like, guys………………..if there were any Actual Real Life confirmage of Any of th heroes being ace

You Would Know

this blog would become nothing but me screaming incoherently for at least 4 days straight in all caps, all bold, the only thing i reblog is screenshots of whatever confirming source it was, i probably would be crying and record myself doing so

it would be a Real Big Huge thing and not just ‘#confirmed’

ive been………………………………calm?

i dont know exactly wht it is bt like

ive been. consistently getting money for m art on fa

+ its jst like. jst surrounding mself w/ art there + its jst like

im. finally realizing tht making money from m art isnt jst an extremely distant dream, its. Real, its Happening, its Definitely Possible??????????

its just

g o d its such a relief

me: lov these gay characters
some homophobe: ugh, why does everything have to be about romance these days? im sick of hearing about the romance. what happened to gals being pals? dudes being bros? what happened to just being friends? what happeend to platonic toe sucking
me: love thse gay characters