tht's the life

this is still one of the sweetest things i’ve ever seen like tears actually welled up in my eyes the first time i saw this why is namjoon the sweetest person in the entire universe


2015 Ariana Recap: The Honeymoon Tour, Ariana’s 1st world tour and 2nd concert tour beginning February 25 in Independence, Missouri and ending on October 25 in São Paulo, Brazil. The tour traveled across North America, Europe, Asia and South America spanning 88 shows (6 legs) and grossed $41.8 million (from 81 shows) with a total attendance of 808,667.

when you wake w tears in your eyes and a pain to the left of your chest never remembering a detail of your dream but always knowing whom it was of. tht person. tht memory. tht time in your life when you rolled over to them and not to extra pillows and less to look forward to. then. then you will have taken a glimpse at the weight of loss. || cold sweat

ive been kind of mad at my mom this whole time bc we didn’t grow up w our cousins or have the life tht they had bt last night she was talking w them nd they completely understand why she moved us away. they were the ones who had to grow up w violent alcoholics around them nd evn tho their father doesnt drink anymore mine does nd now so does my othr primo so there’s this whole “sickness” in th family tht i didn’t have to grow up w