throws you off the cliff

  • 707: ATTENTION!!
  • Yoosung: What? What happened? What?
  • 707: Nothing...just want you to pay attention to me. ;)
  • Lena: So, who are you spending Christmas with?
  • Kara: I, I, I mean you, if you, you know, that song? I, well, All I want for, erm, Christmas, is, well-
  • Lena: Were you trying to flirt and invite me to spend Christmas with your family?
  • Kara: *blurting and defensive* No, what? I mean, firstly your bone density wouldn't allow you to survive the harsh vacuum of space travel and secondly we don't celebrate Christmas on my home planet, the closest thing we have is Rao Day which involves throwing what you would call a yak off a cliff as sacrifice for a bountiful spring.
  • Lena: ???
  • Kara: ...
  • Kara: I mean... I'm from Milwaukee.
  • Kara: Will you just please be my girlfriend already?

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Are you scared?

*Of “accidentally falling off the cliff to my death”?
*I am afraid of being found.
*What if they see me jump?
*What if the last thing I see is their faces?
*That would be unfortunate.
*…I should have left them a note.
* “Please do not look for me. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks for everything. Good bye.”
* “P.S. If you find any chocolate, please throw it off the cliff near the bridge.”


made icons for the whole squad (now i just gotta find a squad)

Imagine that you are best friends with Jane foster. So when Thor comes crashing down to earth and all that random romance happens, you get invited to their wedding in Asgard. It is there that you meet the Royal Family, including Loki (because let’s say in this universe Loki didn’t do any of the stuff he did to fall off the bridge, because why not?).

You join the Family at the high table and while having a perfectly reasonable interrogation of the Royal Family(Jane only deserves the best). Loki, deciding to live up to his title of the God of Mischief, turns your drink into a snake (constrictor). What Loki doesn’t realise is that you love snakes and therefore you start cooing at it like a normal person would a baby or puppy. Loki and everyone else is rather confused (apart from Jane who’s debating if it’s too late to throw you off a cliff because you do this kind of thing far too often).

#74 /14 Days of Cupid/ Jason Todd

74)  Person A is fighting a villain only for the villain to flirt and ask Person A to be their Valentine. Person B gets jealous and shoots the villain throwing them off the cliff while at it.

So what do you say sugar? Be my Valentine?” He says while dodging your hits with ease. You were fighting on a snowy cliff, while Jason was posted in a sniping position on a higher area. 

He could hear everything through the com and it made his blood boil, even though you weren’t together, he had an undeniable crush on you and was planning on asking you to be his valentine after this mission, but it seems like the events have been slightly sped up.

Jason lines up his shot,“DUCK!” he yells, causing you to flinch and duck down. The shot was loud but perfect, through the skull like butter. The body hits the ground with a thud, Jason picks up his gun and starts making his way down to it. 

What was that for?!” You question, this wasn’t part of the plan.

Without saying another word, he picks up the body, throwing it off the cliff and turns to you, “Will you be my valentine?”

“Oh my god Jason, was that really necessary?” You ask

Is that a yes?” He quirks his eyebrow.

Yes, it is.” you chuckle. 


How wonderful! Do I get a certificate or something?

The Mystic Messenger characters and flirting
  • Zen: people call me Zen, but you can call me 2nite ;)
  • Jumin: would you like to see my cat, the precious Elizabeth the 3rd who is stunning in every single photogra-
  • 707: wanna be my 606?
  • Yoosung: Me plus you equals... uhm... happiness??? I don't know I'm not good at math T-T
  • Jaehee: let's go out. *straightforward as hell* as friends.
  • V: please just take me to rika
  • saeran: I can pick you up and throw you down--i mean, off a cliff.
  • MC: *download app* I just got your messages