Amsel (Jungvogel) ~ European Blackbird (juvenile) ~ Turdus merula

Fall is here and I enjoy looking through my pics from this spring: sweet baby Blackbird resting in the yard and waiting for parents to return with food. :-) 

2014 © Jesse Alveo


bird friend by Rachel Kertz
Via Flickr:

European Blackbird (Fledgling) ~ Amsel (Jungvogel) ~ Turdus merula

The latest “addition” to the yard’s wildlife is a giant baby - a European Blackbird fledgling, an only child. :-) His/her father has a constricted foot, anti-bird netting has cost him a toe but he can use his leg again now. :-/

Blackbird chicks hide on the ground mainly and are very prone to predation, so let’s hope the best for the little big spotted guy. :-)

2014 © Jesse Alveo 

Common Blackbird (male) ~ Amsel (Hahn) ~ Turdus merula

I met a Blackbird and he didn’t like it - but before he left, I was able to take this picture. He has spiderwebs on his forehead. :-)

2014 © Jesse Alveo