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Taylor Swift as ‘Stella Swan’ in Firelight.

Delena is TOXIC.

Let’s goooo!

Damon talks about “how much Elena loves him” blah, blah, obviously not giving a shit about Stefan’s feelings for Elena.

“Stefan never rubbed it in Damon’s face that he was with Elena. Stefan is there for Elena even after she breaks his heart.Stefan defends his brother and tries to help the Delena relationship.Damon talks to Stefan about their relationship to Stefan all the time.Damon doesn’t care about Elena being happy, he just wants her to be with him. He is so selfish!”

Then there’s Bonnie. You can see that he’s hurt, that she hates him. He thinks she hates him, but deep down she never did.

when Damon realizes that Elena is happy HE ACTUALLY SAYS:

Round of applause to the best boyfriend in the world, a boyfriend that doesn’t want Elena to be happy if he’s not happy himself! Wohoo, what an amazing relationship! (Sarcasm if you didn’t get that, DE’rs.)

when Damon realizes that Bonnie hates him, HE ACTUALLY SAYS:

This is the beautiful, he doesn’t care if she hates him, he just want her to be alive and happy, and this is what you call LOVE.

Okay, seriously, wtf. Alaric just told Damon that Elena is happy! Why can’t you just let Elena be in her current state? Which is - incase you missed it - HAPPY. She’s happy, you expired jar of mayonnaise.Damon is acting SO SELFISH. Damon doesn’t care if Elena is happy if she’s not with him.*Laughs because it’s so sad*

He wants her to have the happiest life, even if that means he’s not in it. So I have no words…

Damon is totally different person with Bonnie, not selfish or possesive. He’s himself with her. Which means:

Delena is TOXIC.

… Elena here and there it’s just dragging him down. Writers have to let Damon move on, he deserves to be happy, and be in a solid and strong relationship were he just can be himself. Guess they forgot the show is called The Vampire Diaries , and not the Elena Chronicles.

Tht scene when Damon and Caroline were talking about using the cure on Cade, selfish Damon came back and it’s all because of Elena, she will always bring out the worst in Damon and vice versa. If this show has taught me anything, it’s that Bonnie and Damon bring out the best in each other and are healthy for each other. Now to just have them admit to being in love and stop using that best friend crap as an escape goat.


 170311 SWJ: Yoyogi : Shinee Talk  ( rough trans) 

Scene 1 

Key : (talking about Minho’s eating habit) that he can easily say what did minho eat by looking at his face, like his face/mouth looks yellow if he ate curry

 Taemin : yes    

 Minho : Taemin chan!!!!!…( trying to stop him)

Taemin: when Minho eats chicken…his lips turns oily …( Minho put his hand on Taemin’s mouth so he couldnt revel his truth)  

scene 3 

Onew asked in shinee light-stick game that anyone here from Olympic ?

everyone said it’s difficult to get one but they found it 

they were so excited about it …it’s from swimming ….Onew said to applaud for tht player 

scene 4 

Minho asked is there anyone whose name is yoyogi ?

but he didnt get anyone :(

video cr:  SoundShine5

ok like iv had to edit this scene like 3 different times today nd i cant help but notice there are sooo many cute chibitas in tht scene where he tries to get kara food and hes jst like >BC= so here thos are bc i wanted to share