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talia's spotify playlist masterpost

so in case you haven’t realized it by now, i love music, so i thought i’d do this fun little master post kinda thingy for you all since you all mean so much to me! i hope you like it!

nostalgia playlist (this is for all you fellow 99-00s kids that grew up on bangers like Unwritten and Apple Bottom Jeans and Beautiful Girls and Kiss Me Thru The Phone and Umbrella—just to name a few. relive your childhood with this playlist!) -

Waiting to Rent the Fiddling Demon Phantom of Hamilton who’s Bringing It On in the Wicked Heights with Evan Hansen (a broadway mash-up playlist of Rent, Fiddler on the Roof, Sweeney Todd, Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, Bring It On, Wicked, In The Heights, Waitress, and Dear Evan Hansen) -

chill (the title speaks for itself, just a chill/relaxed vibe playlist for working or just lazing about the house on a Sunday afternoon) -

ultimate Lin playlist (for everyone who stans Lin-Manuel, this is the playlist for you) -

melanie martinez (a collection of all things melanie from when i was going through my CryBaby phase) -

purity ring ~ another eternity (PLEASE give this playlist a listen purity ring is great, technically it’s not a playlist it’s just their album another eternity that i saved as a playlist, but check it out, especially the song bodyache) -

troye + marina + halsey (self-explanatory, a playlist of troye sivan, marina and the diamonds, and halsey) -

classical bops (from the orchestra-nerd/violinist side of me, i present to you some of my favorite classical pieces (even though i really need to update this one)) -