. His jaws went slack when he noticed that his cat have somehow broke the carrier when he was busy arranging the appointment with the nurse.

“Shit.” The curse word escaped his lips in a soft mumble. He quickly grabbed Ca$h’s carrier and walked up to the stairs, his eyes moving franticly in search of his cat.

God bless the pet shop that it only had two floors, and it was small too. Now he needs to knock at every room at the hallway to see if Rol2 have managed to slip in. Joonkyung’s eyes analyzed the doors first before he started moving. There were twelve doors, six on his right and six on his left. All of them were shut tightly, no gap allowing his cat to slip in, and the knob was pretty high for his cat to reach. The last door on his left was wide open, and he decided to check that one first, since there were high chances for Rol2 to be there.

Joonkyung didn’t bother knocking because the room was empty, but he couldn’t spot his cat anywhere. He set Ca$h’s carrier down and started crouching down, low enough to check under the desk and cupboard to see if it was hiding. Joonkyung lets out a loud groan when a crash was heard from behind him. He didn’t need to turn back to know that it was Rol2.

The cat was smiling like a little devil after he knocked down the stash of injection that was put on the hanging shelves. It then proceed to jump to another shelve, and Rol2 knocked another tool that belongs to the vet, it was made out of glass and it broke into pieces when it came in contact with the tiled floor.

Lee Joonkyung has never felt so done with his cat until now. The hanging shelve was too high for his reach, and he didn’t spot any chair for him to stand on.

Another person watched from the opened door with wide eyes, seeing tiny pieces of glass scattered on the tiled floor. There was another person inside, looking frustrated at his cat, that was lounging casually on the hanging shelve. You were watching the whole scene unfold with your mouth hanging open, clearly in shock as to what you see in front of you.

“Hey, get back here!”

“What a cutie!”

The two of you seemed to stop when the words were blurted out at the same time, as the words were clearly heard by each of their own ears. Joonkyung’s eyes met yours, and for once, something good happened to him today.

He knew, beside from the words he has just heard, your eyes were screaming at him that you were his soul mate. He took a step closer, not caring that he had stepped on the debris on the floor. He was like a magnet, as you were automatically pulled closer to him, and now the two of you are standing in front of each other, pure shock written all over the two of you.

“No way,” Joonkyung whispered, “Are you really..?” His rough hand came in contact with your hand and he softly pulled the sleeves up, revealing the words he have just said earlier written on your wrist.

“Oh my god, it really is you!” Your soft hand grasped his left ones, and he really was, as your thumb caressed the words gently.

Joonkyung felt warm, his heart was acting very weird. He felt butterflies in his stomach, and he felt really happy, his lips twitched into a grin so wide that his cheeks started to hurt. In all his life, he never felt this happy. Was this how it feels to be in love? He asked himself.

Remembering how Donggab and Seongbin have described the feeling, they said that when you meet your soul mate, you just knew from their eyes that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. And that’s it, that’s exactly what Joonkyung wanted to do. That was the first thought that came to his mind when he knew you were his.

“Well hello there,” You giggled, shyly reaching out his hands to lace your fingers with his, “Your cat is so cute, but it sure likes to explore places.”

Joonkyung groaned internally for the umpteenth time today, as his eyes travelled to the glass shards on the floor. If it wasn’t because of Rol2, maybe he wouldn’t be able to meet his soul mate today. But hell, he sure made this room look like World War had exploded in here.

“He doesn’t act like this when he’s at home,” Joonkyung grumbled, “But I kind of met you through him, so I’ll let this one slide.”

You walked near the shelves, careful not to slip or hurt yourself. As you raised your hands, you cooed at the cat and he stared at you with his tail playfully wiggling from left to right.

“So what’s the name?” You asked him, your eyes still trained to the cat.

“Lee Joonkyung.”

“No, I mean the cat, silly.” The expression on his face was priceless as Joonkyung turned into a blushing mess. You couldn’t hold back your grin as you waited for his answer.

“It’s Rol2.”

“Rol2? That’s a cute name,” You chuckled, raising your arms a bit higher, “Come on Rol2, let’s get you down and we can play after this!”

Joonkyung watched in amazement as Rol2 took a liking in you fast enough, as he dived into your arms and was safely secured in it. You had this weird charm around the cat, he was sure of it, because you looked so happy when you were cuddling the cat, and Rol2 looks like he feels the same emotion as you. He silently stepped closer and wrapper his arms around you, resting his head on your shoulder.

“Now, isn’t that unfair if I don’t get your name?”

“I thought you might have already seen it from my tag.”

“I was distracted by your beauty, and my eyes were locked on you, not your nametag.” This time, you were the one who turned red, feeling your heart wanting to burst out in happiness.

“Oh wow, my soul mate is a cheese.”

“So are you not going to tell me your name?”

“Later, after you cleaned all this mess.”

“Oh come on!”

fanfic: Work From Home

supergirl/supercat. also on AO3, cuties.

AU Romcom. Cat’s building a new house. Kara is her hot contractor.

More interactions with Carter. And I’m still not sorry.


II: The Unattainable Employer

Hank serves her a beer. “Don’t do it. Don’t text her.”

Kara whines, lowers her head to the counter, and shoves her phone in his hands.

Alex appears by her side, runs a hand through Kara’s hair, scratches her scalp just how she likes it. “He is right, you know.”

Kara groans and tries to shove her aside with her shoulder, but Alex is built like a ninja and doesn’t bulge. “The ball is in her court now, little sis’.”

“It’s been a week!” Kara says, voice higher than usual. She chugs her beer. “You don’t just kiss people and leave! Who does that? I am not a bad kisser!”

“Maybe she doesn’t know what to do,” Hank offers, cleaning the counter in swift gestures. He’s smiling, just a little bit, like he’s having fun with this.

Kara sets her bottle on the table with a thud. “She is Cat Grant, the Queen of All Media! Have you read her Wikipedia page? The woman does not know doubt.”

Astra shows up behind Alex, an easy hand on Alex’s hip. “Maybe you should step up your game, as they say.”

Kara frowns. “I don’t get it.”

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How They Met

Summary: A girl who grew up as the friend of fairy tale characters, forgotten and abandoned, and a cat whose running away from his own fairy tale origins. This is the story of how they met, and how they came to form an unlikely friendship.

Part 1 of the How They Met series, based off the novel The Girl Fairy Tales Forgot.


Contrary to popular belief, not all cats hate rain.

Well, Kai mused as he trudged through the depths of the forest, he wasn’t technically a cat. So perhaps his opinion didn’t count. But still, a sense of calm coursed through him as his paws padded against damp earth. He allowed his claws to sink into the wet undergrowth, a pleasant feeling, as raindrops fell, clinging to his dark fur. It was cold, invigorating, and reminded him of home; the icy rain of spring hitting frozen glaciers, kissing the impossibly blue lakes which surrounded his village. Good memories. Rare memories.

Home was a long way away, but a little piece of it seemed to cross Kingdom boarders, traverse oceans like he’d done a year previous.

He began to sprint, tail low, as if he could outrun the past. It was better for everyone that way.

Kai had had a lifetime of extraordinary experiences and, truth be told, he was tired. He was seventeen years old and exhausted. A year of living in the most ordinary place in the world and he was still recovering from the events of his youth.

The scar across his eye twitched, something he couldn’t hide no matter what guise he donned. Not for lack of trying though. However, he’d found out the hard way that his own brand of magic was weak. At least compared to the forces which had caused the two scars he’d gained in his childhood. He’d been assured that there was no removing them.

So he continued to chase nothing, allowing his body to feel a sense of freedom which his mind could not grasp.

Above the overhang of bare trees, devoid of life after the passing of Autumn, the sky was a pale grey. A damp smell clung to the air. The pitter-patter of water against foliage was reassuring. It seemed as though the day would be consigned to the back of his memory- forgotten along with all the other uneventful marks against time. There seemed to be many of those days around here.

Apart from the occasional bar fight he observed Red breaking up. Those were always fun to witness.

It was as he dashed across a small clearing, the floor scattered with a mix of brown leaves and dead pine-needles, that he heard it.

A noise.

A noise which did not belong in an empty storm-soaked forest.

A noise which made Kai freeze, holding his attention with greater urgency than a swift yank to the tail.

Something, or someone, was breathing heavily.

Kai tilted his head, pointy black ears perked upwards, trying to fathom the direction of the noise. Whoever was breathing so strangely wasn’t moving. Instincts told him that they were in trouble.

Curious, he peered around a large oak tree, hoping to spot whatever it was that had caught his attention.

His eyes widened when he discovered the source.

A young girl, a human around his age, was collapsed at the base of a tree on the opposite side of the clearing. Her modest, green dress was plastered against her pale skin. She was soaked through, her legs sticking out at odd angles amongst the darkened tree roots. Her brown hair was lank, wet strands stuck against the side of her face. The girl’s cheeks were flushed, her eyes closed, her breathing laboured and uneven.

Kai prodded over to her, concerned as to why such a young girl would be alone in the middle of the forest, with nothing but a small bag and a shawl to shelter her from the early winter chill. Not wanting to startle her, he gave a short meow, tentatively raising a paw to press it against one of her thighs.

She was ice cold.

“Can you hear me?” he asked, “I know you’re not dead at least.”

The distinct lack of screaming over a talking cat made Kai’s concern shoot through the roof. She was completely unresponsive. He glanced around, just in case her guardian was nearby, ready to sweep the girl to safety.

Nothing. The forest was as empty as ever, not a bug or bird in sight. Kai sighed. If she stayed out here, alone, there was no way she’d survive long. She already looked in a bad state.

There was only one thing for it. He hoped the girl was grateful, if she woke up, for the immense favour he was bestowing on her.

Closing his eyes, Kai willed his limbs to grow, his fur to retract into his skin, his face to lengthen as he became human once more. He grit his teeth against the pain, canines shortening into stubs, his vision becoming narrower yet bursting with more vibrant colours. Metamorphosis was no joke, and for a moment Kai sat there, letting his bones settle and snap into place. He inhaled, claws retracting into fingers, nose growing.

The pain passed, and Kai opened his eyes, looking down at his arms. His pale, hairless, human arms.

Was he taller? It felt like it had taken longer for his limbs to grow out than last time. When was the last time he’d been human? Five months ago? Six? He couldn’t remember.

Well, he huffed, running his fingers through his floppy black hair, this was a good a reason as any to change back. Even if it was only temporary.

After a lot of awkward manoeuvring, Kai hoisted the lone girl onto his back, making his way back towards the inn.

It was a lot harder with only two legs.


Something wasn’t right.

That was the first coherent thought which struck her, before she’d even opened her eyes. A sense of unease hit her, as though she’d been twirled one too many times whilst dancing with a stranger.

For one thing her head was throbbing. It seemed her brain was in a desperate bid for freedom, as it kept pounding against the top of her skull. Her body ached with the kind of tiredness which makes your bones ten times heavier, makes you feel fifty years older, and she groaned.

“Are you awake now?”

Her eyes flew open. With a start, she sat upright, ignoring her protesting limbs. For a moment, her vision was blurry, and she had to blink a few times until her eyes refocused. She turned her head to the side, searching for whomever had spoken.

The room she found herself in was spacious, yet cosy. A bedroom which, for some strange reason, did not look as though it belonged to anyone in particular. A plush rug adorned the rough wooden floorboards, the bed she laid in was impeccably clean and comfortable. Her bag rested against a small chest of drawers and there was a bedside table with a vase of fresh lavender. Opposite her, a rectangular mirror hung on the cream walls, allowing her a glimpse of a dishevelled state. She wrinkled her nose.

All of this didn’t seem out of the ordinary. On the contrary, the questionable thing was how she’d arrived at such a location. Had whoever spoken been the one to discover her, alone and collapsed from exhaustion? She was grateful her saviour had been a friendly one, she certainly felt safe here- in such an unassuming bedroom.

Safety… how foreign the concept was to her.

But, her frown deepened, there was nobody in the room with her. Aside from a pretty black cat, lying in a patch of grey sunlight at the edge of the bed, she was alone.

“Hello there,” she cooed gently, reaching out to the cat with a gentle hand, before giving the cat a soft scratch under its chin. The cat stared at her and, despite the discomfort she felt physically, her emotions were calm for the first time since it had happened. She chuckled, “you wouldn’t happen to know where my rescuer is? I’d like to thank them if I can.”

The cat tilted her head at her, fixing her with a blue-eyed stare so intense, she could have sworn that it understood her. It stretched, lazily prodding towards her, its tiny paws making imprints on the impossibly thick bedsheets, before settling on her lap.

It tilted its chin up to look at her, and she was given but half a second to consider how unusual such behaviour was, before the cat opened its mouth- promptly giving her the shock of her life.

“You’re looking at him.”

It took a few moments of confused blinking to realise that, sick or not, she had not imagined a cat speaking to her.

The first thing she did was scream. Long and loud.

The second thing she did was fly backwards, her head smacking painfully against the headboard.

The third, and final thing she did was splay her arms wide, grab one of the pillows from behind her, and swing it into the cats side with all the force she could muster. It struck against the cat’s side, sending him flying off the bed, until he landed against the rug with a dull thud. Wheeling around, the cat fixed her with a glare, and she scrambled upwards, clutching her pillow-weapon with all her might, ready to strike again.

“Now that’s a fine way to thank your rescuer!” the cat sneered, “I almost broke a claw!”

“S-stop doing that!” she cried, brandishing the pillow in front of her, “Stop talking! Cats don’t talk!”

“Well, Miss Ungrateful, you’re lucky I’m not actually a cat then,” the cat grumbled, balancing on his hind legs whilst he examined his front paw. He tutted, “Yes! It’s chipped! Do you see what you have done? How am I meant to climb anything with a chipped claw?”

“I’m warning you! I’m not afraid to strike you again!”

The cat snorted.

“Ah yes, for nothing is more deadly than a goose-feathered pillow,” he shook his head, “honestly do you hear yourself? I said that I rescued you and the first thing you do is attack me and the proceed to threaten me!”

“You’re a CAT,” she shrieked, “I have known magic, but never seen or heard of a cat who can talk and rescue stranded girls! How was I supposed to respond?”

“A thank you would be nice, Miss Ungrateful.”

“That is not my name,” she frowned, dropping the pillow and folding her arms against her chest, “it’s Paige.”

“Well, Miss Paige, my point still stands. You owe me a thank you.”

“Fine, thank you, now who are you and how did you get me to- to-” she looked around, “where am I?”

“This is the Huntsman’s Axe. It’s the inn where I live,” the cat explained, leaping back onto the bed but staying far away from her reach, shooting her a withering glance, “I found you passed out in the woods and brought you here. Never mind how,” he titled his chin up at her again, “and my name is Kai, thank you for inquiring.”

Paige glared at him, annoyance spiking through her.

“You know, for a rescuer, you aren’t very chivalrous.”

For some peculiar reason, this made Kai laugh. A laughing cat. How absurd- and yet Paige had heard of stranger things, they’d happened to her closest friends after all. Nevertheless, a talking cat was much preferred to being the prisoner of a fearsome beast, although not as lovely as the idea of an eternal slumber.

Silence fell, and only then did Paige realise that it was still raining. Twisting her head to glance out the small window, Paige allowed herself to get lost in her thoughts. All at once, her memories flooded through her, weaved a tapestry of regret and melancholy in her heart. How had her life come to this?

“May I ask you something?”

Kai was speaking again but, after the initial shock had worn off, Paige found herself resigned to such an odd occurrence. After all, when was the last time someone had spoken to her without any hint of malice or condescension?

A cat was treating her with more kindness than her own family had. How cruel life was.

“Yes?” Paige inquired warily, raising an eyebrow.

Kai shifted, his eyes slanting the side, looking uncomfortable.

“Why were you alone in the woods?” he asked “it’s not exactly a common thing, to see a young girl on her own out here.”

“I’ve lived in woodlands my whole life, but further south than we are now I believe,” she replied after a short pause, “I left home. Or rather, my family forced me leave. I didn’t know where to go, and I ran out of money. I panicked, didn’t think things through, and before I knew it I was lost and it began to rain.”

If Kai noticed the tears pooling in her eyes, he didn’t comment on them. Paige was thankful for that.

“Oh, a fellow runaway,” Kai nodded, “there are many that pass through here, myself included. Where are you heading?”

Paige paused, thinking of her friends; the friends who she hadn’t heard from in months, the friends who she spent her childhood playing games with, their laughter echoing about the sunlit forest.

The sun no longer shone, and the friends she’d spent an idyllic childhood with were long gone. They were the same friends who now lived lives so fortunate, Paige no longer felt she could be a part of their stories.

Her grip on the bedsheets tightened. Bowing her head, Paige stared at her lap, never feeling more alone.

“I don’t know,” she replied, truthfully, her voice cracking.

“No, no, don’t be upset, Miss Ungrateful,” Kai panicked, rushing towards her, “you’ll be fine, I’m sure of it. Look, you almost killed me with a pillow after I was sure you’d be weakened from passing out in the rain. With a strength like that, I have no doubt you’ll find a place in the world- regardless of your family. Until that time occurs, I’m sure Red will allow you to stay here, providing you work for her.”

Paige, taken aback by Kai’s sudden shift in attitude, furrowed her brows at him.

“Why are you being so kind to me?”

“Why shouldn’t I be?” he shrugged, or shrugged as much as a cat can shrug, and came to sit at her side, “aside from the pillow incident, you seem fine, and I know what it is like to lose your home. It wouldn’t exactly be right of me to treat you with disdain after such an experience, hmm?”

For the first time in a long time, Paige smiled.

“Thank you,” her tone was warm, her thanks genuine, and suddenly she felt lighter.

“Oh! An unrequested thank you?” he cackled, “I AM blessed!”

The smile dropped from her face.

“I don’t like you,” she snapped, only half meaning it, but reached up to pat his head regardless. His fur was soft against her fingers.

Kai grinned, the tip of his tail twitching as he leaned into her touch.

“That’s all right,” he replied, “most people don’t.”        

Another Late Night Visit


Pairing: MariChat

Word Count: 777 words

Summary:  Marinette has recently taken in a certain stray cat. Chat Noir visits her often to exploit her access to the bakery but tonight pastries just don’t seem appealing to the sultry kitty. A mix of light angst and fluff.

Sometimes Marinette wonders why she lets Chat Noir into her room at night. He’s a stray, acting tough but desperate for a treat. She muses that he only visits her because her family owns a bakery.

“What do you you want this time? Marinette asks when she hears the thud of a cat landing in her room. Her eyes do not stray from her sketchbook. “I think we have leftover macarons.”

“No thank you, Princess,” Chat says, voice tight.

Mari, startled by Chat’s tone and reply, sets down her sketchbook and looks up.

The tears are the first things she notices. Next is the red rawness of his face from rubbing at the tears with tough leather gloves. Then she notices his body language: slumped shoulders, ears laying flat against blonde hair, shaking fists clenched tight.

Chat has never let anyone see him like this before but Marinette is special. She is kind, compassionate, warm. He trusts her to cradle his heart instead of drop it.

Marinette takes a moment to think. What should she do? She’s never seen him like this before. An idea, abstract and a bit silly, comes to mind.

She moves her sketchbook from her bed to the floor and beckons her friend with a soft smile. “You. Me. Cuddle. Now.”

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8.  Cats, hands and paws down

9.  "Lady" by STYX

10.  "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams

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