thud alert

Lucca, Papillon (4 y/o), Franklin & West Broadway, New York, NY • “He has a very big vocabulary. When we go outside and say ‘compost’ or 'mail’, he’ll lead the way. He knows what you’re talking about. We live on a hillside in PA and lots of birds come to feed on the deck and some birds will fly into the deck window and get stunned. When he hears that thud he immediately alerts us and he’ll whine and shiver while we hold them until they fly away. He has a very protective quality. True to his name, 'light’. He’s an amazing person.”

Alpha pt. 4

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three //

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!”
You jumped out of bed with a hand on your chest.
What was that?
The room was dark, lurking with shadows and still figures.
You got up to get a drink of water and when you got back, something stood in the middle of the room.
Instead of turning away, you stepped inside and walked around it.
The figure disappeared and you just shook your head and crawled back in bed so you can go back to sleep.
A faint alarm stirred you awake.
The sound didn’t come from your clock because you memorized that sound; in fact, it came from a car.
You woke up in a patch of grass, dirt under your fingernails, feet dirty and bare.
You scrambled from the ground and frantically looked around the woods.
“What the he–”
The overpowering smell of your alpha permeated the air around you.
How did I get here?
You took off running and tried to find your way home but you ended up in the same place that he bit you.


Scott watched all the dirt go into the drain as he stood underneath the shower head.
How could Derek do that?
How could he kill Peter?
He knew that he wanted to change back, to get rid of the curse of being a werewolf.

“You were in the woods?”
Scott put on his backpack and stepped out the jeep.
“Yeah, it was kinda like the first time I was bitten. Now that Peter’s out the way and Lydia’s okay, things might go a lot better”
The two best friends walked into school, side by side.
“True, but Derek’s an alpha now. Isn’t that something we should worry about? And why hasn’t Lydia changed?”
Scott walked to his locker to grab some of his course work.
“Maybe, but I don’t want to worry about that right now. Let’s take things slow until we have to take necessary action.”
Jackson slammed his locker and stomped away.
Lydia hurried after him like a little puppy, tears running down her face, her heels clacking as she followed close behind.  
“Jackson! Please, Jackson!”
Stiles shook his head, Scott looked the opposite direction to see a gorgeous girl down the hall.
“Didn’t you take his ex to the dance? How’d that turn out?”
Stiles scratched the back of his head then rested on the locker.
“I don’t know”
“What do you mean?”
“Hmm, well jeez Scott, between the grotesque alpha named Peter sauntering around town hurting the people I care about and being threatened to find you, not to mention Peter killing Allison’s aunt then being murdered by Derek, I didn’t see to it that she’d gotten home or had a great time”
“You just left?”
Stiles rolled his eyes and sighed, “do I have to repeat my speech?”
“Stiles, a pretty girl agreed to go on a date with you without question, to a place where everyone could see you guys and you didn’t make sure if she was okay by shooting her a text message or a one-minute phone call?”
Stiles opened his mouth to protest but widened his eyes once he realized what he did.
“Oh my God, do you think she’ll be upset?”
“Dude, it’s been two weeks. I think at this point you’re pretty non-existant”
“Aw, fuck me”
“No thanks”
Scott clapped Stiles on the shoulder and headed to class.


Derek jumped down the stairs and rose to face Scott.
“I don’t see how my making a pack is any of your concern. In fact, I think you should join me”
“I don’t want to be a part of your stupid pack! You’re taking innocent lives, Derek. They don’t deserve this curse”
Derek chuckled and walked outside.
“You think this is a curse? Scott, you don’t have to rely on an inhaler anymore, you can heal in an instant, run fast, and do things you thought you could never do”
Scott grew angry, “what about the monsters that are constantly gunning for me, the hunters waiting at every corner, and the full moon?”
“A small price to pay for a life much better than before”
“Leave them alone!”
A sly grin crept on Derek’s face as he listened to every word being said.
“Alright, Scott. I won’t hurt your friends”
Scott was skeptical but he took it and left with a confidence that Derek wouldn’t hurt his friends anymore.

Scott went back to school for some extra lacrosse practice since he missed today’s.
As he ran along the field, he tried to funnel all his anger and release them.
Allison not being able to be with Scott.
The Argents hunting werewolves.
Derek and his new pack.
The thing that killed Mr. Lahey.
And Jackson’s constant prodding.  
It’s all building and Scott was trying to bury it inside of him.
When he was done, he cleaned up in the locker room, put his gear away, and headed out.
On his way to the exit, Stiles asked him if he remembered to gather research for chemistry. He groaned as he realized he’d forgotten all about his part of the chemistry test tomorrow.
Scott made his way to the library and heard the sound of music coming from inside.
He walked in to find Jackson’s ex dancing around to something that probably came out of That 70s Show.
He smiled at the way she danced to herself, swaying from side to side.
Her hips jerking in a soft but sharp motion.
He loved the way her pants clung to her body, revealing her nice curves.
Something stirred inside of his chest and he could feel himself becoming aroused.
Before it could progress, Scott cleared his throat to signify his presence.
But she didn’t stop.
Instead, she turned around, smiled, and danced a little silly until the song came to an end.
Scott had a wide smile and waited until she climbed down from the desk.
“Didn’t think anyone else came after hours”
Scott put his bag down and shrugged his shoulders, “forgot I had homework”
“Scott forgetting to do homework?!” She gasped dramatically.
“Someone call the police, we’ve got a rebel on our hands”
“Guilty as charged,” Scott raised his hands in the air making her laugh.
They went their separate ways, studying whatever it was that they were studying and she put down the music, switching over to a much more chill, cafe type.
He was on the verge of passing out while reading chemical bonds when a loud thud alerted him awake.
Scott looked around the library to find the source of the noise when he found her hunched over a pile of fallen books from a high shelf.
“Need some help?”
The books were almost thirty pounds each.
Most of them were history books and some were more on mythic knowledge concerning transformation, lunar science, and of course, wolf species.
“So, what are you researching?”
“That’s an odd question, I bet you don’t even know my name, Scott McCall”
“Yeah I do”
“Oh really? What is it then?”
Scott was stuck.
He did not know this girls name.
Stiles had to have mentioned it at least once.
The kid waved and said hi to her almost every day, prior to the dance.
She smiled and grabbed the last book.
They both stood to look at one another.
“Shows how much I don’t matter. In light of that, I’ll be taking my leave”
With that, she turned to leave but whipped around to stand three feet away from Scott.
For some reason, his heart began to pound against his chest.
“I changed my mind, I decided I’ll give you another chance for a favor in the future, agree or disagree?”
Scott could barely hear his thoughts over the blood rushing in his ears so he just nodded.
What the hell was happening?
“Great! When I tell you this, I want you to remember it for as long as your memory is intact. I want it to melt on your tongue every time you say my name”
By now she had a hand resting on his shoulder, her body slightly pressed against him, and her mouth half a foot away from his lips.
“It’s Y/N”
She kissed his cheek then left with an innocent smile painted on her face.
Scott could feel the absence of her lips as a tingly burn, a sweet hole being drilled into the hollow of his cheek.
He stood in the same spot for five minutes before completely grasping what happened.
He shouldn’t be doing this.
Allison and him were still together, maybe not in the way he wanted to but there were in a relationship.
“What is going on with me?”


“Do I know you?”
Your heels clacked as you walked away from the whiny little boy.
“Y/N, come on. Don’t act like this”
“What am I acting like?”
“Like you don’t miss me”
You let out a short, humorless laugh at the accusation.
“Says the boy following me around”
“I need my key back”
You stopped walking and whipped around on your heels.
He truly had the audacity to be bold and brash with you.
“I threw that piece of metal on the side of the road when I caught you balls deep in your ex-girlfriend”
Jackson clenched his jaw and dropped his gaze to the floor.
“Y/N, I didn’t–”
“Save it for someone who actually cares. I truly support your decision though. It let me know that I could do so much better than a luring scoundrel who likes to break hearts when he’s bored”
You flicked your hair back and marched towards the exit, only to find him following you close behind.
“Y/N it wasn’t like that, okay? Honestly, you were –”
“Very special to me and I hope–”
“Shut up”
“That we can hash out any problems–”
Anger fell over your body and you swore if you could glow your eyes, it would’ve been a burning red.
You pushed Jackson up against the lockers, closed your eyes and inhaled deeply.
“There is no we, there will never be a we, not ever again”
You opened your eyes and shot him daggers.
Jackson’s blue eyes seemed to shiver when you gave him the reality of the situation.
From your peripheral you could see Scott.
You flashed him a smile and a seductive wink.
He returned your smile and unconsciously licked his lips.
Jackson watched in a daze as you strutted away from him.


Scott stirred awake in his hot bed.
He walked towards the window to let the cold air come in.
Maybe it was the lack of sexual contact, the coldness of the air breezed itself onto his boxers, coaxing his bulge.
He shivered and shook away the thought to touch himself.
Instead, he climbed back into bed and tried to go back to sleep.
At first, his dreams were about a half-naked Y/N posing on the library table, books in piles in the background.
She crawled towards him, placed a finger on his lips and told him, “shh, no talking.”
The image was quickly whisked away as Derek grabbed her by the throat and bit her the same way he was bitten.
He laughed as blood dribbled from his mouth.
Out from the ground, a hand drug her underground.
Scott tried to lunge for her but Derek held him back, “she’s Peter’s now!”
He emerged from the ground, eating her body in half.
Gut spilled out from her bottom half as Peter noisily munched.
Scott snapped his eyes open and scrambled himself awake.
Derek stood over him and threw a shirt in his face.
“Get up, there’s something you need to see”

Derek pulled the veil off of a table to reveal a dead body.
Scott winced at the sight and covered his nose and mouth.
“Look at the scratches”
Scott got closer to see how deep the slashes were.
“What could’ve done this?”
“I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s not something that should be kept around”
Scott furrowed his brows and flashed Derek a look.
“What do you mean?”
“Come on Scott, this creature is killing people. It has to die”
“What is wrong with you? This isn’t a plan to get rid of an enemy this is a ploy to get more power”
“Thought we had this conversation earlier with Erica, Isaac, and Boyd, power is all that this is about Scott. When will you get that through your thick skull?”
Derek covered the body with the black veil.
“Never, I’m not going to support the death of a creature that’s probably scared and confused”
“Scared and confused?” Derek chortled.
“Don’t be so stupid, McCall. It’s going to kill again”
“What are you going to do?”
“I only brought you here to tell you what I’m going to do. Your opinion means nothing to me”

After Deaton closes the clinic, a faint light turns on in the main room.
Files and documents of the animals in attendance are scattered in an organized mess.
The dogs and cats in the holding room all make noise as the door opens but suddenly stops.
A snake in the corner hisses at the glass.
Back in the operating room, a vial of clear liquid sits on the table.
You pick it up and give a devilish smile.
The smell of mischief fermented off your skin making the snake draped around your shoulder feel contempt in its placement.
No one suspects and no one knows.

No smut, but I made it up with Inopportune Moments


Right Now

A/N: I only had one official request for it, but I kind of wanted to do it anyway. A follow-up to Accidental Snap. ;) @coveofmemories @sweetg 


You’d decided on seven o’clock. That’s when you’d drive over to his place. Considering your clothes weren’t going to last very long anyway, you decided against them, instead draping a knee-length black trench coat over the deep pink-trimmed sheer lingerie you’d decided on.

Should you snap him? There were risks.

Once you took a picture, it had the opportunity to be out on the internet forever. But Spencer wasn’t the type to do anything with it. Honestly, he probably wouldn’t even know how to screenshot anything. Technology wasn’t his forte; he preferred the analog. 

Screw it.

Before leaving the apartment, you opened the front of the trench coat to reveal your outfit in the mirror. Taking out your phone, you snapped a picture of yourself and sent it to Spencer, with the caption: “Do you like what you see?”

You’d barely closed up your coat and walked down the stairs when he snapped back. “Oh, dear god.”

Within 15 minutes, you’d arrived at his apartment, walking up the stairs on black-strappy heels and already ready for him. He’d said he’d wanted your mouth on him first - and you were more than happy to oblige. 

Knock. Knock.

“Hey,” you smiled, looking from side-to-side to make sure no one was there and opening your coat. “Do I look better in person or in the picture?”

Without a word, he pulled you inside, wrapping his arm around your waist inside the coat. Immediately, his lips found yours. You assumed you had your answer as his breath floated over your neck, the heat from him warming your cooled skin. “I thought you said you wanted my mouth on you first,” you cooed, gently nibbling up to just behind his ear. “I’ll gladly get on my knees.”

He grunted as you pushed him up against the wall and pulled down his pants in one quick movement. “To be honest, last night, this was the first thing that came to my mind,” you said, looking up at him and wandering dangerously closely to his arousal. “When I had my fingers in my pussy, I thought about having your cock in my mouth.” A satisfied thud resounded throughout the apartment as Spencer’s head fell back into the wall. 

“Oh, god, Y/N,” he moaned. As his breathing became more labored, you skirted your hands around his member and near the top of his boxers, gently pulling them down as your mouth followed the movements of his undergarments. His boxers made their way down his legs, painstakingly slowly for him, and you looked up at him the entire time, until a soft thud alerted you to material hitting the floor. The image of the strained muscles in his neck was enough to cause wetness to pool in the boy shorts you wore.

Reaching inside to your slickness, you allowed it to coat your fingers, using it as lubricant. Gently at first, you wrapped your hands around his length - one at the base and one at the top, slowly gliding them both up and down in a fir grip. “Faster,” he whispered, barely audible above both of your labored breathing. As he asked, you picked up the pace, adding the occasional swipe of your tongue into the mix - each time causing a groan of pleasure to erupt from Spencer’s throat. Who knew the Boy Genius from the BAU could look so dirty? Now, you did.

When you felt him surge, you slowed your movements to a near standstill, waiting to get his attention again. He looked down at you slack-jawed, his face filled with a blush not normally worn by him as he tangled his fingers in your hair and brought you closer to where he wanted you. Although you wanted to devour him, make him scream for you, you took it slow - it was time for delicious torture. 

Your thumb began to draw circles at the head of him while your tongue tasted the pre-cum that was dripping from him. “Delicious,” you said with a smile, his hands still in your hair. “More?”

“Yes…please,” he choked as his head fell back into the wall. By degrees, you sheathed him in your mouth, first bobbing up and down on the tip, and then taking more and more of him, until you nearly had all of him.  You were about to pull away, start the process all over again, but instead, he subtly pushed your head forward, as he moved his hips forward. 

For a few moments, you let him take control, thrusting inside of your mouth over and over again. “Oh my god. Holy fuck.”

“Is this what you were picturing last night?” you asked as you removed your mouth from him, stroking him instead with your fingers. “Were you picturing your cock sliding in and out of my mouth? How hard did you come when you thought about me?”

Although he tried to speak, no words came out. With a chuckle, you took him in your mouth again, bracing both hands on either side of the wall as you pushed yourself further onto him. Each movement brought a new feel, a new taste, until you were so overcome with your own pleasure that you allowed your right hand to drift beneath the scrap of material you were wearing. 

When Spencer looked down, he could see what you were doing, simultaneously pleasuring yourself and him, and it nearly brought him over the edge. “Oh god, Y/N,” he grunted. “I’m going to…I’m…”

“Mmmhmm,” you mumbled, his cock still sliding in and out of your mouth. You wanted him too. It was what you had been thinking of last night and now it was your reality. With increased pressure, you pressed your fingers to your center, falling over the brink as you sheathed him entirely, his come rolling into your mouth in waves. 

As you came to stand, you licked your lips, cleaning up the remnants of your act. “Delicious,” you said for the second time this evening. “Care to taste me now?”

“God yes,” he said, picking you up and carrying you to his bedroom. “Right now.”

Just Come On (8)

summary: Hopper finds Billy’s car parked on the side of a road leading to Illinois, why is Dustin so frantic and why is Will so worried?

series: Stranger Things

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A/N: sorry it’s short!!!! I’ll start chapter 9 later on though, it’ll be WAYYYY longer!!


My Girl

chapter 8


Dustin held onto his head as he lifted himself off of the bleachers. He felt light headed and he didn’t know why. As he turned his head to the side, he felt a pang in his chest. You weren’t there, you weren’t with him. 

“Nine?” He glanced around the gym room, worry filling his chest and making himself feel sick. “Nine, where are you? Nine!” Dustin tried to stand up before his knees collapsed and he fell to the floor. He scanned the gym and couldn’t seem to find anything until his eyes met the wide open door.

“No..,” Dustin didn’t give time to think and pushed himself up, running toward the door. He slammed the door completely open and felt his stomach turn upside down. It was cold out and no one was there, there was nothing. 

He ran to his talker and immediately picked up, “Will, Mike, Lucas! Is Nine with you guys? Are they with Jane or Max?”

“No, why? Wait, what happened?” Will spoke with concern and Dustin almost felt guilty for the disappearance. Will was one of the closest to you over the past three days, which meant he would be affected the most.



You ducked down into the back as a light went past the car windows. Billy had fallen asleep during the drive and you’d luckily helped guide the car to safely park in the woods. That meant that you were still in Hawkins, and that meant that the others would find you somehow. You let the boy sleep, though. You didn’t know how to drive and certainly did not want to steal his memories, never again.

“Hello? Who’s in that car?” The voice of the light wielder was deep, like an older man. The man’s boots stomped against the dirt and you held your breath as you could feel him close to the car. He immediately scoffed the moment he saw Billy asleep with sunglasses on, “You should be home, kid. It’s almost two in the morning.”

The man began to become suspicious the more Billy didn’t respond. You quickly held your hand up to control his unconscious body. The moment he turned to the man, he knew that Billy was asleep. His mouth hung open a sliver and he nodded like a cartoon. The man turned off his flashlight and you let go of Billy while letting out a breath you didn’t know you held. 

As you did, the door had opened and the same light was shining on you. You quickly got up and shuffled back until your back hit the other side of the car. The man with the hat watched you and carefully held his hands up, trying to calm you down.

“Hey, hey, hey. Kid, listen. It’s okay, it’s okay,” He held his arms out toward you and you held your hand up to him, trying your best not to outright make him pass out. He wanted time to speak, and so you’ll give him time. “Hey, I’m just here to help.”

The moment he set his hand on the seat of the car, your hand twitched and his arm went numb. He fell forward and you watched as his hat slowly followed after. You stared at him as he pulled himself back up. He was angry, upset, and annoyed.

“Hey! What-” 

The second he began to raise his voice you knocked your head to the side and his whole body went numb. You sent him crashing to the ground and you quickly crawled over to shut the door before stealing his flashlight. He spasmed on the ground and you climbed your way into the front seats after controlling Billy and making him lie down in the back.

You placed your hand on his forehead and closed your eyes. You said you’d never do it again, but the man would find you if you didn’t. You retracted your hand and placed it on the wheel,  your eyes staring ahead. While reaching to flip the key, your hand brushed the radio and it turned on. The music was loud, yet you didn’t mind.

You adjusted your hands and gently placed your foot on the gas pedal, glancing at the mirror to see Billy’s eyes slowly flicker. You turned back to the road and began to put more and more pressure on the pedal, not noticing that Billy had somewhat woken up. 

His eyes were squinted and he held his head, slowly raising himself up to groggily look at you. His eyes widened once you’d pressed the pedal fully and you gradually began to speed your way through the road. You made sharp turns and Billy slid across the back seat, hitting his head on the metal door.

“Shit!” He held onto his head and was thrown off the seat once you’d made an abrupt stop before continuing your way onward. You took a few glances at the map you’d found in the glove compartment, staring at the roads until you memorized the route. 

Billy was flung toward the car side once again and his head thudded against it, alerting you for the first time. The music faded and returned like waves of water in his ears, you glanced back at him before continuing to drive. His eyes became blurry until all he could see was the splats of light and dark, then the silhouette of you. 

Darkness slowly seeped into his line of sight and he slowly drifted off before his head fell to the cushion and he fell into a sleep. The music was all he could hear, though it sounded muffled and drowned out.

“Talkin’ bout my girl…”

Notorious | pt.12

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Gun Violence, Fluffish, Death, Emotional stuff, PLOT TWIST. 


Word Count: 6,487

A/N: Well… It’s here. I’m sorry in advance. (Also, sorry it rambles a bit) 

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven // Part Eight

Part Nine // Part Ten // Part Eleven 

You sat on the edge of the bed with your knees brought up to your chest, sinking your teeth into the skin around your chipped polished nails. You had been staring at the carpet for too long that your vision had become blurry and out of focus, all while you remained lost somewhere in your own thoughts. 

Calum sat quietly beside you, his left leg jumping up and down out of nervousness, he had his right hand placed on his other knee as he picked at the loose fray that stuck out from his trousers and stared at the wall in front of him. He was trying to stay quiet, but inside he was dying to speak up and apologise to you. But his pride always got the better of him. 

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Shadow: Part 10

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Natasha and Bucky rescue someone from their past. Being hunted down, they bring you to the Avengers. Will it be enough to keep you safe?

A/N:  Holy crap I’m so sorry this was not out at 1! I scheduled it but then edited it and forgot that it sets it for the next day of after editing. Sorry this part is short but this week is going to be hectic and I don’t think I’ll be able to update until next week. Here’s hoping that it’ll be shorter, but I can’t promise that for sure. Thanks so much for reading! ~J 

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I never wanted any of it.

I don’t feel anything.

I never loved you.

The words bounced around your head, ringing out in the deafening silence. Once you had arrived at a warehouse they blindfolded you and left you bound to a chair. No sense of time or space existed anymore, were you even awake at this point? It was hard to tell when everything was silent and dark.

All you could do was think about the words that had ripped Bucky’s heart out as you waited for Alexi’s next move. That tortured you more than they had at this point. Every time you thought of him now, you could only see the devastation in his eyes and hear the desperation in his voice.  

Taking inventory of your body helped you from spiraling into hyperventilation. Your wrists were sore from the ropes, your back was sour from sitting up straight for so long, and your neck was starting to get a kink. If this was all you felt then you were lucky they hadn’t started the torture yet.

You could still feel the the microscopic scars they had caused last time. Each breath you took reminded you of how lucky you were that your ribs had yet to be broken.

A large thud and footsteps alerted you to their presence. You counted at least 3 men from the breathing. The blindfold was ripped away and you squinted to adjust to the light.

Looking up at Alexi, your blood ran cold seeing his hungry smile. He lightly swipes his hand down your cheek and you flinch. He chuckles at your reaction.

“You are a thing of beauty Y/N. I can see how my son was so infatuated by you.”

You stare coldly at him, refusing to be baited.  

“Not as talkative this time around huh?”

Again, you blink up at him. If you were going down, you would go down strong.

Clearly frustrated by your silence, he takes out a knife and holds it so it glints in the light.

“I remember your screams from last time, such a lovely voice. Let’s see if we can do that again shall we?” and he carefully swipes a line from your exposed collarbones downwards. You press your lips together, trying to hold in the scream. It doesn’t hurt as bad as it should, the pain of your heartbreak dulling the physical, but it still stings.

Laughing to himself he passes the knife to the two men behind him and each takes turns slicing your skin. The blood pools and stains your dress, but you still don’t make a sound. Jaw clenching and unclenching, Alexi brings his knee up and slams it into your stomach.

You let huff as the wind gets knocked out of you, but still not a peep.

He hits you square on your cheekbone, taking his annoyance out on you. You just bring your head back up and smirk at him. You’re going to enjoy breaking Alexi if it’s the last thing you do. It will be the last thing you do.

He looks at you for a moment before putting on the blindfold and walking out.

Time ticks by slowly, by the rumbling of your stomach you say it is at least midday. Possibly 15 hours since you left the love of your life, told him you didn’t love him and then walked out on him.

Taking a breath, you calmed yourself. Maybe, if you could get yourself out of here, maybe he would forgive you. You heard footsteps approaching and leaving, the 2nd time in an hour. There was security, although not heavy if they only had one person patrolling.

Nat had told you that they’re numbers were dwindling, no longer that much of a threat after Hydra had compromised them. They were mostly taken care of by the police now if there was ever a flair up. Meaning you had a chance to escape, but also knowing that no one was coming for you.

You were shackled sure, but you could break your thumb and get yourself free. They had weapons and you didn’t, but if you timed it right, you could attack the guard while he was patrolling. You could take his gun.

Since moving into the tower, you trained alongside the Avengers. You were better and more lethal now than ever. You could do this if you could time everything correctly.

So wrapped up in your thoughts you didn’t notice the door creak open until the blindfold was taken off again.

Alexi and his same bodyguards were standing there looking at you like prey. You prepared yourself for more hits but none of that came. Instead he held a syringe.

“I can tell you’re stronger this time, being reunited with your lover has done wonders for you. Sadly, it’s not fun to torture you if you do not respond.” You watch carefully as he flicks the syringe. “Did Hydra ever tell you what we were trying to make?”

You rack your brain from an answer. They would never tell you anything but you did over hear some of your handlers talking about a biological drug.

“See, we tried to replicate the serum your boyfriend got. Wouldn’t it be so convenient to have an army of them lined up and ready to serve? However, we were not successful and instead found this. We were going to use it on our enemies, sell it to the highest bidder. Until Hydra got to us.” he spits.

You aren’t sure what’s it is, but you know you do not want to find out. Taking a deep breath, you dislocate your thumb and pull your right hand free. Your scream confuses them for a moment. You take this moment to swing your left arm, still attached to the chair, at Alexi. He goes down hard.

His bodyguards train their guns on you and fire. Using the metal chair to reflect the bullets as you dropped to the ground and swept their feet from below them. Quickly getting up, you managed to grab the gun one of them dropped and shot it at the chain connecting you to the chair.

Freeing yourself just in time, you slammed one guard’s head into the cement wall as he charged at you and shot the other. The alarms went off, taking the other gun you ran down the hall as quickly as you could.

Turning the corner, three men were fast approaching. You shot two before they made it before they even made it halfway down the corridor. Pulling the trigger for the third you heard a click. Desperately trying to unjam the gun, another shot rang out and you waited for the impact.

Opening your eyes, you say the third guard fall to his feet before you and whipped around. Standing not even ten feet away from you, Bucky lowered his own gun.

“Медведь” you breathed out, frozen in place.

“We have to go, we don’t have much time” he said as he pulled you close to him and pressed a kiss to your temple.

“Bucky” was all you could say or do.

“Let’s go” he urged again and pulled your wrist. Silently, the two of you stalked around, trying not to draw the attention of the remaining guards.

“How?” you whispered. He turned back to look at you with a soft smile on his face.

“We can talk about that later. We have to get you out of here now.” he said as he took lead again.  

He started towards the roof, no doubt where the quinjet was parked and ready to go.

“Steve, found her. Coming up right now.” he said into his comm. You took a second to just admire him from the back. Even after you told him you never loved, never wanted him, he was here rescuing you.

You didn’t realize you had fallen behind until an arm wrapped around your throat and a sharp pinch was at your back. Your scream made Bucky turn around, gun aimed at your captor.

“Soldat. Welcome.” Alexi spoke. “I was hoping you would stay out of this, but it’s so much more fun when you are here.”

“Let her go” Bucky growled.

“As you wish.” he shoved you forward and you fell. The world started to spin around you as you landed on your hands and knees. Bucky was at your side in an instant, trying to help you up.

“Bucky, the room is… the room is spinning.” you had to force yourself to take deep breathes as the nausea hit you and you slumped forward, almost falling again before Bucky caught you.

“What did you do to her” he yelled at Alexi, one arm trying to keep you upright and tucked against him, the other training his gun at Alexi.

“I just gave her the serum soldat. You should remember, you stole the files. First the nausea and dizziness. Then fever dreams, the feeling like you are being burned alive, confusion and pain. All before her poor heart gives out.” he almost sings, holding up the empty syringe to show Bucky.

“No!” Bucky yells before he pulls the trigger.

The sound startles you and you pull away from Bucky’s body to throw up. You sway on your feet and somehow end up falling, before you hit the ground Bucky steadies you.

“Come on кукла. Stay with me” he tries to help you, but you are fading. Black spots dance around your vision until they start to blanket the light, Bucky’s voice sounding fuzzy and far away.   

The last thing you hear before you just submit to the darkness was Bucky begging and calling your name.  


Медведь- bear

кукла- doll


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Okay so i have this headcanon or a prompt or wish or whatever and it goes like this:

Imagine a new villain in National City, wreaking chaos and destruction, SuperFriends and the DEO are after it but none of them seems to have any success. Kara used her super strength but couldn’t take it down, Alex used her guns and weapons but failed, Winn used his tech smarts to get the thing but couldn’t, James used his Guardian gear, J’onn used his psychic abilities. But no such luck. 

They’re all at the DEO trying to hack up a plan to take this thing down when Kara gets a call from Lena.

“Are you okay?” Was how Lena greeted her very-newly claimed girlfriend although they hadn’t told anyone yet. Lena had joined in on a few game nights and everybody seemed to be warming up to her albeit slowly except Winn who had become some sort of a best friend to Lena, the concept of having one, still very strange and unfamiliar to Lena. After having watched all the news broadcasts of the failed attempts to take down the new villain and being scolded by Jess to go home twice, Lena finally decided to check in on her girlfriend and offer her own help.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine, just really frustrated and angry at not being able to do anything about this new threat”

“I can help” Lena said already thinking up of all the ways she could take this thing down.

“What? No, Lena. You don’t have to worry about this. There’s nothing you can do. Anyways I don’t want you in harm’s way” Kara replied causing Lena to frown. What did Kara mean? Didn’t she think Lena capable of dealing with this threat? Before Lena could argue, Kara had said a quick goodbye and hung up.

Lena stared at her phone still frowning. After a few moments of pondering, she called for Jess and gathered the things she needed.

She’ll show Kara and everyone else. With that thought, Lena Luthor set out to face the newest villain of National City.

*insert Lena being a genius, learning the villain’s weakness, hatching up devices to render him powerless and ultimately defeat him*

Lena coughed a little and walked away from the smoke where a body was lying unconscious. It wasn’t even ten seconds before black vans pulled up and the ‘thud’ alerting Supergirl’s landing was heard. Lena turned around to come face to face with Kara, Alex, J’onn, Winn and James. She stayed rooted to her spot. She was aware of the cameras recording around her. J’onn was the first one to move. He offered Lena a simple firm handshake and nod which Lena presumed was his way of saying either “Thank you” or “Good Job”, she wasn’t sure. The next was, Winn, who gave an excited laugh before bounding towards Lena and giving her a high-five. Before he could say anything and probably bombard Lena with questions, James came forward putting an arm around his shoulders.

That was amazing, Lena” James remarked, giving Lena his usual charming smile and walking away with Winn wriggling under his arm.

Next was Alex, who kept glancing back at Kara who was still rooted to her spot doing nothing but staring at Lena with slightly wide eyes.

That was bad-ass, Luthor. But you might want to go talk to that one before she explodes” Alex commented clapping Lena on the back before walking away.

Kara finally seemed to snap out of her stupor and not long after she was standing in front of Lena, her piercing gaze quickly looking Lena up and down. Probably checking for injuries. Lena stood rigid, her arms crossed.

Never do that again. Understand?” Kara said pulling Lena in a hug. Lena tried resisting but eventually gave in, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend.

Then never tell me what I can or can’t do” Lena said stubbornly. Kara pulled back looking at her girlfriend with shock before her eyes crinkled and she dissolved into laughter, her voice ringing out even in all the noise surrounding the two of them. The cameras were all pointed in their direction now, all of National City confused with the sight they were seeing.

A Super and A Luthor.

You are entirely something else, Lena Luthor” Kara exclaimed, looking at the woman in front of her with all the love in the world. Lena’s smirk shifted into a genuine smile when she saw the love and awe in Kara’s eyes.

Both women forgot about the rest of the world in that instant and pulled each other in a searing kiss.

The entire city was enveloped in a silence.

I KNEW IT! MAGGIE, YOU OWE ME 50 BUCKS” Alex’s voice rang out among the silence before eventually everyone started clapping and hooting for their beloved heroes.

Shenko - “For Lovers”

Prompt fic from my forever Shenko-whisperer @tlcinbflo, who requested the first flirtations between my Francesca (Franky) Shepard and Kaidan Alenko.  If T asks, T receives.  Hope you love it, hon. <3

For Lovers

“Franky Shepard had the kind of smile that seemed always on the verge of laughter, but the kind you couldn’t share in public.  She had a smile for lovers.”  -  Shepard and Kaidan – sore muscles, tender hearts.

Can be read here:

And here:

* * *

“It’ll be fun, Shepard. Knocking a few heads and putting baddies away. Blowing off some steam. Flexing those righteous Spectre muscles. It’ll be fun,” Shepard growled mockingly, a dark chuckle falling from her lips. “That krogan will be the death of me,” she vowed, shaking her head. She stopped, pushing against the ceiling panel above her. It didn’t give. Frowning, Shepard looked down to Kaidan beneath her as she rested along his shoulders. “A little to the left, Alenko.”

Kaidan gripped her thighs against his cheeks and stepped left, his back already aching from the full weight of his commander sitting on his shoulders. “Remind me never to trust Wrex when he uses the words ‘fun’ and 'fortified’ in the same sentence ever again,” he grunted, managing a short chuckle after the words.

It wasn’t the first pirate stronghold they’d stormed. And certainly not the first time Wrex had charged off on his own, shotgun blazing, gruff yet maniacal laughter echoing through the halls. But it was the first stronghold Shepard had ever been trapped in. She and Kaidan had made it through the second lower level of the bunker when the failsafes were tripped and the place went on lockdown. Wrex was trapped in the basement level, though the word 'trapped’ was probably an overstatement when he had already blown a hole through the pirate leader’s stomach and any other unlucky souls confined to the room were just as quickly and brutally dispatched.

With little cover and an over-abundance of enemies trapped on their own level, Shepard had barely managed to put down the last pirate in the room before Kaidan’s barrier fell, his amp threatening to short out with the heated throbbing at the base of his skull. So now, with an impatient, seven hundred pound krogan one floor below, the main console keeping the lockdown activated one floor above, and a flagging biotic without even enough juice to Lift the ceiling panels, it was up to some good old fashioned soldiering on Shepard’s part to get them out.

And this was how she ended up sitting atop Kaidan Alenko’s shoulders in the stark red light of a pirate bunker.

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Rose Colored Boy Pt.2 (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

Originally posted by fallenangelia

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4

Story: Jerome Valeska is a deranged maniac, but what happens when you end up a part of his world and he expects you to keep up with him. Will he help you grow? Or will things crumble into a deeper chaos?
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,717
A/N: It’s a school night and I haven’t proof read this so forgive me for mistakes, feedback appreciated!

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anonymous asked:

villain aizawa scenario with UA student!reader

I don’t write for student x teacher, so I’ve aged down Aizawa to when he attended UA, but kept everything else the same. Enjoy this spoopy request~

Aizawa Shota:

“Did you hear about the student who got kicked out?”

“No, who got kicked out?”

“I don’t know his name… but apparently some first year got kicked out last week because he became really mentally unstable and put another first year into the hospital.”

“Are you serious? What happened to this psycho?”

“That’s the thing… no one knows. He just up and disappeared after his expulsion… pretty freaky right?”

“Yeah… I just hope I’ll never run into that guy.”

The sound of someone slamming their textbook shut with an echoing thud alerted the two gossiping girls that they were easily heard, the person who caused the noise obviously not happy about their words.

You turned, your eyes projecting knives into their hearts, the cold glare making them both gasp slightly. You rolled your eyes, pacing to towards the self to return the book and then head home for the afternoon.

It had been a week since Aizawa Shota had put one of your classmates into the hospital. The rumors starting up right away of course from the incident, most of them covering the true with an addictive coating of addictive lies.

Your eyes batted along the nearly abandoned streets, the only living figures being yourself and a few strange cats wondering about lazily, their tails swaying as you passes them by.

You sighed, feeling the same uneasy feeling coming over yourself again, the events from that training simulation playing in your mind. You had been on Aizawa’s team when he suddenly lost it, your classmate having been lucky to survive.

“I came looking for stray cats, but looks like I found something more interesting.”

You paused in your pace, glancing behind you to see the former student, his attire different than last week. His hair was messy, no longer clean and slicked back. His clothing was all black aside from the straps of beige around his neck. His eyes looked disinterested, despite him being the one who started this conversation.

“I thought you had skipped town.”

“Is there a reason I should?”

“Because UA has notified the police of what you did. They’ve been told to take you into custody when they find you.”

He sighed, bending down to rub the ears of a cat who came forward. The cat meowed happily, liking the man’s attention and affection. Aizawa smiled, picking the cat up in his arms and then responding to you.

“I assume that makes me a villain then. Does that mean a hero like you is going to try to take me in?” He spoke, his voice dull though he sounded genuinely curious of what you would do.

“Is this some kind of game to you?” You spat back, hands balling up and eyes staring at him. “You’re some kind of scary story that the other students are spreading around for God’s sake!”

Aizawa placed the cat down, walking closer to you. He smiled that slightly disturbing smile he had shown you many times before, but this time you finally knew just how sinister it could be and how terrified you should be of it.

“Any good villain has a reputation (Name).”

“You’re not a villain, but you’re allowing people to make you into one.”

“No.” He spoke, his eyes casting away from you. He was gone in the next second, but his parting words left you shaking, the walk home seemingly more haunting now.

“Everyone thought I was meant to be a villain from the beginning. Only now, I’ve come to embrace it.”

United We Stand (Part 2)

Prompt: This was inspired by 2 imagines! Reader and Raven have a sordid past that Charles is always caught in the middle of.

Pairing: Charles X Reader

Warnings: language, hostility, violence, angst,

Word Count: 2295

Notes: This is based around X-Men Apocalypse. The imagines were combined: Imagine instead of Jean, you went into Charles’s mind to fight Apocalypse for him. “Y/N! Please! I need you!” & Imagine having powers like Scarlet Witch and Charles being VERY interested in them. @marvel-imagines-marvel-fandoms

Also was beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and @amarvelouswritings


Right after Erik took Charles, and Peter got everyone out on the lawn when your home was destroyed. But you didn’t have enough time to mourn, because the next thing you knew was a government helicopter landing and Raven screamed, but it was too late and you were knocked out. After that, you were waking up in a small room with green lights with Hank, Peter, Raven, and Moira.

“Hello, Major Stryker,” Raven said.

“That’s Colonel Stryker,” the man above you, behind the glass corrected.

Disdainfully, you muttered, “Friend of yours?”

“No,” Raven harshly responded, her face whipping to you.

“I’m a government agent, you can’t keep me in here,” Moira said.

“Actually, I can.”

He said a few more things then left  you all in there.

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Hero (Rick Grimes x Reader)

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

Pairing: Rick x Reader

Warnings: None

97. “I don’t need a hero, I need a husband.” with Rick

Rick sat on the couch in the living room, face between his hands. He rubbed his temples, he had so many headaches lately. Negan would be coming any minute for another visit. Although this time, you were home. Somehow, every time Negan visited you were out on runs scavenging for anything useful.

You walked down the stairs, boots leaving marks upon the once pristine carpeting. The dull thuds of your feet alerted Rick to your presence. The man looked at you from the couch, mouth turned in a frown.

“What are you doin’?” he asked, eyeing your form. You looked ready to go out and scavenge.

You smiled, hand resting on the banister. “I was going to help you with Negan today,” you began, walking toward him and resting on the arm of the couch, “Today is the day, right?”

“Yeah, it is, but you aren’t helping me with him,” Rick said, hand resting on your thigh.

Your smile fell, eyes hardening into a glare, “Well, why the hell not?”

“Because you don’t need to meet him, you need to be safe, in here,” he spoke. In truth, he knew how you were, you would try and fight Negan and Rick feared that outcome. You were the one of the last positive things in his life and he’d be damned if Negan could waltz in and take that away from him.

“I don’t need to be locked away like some useless princess, Rick,” you stood from your position on the couch, brows furrowing.

“I know that,” Rick said calmly, “I just…you don’t need to be out there with him, he isn’t a good man.”

You let out a snort, “If he was a good man, I wouldn’t need to be out there to help protect us.” You weren’t someone who liked to sit back and watch while others did the work. No, you were not some damsel in distress that Rick needed to keep locked away. Rick needed to recognize that you are capable and he needed to be there for you, supporting your actions. “Rick, listen, I don’t need a hero, I need a husband.”

His frown lifted, tired eyes meeting yours. “I know that, I’m scared what he’d do if he met you,” he sighed, defeated.

“I can handle him, I just need you to be there with me,” you said softly, grabbing his hand, “Let’s go wait at the gate, together.”


Gift Sent From Down Below (part 12)


Summery: What would happen if you, a girl, gets placed in the maze a few months before Thomas and Teresa?

Pairing: Newt x Reader
Word count: 1.261

-> Note (Important) <-
I’m crying, this is the end of this fic OMG xjdxiducpxdkpf.
BUT! There will be a little epilogue to the series posted in the near future, but it’s totally up to you if you want to read it. This story can totally be read without it.
I hope you enjoyed this series, I certainly did! Thank you for the love and support!

Part 1 Part 11 Epilogue

Originally posted by newtmazing

Now, Newt never left your side. He limped right behind you everywhere you went. Even the moments you decided to take a shower he tagged along, saying he wanted to guard your door, or curtain, for any curious intruders. Being the gentleman he is he never took advantage of this either. Patiently waiting for you to come out of the wooden cubicle, wet hair stuck to your stunning face, little water drops scattered on your clothing and bare feet hitting the green grass of the Glade.

Those simple moments made him realise he was in deep, falling into a never ending abyss of affection. A place he would most probably never be able to climb out of.
He was now stuck inside two places; his love for you and this terrifying maze. Though, the first made the latter much more bearable.

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Two Different Storms


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Hii, can you write a Theo’s imagine using this prompts: “Just say it, once more” “You don’t have to change for me” “You think I need you? Because I don’t” I love your writing bb, it’s amazinggg :)

Side Note: Woooh! I actually got an imagine done, seriously was doubting whether or not I would. Anyway enjoy reading, and I hope whoever requested likes it x

It’s been a stressful few weeks with things at home being beyond frustrating, your parents were breathing down your neck due to not doing so well in school. However you couldn’t exactly tell them that it was because all your time was spent dealing with the supernatural, now could you? Along with having to balance a rocky relationship, or at least that’s what you thought Theo and you were..but even that was questionable.

He had told you of his plans to gain more power, as he put it. Once he spilled out the truth things begun to become difficult between you and him. Between auguring with your parents, trying to figure out if telling Scott what Theo’s plans were was a good idea, and on top of that doing your best to avoid Theo all started to take their toll on you emotionally, physically and mentally.

Why are you ignoring me? Y/N answer me! - Theo.

That was the hundred text Theo had sent you, they all read the same thing him wondering why you weren’t speaking to him, why you walked the other way whenever you saw him or why you were ignoring all of his calls and texts. It was unwise if you wanted to put it that way to continue to do this to Theo, he had quite a temper which he never used on you but there’s a first time for everything.

Packing what seemed like half your locker into your bag, you headed on out to the car park. You didn’t realize it was raining, but stepping out into the extreme cold air with rain belting down sure did wake you up. Running as fast as you could to your car without slipping over, you quickly unlocked it, got in and drove very carefully back home. You remembered as you were turning the key that your parents took a trip out of town, leaving you all alone…and what was worse it seemed like a storm was on it’s way.

Ever since you were little you hated storms with a passion, and when ever one was present your parents would always be there to distract you with games, movies anything really. This was one of those rare nights that you had to brace the storm alone. Making sure that every door and window was locked you turned on a few of the lights and made sure to close the curtains, just because you had no choice to hear it doesn’t mean you had to see the lightning crack the sky.

Not even 10 minutes in you heard a thump, which was the most cliche thing to ever happen during a storm. Grabbing the nearest object beside you which happened to be a flashlight you walked ever so slowly towards the sound, ready to strike if necessary. The sound was coming from upstairs which terrified you greatly, all horror and murder movies started like this and you didn’t fancy being attacked in your home, epically in a town that had god knows how many supernatural creatures roaming in it.

Raising the flashlight slightly you climbed to the top of the staircase and turned on the light, seeing no-one you walked a few steps further and the same thud alerted you to turn around, which caused you to collide into something, screaming at the top of your lungs you waved the flashlight in every direction until it was taken from your hands along with someone grabbing your arms.

“Y/N it’s just me, relax babygirl” Theo said.

You saw his face and put your hand over you heart, while using the other one to balance yourself. “Seriously Theo, it’s called a door try it next time” you said trying to steady your heartbeat which was no doubt beating like crazy.

“I couldn’t risk you slamming the door in my face” he replied.

“What are you doing breaking into my house, in the first place Theo” you asked him making your way down the stairs to a room that had more light.

With Theo behind you he replied, “You weren’t answering my calls, replying back to my texts and if that wasn’t enough you were doing your absolute best trying to ignore me. So what did I do?”.

Making your way into the living room the sudden crack of thunder made you jump. Theo noticed and spoke, “Where are your parents? Aren’t they normally here with you when it storms?”

Sitting on the couch you took several deep breaths, storms in Beacon Hills were the worst. Mother Nature wasn’t messing around and what was worst you didn’t know if this storm was normal, or if it was a warning sign to alert everyone that more dangerous things were coming.

“They went out of town, it’s no big deal I can handle it”.

Theo moved the decoration that was on the living room table and sat on the edge, he placed one hand on your leg for comfort and softly said, “You could of called me Y/N, I would have been here to keep you company and safe. I know how much you hate storms babygirl”.

“I’m fine” you said.

“Why do you do that?” he asked removing his hand.

Looking at him with a blank expression you had no idea what he was referring too, “Do what?”

“Pretend that me helping you or coming to your aid is a bad thing? Is it because I told you what I did? Are you afraid of me, is that why you’re ignoring me?”. He got up from the table and paced to the other side of the room.

“Do you know how ridiculous you sound right now?” You got up too and stood a few meters away from him. His dark side was beginning to show and from this small glimpse, you weren’t liking it.

“I sound ridiculous? Well what about you? My girlfriend who doesn’t even allow her own boyfriend to help?” His voice raised slightly, but not to the point where it terrified you. However it was early into the argument so who knew what was going to happen.

“It’s just a storm Theo!” you shouted, matching his early tone from before.

“I’m not talking about the freaking storm anymore Y/N, I’m talking about you and me. About the way you look at me now ever since I told you. I’m talking about how you always go to McCall for help with whatever supernatural predicament you have, instead of me!.

He took a breath and then continued “Don’t think I don’t know, Josh and Corey tell me everything. They heard you speaking to Scott and Stiles awhile back, about a theory you had regarding the chimeras…regarding me. I’m your boyfriend Y/N, I’m the one that’s meant to protect you, you’re suppose to come to me!”

You didn’t know what to do at this point, you had no experience on what to do when Theo was angry. And at this rate it only seems like his anger was increasing which didn’t help your heart rate to steady, or your emotions from being blown wide open. Theo hadn’t seen you angry before either, so this was going to be intense for the both of you.

“I went to Scott because his my alpha, because I trust him to do what’s right. I went to him because he needed to know. How can I come to you Theo when your like this? And the fact you don’t trust me is proven by you having Josh and Corey follow me everywhere I go!”.

“They’re looking out for you! Considering you won’t let me be the one too do it anymore, so yes I have to result to being the bad guy because babygirl you’re leaving me with no choice”.

Stepping just a few steps closer to him, you weren’t sure how close you could go so you stopped at arms length and looked at him. “Not once have I ever thought you were the bad guy, you don’t have to change for me Theo if that’s what this is about”.

He looked at you with an expression you never seen before, it sent cold chills through you. It was a look that was unreadable and if it was anyone else they would surely run and not look back. But the words he spoke were the unexpected bullets that not even the most deadliest look could shot, “You don’t get it babygirl I am the bad guy here, McCall and the rest of his pack already think it, and trust me they’ll turn you against me too. The thing is you think I need you…Because I don’t okay”.

You had no idea where this was coming from, from his facial expression it seemed like he wanted to start this fight with you, but why? It felt like the storm was now in this living room, rather than outside. Not bothering you let the first tear roll down your cheek, and without thinking you uttered the words that destroyed you both.

“I hate you and if that’s how you really feel, then you deserve to be alone Theo”.

He took those few steps and his presences didn’t provide you with warmth anymore, instead everything felt cold and broken. “Just say it, once more” he whispered.

With a river of tears falling down your cheeks, you wiped them away and matched his tone. “I hate you”.

Not expecting at all his reaction was to gently touch your cheek “Good, it’s better you hate me now rather than later. Because what I have to do, is something you won’t ever forgive me for. I want you to hate me now because it will hurt less later. No matter what I said today, I still fucking need you babygirl. But I’m protecting you from me, and my dark side” He kissed the top of your head before disappearing silently.

While all you did was remain in the same spot, staring at the wall in front of you. He did all of this because he wanted to get you to hate him, but the real heart-breaker was that you didn’t hate him not in the slightest. But the look on his face and the sound of his voice when he told you he had to do something, that you weren’t ever going to forgive him for rattled you.

Slowly making your way to the floor your thoughts re-playing his last words, everything was blocked out and not even the storm could affect you anymore…especially not after the storm Theo just created.

For Nejiten Month Week 2

Prompt: Mission, Alternate Universe
Setting: Set in my Alice universe which you can find HERE
Note: This was supposed to be for week one but it was late and hey, it’s AU as well so why the hell not.


She bit her lip in anxiety, fingers twitching, ears looking out for anything. 

Anything at all. 

The moon was supposed to be full tonight, but she wouldn’t know that. It was covered by clouds, thick ones, and the October air was chilly. 

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Never Again

A/N: I was randomly inspired by this awesome song when it came on shuffle in the car. Enjoy Queens ♥

TW: Domestic violence.

Standing in front of the mirror by the door, Spencer glanced once more at his hair, tucking a rebellious few strands behind his ear. He’d looked forward to dinner at Rossi’s again, being in good company with excellent wine and food. Once satisfied that his appearance was suitable for the evening, he reached for the door handle, pulling it open and stepping through it in a single motion. With so much distraction, the young doctor nearly walked right into you as you turned the corner at the top of the stairs.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he pleaded, glancing from you to the small boy holding your hand. “Hey, kiddo!”

“Hi Spencer,” your son replied, half hiding his face in his coat.

“It’s ok,” you chuckled, knowing you were just as much at fault for trying to hurry home. “Off out somewhere nice? You’re looking smart.”

“Oh, just dinner at a colleague’s house,” he replied with his sweet smile. “He’s kind of well off so I always feel a little underdressed.”

“Well, you look just fine to me.”

The words had barely left your lips when a bad feeling swept over you, followed immediately by the sound of the lock clicking on your front door; just a little way down the hall. Three sets of eyes looked up to the door as he stumbled outward, fists clenched and rage in his eyes.

“Y/N,” he slurred. “Get your ass in here…” Such a charming man that your husband had become.

“I’m coming,” you replied sweetly, turning to Spencer one last time. “Enjoy your meal.”

Spencer stood watching as both mother and son scurried forward as quickly as they could, till the door slammed shut behind them. The husbands low and angry voice could be heard, raised enough to seep venomously through the walls but never enough to understand.

He’s drunk again, it’s time to fight
She must have done something wrong tonight
The living room becomes a boxing ring
It’s time to run when you see him clenching his hands
She’s just a woman, never again

The clock pinged, jolting Spencer to reality. A hardbacked book slid from his chest and thudded against the rug at his feet. He blinked, trying to bring the room into focus as quickly as he could. Just how late was it?

Then came another dull thud, causing the now alert agent to look around himself, thinking something else had fallen nearby. But there was nothing, just the book that had already fallen. As Spencer leant forward, reaching downward for the book, there was another noise. This time a series of thuds in rapid succession.

Something wasn’t right, a feeling deep in his stomach that he tended to follow in times of uncertainty. Out in the hallway came a muffled voice of a man shouting, followed by a woman’s scream and another, even louder thud.

Leaping to his feet, Spencer darted for the door with little regard for his own safety. The door flew open and the light of his apartment flooded the small space before him. As he craned his neck around the door, he could see you, curled against the wall by your door. The sound of whimpering prompted him to open his mouth but you didn’t want to hear it.

“Sp…sp…encer…g…g…go back to… to bed,” you cried, shielding your face from his sight but Spencer continued forward. He couldn’t see you, not like this. Not while your son was still in there with… him.

Before the young man before you could reach out to help, you raised up, yanked open the door and returned to whatever hell might await you. Spencer was left in the darkness of the hall, his lips parted in shock. What had he just witnessed?

I hear her scream from down the hall
Amazing she can even talk at all
She cries to me go back to bed
I’m terrified that she’ll wind up dead in his hands
She’s just a woman, never again

“I’m telling you, there’s something going on and I can’t just stand there and let it happen,” he said, lifting the coffee to his lips. JJ shifted uneasily as they walked through the brightly lit corridor. The case they were helping with had ended abruptly with a shooting and both unsub and victim were receiving treatment in the local hospital. “But I’ve not actually seen anything, so…”

“Be careful, Spence,” she advised, looking at him sympathetically. “If you’re wrong then it could be very damaging to accuse something like that… and if he is violent, then you could make things worse in the meantime.”

“I know but…” Spencer started but almost choked up. “I’ve seen things like this end so badly before, but we usually only see the aftermath… seeing it happening and being powerless to do anything without evidence…”

“If she needs help, does she know she can come to you?” asked JJ, to which Spencer nodded.

Been there before but not like this
Seen it before but not like this
Never before have I ever seen it this bad
She’s just a woman, never again

The pair rounded the corner but Spencer grabbed JJ by the shoulder and dragged her back. The look of surprise on her face was accompanied by the urge to shout at him but the look of horror on his was enough to silence her.

“Spence?” she asked.

“He’s there, around the corner,” he explained, leaning his head around to see.

“In the waiting room?” asked JJ.


“Ok, I have an idea,” replied JJ after a moment of thought. “I want you to find out if Y/N is here while I distract him.”


“No buts, Spence, just go.” With that, JJ rounded the corner and headed straight for him.

Looking back, Spencer saw the nurse’s station, attended by two young women in scrubs. If there was a record of Y/N’s room number, it’d be there. With a deep swallow, he built up the courage to move over to one of the young women.

“Excuse me,” he said faintly before clearing his throat of nerves. “Hi, my name is Dr Reid and I’m with the FBI… I wondered if you could tell me which room Y/N is in.”

Two sets of eyes flicked from his face to his FBI vest and then to the badge that Spencer had pulled from his pocket, verifying he was who he said he was. Once it was confirmed, the pair looked to each other and then back to him.

“Has she told the truth?” asked one of them.

“The truth?” asked Spencer in reply.

The door creaked open, causing you to look up in fear and embarrassment but Spencer was the last person you expected to see staring back at you. Instinctively you tried to hide your face but it was too late, he’d already seen it. The painful swelling on the side of your face was too obvious to hide in the harsh light of day anyway. As he stepped further into the room, the small young woman who’d been treating you followed.

“It’s not what it looks like,” you said, trying to defend something you knew was wrong.

“And what does it look like?” he asked, his hand moving to grip the strap of his satchel.

“I… I slipped in the bathroom last night…” you answer, looking away from him.

“Y/N, if there’s anything…”

“There isn’t anything to tell, Spencer.”

He was about to argue when another face rounded the door. The face that had been sat out in the waiting room for what had been hours. As your husband looked around the room, his expression changed from fake concern to anger.

“Can we help you?” he asked Spencer, who suddenly felt a rush of courage in the face of danger; like he’d been given determination by his own anger.

“Not at all, I was here anyway and I saw Y/N coming back from an exam,” he said calmly. “Slipping in the bathroom can be quite dangerous.”

“I warned her… she’s clumsy,” he spoke through gritted teeth. “Will this take much longer?”

The nurse was about to answer but Spencer was too determined to get Y/N away from him. He had to get him to leave and he took his chance.

“If you need to be somewhere, I can give Y/N a ride home,” he smiled, tucking his lips inward to try and hide how fake it was. “We can pick up your boy on the way too, I guess.”

The offer took Y/N’s husband by surprise, not knowing just how to take it but deep down he thought she was wasting his time here anyway.

“Yeah,” was all he managed as he slipped back from view.

Just tell the nurse you slipped and fell
It starts to sting as it starts to swell
She looks at you, she wants the truth
It’s right out there in the waiting room with those hands
Lookin’ just as sweet as he can, never again

As the lock clicked and the latch flicked across, the door creaked open. A single hand moved inside to flick on the light before the rest of you stepped across the threshold. Behind you, Spencer stepped inside, looking around himself having never actually seen the inside of another apartment within his building.

As you placed your keys down on the kitchen counter, your free hand flicked the switch on the kettle. Being kind enough to drive you home, let alone pick up your son on the way, was deserving of a cup of coffee at the very least.

“Go on,” you said softly, looking at the little boy who was hovering at the FBI agent’s legs. “Shoes, coat then room.”

“Aww,” came the defeated response as the young boy trudged away.

“You don’t have to…” started Spencer but you held up a hand to wave off his objections; so he changed the subject. “Wanna tell me what really happened?”

You paused, the image of the fist flashing in your head causing you to shudder and move a hand to the swelling on your cheek. If you told him, could he get you both away? Could he really protect you both or would it destroy the life of an innocent child?

“I…” was all that came before the sound of a door opening stopped you in your tracks.

“Took you long enough,” came a slurred voice from behind Spencer. The young doctor turned quickly to see your husband standing in the open doorway. “Think about running away with him, did you? Think you could take my son with you?”

The drunk staggered forward, causing Spencer to take steps backwards toward you. Both of his fists were clenched and his eyes look right through Spencer as if they were burning a hole to see you. The standoff was silent but terrifying.

“No one’s doing anything,” said Spence. “I brought your wife and son home, just like I offered.”

“What do you want? A medal?” he asked. “Mr. FBI”

“It’s Doctor and you’re drunk,” said Spencer sternly which was met with a feigned impression.

“Whatever,” he spat. “You can go now. I need to talk to my wife… alone.”

“Y/N, do you want me to go?” asked Spencer. Panic set in. If you said yes then it would enrage your husband but if you said no, there was no telling what he could do without witnesses. At that moment, your little boy, the one thing that actually mattered to you now, came running from his room to stand in front of the FBI agent.

“Spencer, Spencer,” he shouted in excitement. “Show me the trick again!”

Your heart sank as you realised that this small, precious thing was now standing between danger and its target. In his innocence that little boy understood nothing of what went on but would most likely suffer the most from it. The mass of so-called manhood strode forward, pushing the child with a single hand to the face and sending him crashing to the floor. Spencer knew all he needed to know now.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to remain calm,” said Spencer, his hand hovering at his side, just above the revolver.

“Or what?” demanded your husband. “You gonna shoot me in front of my son? Gonna let him watch his father bleed?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t call you that,” said Spencer, a dark tone in his voice. “You don’t have the right to be called that. Not anymore.”

Father’s a name you haven’t earned yet
You’re just a child with a temper
Haven’t you heard don’t hit a lady
Kickin’ your ass would be a pleasure

The crying child, the raised voices, the pain, the threats, the anger, the violence, the memories. All of it swam around and around in your head till you felt sick. Sick of what you’d become. Sick of what he’d made you. Sick that you’d allowed it to happen for so long and felt trapped.

Before anyone could react, you had decided it wasn’t going to go that way ever again. Your hand moved quickly, with no attention on you as you pulled it from its holster. No one was able to stop you because no one had seen it coming. Your other and came to grip the butt as your arms raised. Your finger rested gently on the trigger and with one look straight down the iron sight you squeezed.

The flash was blinding. The explosion was deafening. The smell was choking. But the feeling was relief. Everything moved in slow motion. Spencer curling away and ducking. The expressionless face of your husband, calm for the first time in years as he dropped to his knees. Even your son had stopped crying in shock of the sound.

You released the breath that you’d been holding in for what seemed like hours. With the man you’d once loved laying face down on the carpet, you could finally lower your arms without fear of something striking your face. A smile crept across your lips and the revolver hit the floor hard.

Silence at last.
He’s drunk again, it’s time to fight
Same old shit, just on a different night
She grabs the gun, she’s had enough
Tonight she’ll find out how fuckin’ tough is this man
Pulls the trigger fast as she can, never again

Spencer picked up the gun, his eyes flicking from you to the man on the floor as he tried to piece together what had and what was about to happen. The first sound that actually broke through to you was the thudding of a young boy, no longer in danger but desperate to cling to his mother. With your arms wrapped tightly around him, you burst into tears.

“It’s ok, baby… it’s ok,” you whispered softly. “Never again.”

The young agent moved over to the man who lay face down, his fingers pressed to his neck for a moment before shaking his head. What would usually cause grief or anguish suddenly caused hope and relief. Pulling his phone from his pocket, Spencer stood up, moving over to the counter. With the phone pressed to his ear, Spencer pulled off a square of kitchen towel from a dispenser and moved further along the counter.

“Hi, JJ,” he said when the person on the other end finally picked up. “I’m gonna need you to come to the apartment opposite mine…” He opened up the square of kitchen towel and wrapped it around the handle of a knife in the block. “Yeah… ambulance and local PD…” As he pulled the knife free from the block he moved back over to the body on the floor. “We got back and he was already here, drunk… he had a knife…” Spencer knelt, pushing the knife into the dead man’s hand before standing and kicking it away. “Yeah… I warned him but he pushed the boy aside and came at us anyway…. Ok, thanks.”

There was nothing of what had happened that you’d been aware of since your son was in your arms, crying. All you could do was whisper the same thing over and over.

“Never again. Never again.”


Ship: Lafayette x Reader

Request: “ “the fuck? who are you?” w/ eVERYONE’S FAVORITE FIGHTING FRENCHMAN!!” - @saving-my-legacy

Prompt: “The fuck? Who are you?” (five word prompts)

Trigger: Swearing tw, alcohol use tw 

W/C: 1108

You set the last box on the floor of your room and smiled, wiping sweat off your forehead. That was the last one, you thought to yourself as relief washed over you for the first time in hours.Hercules popped his head around the corner, handing you a slice of pizza.

“Great timing,” he happily chewed, “pizza’s here but they didn’t get your side of toppings right” He teased. Part of you suspected that he had given them the wrong order on purpose, but your stomach didn’t care. You sighed and followed him into the living room. You took a slice anyways, even though you weren’t satisfied. “What now?” you asked while taking a bite. Hercules shrugged his broad shoulders, kicking off his shoes and turning on his tv in response. You silently agreed and sunk into the couch. Your roommate grabbed two pieces of pizza with one hand, sitting next to you on the couch.

“Let’s celebrate - we’re adults now!” He offered.

You smirked, “Yeah adults who don’t have cable or electricity after 10”

“Ohhh don’t be such a downer, Y/N” Hercules beamed, “My smile will shine through the darkness” He promised while gesturing towards the nearly empty apartment.

Gagging, you hit him in the shoulder, “If I hadn’t known you since kindergarten I would’ve hit you” you admitted. He nodding in understanding. You sighed and looked around at your new home. Empty walls, empty tables and empty a half full pizza box. Hercules had moved in before you did, but he wasn’t much for decorating. The only thing that felt like home was your best friend.

“We can go out to the bar tonight” He suggested while texting on his phone.

You winced, muttering “That’s not really my crowd.”

“My friend’s back in town, so I’ll be heading out tonight.You should come, sis” he insisted. Thinking back at your last experience in a bar, you shook your head. The last time you had went a tall curly haired narcissist had hit on you all night, bragging about his land in virginia. Needless to say he left the bar with his friend disappointed and tipsy.

“Go have fun, I can unpack and make this place prettier” you smiled. Hercules sighed and patted your leg, going to his room with the rest of the pizza. You happily took the tv remote from his side of the couch and began flipping through the limited channels. Eventually you settled on the news and slowly drifted to sleep.


Thud. Thud. Thud. You slowly became alert as more noises disturbed your sleep. The chatter of the tv became clearer as you found yourself more and more awake. What time is it? You asked yourself as you slowly climbed out of your subconscious. You noticed banging and whispering in addition to the tv. Why do I feel like I’m floating? You slowly opened your eyes to find yourself off the couch and in a shadow’s arms.

“THE FUCK?!” You shouted while shoving the shadow away and falling to the ground.

Multiple voices started shouting at the same time. Your heart started racing as you rushed to the wall to find a light switch, momentarily forgetting that your electricity didn’t work anyway.

“Mademoiselle! Please!” The shadow pleaded with his hands up. You grabbed your phone from the table and turned on your flashlight to find a complete stranger with Hercules at his feet. Your eyes widened.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” You shouted.

The tallest shadow walked in front of your flashlight with his hands up. Whoa, you thought to yourself with delight. You shook those thoughts out of your head, reminding yourself that this was a robber or kidnapper - no matter how attractive. Grabbing the biggest thing near you (which just so happened to be Hercules’ shoe), you warned the stranger to stay back.

“Mademoiselle you do not understand! I’m simply trying to bring home my friend Hercules, he says he lives here!” He pleaded while gesturing to a familiar drunk shape that was laying on the ground. You shined your flashlight over to the floor and found Hercules’ quietly humming to himself with another person next to him.

“Who’s the other guy?” You questioned.

The frenchman looked over at the second body singing in harmony with your roommate, both with bottles in their hands. “That’s our friend John” you raised an eyebrow and put your flashlight back on him. He smiled happily while saying something about fairies.

“Laurens you grew your hair out” you commented.

He wagged his ponytail around, “Fuck society!” Hercules laughed and pulled the freckled boy’s ponytail. You sighed and put your phone facedown on the table, letting it illuminate the entire room. The sober stranger helped you drag Hercules onto the couch and told John to stay on the floor. Suddenly embarrassed, you offered your hand.

“I’m Y/N” you told him with a shy smile.

He happily accepted it, “Marie Joesph Paul Yves Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette”

You were surprised he didn’t run out of breath.

“WOOO!!!” Hercules hooted.

“Raise a glass to Y/N and Laf!!!” John added as they clanged their bottles together.

Keeping a smile on your face, you thanked him for bringing Hercules home safely. “He wasn’t too much trouble was he?” you asked, feeling like a concerned mother. Lafayette shook his head, “No, rather than his excessive drinking, inappropriate jokes and attempts to start rap battles - he was fine” You couldn’t help but laugh.

“That sounds exactly like him” you admitted.


They clanged their bottles together.

Lafayette chuckled a bit, “Although…  it IS unlike him to mention that he lives with such a beautiful lady like yourself” he smirked.

You caught your breath in the back of your throat. Was this a dream? You wondered. He bit as lip while waiting for an answer, his eyes looking both nervous and charming. Words stumbled out of your mouth but they weren’t comprehensible, less so to a native frenchman.

“Y-yes.” You managed out with a shaking smile, “Yes absolutely yes”

Lafayette exhaled in relief. Hercules and John started cheering. You hit your roommate on the shoulder, “Hercules Mulligan you know you shouldn’t be drinking this much!” you scowled. He opened his mouth to respond, but quickly closed it and clutched his stomach.

“Actually you may be right about that…” he muttered before running to the bathroom.

John scoffed, “Raise a glass to alcohol poisoning!”

Luminous: Part III

Prompt: Soyou know how in the beginning of season 4 Cas tries to talk to Dean and just ends up breaking a lot of things and then makes a comment like “certain special people can see and hear my true form and I thought you were one of them”. Could you write a fic where the reader (maybe the brothers sister or something) is one of those “special people”?

&& Wee!chesters brotherly fluff?

Word count: 2,524

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Yes, I know she’s a goody-two-shoes, but I’m going somewhere with this. Thank you for all the feedback—let me know what you think?

Part 1, Part 2

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