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 170311 SWJ: Yoyogi : Shinee Talk  ( rough trans) 

Scene 1 

Key : (talking about Minho’s eating habit) that he can easily say what did minho eat by looking at his face, like his face/mouth looks yellow if he ate curry

 Taemin : yes    

 Minho : Taemin chan!!!!!…( trying to stop him)

Taemin: when Minho eats chicken…his lips turns oily …( Minho put his hand on Taemin’s mouth so he couldnt revel his truth)  

scene 3 

Onew asked in shinee light-stick game that anyone here from Olympic ?

everyone said it’s difficult to get one but they found it 

they were so excited about it …it’s from swimming ….Onew said to applaud for tht player 

scene 4 

Minho asked is there anyone whose name is yoyogi ?

but he didnt get anyone :(

video cr:  SoundShine5

that night changes moment was like,,,,,, such a mess,,,,,,,,,, and they were just in disbelief and had to take a break but they were making jokes and harry was singing about technical difficulties and it was a train wreck,,,,,, but the most uplifting bit about it is that niall just decided to play on anyway and then the rest of the boys joined in and then all of the fans joined in and it’s just like idk that’s easily my fave performance of that song because it just illustrates yET AGAIN that we’re the greatest team that the world has ever seen :’)

Stress Relief

 As hardworking as he was, Jumin often hated that he couldn’t rid away the stress that was getting to him.

 Silver eyes stared deeply at the two men presenting their slides from across the long table. Left elbow pressed onto the table and one hand cupping his mouth, his right hand nimbly wrote down the notes that were deemed important. A few quiet sighs and stifled groans rumbled in his throat. In all honesty, his eyes felt like fire. Faint signs of bags had long puffed under his eyes after the many sleepless nights. If this project dragged on any longer, Jumin swore, he would actually contemplate on making an excuse and throw this project to another department.

 And if that failed, he could always wear sunglasses to hide his fatigue, odd stares be damned-

 The low vibration of his phone beside the documents caught his attention.

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