Sometimes we have to agree to disagree
  • Thrustbone: Harryhausen bit coming.
  • Stoudman: CrimsonOoze already beat you to the punch on Matt Groening's mom
  • lol
  • Thrustbone: Why does she need an obit?
  • Stoudman: Why not?
  • Because she didn't make King Kong?
  • She did help to inspire one of the longest running television shows of all time.
  • Thrustbone: Hitler help inspire the great dictator, doesn't mean we pay homage to him.
  • Stoudman: False equivalency.
  • Thrustbone: i don't think so.
  • Stoudman: You equated Matt Groening's mom to Hitler.
  • Thrustbone: How many times do you think she forced Matt to clean is room ?
  • Eat his vegetables or stay home on a Friday to do homework ?
  • All acts of supreme hate.