Simon Cowell Cancels X Factor Auditions After Mum Julie, 89, Sadly Passes

Simon Cowell has been faced with the devastating loss of his mother Julie, who died on Sunday night, aged 89.

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The 55-year-old music mogul cancelled the first round of X Factor auditions following the sad news.

Last night, Simon’s brother Tony said: “Very sad night tonight. We will all miss Mum so very much. She was the heart and soul of our family.”

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Julie Cowell was married to EMI executive Eric, who passed away in 1999, aged 81.

Speaking on behalf of the Cowell family last night, a spokesperson stated: “Today our beloved mum Julie passed away. Anyone who had met her would know what a truly special and kind lady she was. 

“We are heartbroken and will miss her terribly, but she is now at peace.”

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Auditions for the 12th series of The X Factor were due to begin on Sunday with new look panel Cheryl Fernandez Versini, Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw.

It is not known when the auditions will be rescheduled for.

A spokesperson for The X Factor made a statement regarding auditions saying: “They were due to start today and carry on into Tuesday and Wednesday. Today’s have been cancelled and we have not made any decisions beyond that.”

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Cowell, who was extremely close to his mother, is said to be devastated, and is yet to speak publicly about her passing.

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Messi with the ref during the match against Jamaica

Headlines tomorrow : Messi spotted bribing the ref during th match against Jamaica x’D

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> Harpuia: Confront your master

Harpuia: Master X… Do you still trust that man… Weil?

Copy X: His banishment did not follow official ch-channels.

Copy X: Just because what he did resulted i-in a terrible calamity do-does not mean that banishing him was justified. He has returned to Neo Arcadia in a legal manner. What reason-n is there to drive him out? 

Copy X: Don’t worr-rr-rry. He has learned many things from his mistakes of the past. He’ll do things right th-this time.

Copy X: He’s even prepared something special for us as thanks for welcoming him back so warmly-y.

Harpuia: Something special…?

Copy X: Yes.

Copy X: Honestly, y-you should be thanking Dr. Weil. This surprise of his has s-saved you.

Harpuia: S-saved me…?

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