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18 with Barisi

Here you go - because I needed yet another one of these that stands to be continued.  Thanks for playing, darling.  <3

The car comes out of nowhere.

He hardly has time to acknowledge the gleam of dark metal to Carisi before it’s plowing into them, a god-awful cacophony of breaking glass and screeching metal.  He hears a sickening crack in the middle of it all and has the presence of mine to wince even as he’s thrust against his seat belt and feels his head whip around with the force of the impact.  The car spins only briefly, even if it feels like hours by the time the back end of the sedan hits a lightpost and brings them to a sudden halt.

The engine hisses and he can hear the cries of people outside their car but all he can feel for a long moment is a hand reaching out for him, patting his thigh a few times before reaching for his hand.  

“Raf, you okay?”

Carisi’s voice is groggy and slurred.  Either that or Rafael’s hearing is and he’s not sure which makes more sense in that moment.  The good news is that the sirens approaching don’t seem slurred at all as they got louder and louder.  The bad news is that he’s not sure why in the hell Carisi is referring to him as “Raf”.  

“Yeah,” he finally answers, feeling pain radiating up the side of his neck.  “I think I’m okay.”

Carisi wasn’t.  He could see the red-brown smear on the glass from where Carisi’s skull had cracked against the window.  He was too busy staring at that to notice that his hand had been picked up and pressed against the soft flesh of Carisi’s lips.

“Thank God,” he breathes and keeps their fingers intertwined.

Well, Rafael thinks briefly as darkness creeps in at the edges.  

That’s new.

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Only You

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader (smut)

Warnings: BDSM - orgasm denial, restraints, beating, choking

Notes: Everything that takes place in this one-shot is completely consensual! Lovely Steve would never do anything to hurt you if he knew you weren’t 100% into it.

The lights are dim in the bedroom, casting a warm glow on Steve as he sits in the armchair, idly smoothing the lapels of his World War II uniform. You’re standing before him, clad in garters, stockings, and the world’s skimpiest pair of black lace panties. Your breasts, tantalizingly round and full, are exposed, and you can feel your nipples growing pert under the cool gusts of the air-conditioner. Steve notices too, letting slip a low hum of pleasure.

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Sooo here’s more of that Tumblr-only SanSan reunion thing I just wanted to write down to get out of my stupid head. As before, I have NO IDEA what’s happening with it, if it’s going anywhere, if I’ll continue it. If I post more, that’s when we’ll all find out, I guess :D

Reunion, part 2

Sandor had not wanted to come to Winterfell. There were too many opportunities for things to go wrong. What if one of the Stark girls were there? What if they’d told their brother, the king, about him? He wasn’t sure what sort of reception he’d get from the elder— perhaps she’d remember him with as much fondness as was possible, considering their interactions and the way they’d parted— but he was certain the younger’s account of their time together would not stir any gentle feeling in Jon Snow’s breast.

He sure as hell didn’t want to be hanged for killing the king in the North… though, he allowed, there was a chance the boy was good enough to defeat him, rusty as he was at fighting after so much time with Septon Ray and his group of naive fools, and armed only with a woodsman’s ax.

But they had a long ride up to Eastwatch-by-the-sea, and were short on supplies. A few of the men needed to recover from the cold, having lost a toe or two to frostbite, and perhaps some warmer gear could be found for everyone. Even having acquired more for himself, and a cloak besides, it was all better suited for the Riverlands’ warmer climate and had nothing on what was needed to deal with this endless buggering snow.

And so, with resignation, Sandor grumbled but fell into line with the Brothers, turning west off the Kingsroad. Two days later, Winterfell came into sight, and a collective sigh of relief was heaved. An unwelcome feeling grew in his chest. He had trouble identifying it. Finally, he recalled feeling it when he’d got an inkling that not all was as it should be back at Ray’s encampment. It had thickened, spreading throughout his limbs, as he ran toward where he’d left them all, happy and smiling about their fucking gods, only hours before.

“I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight,” said one of the Brothers. “I’ve been dreading another night in a bedroll on the frozen ground.”


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The Best Dessert

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Dean looks amazing in a suit, and Y/N can’t keep her hands off

Warnings: smut, nsfw, sexual gifs, semi-public sex, dirty talk

Words: 1372

Note: I just really wanted to use that second gif… Let me know if you like the gifs incorporated throughout this, I might make more!

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Which way is up?

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, these rock layers are nearly vertical! 

Although they were once horizontal, these Paleozoic sedimentary units have been tilted so that they now dip nearly 90 degrees.

These rocks are located in northeast Tennessee and are part of the Appalachian foreland fold-thrust belt. Though built by multiple orogenies, the Alleghenian Orogeny (325-260 Ma) was the final stage in forming the Appalachian Mountains and resulted in a series of imbricated reverse faults.

Consequently, rocks got compressed, thrusted and tilted. In order to determine whether these rocks were rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise from their original horizontality, we have to look for up-direction indicators (i.e. indicators that will tell us which direction originally faced upwards). These may include: graded bedding, cross-bedding, sole markings, ripple marks, etc.

Image by author | Outcrop along Hwy 70 near Rogersville, Tennessee

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"we meet at a club and my boyfriend is treating me like shit and you rescue me" Au with baz the one coming to Simons rescue and they are completely adorable and baz is a gentleman and maybe if you are willing, some emotional smut. Love your writing!!!

Another anon prompt ask, so I can’t do a blog rate, but I can tell you’re a very cool 10/10 person :) This didn’t go into a totally smutty direction (like at all) sorry about that. But I think the emotion is definitely there. Hope you enjoy!


He looked like an idiot. Simon watched his boyfriend grinding on random people with disdain. It was a train wreck; Gareth was obviously drunk and was taking it out on everyone in the club. Simon wanted to break up with him, knew he needed to, but didn’t want to hurt him. It wasn’t like Gareth was a complete prat all the time; sometimes he was a funny boyfriend. But nights like these made Simon think twice about their relationship.
If he was to be honest with himself, Simon knew that a certain dark haired vampire had more than anything else to do with his current relationship blues. Baz, his best friend, was always on his mind. It wasn’t fair to Gareth; then again Gareth’s stupidity wasn’t fair to Simon.
“If he keeps thrusting, his belt buckle might just set off a magical fire bomb.”
Simon turned and looked at the person who had been haunting his thoughts for weeks.
“Luckily he left it at his house. He’s wearing a Normal belt.”
Baz’s nose scrunched up.
“I don’t see why you put up with him.”
Simon shrugged.
“It makes him happy and I guess I don’t mind that much.”
Baz rolled his eyes.
“That doesn’t sound like a relationship.”
“Well, it’s safe, which is enough for me.”
Gareth stumbled over, his arms around a girl, and almost tripped into Simon.
“Hey Si, meet Jenny, isn’t she cool?”
Simon smiled politely.
She leaned into Simon’s ear uncomfortably close.
“Your boy says we could make tonight a real party…if you’re down.”
Simon looked down into her brown eyes, confused.
“He says you dated a girl before, and I’d love to try something new.”
Gareth’s eyes were excited.
Simon frowned.
“I’m sorry but no I’m not interested.”
Gareth pouted.
“But Si, she’s never had a threesome, it’s not fair to her!”
Simon glared at him.
“Not fair to her? Or to you?”
That sobered Gareth’s expression a bit.
“Whatever, I’m going home with her tonight, with or without you.”
Simon glanced at Baz, who was glaring furiously at Gareth.
“Consider me without. In fact consider me without permanently. I’m done.”
Gareth frowned.
“Are you breaking up with me?”
Simon nodded.
Gareth laughed. “So I can’t leave with her but you can moon at him all the time?”
Simon’s stomach dropped.
“Goodbye Gareth,” Baz spoke, a threat in his tone.
For a moment Gareth looked as if he might say more, but the girl caught his attention by putting her hand on his chest. She glanced up at Simon, sympathy in her eyes, and mouthed sorry. Simon watched them slowly leave the club.
Simon gathered his jacket.
“I better go. Sorry you had to see that Baz.”
Baz’s hand reached out to grab his arm lightly.
“Wait…why are you leaving so fast?”
Simon shook his head.
“I just need to leave.”
“Are you okay?”
Simon looked at Baz’s chin, avoiding his eyes.
“I’ve been wanting to do that for months, trust me I’m not upset over Gareth.”
Baz’s arm didn’t drop.
“But you’re not okay.”
Simon opened his mouth and then shut it. He shook his head minutely and walked away. He was aware of Baz following him out, aware of every footstep. Simon stepped out into the cool night air and took a deep breath.
“Simon what the hell is going on?”
“It’s really not a big deal Baz.”
Baz shook his head, looking confused.
“Was it about what Gareth said?”
Simon froze.
“Simon we both know you haven’t cheated on him, not with me at least.”
“I don’t think that’s exactly what he means Baz.”
“Well then what?”
Simon looked up, finally making eye contact again.
“I think he is under the impression that I wanted to cheat on him.”
Baz’s expression became searching.
“With you Baz.”
Baz took a step closer.
“Was he right?”
“Does it matter?”
Baz nodded.
Another step closer.
“Do you like me Simon?”
Baz was right in front of Simon, with only an inch of space between them.
Baz kissed him, sweeter than anybody else had ever kissed him before. Simon forgot about assholes with ridiculous magical belt buckles. He forgot about nice girls with sympathetic eyes. He forgot all about people who didn’t matter walking away. All Simon could think about was how happy he was to be in Baz’s arms.


Volcanoes in the distance and some nice shots in the foreground of fold and thrust belts in the Andes Mountains, on a flight from Bariloche to El Calafate.

[delete what’s in the brackets before publishing? (ehehe i most certainly will not –eliza) ummmm i’m drunk and i love you so have this and please, for th elove of all that’s holy beta it before you post it hahahah but yeah delete the bracket stuff but keep what’s after for me?] heyyy, eliza! i’m drunk blogging, so you’re getting this :D

Cas is a good boy, he knows this. He went into heat early for an omega; he’d been barely nine. Dean’s family bought him immediately, pleased to hear that a young Novak omega was on the market. He’s ten now, mated to Dean, who’s sixteen. Whatever his beautiful alpha asks him to do, he does. No hesitation, no fight. He loves the way Dean smiles at him, pets his hair and calls him pretty.

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“Junkies.” — Malaysia

The 6 Stupidest National Outrages About Fictional Characters

#6. The Malaysian Government Banned Power Rangers for Promoting Heroin Abuse

As it turns out, the ban had nothing to do with the show’s content. Malaysia targeted Mighty Morphin Power Rangers because they thought the word “morphin” was a little too close to “morphine.” The country’s deputy home minister claimed that the show was telling children that all they needed to do to become superheroes was find that shaky man hanging out behind the mattress store and score a dime of sweet, sweet H. Admittedly, Zordon must’ve slipped those teenagers something, because it only takes him nine seconds to convince them that thrusting oversized belt buckles into the air and shouting the names of prehistoric animals will transform them into magical ninjas.

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Jack immediately felt on edge with all the aliens looking at him. He held the Jack Jr. closer to his chest, eyes swinging about suspiciously as he followed Rhys further into the room, trying to stay close to his prince and away from the other Eridians. He could see Rhys’ parents sitting in a pair of thrones across the room from them, but to Jack’s surprise Rhys didn’t head for them, instead moving towards the raised platform in the middle, and the lone Eridian that stood upon in.  

He was dressed in voluminous, satiny-pale robes that opened at the sides, exposing the smooth indigo skin at the waist. His black horns pulled and tapered over the back of his long, bluish hair, cold azure eyes fixing on the prince and the human as they approached. His clawed toes clacked against the stone dais as he descended the small steps.

“Is this the child?” The Eridian hissed, extending his claws out to Jack. He instinctively pulled Jack Jr. closer to his chest, shying away from the strange alien—this guy was bad news, Jack could sense it.

Here’s that angst fic I posted a little bit of last week! Jack stands up for Jack Jr.’s life against Eridian traditions. 

Just a reminder that I base the Jack from this AU on presequel Jack….this will become important once you read this fic…

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