BNHA OC! A super catholic parents worst nightmare comes to life when their bby girl suddenly turns into a satan goat with hell vision-inducing powers. She grew up rather antagonized but embraced her own quirk and appeareance after getting really into heavy metal and becoming something of a big opening spectacle at concerts with her nightmare quirk and sick battery skills. 

She always talks how metal songs inspired her to want to become a hero (and proceeds to show off how she can do thru the fire and flames on guitar hero in expert difficulty) Devvy’s got a soft spot for ppl with monstrous quirks though she’s fine hanging out (gets nervous around quiet/preppy/popular types of people though)

She’s SUPER into horror, be it films/literature and likes watching/talkin w cheesy witch/ghost hunters etc, (though she’s not really superstitious herself) bc her quirk relies on her inspiration for more horrifying hallucinations she has to constantly research to evoke powerful nightmares. She’s still getting the hang of her power (as it can backfire and terrorize her too if she’s not careful)

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Um... Here I come again, sorry... I don't know if I already had sent you a request but if I haven't may I request a headcanon where the RFA+ V and unknown react to MC being so good at doing Kpop dance cover or just dance cover in general? Thank you..

HELLO MOD SAERAN HERE :3 see I don’t know any Kpop songs D: so I did my best :) 

Jumin: *his pov*

  • *BZZZZZ BZZZZ BZZZZZZ* UGH…… what do people want. I already told MC I’m in a meeting. I’m just going to ignore it. *BZZZZZ BZZZZZ BZZZZZ BZZZZ* WHHAAAAT. I excused myself politely from the conference room and made my way to my office. This better be good. I sat down on my chair roughly, annoyed of the constant buzzing. I put my finger on the unlock button and well well well. It was the RFA Chatroom. Might as well see what the big deal is.
  • I entered the password for the Chatroom and I saw my girlfriend as the topic of conversation. I also saw Yoosung saying that I was going to be very upset when I found out what saeyoung did. I scrolled down and saw Saeran that he had nothing to do it with while Zen was just laughing “ his ass off” end quote. MC told me he never had one so I’m guessing he is laughing his bones off.
  • Curiosity got the best of me and I asked what in the world is going on. Everyone stopped while Zen sent me a link. Saeyoung begged for me not to open it while his twin was telling me to do it. So I clinked on the link and it was a livestream of MC in her pole dancing class. Okay why am I seeing WAIT MC IN A POLE DANCING CLASS. WHAT IS SHE DOING. I quickly emailed the link to my email and watched it on my personal laptop. She has “ dance for you by Beyoncé” playing and she is the center of attention. JESUS Christ. Is this the surprise she was telling me about
  • I almost forgot that Saeyoung knew about this and why the fuck did he spy on MC? I went back in and casually typed “ Saeyoung I’m going to find you and i will kill you” *Seven left the chatroom*
  • I kept replaying the video cause holy damn *locks door and ;) *


  • *my college people* you know those precious emails you get that sometimes throughout the day…. you know where you are feeling tired and you are just done with the day… AND THEN YOU GET A CLASS IS CANCELED EMAIL!!!!! Yeah Yoosung got that. His last 2 classes for the day was freaking canceled and dead lord baby JESUS can I get an amen. < I freaking live for those emails>
  • This freaking man wanted to surprise you so he didn’t text you that his classes were canceled. Instead he went to your favorite food place and order takeout so he can take it with you with a rose and sunflower :3
  • He was already entering the key to the apartment when he heard a strange noise
  • “All you ladies pop your pussy like this” and he sees you stretching getting ready to do gods knows what
  • “Shake your body, don’t stop, don’t quit” he then sees you put your hands on your knees hyping yourself up “All you ladies pop that thing like this” you were yelling and he was so confused as to why “Shake your body, don’t stop, don’t quit” you were shaking your ass or what people call it twerking and you were just shaking your ass everywhere… making it seem like bobble head but ass version “Just do it, do it, do it, do it, do it now” you stood up and you started to clap like a seal
  • You were touching yourself sexually, you squeezed your boobs and then glided your hands to your pussy and patted it “Lick it good suck this pussy, just like you should”
  • “Right now, Lick it good” your hands then went upwards and you were thrusting into the air “Suck this pussy just like you should” you were screaming ‘YASSS BITCH LETS DO THIS’
  • “My Neck, my back” your hands went quickly to your neck and then your back arching it a bit
  • “Lick my pussy and my crack,” you went back to your pussy patting it a bit and then you twirled and spanked your ass and then you heard stuff dropping and you saw your boyfriend with a major nosebleed

Zen: *this HC is a mess sorry LMAO*

  • It was already 6:00pm and Zen usually comes home around 9:30 so you always started preparing for dinner around 6:30 so everything can be ready once he came home c: you were making mac n cheese, mash potatoes, and spaghetti, you always cooked more than enough so he has the chance to take some of your cooking to work c:
  • You washed your hands, put on your apron and began cutting onions, peeling the potatoes and everything. You had this nack about you that you cant concentrate without having music on. You put on pandora and you were hoping for a happy song but you got a sad song… “Im Not The Only One” by Sam Smith.. Great… your mother always told you to cook in a happy mood if not, the food would come out horrible. So you stopped and got a can of beer and pretended to be in a music video.
  • “Now sadly i know why… your heart is unattainable…. YOOUU SAAAAY IM CRAAZZZZYYYY CAUSE YOU THINK I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUU DOONE” YOU were whaling the lyrics that you started to cry. You got up and got the broom and started to dance with it crying.
  • You started to spin the broom around but your 5th can of beer and emotional Sam Smith music got you feeling some type of way
  • You went on your knees crying banging the floor singing your little heart out. Now pandora decided to fuck you over and play “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw. You were thinking about the times you and zen had arguments. “If you asked me how im doing i would say im doing just fine.. I sit down at a table set for two… and finally im force to face the truth.. Im not over you..” You got up and got the broom and you were legit ballroom dancing with it crying. You were ready to cry even more… about to yell the next lyrics till the song stop…
  • “ (y/n) baby… are you okay… are you planning on leaving me D:” you saw your boyfriend home early … shit… this is awkward….


  • Jaehee always knew you always love to dance but she never seen you dancing before and she was determined to figure out what you do. So she decided to look you up on Youtube and she saw fanpages of you D:
  • She felt bad because she never knew you had fan pages because you rarely talked about your dance career. She clicked on some of the videos and she notice its mostly pair contemporary dancing. She really loved how you dance.
  • She was taking screenshots and everything c,:. She was joining fan pages and even buying merch LMAO
  • She was loving your dance until she saw a video that said “American Championship Winner: (y/n) 2012
  • It was a routine of you and only you. You were dancing thru fire, or how the comments suggested, contemporary parkour lmao. She noticed how freely you moved with the music that she found herself crying with the audience. She wonder why you had so much passion in that dance that she started to youtube interviews of your inspiration for that dance. SHe couldn’t find it because she soon realized the date.
  • It was a week before your parents were murdered.


  • OKAY THIS MAN KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU OKAY. SO FOR HIM TO NOT KNOW ONE THINGS ABOUT YOU REALLY SHOOKED HIM. You guys had sex and he was saying how much he loved you and how he loves that he knew everything about you. You could of simply lied and continue on but you wanted to give your man a challenge. You turned to face him and let your thumb outline his lips. You started to lick the tip of your thumb and then he gave it a good suck.
  • You smirked because you knew he was gonna be shook. You leaned in with excitement “there is one thing you dont know about me, good luck trying to find it because its not under my name, thats the only hint ill give you my love” and you kissed his ear. He was like what the fuck.
  • He was lowkey thinking you were a porn star but he knew you would of slapped him if he asked. So he spent 1 week trying to figure out what the hell you were. Till he finally found it.
  • He was looking thru videos that he knew you loved. He looked up gamers and looked thru every channel and you weren’t there. It took him 3 tries till he started to look up dancing videos.  
  • He went thru contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, everything and yet he couldnt find you D: till he saw in the recommended list “how to lapdance: advance” and he clicked on it and instant nose bleed. You were wearing a dose masquerade masks and you were giving techniques on how to do lap dance… to people… who are already advanced… he subscribed and closed the door, got lotion and couldn’t wait till you got home.


  • He loved how you mode so elegantly then after he made you twirl, you found him on one knee with a little velvet royal blue box open
  • During the RFA party, you danced with all the members but however, since V recently had his eye surgery, he was just sitting down and enjoying the view he couldn’t see once before
  • You were still nervous around him but you got the balls to ask him to dance with you and he accepted. He wasnt a good dancer because he never truly did dance only just moved side to side.
  • You loved to dance, especially ballroom because you always loved how elegant the man and women look dancing thru clouds
  • V however… he tried his best and he felt bad that he stopped dancing and went back to his seat. He felt useless not giving the women he has a crush on a simple dance. He noticed Jumin bowing down slightly asking for your hand to a dance. He hated that. He loved his brother but he was perfect at everything, well under the circumstances, he was forced to know everything perfectly.
  • You politely denied and went to V to teach him the basic steps. You were slowly teaching him how to ballroom dance for many months till the next party
  • You two were the stars of the party :,D
three sixty five.

I woke up this morning to a day that marks a full year since I walked off the Pacific Crest Trail, into Canada, and back to real life. 

I’ve been planning to write a one-year postmortem of my hike for some time now, but for much of the day nothing has come to mind. What did come was this: I barely recognize the me of a year ago, despite the long hair and beard I’ve kept since then. There is almost as much of me around the middle as there was when I started my hike, something I promised myself I would never allow to happen. (It seemed so unfathomable then, in the days when my body was made of iron.) The depth of feeling promised by each day on the PCT–loneliness, heartbreak, wonder, an absorption of all things sublime–has largely eluded me in my return to normal life and polite society.

Which is not a problem, necessarily. That yo-yoing of the wildest extremes my body is capable of feeling has been subsumed by a happy, if restless, domesticity, and I never feel lonely because I share a bed each night with the person I want to see most in this world. This is only a problem on those days–few, but not nonexistent–when the beautifully fucked-up chemicals of my brain insist that I need loneliness, I need absence and the pangs of distance in order to feel completely whole. The chemicals are right, to a degree; rarely do I understand the textures and layers of any feeling as completely as I do those of loneliness. (It’s like in Victorian romances, how each heartsick individual in a star-crossed couple would lay awake tossing and turning and gnashing their teeth in the throes of separation from their lover, somewhere across the moor. You could always tell they kind of liked it and looked forward to that feeling.)

I still don’t know what the next adventure is. My feet still have a ghostly sort of hurt to them, which makes for a convenient excuse when I don’t feel like running. (A lot of thru-hikers get into running after the fact. I still can’t stand it.) A year ago the world felt fallen open at my feet, but today I see how little drive and determination I really have to fill each idle hour with wonder. It’s astonishing how much more tiring the mental exercises of real life are, with all their order and structure and appointment, than hiking a thirty-mile day is. Few were the days on trail when I felt like I could use a nap. It’s a daily routine for me at this point. 

What I do know is that the world appears to be burning and drowning all at once. That makes me absurdly grateful to have hiked the PCT when I hiked it, when fire was a distant abstraction that occasionally got us out of 5 or 6 miles rather than a raging beast devouring the trail. I feel awful for this year’s class of hikers, and those in every year to come–it may be generations before the trail is the same again, and at least several years before certain sections are even safe to hike in again. That’s heartbreaking.

Like most times when I sit down to write, I have no grand conclusion here. What I should say is that I am beyond grateful to everyone who has read, shared, or liked my PCT blogs. I’d probably still have done it without any feedback whatsoever, but it’s so much nicer to know that I’m not shouting into the void. Stay tuned for the next thing, whatever it may be. 

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My faves (not in order) J: Juz Between Us, Follow My Lead, All Pretty Stars, Reminiscence, Rhythm of Rain, High on u, Silent Whisper, Choco Bliss, 7th F, My Better Half YG: Chemical Reacts! (lol so biased coz my req), Million Reasons, Thru Fire, Remains of Apr, I'll Give U the Sun, Heartstrings, Soft Glow, Say out loud, Hands off, Lay by ur side NJ: Heaven can wait, a lil too frenly, By ur side, Talk bout 💙, Sunset hues Too many great ones can't choose just 5 ><, u're my most fave writers 💜

Hi sweetheart, so good to see you around💜 Thank you so much for sharing your favorites and of course it’s ok if you are a little biased, it’s fun.And also thank you so much for having us as one of your favorites, we like to see you around enjoying the blog and everything. 

As a fun fact, admin Mars wrote your request Chemicals React in an airplane! Totally irrelevant lol but just a curious fact.

Here’s the links if anyone wants to check out Purple’s faves/recs:

Lost Puppy

You storm into the house and throw your jacket to the ground. You hear the yelling from behind you but ignore it. Stomping to your room you remove your shoes and begin taking your shirt off but stopped when the door opened.

“What is your problem?” He asked. He was mad and so were you. Dinner did not go as you had planned it and it was his fault, that’s what you believed.

“You!” You shout back.

“What have I done?” His voice raised to match yours.

“Don’t even start with me. Minho you embarrassed me in front of my friends. I wanted to have a nice night but you ruined it.” You were fuming.

“You’re blaming me for what you did? No. You’re the one who made a big deal of dinner. It was supposed to be calm but you made it more than it needed to be.”

“But it’s what you said that made everything fall through. If you ever shut up we would have had a better night.”

“You’re the one that made us late. You’re the one that kept changing plans. You are the one who couldn’t make up their fucking mind. So if you want to blame anyone blame yourself.”

You didn’t say another word. You grabbed your shoes, slipped them back on and walked out of the room. He kept yelling at you. You picked your jacket up and grabbed your car keys.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He growled.

“I know I’m going to a friend’s house.” You didn’t wait for a response just walked out.

You got in your car starting it before driving away. You looked in your mirror to see Minho on the sidewalk with his hands up in the air. You looked to the road the back to him. His hands laid by his side.

The next morning you woke up in your friend’s apartment. She had welcomed you with open arms. She knew you and Minho had been butting heads and was waiting for the big explosion. “He’s like a lost puppy!” She always said. Although she wasn’t in the house. She worked early and wouldn’t be back till late.

You looked at your phone to see a bunch of texts and missed calls from Minho. The texts went from explaining his opinion, to apologizing, then insults. He didn’t hold anything back. Warm tears fell down your cheek at some of the harsh words. He spoke so cruelly. Next you check your voicemail. Same as texts. All that mattered is that at the end it was nothing but insults and yelling.

You put your phone down and bring your knees to your chest. Sobs ripped thru you. It hurt hearing and reading all of the hateful things he said. You decided it was time to stop it. You took a shower and got dressed. Walking out the door you felt your heart skip a beat. Fear coursed thru you like fire. Every breath like a flame.

You arrived at yours and Minho’s shared place. You unlocked the door and stepped in only to find him sitting on the floor. His eyes had bags under them and he seemed upset. “He should be.” You thought to yourself.

“You’re back?” His voice was rough but held hope in it.

“Only to tell you something and pick up clothes.” You stated.

He stood and looked at you. “What?” He asked.

“Minho,” You sighed before finishing. “We’re done.”

You moved past him and to your room. Grabbing a suitcase you began filling it with clothes. You made sure to also grab your hygiene produces. The entire time you held back tears. You hurt him but he hurt you first. He was nothing but selfish and a pain in the ass.

“Please. Don’t leave me.” You jumped at the sudden noise. You crossed your arms and turned on in your heels. Your heart snapped in half at the sight of him. His eyes were puffy and red, tears stained his cheeks. You closed your eyes and turned back around. You felt your own tears roll down your face. “I can’t lose you.” His voice cracked.

You zipped up your case and pushed past. “I’m sorry Minho.”

He ran in front of the door blocking the door. He was acting like some desperate child. “Baby I didn’t mean it. Any of it.”

“Then why say it?” You push.

“Because I was scared.” He whimpered. “I was scared you hated me. I was scared you would leave me…and now you are.” He looked up at you with big eyes.

“Stop. Don’t look at me like that.”

“What do you mean?” He tilted his head adding to the puppy like charm.

“That! You look at me like some kind of lost puppy knowing it makes me melt! I hate it so much.” You raised your voice just enough to get the point across.

He moved from the door over to you. You watched as he rested his hands over your own. His hands somehow rough yet so soft. It was a feeling you loved and cherished. You finally broke down. You wrapped your arms around his neck bringing him down a bit. “I hate that I love you so much.”

“So you’re staying?” He said hopefully.

“Of course I am. If I left it would be considered abandonment of a puppy.”

He laughed and placed a small kiss on your lips. Happily returning it you pull his closer.

“You might be a pain in the ass, but you’re my pain in the ass and I love you.”


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Jess, I'd walk thru fire for you! Well not fire, because it's dangerous. But a super humid room. But not too humid, because my hair. Love ya! [Long time anon of yours] : )

HAHAHA ily 💗💗💗💗💗

  • wht she said: im fine
  • wht she mean: dagoth ur welcomes u my sweet persistent friend to this place where destinys made why have u come unprepared nerevar friend or traitor come and look upon the heart i wait for u countless ages on your next reincarnation what a grand innocence hahaha hahaha did u get the false sunder so naive shame on u moon-and-star im dagoth ur and im a god theres no escape so come to me and bring wraithguard thru fire and war where we last met ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur dagoth ur
How I see different signs:

Aries: Wants to be right in every situation! And if they are wrong, it’s really hard for them to admit it. They want to have the best ideas and feel special in every aspect of their life and often they are. Very caring and protective people, if they care for someone, they’re always ready to help and understand. If they feel like going for something, they will work hard and get there, whatever it takes.

Taurus: Every Taurus I know has a very low self esteem. They like to have a lot of material things around them and I feel like they hide normal things of their life to seem better, because they’re afraid what people might think if they knew. Outside they seem kinda arrogant and self centered, but that is just an act. They’re one of the nicest people I know, but getting them to actually open up takes a very long time.

Gemini: They seem very open, because they’re talkative, spontaneous and they share their personal life with an ease, but every Gemini that I know, seem to have a hard time letting anyone too close. They’re actually super emotional and they care about others, but they have weird way of showing it. They need their space and they’re very independent and that should be respected. Most open minded people I know and very, very passionate about things that they love. Also, one of the most hurtful sign, if you ever hurt one, because they’re excellent at reading others and they know how to be cold as fuck. Geminis also have the greatest ideas and they’re super sharp and artistic, but they have a hard time to actually do anything for their dreams without a little help. I also like, how straight forward they are.

Cancer: So funny and so emotional! When you talk to them, they have the most intensive look, like they are watching you so carefully. So often their face is a blank, but their eyes are full of emotion. To me, how they look at you, is sometimes so uncomfortable! The best listeners, but also very good emotional manipulators. They respect you, but if you give them a sign that you’re into them, they will reveal their passion for boobs, haha! 

Leo: They’re the most gorgeous and the funniest people I know. I feel like the way they say things, is just so hilarious. They make me feel comfortable and good about myself. They just have something about them, that makes everyone interested and sometimes they seem arrogant and self centered, but they actually care about others more than anything. If they’re interested in you, they will get to you, but if they’re not, they will be so cold! If they drink a little too much, it’s the funniest thing, I promise! They’re a little mess of legs, arms and weird stories that make no sense! My best friend is a Leo and she is the most open minded and strongest person I have and I will ever meet. She also could go thru fire for me, but I feel like she would let me die in a snow storm, because she seriously hates cold, haha! I could go on and on about Leos, they’re everything!

Virgo: They know things that doesn’t make any sense. They want to know a lot of different people and everyone to have a good time. They want to be perfect and succeed in life and they also have a really good plan how to do that. Virgos are just so and very smart and they’re super interesting, but sometimes they accidentally make you feel, like they think that they’re better. They’re often right. Virgos often give a hard time to their close friends, but they mean well and want to help others. 

Libra: Someone who doesn’t like drama at all. They will stand by your side, but they really hate conflicts. They love to annoy and laugh at others, but it’s all for good fun, they don’t mean anything bad by it. Actually, that is a fucking weird way for them to show you, that they really care. I feel like I have a deep emotional connection with Libras. They are very smart, open minded and deeply caring people, and they’re also very passionate about things they love. They seem, like they don’t need anyone, but I feel like they’re someone looking for soulmate to share everything with. They’re also secretly very romantic people, and for some reason they have a hard time accepting it.

Scorpio: They make up things about you in their mind and if you tell them that they’re wrong, they have hard time believing you. They love anything electronic and new, but they’re really bad at decorating anything. They seem like they don’t care, but they’re deeply emotional and I’m always surprised how easily Scorpio understands emotions. They have thick skin and if they get hurt, you won’t know it, if it doesn’t come up in a fight or something. I often feel like Scorpios want others to read their minds, even tho they’re not showing what is wrong. They have very dark places in their head. 

Sagittarius: Wants to be best in their surroundings. The best girlfriend, the best worker, the best looking, the best housewife and the list goes on. Sometimes you feel like everything is alright and after two seconds the Sagittarius is a screaming mess. But that only happens when you’re really close with them. They love people and they have loads of dreams. I really think that whatever is the starting place for Sagittarius, they will succeed if they have friends and family who show that they believe in them. If they don’t care about something, they just don’t care about it and there is nothing to do about it. They also talk like a child to everyone they are close with. It is hilarious. 

Capricorn: Weirdest sense of humor for sure! They make me laugh and it is so easy to feel free to talk about anything with them. They want to show off what they have and they have a deep need to succeed in life. They might seem like they don’t have any emotions at first, but when you get to know them, it is kinda sad how deeply they feel, but they have a hard time showing it. They’re very smart and if you have a sibling that is a Capricorn, you won’t take others shit so seriously, because you’re so use to being called names and all that. I have two Capricorn brothers and I will be a little ho till I die, haha!

Aquarius: Only Aquarius I know well is my best friend Ellen DeGeneres, but whenever I meet someone, they seem different, fun and nerdy. And kinda shy also. They have a lot to say, it is always very interesting. And they’re pissed off about something. I would like to know more, since I would probably get along with them very well. I’m sure they’re lovely people!

Pisces: Are sad all the time. Then they drink too much and you realize that they’re even a sadder mess. I feel like they try so hard and then someone just treats them wrong or make the worst out of them. They also seem to have very low self esteem, even tho they’re so beautiful inside out. Everyone understand everything they say in a wrong way. They also accidentally end up lying a lot. I like Pisces people, but I am so done trying to carry them from different places after clubbing. They’re also super artistic and when you get to know them, they want to show you their world.