“On my first playthrough, after hanging out with the Greybeards for ages and exhausting all of their dialogue options, I strutted right up to that lookout sort of bit, out the Greybeard’s back garden, and decided, “I’m offically the Dragonborn, all of Tamriel should hear my Thu’um!” I was holding down the shout button when I realised that I didn’t have Unrelenting Force equipped as I’d thought, but Whirlwind Sprint…”

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                                   Thu’um Spell to Stop Rain

For those of you who follow me, it’s not a secret that I love rain! I’ve raised storms, preformed ritual in rain, hiked, swam, camped, etc. but what I never did before was stop a storm. Last Saturday was one of my sister’s 15th birthday party, and we had told everyone invited to bring swimsuits because it was supposed to be sunny and hot and our pool was open. Instead, it started raining hard, and everyone was irritated with it. It was ruining my sister’s party and my sister herself had started to panic, so I decided to take it into my own hands. Here’s exactly what I did, to wonderful instant results! Feel free to change it to work better for you.

Items Needed:
     - A yellow flower that reminds you of the sun
     - Access to a river

Timing: As needed

1) Take the flower in your hands and charge it with the power to part the clouds and make the sun shine. Charge it with as much power as you can before you feel a subtle click, or shift, and don’t need to charge it any more.

      2) Go outside in the rain to the river, focusing all the way there on making the storm stop, the wind stop howling, the sun start shining. Chant the Clear Skies shout on the way there. “Lok Vah Koor”, which translates literally into “Shy Spring Summer”. (if the storm is dangerous to go out in, please dont! Use caution, stand in front of a window and just use a bowl of water instead of a river)

      3) Stand at the river and turn your focus to the storm itself. Feel its power, the wind whipping around you, the rain pouring down, the thunder, the lightning. Acknowledge the power of the storm and the necessity of rain, of all weather. But when focus back on your little sun flower and see it shining brightly with all that power you charged it with, banishing the clouds and wind and rain. (While I did this, I continued to chant Lok Vah Koor)

      4) Hold the little sun flower out over the river and, at the same moment you let it go, shout with power and authority, focusing your intent and magic into your voice, LOK VAH KOOR.

What happened to me is that the little flower, in the midst of a storm and falling over a major, raging river, fell slowly and delicately down to the river before landing perfectly on the surface and staying perfectly still, against the current. And then the rain immediately stopped. It was kinda awesome not going to lie! I hope you get the same results <3


‘Drem Yol Lok. Greetings, wunduniik. I am Paarthurnax. Who are you? What brings you to my strunmah…my mountain?’ - Paarthurnax

Alfred: “Come on, Artie, let’s just do this one thing for the Gray-dudes!”

Arthur: “Nay! I am no one’s hand!”

Alfred: “Aww, Arthur…What about the ’thumb’?”

Arthur: “Wot ’thumb’?”

Alfred: “The, uh…’thoom’?”

Arthur: “The…thu'um’?

Alfred: "Yeah, that!”

I’ve looked into the future and it involves a skyrim tattoo. It means Becoming Ethereal, exact translation means: Fade, Spirit, Bind.

Loosely translated means: changing ones form to become one that cannot harm or be harmed. So on one hand that’s super deep and on the other it’s written in an ancient dragon language. Beautiful.