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I earthquake typed once but in my defense I was really angry and also super sad and tears kinda blurred the keyboard and I was having trouble not throwing things across my room so I was straining my hands and crying It was a bad scene

honestly ive been like that but i never earthquake typed

but i can see how that could happen lol

Coping (M-ish?) - [VIXX] Boyfie!Taekwoon

You really don’t mind. You hated it, partially… But you really don’t mind. It’s hardly being a hypocrite, you coaxed yourself. Just because your angels and demons are having a constant battle in you, doesn’t mean Taekwoon would have to find another way of calming himself.

He made quite a progress, really. From throwing random things across the room when he’s angry to just downing rice wine, you deemed harmless than the one before. And you were actually quite grateful that he texted where he was when he is upset, when he usually doesn’t. So when Taekwoon said he was going to get shit drunk tonight, you say no more and hopped into the cab to where he is.

He was down to his fifth bottle when you arrived but he didn’t look very drunk. You knew he was a heavy drinker and it took quite a lot for him to be knocked out. You also know that it’s going to take hours for him to actually get wasted. All you actually needed was a good book and a glass of water. You sat before him, huffing, and shoving your bagpack away.

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