I just couldn’t believe how am I so blessed to have this lil cutie with me. ❤ He’s been there for me since day one, he has taught me how to get back on my knees whenever I fall down, he has taught me how to be just completely by myself and don’t care about anybody else , he has taught me how to be a stronger individual. Thank you so much for coming in my life and making a difference. So ya’ll don’t be comparing my boyfriend to anyone else and telling me that you could do better. He stands up for what he says not just to say something and has nothing to show. My boyfriend is just not a nobody. My boyfriend drives , My boyfriend works , My boyfriend is independent and he spoils me , so don’t say anything towards my boyfriend if you got none of that. I love you! ❤ @yeeitsheinrich #thruthickandthin

My #wcw goes out to my girl!!! Thats my baby right here lol. She is so far the most amazing person ive honeslty met so far. She puts up with my mess and crap and at the end of the day she still here in my corner with me. So im grateful for her and her love and kindness. Thanks for putting up with me and helping me change my ways or bad habits i have. I appreciate all you do for me. #appreciateyourgirl #mygirl #lovethischick #thruthickandthin