throws up then punches myself in the face then sets myself on fire

Captain Black

Request: “Can you do a Pirate AU with Sirius Black where you’re on a ship and it sinks and he saves you?? Or something else if that idea was horrid.”

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: violence n stuff


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Life on the open waters was rough. Literally and emotionally. Being an explorer of the new world required many months at sea, and currently you were sailing along the Western coast of Africa; prime pirate territory. You had warned the captain of your ship that these waters were too treacherous, that cargo ships taking the shortcut back to England were excellent targets for those vile creatures called pirates. But he had waved you off, muttering something about how you were lucky to be on board because you’re a “disrespectful woman who had no business being on his ship”.

So you had bunkered down, a permanent scowl on your face as the other shipmates gave you hungry looks. At least if you survived taking this shorter route you would be home sooner, meaning no more sleeping while clutching a knife under you pillow. You had no other choice but to accept your companions, since no other ships would accept a female adventurer. You wished that the Kraken would come up and swallow them all whole.

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I Like That

Minho discovers a liking to Y/N’s spunk…

“Come on Y/N,” Frypan said. “We gotta set up dinner.”

Groaning in frustration, I went back to the usual routine. Of course my job was a given the second I came up in that box- kitchen worker or textiles.

“Hey Y/N,” Gally scoffed. “What’s for dinner today?”

“Nothing you’re interested in,” I replied.

“I might be interested in something you’re cooking up…” he smirked.

“Just get in line,” I huffed.

“Oh! Pretty girl’s got some sass.”

“Leave her alone Gally…” Frypan rebutted quietly, afraid of what standing up for me would do.

“Did you say something kitchen rat?”

“He said leave her alone Block for Brains,” a familiar voice said. Sitting up from the table, Minho sighed heavily, signaling for him to cut it out.

“And what are you gonna do about it?” a fuming Gally lashed out. Edging closer to Minho, the thick atmosphere of frustration was cut by none other than Newt himself.

“Alright alright, if you two hormonal shanks are gonna settle this, do it the right way. 1 round in the ring. Fair and square. No whiners or sore losers. Agreed?” Newt offered as a solution.

“Nah. If I’m fighting anyone in that ring, it’s gonna be Y/N. No one disrespects me around here.”

“Let’s go shuckface,” I taunted. While Gally was stubby and strong, I was slim and agile.  

“Y/N he’s not-”

“Butt out Minho,” I warned, pissed off that the last person I’d expected to not support me was doing just that. Walking outside of the tent and into the sand ring, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit nervous at the fact that not only was I defending myself, but Minho as well. I was fighting for him.

“I’m not goin’ easy on you this time Y/N,” he eyed cockily. “Could’ve avoided this in the first place by being more- compliant.”

Swinging at my face, I ducked just in time to swoop under his arm and kick him from the back, grinning at the satisfying sound of him landing in the sand. Throwing punches aimlessly, he managed to land a hit on the left side of my cheek, definitely leaving a bruise.

As I glanced over to where Minho was standing, I noticed that Newt and Thomas had to pull Minho back by his shoulders as he tried his best not to interfere with the match.

Landing a hit square on his jaw, he stumbled a few steps, giving me the perfect opportunity to knee him where God only meant to be treated nicely.

I heard a roar of cheers and congratulatory pats on the back, walking back into the tent. The boys went back to dancing around the fire with their stupid drinks, and I was left to clean up after their half-eaten mess.

I heard a light rustling of leaves and turned around to see Minho looking somewhat solemn. Did I do something wrong?

“Follow me,” he said coldly. Jogging outside of the tent, I walked behind him into the medjack hut and was sat down.

“What are you-”

I hissed in pain as an alcohol soaked cloth was pressed against my cheek.

“He really got you good, didn’t he?” Minho chuckled lightly.

“I can do it myself-” I seethed.

“Oh really?”

Sighing in defeat, he resumed the process of applying the right medication to the wound.

“Why didn’t you stay quiet? You shouldn’t have said anything in the first place,” I scolded lightly.

“I got tired of seeing him push you around. It ain’t right for anyone to be treated like that.”

Listening to his soothing voice, the warmth from his hands felt like home as they were rubbing against my cheek, soothing the bruise.

“You still shouldn’t have said anything. What if you got hurt?”

“But you did,” he said, raising his voice lightly. “I should’ve gotten punched in the face, not you. Why are you so stupid sometimes Y/N? Just let me-”

When I pressed my lips against his with my hands on his arms, I felt him relax under my touch, smiling a little when his hands gripped the sides of my face.

Unable to form words, he pushed me down onto the mattress and we began kissing again.

“I can take care of myself. Not all the time, but most of the time. And I know that when I’m not able to, you’ll be there for me, and I for you,” I surrendered. “Okay?”

Instead replying, he latched his lips onto mine and grinned like a 3-year old in a candy store.

“I like that…” he smiled.

Hell Hound Part 7

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Smut, with 1 semi appropriate gif

Requested ? nope

notes: A big surprise is coming at the end of this part and go check out my collab with @rejectcentral it’s also a Peter Parker story but starts out as a Bucky x oc.

And also @rejectcentral went ham on the fighting scene, and she did amazing!!! So please go check her blog out it’s amazballs!!

German Airport 3 days later…

My palms were sweaty, and I couldn’t focus.

The day has come where I fight my boyfri- I mean Spider-Man.

I really need keep that in check, I just need to focus on ‘fighting’ Spider Man to keep him occupied so we can both impress our leaders. I see Peter across the strip from me and the rest of the team, waiting to attack. You know, he really does look good in that suit I mean it just shows off his cute little butt so much like- Oh what am I saying! Focus, focus!

“Are we really going to do this?” I whispered to Wanda, sweat now collecting on my hairline. She nodded her head and gave me a sad smile, knowing I wasn’t ready for what we were about to face. It was the destruction of the Union, and no one was going to be able to stop this collapse.

“Let’s go!” Steve shouted, and we all started running towards the carriers, as that was our main goal point. As Peter became closer and closer my heart pace increased as well. Suddenly, Iron Man and his team start running towards us. I see Peter and Tony exchange a few words before the first collision of metal rings through the air. Black Widow pinned against her best friend, Vision against Wanda, Iron Patriot against Sam, it was all so wrong. This was not what the Avengers were for, this is not what peace looks like. Suddenly I feel a hard collision into my shoulder and I see Iron Patriot flying by. As I struggle to get back up, I can see Peter going after Bucky and Sam. Thinking that Bucky and Sam could hold their own while not hurting Pete too bad I emerged myself in the real fight in front of me. I focused all of my energy towards keeping the beast inside of me under my control, and as I slowly lit up into flames, the hot embers engulfing my body.

“Holy shit,” I hear Vision say. “Is that girl on fire?” I look up to see that Bucky was not doing so hot against T’Challa, so he was my first focus. Running straight towards the two powerhouses I pummel into the side of T’Challa, but soon feel a razor sharp scratch against my calf as he digs into my skin. Letting out a groan of pain I release the royalty and Bucky throws him against the side of a plane. Slowly making my way off the ground I can feel the cool breeze against my flesh wound, but the cold feels good and I relish in the feeling for a few moments. Until my thoughts are cut short by a boyish scream and the sound of glass breaking coming from the airport building. I see a flash of red and blue being dragged across the sky before colliding with a bunch of boxes set on top of one another. I immediately run over to Peter to make sure that he’s okay. He’s fast to get up, the adrenaline in his body has to be on an all time high. I can see his eyes widen at my flaming form but I smile and slap him upside the head.

“You had me worried for a second Spider-boy.” I say jokingly. I know that I can’t see his face under his mask but I can just see him rolling his eyes. Peter grabs me by the arms and brings me close before pushing me back on the stacks of boxes, my landing padded by the cardboard.

“We really have to do this, don’t we?” He asked timidly. I nodded my head as I got up from the boxes and put myself into a fighting stance. He let out a sigh and mirrored my position. I was the first to throw a punch, well I wouldn’t really call it a punch because I never intended for my fist to ever land on Peter, nor to cause him any serious harm. As this went on for a while we both became a little more goofy with our moves, making them less about actual fighting and more about who looks the dumbest. At one point I had actually began to laugh at Peter’s nonsense during this serious situation.

All of the laughing with Peter just reminds me of all of the fun memories that I had with my mom, like our Friday game nights where we would cheat so much but neither cared because winning wasn’t everything, or when she stayed up all night with me binge-watching Criminal Minds because I was too scared to watch it after dark by myself. I got so caught up in the memories of my mom and I that I didn’t realize that Peter was screaming my name until it was too late. I felt strong arms grabbing me around my waist and then I was flying through the air. My body came to a bone chilling halt when I collided into the cement side of the airport building, my head cracking in the back. As I landed on the ground, I tried to catch my breath but nothing was working. My vision became extremely blurry, I felt no center of balance, my head was absolutely throbbing and my left arm felt like someone was stabbing a knife repeatedly into the tanned flesh. I could hear Tony in the background yelling at the top of his lungs at T’Challa.

“That was my daughter you just hurt you fucking ass-hat. I told everyone that she was off limits!”

“I don’t take orders from you, metal man.” T”Challa responded before running off to find Bucky.

I closed my eyes momentarily to try and find some type of relief for my body, but to no avail. I opened my eyes slowly but I saw a figure in front of me that just couldn’t be real. My eyes widened before slowly rubbing them. She smiled and her brilliant teeth were shining miraculously in the sunlight.

“Hello my sweet little Samara” I hear a familiar voice call out. I raise my head off of the concrete and see my angelic looking mother standing there before me. This can’t be real, this can’t be happening.

“Mom,” I questioned cautiously. “Is that really you?” She nodded her head and opened her arms before me. I ran straight into them and laid my head onto her smooth, silk shirt, missing the way that she embraced my body whenever we would hug.

“I miss you so much my little matchstick.” She said smiling while grabbing my face between her two calloused hands. Mom was always a hard worker, she never got the time to treat herself right.

“I missed you too momma.” I said, my voice cracking in the middle of the sentence as I could feel tears now forming in my eyes. I let the salty drops roll freely down my scratched face as I took in my mom’s appearance.

“Mom, you’ll never believe what’s happening. Right now I’m fighting the Avengers with the Avengers, how weird is that? And Peter is on the opposite team but he promised not to hit me too hard.” She smiled at my running mouth, I always blab alot when I’m nervous oddly enough. But as I looked back at the airport, I saw a burgundy and gold suit flying around and I could feel anger bubbling inside of me.

“Mom,” I said with a sharpness in my tone. “Why did you never tell me that Tony Stark was my father? Don’t you think I have the right to know where the other half of my DNA comes from? Do you think it’s fair that I’ve had to grow up without a dad that actually wanted me? No you had to keep him  away. Why mom, why did you do that!?” I became more angry, and a fire begins to burn deep within my soul as I keep ranting with my mother. I understood that she was trying to protect me, but does she think that I’m that much of a baby that I can’t handle that?

“Honey calm down, you’re getting warm on one side and frozen on the other, you need to settle down okay? I know that I kept a lot from you, including your name but I did all of this to protect you. Someday you will learn why I did these things but today is not one of those days okay?” I could feel her starting to slip away from me, her faze becoming a haze.

“No mom wait, you can’t leave me, not again.” I whimpered as I clutched onto any piece of my mom that I could grab. All of my attempts were futile though as my hands were met with air instead of the beautiful figure that was my mom.

“In due time my darling, in due time…” her voice faded away in the whistling wind.

“No, no, NO MOM COME BACK. I CAN’T LOSE YOU AGAIN MOM PLEASE!” I begged, now full on sobbing as I tried to run with the voice but tight arms wrapped around my waist as I felt the familiar feeling of spandex drawing me back into the world.

“No let go of me, that’s my mom!” I yelled struggling against Peter. “Peter I can save her this time, I can.. I can save her Peter just LET ME GO!” I wiggled and prodded and begged but Peter’s iron tight grasp on my body would not budge. Finally I fell against his chest, sobs racking through my body.

‘“Why couldn’t I save her Pete?” I asked him. The pain in my head was back and bolder than ever, it was burning so bad that I could feel my body start to shut down, growing weak in my limbs.

“Samara,” Peter said, shaking me slightly. “Samara, Sammmm, Sammsies. C’mon babe don’t pass out on me, stay awake, keep your eyes on me okay.” Peter ripped off his mask and I could see a black eye forming on his right eye, even then he still looked like the most gorgeous creature that I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but let myself slip into the darkest part of my mind that held the promise of no pain.

“No, no, no. Please baby, I- MR STARK HELP” Peter was now shaking my body violently as my eyes fluttered shut. The last thing I heard was a heavy metal suit landing hastily again concrete and a small, teenage voice whispering,

“Please, let her be okay. She’s the one thing that holds me together.”


I wake up in a panic.

I shoot up from a hospital cot, my body heat went up at an excessive rate making me sweat. Whenever my body does that it means that its rapidly healing to self.

No longer do I feel pain, now I just feel the biting sting of betrayal. My mom kept pretty much my identity from me, I see no logic in her reasoning.

And since she can’t say why herself I’ll go Tony, he has to have something…anything.   

“Hello Samara. I’m FRIDAY your father made-”

After the initial shock of hearing the voice of the AI system I cut her off. “No, Tony Stark is not my father.” I said stubbornly.

“Yes Miss Stark, I-Miss Stark I advise you not to get -okay.” FRIDAY said as I completely ignore her and get up. I started to pull at wires off my body, the machine beside started to do a long beep sound and the heart monitor turned flat.

As I was pulling out my IV Tony Stark and Peter come barreling into the room.

When they saw that I was okay, they calmed down.

“Why did you do-”

“Where am I?” I asked looking around and I see a lab with different stations.  

“You’re in the Avenger Tower, the medical wing.” Tony said with his arms crossed as he watched Peter comes over to me.

“Sam, you-you’re healed. I’m so sorry I should’ve been faster, I-” I stop him by giving him a hug tucking my head into his neck. “I’m okay, I heal fast, I must’ve missed so much Homework.” I said still into his neck. “I did it. Don’t worry about that, and I talked to Corrine and she has been Captain till you get back to school.” He wrapped his arms around me tight, I move my head back and roll my eyes, “So you wrote my 10 page paper in english? You read Pride and Prejudice?” I asked with a raised brow.

Peter blushed, “Well I think Sparknotes is just as good as reading it.” I smiled, I completely forgot what was happening. That was until I heard someone clear their throat behind us.

Reality had an annoying way to pull me back towards earth.

“You know, I’ve been here the whole time. And really? What is it about you two and Homework?” Tony said once he caught our attention.

I rolled my eyes as Peter let me go as fast as possible, like he just noticed Tony’s existence.

“Sorry, Mr.Stark sir…sir.” Peter said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. Now it was time for Tony to roll his eyes. “Wow, okay cutting to the chase I have intel where the Cap and Tin Man are and I’m going to help them, so you,” He pointed at me, “FRIDAY will show you around since you’ll be staying here now, and you,” his finger turned to Peter, “You Spider-ling, I have a car for you, ready to take you home, cause I don’t trust you two alone, mostly I don’t trust you. You stare too much.” Tony said in a egotistical tone. Peter blushed a dark red and replied with his usual, ‘Yes sir’.

We all stand in silence for a moment.

“I meant now, move it people.” Tony shooing us out of the lab. I started to go one direction and Tony went the other, Peter followed me.

Once Tony noticed Peter was following me instead of him he groaned in annoyance and grabbed the boy by the collar.

“Nice try.” Tony said, I waved and laughed as Peter had a sheepish look on his face.

Once they both left FRIDAY started to talk and show me other places throughout the tower. By the end of the tour it was dark and I laying my room Tony designed for me, with a walk in closet that as the latest trends on the hanger.

I laid on the bed feel tempurpedic mattress mold to my body. As I was contemplating the meaning of life, like all adolescents do, when my phone rang. Already knowing who it was I answered it without fail.

“Hey Pete,” I said with a chirp, “Hey Sam, what’s up?” He said his voice sorta muffled and I can hear the distant sound of New York, he’s on Spider-Man patrol.

“I know you’re in Spider-Man gear, swing by and we can hangout.” I said hopefully, looking at the ceiling.

“What about Mr. Stark, I’m not allowed over.” He said with a unsureness edge to his voice.

“Okay first off, I might be related to him by blood but he is not my father so he doesn’t control me or my boyfriend, and secondly who are you more scared of me or him?” I asked now sitting up.

There was a brief moment of silence.

“Both..but you more.” He said and I can hear the smile on his face.

“Good, now come over, I’ll leave the window open.” I said once he agreed we hung up.

I got off the comfortable bed and opened my large window that sits above my huge day bed.

I was dressed in small shirt that had the stupidest cat pun that said ‘Get Meowster Here!’ with small black shorts.

I sit back on the bed and swing my legs back and forth in boredom.

“Miss Stark you know Mr. Stark won’t approve.” I jump at FRIDAY’s voice and let out a breath, “don’t tell Tony please.” I asked fluttering my eyes, after a few seconds she answered, “Okay, but just this once.”

I did a small victory dance, then I thought of something,”Hey FRIDAY, can you play Girl/Girl/Boy by Panic! At the Disco please?” I asked

“Sure thing.” FRIDAY said and the song came on loud and clear.

I started to dance like a spaz and embraced it. I was laughing and singing along at the top of my lungs. After the song was done I collapsed on the bed in fit of giggles that was until I hear Peter slowly clapping from the windowsill. I shoot up from my spot from the bed in surprise. He of course had his full Spider-Man uniform on.

“You have a gift!” He said over dramatically

I roll my eyes for umteenth time that day and smiled while walking over to him, when got to him I gave him a peck over his mask.

“Aren’t you going to buy me dinner first?” Peter said as a joke, he always had this new found charisma and swagger when he put of the suit. But we all know he looks better with it off.

With that in mind I put my hands at the base of his mask and pull it off. “Just kiss me you idiot.” I said before bringing him into a searing kiss. I weave my fingers through thick chestnut locks and bring him closer.

I start walking backwards until the back of my knees hit the mattress and I sit down which caused us to separate. We both were taking deep breaths.  

“Are we? Like now? Here?” Peter asked in flood, I bite my lip and looked at the spider emblem on his suit, “I guess.”

“Okay um alright, wow.” Peter said in a stutter rubbing the back of his neck. “If you don’t wan-” I started but Peter cut me off. “No no no, I want this, I want you. You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting this…wanting you.” Peter said in a shy voice and suddenly he finds the floor fascinating. I smile and lifted his chin with my finger, “I have-” again this time Peter cut me off with a kiss.

And the kiss was hot and heavy, felt the back of the of his suit for the button that causes it to come undone. Once I found it I clicked it, and the suit effortlessly fell to the floor. I detached my lips from his and slid back from him to give him room on the bed. Once he completely stepped out of the suit and crawled up to me until he was hovering over me.

“Hi” he said before kissing me briefly, I smile and replied, “Hi” I then placed my hands on his muscular pecs and slowly moved them to the back of his neck and top of his back as he gave me open mouth kisses on my neck, trying to find that spot that makes my toes curl. After a few attempts he found, and how he found out was when I arched my back and digged my nails into his skin out of pleasure.

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I felt one his hand travel down to my thigh and gave it a small squeeze, than he began playing with the strings of my pajama bottoms.

“Y-you can can ugh, take-oh god- them off,” I said in a moaning mess.

When Peter leaves my neck I whimper at lost of contact. He hooked his pointer fingers at the band of my shorts and looked at me again, still unsure, I jerkily nod my head and watch as he takes a breath and pulls them down.

He gasps as he sees I have no underwear, I bite my lip as Peter grows pink. I feel something go from hard to solid rock in his boxers.

I feel my breath catch in my throat as he gently places his hands on my knees. “M-may I?” Peter asked and suddenly all of this becomes real and I don’t have any regrets. I love Peter Parker, and I’m giving him a piece of me that no one can take away nor steal. It will forever be his.

“Yes.” I said laid back down watching him as I hold my breath. He slowly opens my legs, and I can feel how wet I was down there, I become embarrassed when Peter is just staring at it with an expression I can’t name.  

“You’re stunning Samara, perfect even” Peter said in a whisper. I smile and my fears quiet down.

After a moment nothing happens, “Peter, aren’t you..?” I asked looking at him expectedly.

“Ye-yeah, sorry, where exactly?” he asked embarrassed. I gave him a reassuring look and grabbed his hand, I slowly guided it to where he needed to be. And once I told him what to do we were back in business.

He started to move in tight circles and I let out a cry, “Peter!” I grip the sheets beneath me tight and arched my back again, with my toes curling. I start to pant as Peter gradually picked up speed.

“Peter, Peter, Peter” I moaned like a prayer as I felt something inside me was about to snap. I didn’t notice Peter lowering his face.

All of a sudden it stopped, I was about to say something when I felt Peter has put his mouth over my clit and gently started to suck.

My hips started to buck as pleasure took over my body, “PETER! I’M CLOSE!” I yell as I grip his hair firmly in my hand. As if like a switch Peter goes even faster, and after one more buck I completely come undone and twitch a little, I feel myself violently as Peter lets me go.

I look at Peter with lust hooded eyes, “How was that?” Peter said licking his lips, sliding a finger up and down thigh. Instead of answering him I move forward and grab onto him, we started to kiss again.

After kissing some more and all clothing has come off we both stare at eachother. “I love you  Samara.” Peter said holding my hand tight, I squeeze it back and said for the first time while he was wake, “I love you too.”

He smiles wide and gives me a sweet kiss once he pulled away I looked down, I don’t know how he’ll fit, I’m just hoping it doesn’t hurt. As if hearing my thought he said, “I’ll go slow.”

I nodded my head and watched at Peter slowly positioned himself at my entrance, with one final look Peter slowly pushed himself inside of me.

I was expecting pain, but nothing, all I felt was pleasure, I’m glad I broke my hymen during sports. Once Peter was all the way in he sighed in content.  After a moment of adjusting to his size, I signaled him to start moving.   

And when he did the sensation felt amazing almost unbearable. Mine and Peter’s groans mix together as he pumps his hips slowly.

“F-Faster, fa-oh-oh god!”  I was beginning to ask but Peter started to go hard. The bed was rocking in time to Peter’s thrusts and you can hear our skin slipping together when they meet. “Fuck Samara” Peter groaned as he held my hips tighter moving hard against me, I know I’ll marks on my hips after wards.

By this time I’m a moaning mess and I feel the familiar edge that’s about to be met.

“Babe, d-darling, I’m g-” Peter started, “Me too” I moaned out with an arched back. I didn’t think it was possible but Peter started to rock even harder and after a moment for the second time I open myself like a flower, “PETER!” I screamed in ecstasy I feel myself grip him tight, at the sound of me screaming his name Peter comes undone and feel him unravel inside me. I pant as he pulls out, he fall beside me and brings my naked body to his chest.

“I love you Sam,” Peter whispered before kissing the shell of my ear. I smile and whisper ‘I love you’ back before I fall asleep myself.

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Even If It’s Just Pretend

A new chapter! Also, this is for Snowbaz Feda Day 3 (@snowbaz-feda ).

Description: Simon is broke, his foster father is an asshole, and he knows he has nowhere to go when summer break comes around. So when he sees an ad for a paid psychology experiment involving romantic couples, he’s quick to pretend he’s in a relationship…with his nemesis/roommate Baz.
AKA the faking dating trope that we know we all love.

Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3

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offended-goat  asked:

Hi! My birthday is April 3rd and I was wondering if I could get a best friends/ peeta is jealous Drabble please? Thank you so much lovelies.

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Wishing you a wonderful birthday! The incredible @alliswell21 has written this perfect little bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!


A/N: Happy Birthday! Here is a fluffy Everlark growing-back-together story with just a touch of spice. Enjoy!!!

Canon compliant
Rated T
Fluff and Comfort


It’s a rare evening, peaceful and quiet, Peeta and I sit on the porch watching the sun dip to sleep in the horizon, displaying the most beautiful array of colors either of us has seen in months.

“Look!” I whisper, “It’s your favorite color,” I point at the glorious arrange of oranges, yellows and pinks just in front of us.

Peeta smiles at the sky contentedly, softly. At peace. “I remember it clearly now,” he says with a pleased sigh. Then his sweet, blue eyes, turn to find mine, reaching my hand with his. “Thank you,”

“What for?” I ask confused.

“You gave me back part of my identity just by knowing something as simple as my favorite color, or how I tie my shoelaces.” He scoots closer to me on the stoop while intertwining our fingers more firmly. “You help me rediscover the real me every day. Thank you for not forgetting who I was, even when I did.” He kisses my knuckles.

“Well, you’ve help me stay sane, so I guess…” I fish in my head for the right words, but he smirks and answers,

“We’re even?”

I scowl causing him to chuckle.

“No,” I counter. “We make a good team. We are good for each other.”

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Snowbaz Swimming Au

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


yoooo i think this might be the longest chapter yet, and I started planning the other ones. i want to finish some more and queue them or something idk

baz pov again

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And I Saw You Standing There: Part One

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,309

Warnings: swearing, blood, torture

Author’s Notes: Hey, guys! This is the start of a series that I started to “Cure” my writer’s block. I don’t really have a proper summary of it, so I apologize.

I have some requests currently in my drafts that I WILL finish when I have some free-flowing ideas in my head. I do however need to ask you guys for a favor; please do NOT hesitate to request one-shots and imagines and things. A: it REALLY helps me clear my mind and get some ideas forming, and B: it helps me de-stress and I really need that right now. So anyways, request if you feel like it. I have a prompts list if you want to use that. 

Thanks. I hope you like it! You guys are amazing. 

        My knees scrape against the concrete floor as two men carry me, half conscious and blindfolded, back to the basement. My heart rate accelerates and my breathing quickens as we round the corner to the dreaded room. The stronger one throws me to the hard cement. He yanks me up, ripping the hood from my face while the other takes the opportunity to kick me full force in the gut, completely knocking the breath out of me. I fall to the cold floor wincing in pain when something in my brain clicks. No longer weary, I push myself off the ground and lean against the wall, spitting out the bile that had risen in my throat. 

        They began talking in hushed German when I notice one of them looking me up and down hungrily, only to be slapped and scolded. A voice on one of their radios distracts the authoritative one, sending him out of the room to assist with the ‘asset’, which leaves me with a possible escape. The remaining guard walks over to the counter, picking up a clipboard and jotting down a report, occasionally looking me over. Satisfied with his work, he tears the paper from the clipboard and places it in a folder on the counter

'Here’s your window,’ I tell myself. Quickly, I part my legs just enough to give off the wrong idea and replace my scowl with a slight smirk. The guard turns back around, walking towards the desk when his gaze shifts along my bruised form, drinking me in. He returns to the desk, rummaging for a bit before turning back to me.                     

The heavily accented voice breaches the silence, "You naughty little soldier. You really shouldn’t do that.“                

He takes a step closer, his eyes dancing all over me.                                                                                                  

 "It’s quite distracting, and distracting people can have consequences.”                                 

The guard closes the space between us, his hand reaching up to grab a fist-full of my hair, pulling me to his face. His eyes dart from my lips to my eyes desperately. I decide it’s time to make my move, and it all goes by so quickly. 

    “Then show me,” I whisper seductively in his ear, making sure to brush my lips against his earlobe before turning back to his face. Swiftly, I smash my forehead into his nose, earning a satisfying crack. The guard falls back as I stagger to my feet, breaking out of the bonds that held me. I turn to the guard, with no ounce of pity, and bash his face in with my foot. Hastily, I reach for the knives and gun that he carried and bolt for the corridor. My lungs begin to burn as I navigate the sharp twists and turns of the base. I immediately halt when I hear the curdling, pain filled cries echoing throughout the base. My trance is interrupted when I hear the static of a radio just around the corner and a hushed voice speaking in fluent German, “Repeat, how is the asset? Is the asset contained?” Then, nothing. I take that as my opportunity to sneak behind him and snap his neck, earning a small gasp before his body slumps to the floor. I immediately sprint through the last few checkpoints and gates, which, oddly, seem to be unoccupied. As I approach the final gate, I get this nagging feeling that this is a trap.

        My attempt to escape immediately stops when I notice small droplets of vermilion blood trailing behind me, no doubt in my mind would they trace it back to me. My hand flies to my stomach, pulling up the fabric of my shirt to reveal that my stitches from a previous mission had been ripped apart, allowing the gash to spurt out warm blood, covering my lower body. I snap my head up as the sound of boots clattering against the floor and yelling draw near. 

        One by one, the soldiers enter the room with their stun guns trained on me. I spin around weighing my two options, kill or be forced to kill. My head snaps around to an approaching agent, yelling at me to get down on my knees. Calmly, I raise my hands to my head and turn to face him. In an instant, my hand grabs the barrel of the gun as I snap it away, shooting him. I hurl the gun towards the group across the room before it collides with a soldier’s head, knocking him to the ground. I spin on my heel and drive my fist into a guard’s face knocking him over. Frantically, I grab his gun and shoot him, causing his body to rapidly convulse. 

'Shit, that was the last round,’ I internally yell and throw the gun to the side.

         I bolt down the hallway, frantically trying to miss the incoming projectiles. I turn the corner, suddenly ramming right into a tall figure. He shoves me against the wall, knocking the breath out of me. I swallow whatever fear I have and advance on him, punching him square in the jaw before kicking him backward. I look over briefly to the soldiers who had formed a blockade at the end of the hall, guns following my every move. Suddenly, pain shoots through my abdomen, causing me to cry out as my back hits the wall and I slide down, breathing unsteadily. He punched me right in the wound on my stomach, blood seeping out at an alarming rate. My hand clutches the soaked fabric of my shirt as I gasp for air. He picks me up effortlessly, carrying me down the hall. I bite my cheek to keep myself from crying out as the pain becomes too much to handle. 

       I’m thrown to the concrete floor, the impact makes me hiss as the pain doubles. I wearily look up to see the man grab a syringe before turning to face me. I suddenly realize who I’ve been dealing with. My gaze shifts to the silver glint beneath his jacket, confirming my suspicions.

“You’re the Winter Solder,” I say to myself more than to him. He simply nods as he closes the distance between us. I can’t move, If I do, I risk bleeding out. If I don’t, they’ll wipe my mind again. 'Fuck,' I internally groan. He yanks my arm up, causing me to inhale sharply, and rips the sleeve off of my shirt. I look away, defeated as he plunges the needle into my skin. The world around me starts to blur, making my head hurt. I clench my eyelids shut as I fall to the ground. 

“Shit,” I mutter as all my senses fade away. 

       A small prick brings me back to consciousness, and only seconds later, excruciating pain fills my body as I realize where I am. I grit my teeth trying not to cry out. My breathing becomes more and more hectic as everything I had worked so hard to conceal starts slipping away, every memory ripped from my mind. Jolts of electricity fire through my temples, coursing through my brain. I struggle to free myself as the searing pain flows through my veins, making my heart pound in my chest. I try holding back the screams, only to get a stronger shock of energy. Everything I had remembered, everyone I had ever encountered in this facility being wiped away. Outside of my screaming, I hear a voice saying the ten words I absolutely dread. 

“Longing,” the voice begins, earning a piercing cry.


My body feels like it’s slowly being set on fire from the inside, my brain like it’s been put in a blender. 








“freight car.”

My breathing slows slightly as I look up.

“Soldier?” The man asks for what must be his hundredth time, awaiting my response. 

“Ready to comply." 

Screams slowly start to become audible. Horrid, piercing screams filled with pain and grief. Screams that are filled with fear and agony. As they get louder, another sound joins the chorus. A sound that keeps repeating, over and over frantically. They too, get louder until I can make out three words.

“(Y/n), wake up!”


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Mates Part 2 - Liam Dunbar

Part 1

Requested by: a lot of followers and anons over the year.

Word Count: 7, 178

Note: The reader’s thoughts are in Italic and Liam’s thoughts are bold and Italic. Just to avoid any confusion between the two.

SPOILER ALERT! Also, shout out to @prettyobrien for being an inspiration to write Liam and Y/N as wolves. It was hard but her Liam imagine “Lost in Love” really did help a lot. 

Listen to this song while reading it. It was the only song I would listen to while writing this. I hope y’all will love this one as much as you loved the first part.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by simplypandaful

The funny thing about having a mate is how you meet them unexpectedly. Some will find that instant connection, love at first sight as they say, and some take their time before it happens. Regardless, mates are meant to cross in each other’s paths. Their destiny was different and unusual. It wasn’t love at first sight for Liam and Y/N. In fact, Liam wasn’t fond of Y/N when they first met. That all changed with a couple of deep scratches.

It’s been eight months since Liam and Y/N learned they’re mates. Liam and Y/N were still learning and getting used to being mates. They’ve only experienced the first two phases, unable to be without the other and feeling each other’s emotions and pain. They didn’t mind being inseparable; in fact they loved it. They loved being around each other and spending every waking moment together. It brought them a sense of peace knowing the other one was okay and safe by their side.

However, they were still trying to get used to their emotions and pains. It has its’ perks and its’ dislikes. They loved the feeling of how they made each other feel with each touch, kiss, and gesture. Except, when one of them was in pain, it wasn’t fun. Not only did they feel the same pain, but also they hated that they could never take away each other’s pain, and were forced to go through it together. And somehow that made them stronger.

Within the eight months, their love for each other grew with each passing day. They had the kind of love that everyone wished to find someday. Granted they were only sophomores in high school, but the way they moved around each other, played with each other, touched each other, and looked at each other, it was no doubt they were truly in love with one another. They were patient, gentle, and caring, but they were also very protective of one other. They knew each other better than anyone else. They were connected in ways no one could understand. However, their mating process wasn’t complete and they were soon about to experience a whole new level of connection, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

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My vision is so blurry, waking up I have no idea where I am or what the hell happened. In what looks like a ghetto apartment, wearing nothing but my underwear, looking around there are a good amount of liquor bottles on the shelves completely empty. My head hurts so bad looking around, I didn’t remember anything or how I got here. Getting dressed I could hear the shower running, I left quickly to avoid the awkward “oh your not gone yet” talk. Putting on my shade I walked to the nearest coffee shop. , since I have no idea where my car is. Sitting down with my coffee, sipping on it carefully, I walked back to the bar I met my friends at. “Oswald” my car sat in its parking lot, driving home all I could think about was a hot shower. Getting undressed I noticed bite marks on my hips and neck.  

“what the hell happened?”

Getting out of the shower I put on my biggest t shirt trying to remember, it only 2 in the afternoon so I have all day. Laying back memory just started to pop up. I met jade at Oswald for our usual girls night out. We were getting shot when this guy bumped into me spilling my drink onto the floor.  

“why cant I remember his face!”

Pulling my pillow over my face my phone started to ring. The number showing I have never seen before, answering it all I could hear was a man, with a growl like voice speak.

“where did you go ?”

“who is this?”


“im sorry, im having a hard time remember what happened.”

“well lets have a retake, meet me at Oswald’s at 8 and wear something sexy.”

He hung up after that, I have no idea who he is or what happened but when he commanded me to meet him, I felt myself get a little wet. Getting dressed in my little black dress I called jade to me meet.

“hell no, not after last night, you went crazy. I love you but I need recovery time, love you y/n.”

I got crazy. It was always laughable, I never lost control of myself. Heading to oswalds I was anxious to meet the man on the phone. When I arrived the familiar sound of music and chatter filled the air, I sat at the bar ordering a apple martini. I sat for a moment when a man sat across from me putting his hand on my thigh. Looking over at him, he had bright orange hair and a wicked smile.

“hey there puddin.”


‘still no memory?“


“well TAKE 2!”

He yelled while clapping his hands like a director, causing me to giggle.  

“well first things first, see  the man over there in the chiffon skirt?”

“yea the weirdo, what about him?”

“hes gonna bet you I can out drink you”

“bull shit.”

The man in the skirt walked over, he was definitely crazy but I’m kinda having fun.

“she take your bet Bert.”

“whats the bet?”

“if I can out drink you, you have to wear these all night.”

He pulled out a pair of 9 inch black stilettos from his bag.

“and if I win?”

“ I will just tell you what happened.”


We ordered a round of 6 tequila shot each, the bartender shaking his head at me, clearly telling me I lost this battle before. Shot for shot we went, after round 2 I started to feel messed up.


“No more”

He looked at me smiling.

“I win?”


'good, not lets have some fun, names Jerome princess.“

’'nice name , mines.”

“I already know yours but tonight your whatever I want.”

He ordered 2 shots each and I took them down harshly. Out of nowhere Jerome leans over to me.

“that man in the booth over there , go sit on his lap.”


“to start  a riot.”

With way to much alcohol In me I walked over sitting on the man’s lap, the man responding like any drunk pervert immediately started rubbing his dick on my ass through his clothes. Suddenly Jerome came over swooping me up he punched the man In the face.

“what the fuck you doing with my girl man!”

The man swung on Jerome, which caused insane laughter from Jerome as he beat him to the ground.

“lets go baby.”

He grabbed my hand as we ran away from Oswald’s, laughing the whole time. Hiding behind a corner Jerome stood in front of me his face just inches from mine. His hand traveled down to my hip pushing me against the cold brick wall. His lips made contact with my neck biting down causing a small whimper to come from my mouth. One of his hands snaked it way down to my crouch when he started rubbing his hang over my panties under my dress. His touch made me so wet as he bit and rubbed in the same rhythm.

“please don’t stop!.”

“the nights just begun baby.”

Taking his hand away my legs shaking, I slid down the wall, Jerome squatted down in front of me.

“we need some fun things.”

Jerome stole the nearest car and we drove to the nearest shady ally we could find. Jerome told me to stay in the car while he did something. While I waited I could feel my pussy craving him to just fuck me now. Thoughts of him just taking me filled my mind when the car door slammed shut. Jerome held up a small baggie of cocaine.


“it’s a hell of a feeling thou.”

“I don’t know.”

“ you did last night, and I won the bet.”  


We drove to the docks, where Jerome set up our lines and we snorted them really quickly. Feeling the sensation go through my body.  feeling like I could take over the world. Jerome drove us to the nearest grocery store.

“lets raise some hell.”

He handed me a black ski mask while he put one on to. Grabbing to bats, Jerome through me one while he used his to bash jars of pickles everywhere. Grabbing my bat I could feel my energy surging through my as I cracked open fruit and other things. Hearing people scream and Jerome take control was such a rush. Jerome hastily walked over to me grabbing me by the hips and lifting me onto a register. 

His lips crashing into mine, his tongue darting into my mouth while his hands gripped my hips roughly. When he needed air he let our kiss break only to reconnect to my neck to bite hard causing a big purple bruise and a loud moan escape from my mouth. Decided he wasn’t the only one who can have fun too, I pushed him back grabbing his hand and running out of the store stealing a pack of camels, a smoke alarm some champagne and a shopping cart.  

We rode through the streets howling into the nights, popping champagne and drinking it down. Feeling the bubbles lift me up, suddenly the cart stopped. Jerome pointed to the gas station, running over we paid for gasoline drenching the shopping cart and filling a stole gas we ran to the nearest field and set the cart, the smoke alarm on fire. Dancing in the light of the flames Jerome grabbed my hips bring me to his chest.

“we’re going to my house now!.”

He stole the nearest car, driving to his house, it was the apartment I was at this morning. Jerome slammed the door shut  coming at me a look of chaos on his face. Picking me up he slammed me against the wall, biting my neck. Lifting me higher and higher, Jerome threw me onto his bed, ripping my dress off so I was in my panties and heels.

“take them off now!”

Sliding my panties off, I handed them to him, he put them in his pocket.  reaching for the heels, he caught my hand.

“ I said all night.”

Jerome stripped of his clothing, standing over me, his hard dick tapping on my pussy as he teased and snickers at my begging whimpers. He dropped to his knees, kissing and biting my thighs as he looked up at me while his devil eyes.

“you don’t remember, how I made you scream , beg  and cum last night.”


Arching my back, my pussy needing some kind of friction. I hear him laugh.

“want me to remind you?”

“yes daddy.”

He drove his tongue into my pussy, sucking on my clit while he put two digits in my begging pussy. Pumping his fingers roughly as his tongue worked magic on me.

“fuck yesssss, oh god daddy!”

I could feel myself cumming around his fingers.

“im coming daddy.”

Cumming around his fingers. He lifted his face up, my juices still dripping from his chin, leaning up I brought his face to mine, kissing him deeply, sliding my tongue into his mouth I sucked on his tongue while my  hands jerked his cock. Sliding off the bed, I got on my knee, taking his hard dick into my mouth, his hands running through my hair, as he began to mouth fuck me harshly.

“fuck, yeah. You like that my little slut.”

He pulled my head off his dick so I could answer.

“yes daddy, I love it when you fuck my mouth.”

“then your gonna love this.”  

Throwing me onto the bed face first, he drove  his hard dick straight into my pussy, his pace was harsh and rough causing me to jolt forward with every thrust. One of his hands went under my leg, his fingers playing with my clit while the other pulled my hair. His dick hitting all the right spots, I couldn’t help my scream his name while his fingers played with my pussy.

“fuck yes!!.”

'say my name!!’

“fuck me daddy!!!”

He pulled his dick out, flipping me onto my back, thrusting it back in, with every thrust, I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. Jerome’s hand suddenly on my throat , he started to squeeze his fingers causing my breathing to get harsh. My orgasm came to a brink when he let me go and thrusted faster.

“cum for me baby girl!”

I screamed his name as I came around his hard cock, still thrusting into me.  

“good girl, flip over again.”

Getting onto my hands and knees, he took his dick rubbing my cum all over the head , I felt his rub his dick against my ass, my body reacted wanting me to let him ravish me now.

“please daddy, fuck my ass.”

Without pause Jerome spit on his dick, sticking it into me slowly. My moan filling the room and his dick started to thrust harder and harder into me. Jerome now moaning and grunting, took his fingers and began to play with my pussy.

“god, your ass is so tight. You like this baby doll, when I fuck you like a whore.”

“yes daddy , please .”

“last night you were just like this, calling me daddy, begging me to cum on your pretty little face.”

He thrust began to become quicker and out of rhythm, feeling myself reach another orgasm. Jerome shoved his finger into my pussy forcing my orgasm to come. My face fell into the bed as I screamed out Jerome and cum started to drip from my legs. Jerome pulled out pulling me to my knees.

“suck my cock, clean it.”

Taking his dick coated in my cum into my mouth I ran my tongue along his shaft making sure to get every drop.

“that’s right baby, clean it, your gonna swallow my cum tonight.”

I began to suck on his dick, I wanted his cum, I wanted to make his moan and want more of me. Feeling his cock twitch in my mouth Jerome grabbed my head shoving me up and down when he finally came filling my mouth with his liquid.

“open, let me see.”

Opening my mouth, I showed him the pool of cum in my mouth.

“good girl, swallow it.”

Swalloing his cum in one gulp and re opening my mouth to show that it was gone. Jerome pulled me onto his bed. Pulling out the camel cigarettes he lit one handing it to me.

“damn baby, round two was even better.”

“maybe a round three is in your future.”

“I hate fortune tellers, liar all of them.”


He pulled me to his chest. His heartbeat sounded slow. It felt right laying here, even if I didn’t really know him. Falling asleep, I kept hearing Jerome’s voice, screaming my name. Waking up the next morning I was wrapped in bed sheets and a rose was placed next to my head. Hearing the shower turn off Jerome came out. Naked steam still coming off his body.

“morning puddin.”

“morning baby.”

Walking over to him snatching his towel away, ran to the other side of his kitchen table.

“I have things to do today for the man who set me free y/n , give me my towel.”


A evil smirked spread across his face.

“give daddy his towel.”

He ran over grabbing me and pinning me over onto the table.

“bad, bad , bad.”

Each time he spoke that word his hand smacked down on my ass leaving a red hand print. Without warning he plunged his dick into my pussy fucking me hard. Rocking the table all while pulling my hair and smacking my ass.

“the fuck you doing? Saying no to me!”

“im sorry daddy”

“ I think you wanted this.”

He picked his speed up fucking me harder. I could feel my orgasm getting closer with every smack on my ass. My orgasm flooding over me, I screamed out in pleasure, when I felt his dick twitch and Jerome let out a small animal like growl.

Pulling out , I flipped over kissing him passionately.

“great now im late .”

Kissing me one more time before Jerome went out.

“be ready when I get home, I want dinner and a show.”

My First Kiss at the Public Execution - 6

PART 1 - PART 2PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 7 - PART 8 - PART 9 - PART 10 - PART 11

a/n: posting this earlier than like midnight cus im gon to see princess mononoke in the theaters tonight and im so fucking hyped i know if i dont do this now i’ll prolly forget for two days so enjoy!! tell me what you think!

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Warning: just a couple of frisky makout scenes, it’s setting up for next chapter with will be very fun to write

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count: 3,541

i wake alone
in a woman’s room i hardly know
i wake alone
and pretend that i am finally home

“Really?” Mae asked eyeing the two relatively small boxes that sat on the bare mattress, “That’s all?”

“Yeah I guess, it’s mostly clothes and gear,” I replied as I slung the black duffel bag over my shoulders then grabbing one case.

“You don’t even have a TV?” she questioned, lifting the last box and heading out the door.

“I never really wanted one,” I shrugged as I took one final look back at the small room I had resided in for the past few years since I’d left Amity for good. I didn’t feel much of anything as I let the door shut behind me. Most of the time I spent there was sleeping or getting dressed, my strongest memory was when I first saw it.

Once I passed initiation and was an official member of Dauntless, I was assigned to this space. We had to spend at least a year here before applying for an apartment, but I never bothered to move out. Until now, that is. Passively accepting what is given to you is very much an Amity trait. It’s more Dauntless to demand better, to take what you deserve.

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* . ‘゚。 ❖  ❛ dumb things my friends say ask meme. ❜

‘  I’ll know I made it when my name sits between Rosie O'Donell and Billy Crystals’ on the LI Walk of Fame situated at the LIE Exit 50-51 rest stop.  ’
‘  I hope my last words are, “Paul Hollywood’s a little bitch.”  ’
‘  How A TV Snob Came to Only Watch Reality Programming: An Autobiography Written by Me.  ’
‘  I’m emo first and human being second.  ’
‘  I want to obtain the level of confidence that people who aren’t celebrities and stream live on Instagram have.  ’
‘  How come dad culture is so wholesome but every dad I’ve met is a giant piece of trash.  ’
‘  I’m a dreamboat and a lover.  ’
‘  Have you ever eaten off a person?….I’ve always wanted to.  ’
‘  What’s the hairiest metal you listen to?  ’
‘  I don’t want your cider. What am I? A vagina?  ’
‘  I hate the south. I hope when terrorists bomb us they go to North Carolina.   ’
‘  You’re gunna play Eye of the Tiger right now while I’m trying to get drunk?  ’
‘  Stay away from kids…they’re like ‘oh I’m gunna fuck you up, I’m gunna cost you 30k a year’.  ’
‘  I’m really happy you guys are thinking about my cock.  ’
‘  When I first met you, I thought you were a total 90s kid.  ’
‘  I did not think I was going to buy a bong today. Every day is different. I can’t predict my day.  ’
‘  It’s always nice to just be sweating.  ’
‘  Can’t believe it’s already 24 hours since I was drunk and lost and accidentally sprinting away from my house.  ’
‘  Congratulations to Joey Chestnut for being the only American I am truly proud of.  ’
‘  Weird Al is the closest thing I have to a father.  ’
‘  The worst part about eggs is that they take roughly fifteen minutes to prepare but only 45 seconds to eat.  

‘  When will Pauly Shore finally stage a comeback into the world of dramatic acting like we’re all waiting for?  ’
‘  I can’t tell you why, but I shouldn’t have to pay for Legos.  ’
‘  Is everyone done saying spirit animal? Have you all had enough yet?  ’
‘  Make sure you remind all of the terrible people you know how terrible they are so they can at least be aware that they are terrible people.  ’
‘  Please stop putting foods on other foods.  ’
‘  No one should listen to anyone because clearly we are all right.  ’
‘  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, who let you back in this Quiznos?  ’
‘  I do a great Slavoj Zizek impression but I’m having trouble finding someone that cares.  ’
‘  I’ve spent at least one third of my life in traffic in New Jersey.  ’
‘  I’m terrible, thanks for asking!  ’
‘  Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone had to take improv classes.  ’
‘  Being in witness protection is an actual dream of mine.  ’
‘  How do I find a cheap and effective way of not feeling terrible all the time?  ’
‘  My new thing is finding ways to give myself fun and exciting headaches.  ’
‘  I didn’t ask for this nap.  ’
‘  How do I know if I’m doing the right thing? Will Danny Aiello tell me?  ’
‘  Very confused about how to handle the minute amount of attention I’ve been receiving lately.  ’
‘  Twitter should only be for aging celebrities in between jobs.  ’
‘  Richard Lewis is always eating lunch.  ’
‘  I’m so excited to add War Criminal to Trump’s wikiepdia page.  ’
‘  If I seem uncomfortable it’s because I am.  ’
‘  It took several tries, but I finally woke up today.  ’
‘  I haven’t been to the movies in weeks because an employee shamed me for seeing Rock Dog by myself.  ’
‘  I remember when I had a blackberry.  ’
‘  I spend too much time thinking about what motivates birds and not enough time sleeping for a reasonable amount of time.  ’
‘  If you are an adult please be an adult.  ’
‘  Why do I get the feeling I’m going to wake up tomorrow with several new headaches.  ’
‘  I hope everyone takes a moment today to remember Don Rickles and that there will never be anyone as quick as that again. ’
‘  If god was real, memes would be funny.  ’
‘  I’m calling it now, I’ll start complaining about the heat in less than a month.  ’
‘  Flat tires are a huge bummer but you know what else is? The looming threat of global fascism.  ’
‘  I hope that some day I can be as brave as the corporations that take a neutral stand against a benign oppressor.  ’
‘  Can a child be an artist? The answer is no.  ’
‘  You know why I like snakes? Because they don’t pretend to not be snakes.  ’
‘  Every day, Sugar Ray looks more and more like Sean Hannity.  ’
‘  The next big thing will be pretzels that are even smaller.  ’
‘  Graham Crackers are poised for a huge comeback.  ’
‘  Why does the Great British Baking Show make me feel a happiness I do not deserve?  ’
‘  Here I am, bright and early, already giving up.  ’
‘  There is no wrong way to consume peanut butter.  ’
‘  I watched a season 24 episode of the Simpsons by accident and now I’m different in a BAD way.  ’
‘  I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for being myself.  ’
‘  Is it possible to shotgun a stack of pancakes?  ’
‘  If the reason I’m so tired all the time is because I stopped drinking coffee I’m going to be so pissed.  ’
‘  Honestly I’m just glad no one says “squad” anymore.  ’
‘  Acoustic guitars should be illegal  ’
‘  People are a real bummer.  ’
‘  I had to throw out a reclining chair this morning so no, I’m not doing too well.  ’
‘  Super into people calling me early in the morning so I can’t go back to sleep at all and can remain tired all day.  ’
‘  Emotions, so relatable.  ’
‘  I went to the crafts store twice today on purpose.  ’
‘  Rejected Schumer campaign slogan: “I Fuck With Chuck”.  ’
‘  Why puke when you can vomit.  ’
‘  If you’re still a coal miner, what are you, an idiot? ’
‘  For our country’s sake, I hope Rosie O'Donnell can play Steve Bannon on SNL.  ’
‘  Never in a thousand years would I have thought Melissa McCarthy would dismantle the White House Press Secretary on SNL but here we are.  ’
‘  I think the tactic is set as many fires as possible since the people can’t put them all out at once.  ’
‘  By far the worst thing about me is how much I love the Patriots.  ’
‘  Hyperbole is useless because there are genuinely terrifying things happening every 45 minutes now.  ’
‘  So airports are interment camps now?  ’
‘  I’m 99% sure Vanilla Ice could run this country every bit as well as Donald has so far.  ’
‘  Why did fascism have to make a come back and not frosted tips?  ’
‘  Julia Louis-Dreyfus is my favorite rich lady.  ’
‘  I can’t believe we have a president that isn’t a president.  ’
‘  I wish Harris Wittels was still alive to hear Bill Maher’s new theme song.  ’
‘  I change my mind about Shia LaBeouf eleven times a day.  ’
‘  Punching Nazis in the face is the only meme I endorse.  ’
‘  Real talk Weird Al Yankovic is the most talented musician in history.  ’
‘  I watched that video of that Nazi getting punched in the face about a thousand times and I tear up a little bit every time.  ’
‘  It is perfectly okay to punch Nazis in the face.  ’
‘  2017 to smell worse than any year on record.  ’
‘  Where are all the people that I don’t hate.  ’
‘  I wish I was married to Susie Essman so she could yell at me all day.  ’
‘  I’m only interested in Janeane Garofalo.  ’
‘  What’s your second favorite Law and Order?  ’
‘  Shout out to Aimee Mann.  ’
‘  I miss Prince a lot more than I expected I would.  ’
‘  I hope season two of the young pope has an even younger pope.  ’

Quickly and Quietly part 1

Okay! so this is the first installment of the fic I’ve been writing, and its my first fic so I hope at least one person likes it.

 Summary: reader is training to become an Avenger bad things happen on a mission, there’s some comfort from multiple parties

word count: 2298

warnings: language, mild violence

I woke from a horrible nightmare, a blood curdling scream ripping its way out of my throat. I sat bolt upright in bed, breathing heavily drenched in a cold sweat. A twinge of pain shoots through my right shoulder and I immediately clapped my hand over it. My hands contact with my shoulder is met by the dull clang of flesh against metal.

At first I’m  surprised at the sight of my arm, but I slowly remember the events that brought about the necessity of its replacement. It was what I was having a nightmare about, though my current recollection is much more calm. Soon the memories cloud my vision.

Nearly a week ago I had gone on my second assignment with the Avengers. We were sent to infiltrate a H.Y.D.R.A base in the dead of night. The buildings had been thought to be abandoned after the Winter Soldier disappeared. Those thoughts, of course, were wrong. We had reached the middle of the complex when a rather large group of H.Y.D.R.A agents ambushed the team from the shadows. I was the only powered person with the team that night (Wanda and Pietro had been asked to stay behind in New York to look after the tower.) and because I can pull fire out of thin air I lit the place up, setting wooden desks and now obsolete files ablaze. With the extra light the team was able to go about picking H.Y.D.R.A agents off one by one. (Well the Black Widow worked much faster than everyone else taking out four agents at a time.)

          I remember taking out two men and soon after a searing pain in my right bicep. A bullet had torn it’s way through. I whipped around to find the H.Y.D.R.A agent still standing there and with a loud animalistic screech I charged him and manage to snap his neck with one hand, but not before they had managed to fire another round into my right shoulder. They used a larger caliber bullet this time, which mostly just pissed me off at the time because it put my right arm out of commission for the rest of the fight. It wasn’t until after the group of H.Y.D.R.A agents had been taken care of that anyone, including myself, noticed that your arm was practically being held to my body by threads.

The team rushed me back to the quinjet and laid me in the middle of the floor of the aircraft. I had lost a lot of blood and was having trouble breathing. Dr. Banner made the decision to remove my arm right then and there. The process was painful and involved a lot of screaming and sad whimpering on my end. There was whispering from Tony and Bruce once my arm was removed but I could barely hear it. My head was in Steve's’ lap, Nat was running her hand across my hair and face and Thor was clutching my left hand. Their attempts and comfort were greatly appreciated, though I was trying really hard to not cry.

Once the science twins had stopped whispering to themselves they turned back to me and everyone else. Bruce quietly told me that the wound had to be cauterized, but the only source of heat available that was gentle enough was me. My breath hitched slightly and I had started to sweat a little.

All eyes were on me. Everyone’s faces held the same look of strained sympathy and it made me absolutely sick to know that they were hurting for me. Steve asked me if I was sure that I could do it. I had gritted my teeth and nodded. This was something I had to do if I wanted to be accepted as an Avenger. I had to be sure that I could.

Thor let go of my hand and I flicked my wrist to cover my hand in a flame. I breathed deeply in and out a few times to pump myself up and then slapped my hand over the nub that used to be my right arm. Normally fire had no effect on me, but against that flesh wound it hurt. It hurt a lot. I had let loose a screech that set everyone on edge, but I kept my hand in place. After about thirty seconds I removed it to find a hand shaped burn. I sighed loudly at the angry red mark. At least the bleeding had stopped.

“Is (Y/N)h gonna be alright?” Clint called from the cockpit.

Everyone answered with a chorus of “yes’s” and “yeah’s”. It wasn’t long until we had made it back to the tower. With my sad little stump bandaged up thoroughly Thor offered his arm for support, and I gladly took it. With help from the others I had stumbled into the living room to find that Wanda and Pietro had stayed up to greet us. Their eyes had grown wide when they noticed the absence of my dominant arm. Pietro sped over to me and took my weight onto his shoulders, relieving Thor from the duty.

“What happened?” He’d asked, his voice had run deep with concern.

“Nothing good.” I’d answered. “I’m fine though, P, don’t worry.”

“Yeah, don’t worry kid.” Clint had said, slapping Pietro on the back making the both of us lurch forward. “We’ve got the best drugs right downstairs. She’ll be fine.”

And I was. That is to say, I am. Tony and Bruce developed a highly advanced robotic prosthetic to make up for the loss of my flesh arm. It was made from the excess vibranium that Tony decided to scrounge up after the Sokovia incident. The vibranium is somewhat less pure than the vibranium used to make caps shield but it works. It’s conveniently fire-proof and heat resistant. I was worried to use my skills at first because I had been scared to melt my arm, but after the first time of engulfing my entire body in fire (though regrettably I had been wearing clothes at the time.) nothing melted.

Even so it’s still hard to believe it’s my arm. I still haven’t gotten used to it’s power, and the cybernetics still have a little ways to go on fully connecting to my nerves. Until the machinery connects fully I have to hold my arm to my body with a couple leather straps. Its rather uncomfortable.

My visions of the past fade and I try to rub the sleep from my eyes. It’s about three am, but there’s no way I’m going to be able to get back to sleep any time soon. Throwing the covers off of my body, I swing my legs over the edge of the bed, stand up and make my way to the door. Upon opening it I look up to find the one and only Captain America there with his hand raised above his head as if he were just about to knock.

“Hey.” I say, somewhat surprised. Steve was never the one to check on me.

“(Y/N), Hey. Are you alright?” He asks, genuine concern leaking into his voice and facial features. “I heard your scream just a moment ago. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” I answer simply. “It was just a nightmare.”

“Okay.” He says quietly. He wraps his arms around my shoulders and pulls me into a hug. I lace my arms around his waist in return, thanking him silently. It’s not every day you get to hug Steve Rogers.

“I think I just need to punch some stuff.” I say. “That’ll probably make me feel better. Plus Bruce said that exercise would help with the integration of my new arm, so there’s that.”

“Alright.” He says with a small laugh, releasing me from the hug. “I’ll see you and everyone else in a few days. Sam and I are following up on a lead. It’s a long shot, but we might actually have something this time.”

“I hope you guys find him this time.” I say in response. “Bring him home, Steve.”

He nods at me with that smile he pastes onto his face when he’s sad and wants to hide it. Everyone knows the smile. I think even he knows to some degree. He ruffles my hair and the two of us part ways. Him off to find Sam, and I myself to change and then search for a punching bag.

I immediately found what I was looking for a few floors below in the training room. I grabbed one of the biggest bags we had and hooked it up. I didn’t bother wrapping my hands. Sometimes bloodying my knuckles helps bring my focus back to the present. I started just hammering away on the bag getting lost in my thoughts.

I thought about H.Y.D.R.A and the sandbox and S.H.I.E.L.D. Before H.Y.D.R.A held a prominent presence in S.H.I.E.L.D the sandbox was the safest place for a powered person like me. It was essentially a sanctuary built by S.H.I.E.L.D to help powered people learn to control their powers. Once H.Y.D.R.A really took hold it was like a living nightmare. The sandbox, which had become my home, seemed to turn into one massive sadistic science experiment. Because of my abilities they tortured me to “see how they worked”. I was one of the few who survived their little “experiments”, if you could even call them that, and H.Y.D.R.A forced me to fight and kill my friends and the allies whom I had worked for years to accumulate. They tried to wipe me multiple times, but I always lit myself up when they tried to get close. The few times they were able to sedate me it only lasted a quarter of the time length that they had wanted because of my high body temperature. Nevertheless, they beat me and broke me and turned me into a shell of the person that had gone in there. At one point it was so bad that the pain nearly acted as a memory wipe almost making me forget my name. H.Y.D.R.A hurt me, and made it nearly impossible to put my pieces back together again.

Someone interrupted my train of thought by tapping on my shoulder. Without thinking I reached back with my right arm, grabbed them by the neck and flipped them over into their back. Clamping my right hand over their throat my left hand forms a fist that is soon engulfed in fire. After the fact I see that the person that I’ve got pinned to the floor is Pietro with a feeble grin stuck to his features. I was surprised that I had managed to take the Sokovian speedster down and immediately released him from my death grip and shook my left hand to extinguish the flame. He sat up rubbing his throat, looking at me all the time making me feel extremely guilty for taking him down.

“Damn, that arm is fast.” He says rather smoothly for someone who’d just had the wind knocked out of them.

“What the hell pietro! I could have killed you!” I hissed. I offered him a hand up, and he took it hauling himself to his feet.

“But you didn’t!” He responded, much too cheerily.

“Alright Maximoff, cut the crap. Why are you here?” I ask somewhat harshly. His demeanor changed rather quickly at my change in tone.

“I had heard you scream earlier and I went to go check on you, but when I got to your room you were talking to Rogers. I wasn’t fast enough to get there before him.” He answers.

“What?” I say sarcastically. “The one and only Quicksilver didn’t rush into action? Unheard of.”

He looks down at his feet visibly crestfallen. Maybe my comment actually got to him. Did I hurt his feelings? No, that’s unacceptable.

“Hey, don’t worry about it P. I’m fine.” I say putting my hand on his upper arm and attempting to make eye contact with him. “Thank you for worrying about me. It means a lot to me, really it does.”

He puts his hand on the back of my neck and slowly pulls my head forward. he touches his forehead to mine, and sighs.

“I hate it when I cannot protect you (Y/N).” He says quietly. “I hate to see you hurting and even more when I cannot help. I just feel… useless.”

“Pietro…” I trail off slightly, my eyes widening incredulously. How could he ever feel useless? He’s an Avenger. He saved Clint and a little boy in Sokovia and lived despite having been turned into swiss cheese. “You could never be useless.Never. You’re too important to the team. To Wanda. To me… I don’t know what we-what I would do without you.”

He pulls away from me and locks in on my face. His eyes bore into mine as if searching for some trace of a lie behind what I’ve just said. He sighs quietly and I assume he’d found none.

Taking up his right hand in my left I kiss his palm. He, in turn, does the same to mine. The two of us often did this as a goodbye, “good luck”, or congratulations. Sometimes it was a reassurance that each of us was real and alive, and safe. This time it was a mixture of the latter and a goodbye.

“Goodnight, Pietro.” I say, and head back to my room.

“Goodnight, (Y/N).” He whispers in return.


part 2

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Melting Ice Chapter 1

Nashi Dragneel and Storm Fullbuster Next Generation.

 Nashi Dragneel

 “Idiot,” I muttered smoothing my cherry blossom hair back.

“Shut up Pink Headed Marshmallow, come here and fight me,” suddenly he was in my face as we collided foreheads.

“Whatever you say Navy Headed Lollipop, you want a fight come on…” I had my arm bent at the elbow and prepared with rolls of fire over my fingertips which I stole off a near by torch, and even though I couldn’t see it, I could feel it; the tendrils of small snowflakes caressing my molten skin as his hands brushed his long black trousers.

“Lollipop? That’s a new one, saying you’re going to put me in your mouth?”

I smile mischievously, “Considering you’ll melt I would but putting small things in my mouth could be hazardous,” his blue eyes darkened, don’t get me wrong, he looks like his father in stance and attitude considering we’re rivals his navy blue hair and light blue eyes put me off a bit, I love Juvia she’s pretty awesome and she can put out my flames like nobodies business…yeah I know, I’m a Dragon Slayer, and I can’t absorb fire, simply because I don’t have dragon lungs, I only inherited my fathers use of flames, I can only possess the flames when I get them from a source.

When my father isn’t around Juvia takes care of the flames, I owe her for that, but this nutcase looks like her in a way, and I can’t hurt the sucker!

“You drive my patience up the wall Nashi,” he growled.

I laughed, “Then don’t challenge me Storm,” we stepped back making sure the challenge was well and truly over before backing down, he stood straight calmly placing a smirk on his smug lips, I tried to let self control back in trying not to act as impulsively as my father does from time to time, at least I take after my blonde haired mother in most serious situations, she does tend to explode if someone ruins her control.

I walk over to the bar watching as Mira ran the cold tap for me, placing my fingers under gently I watched gravely as Storm walked towards the table alongside kiddy Reiki, Gale and my annoying blonde haired brother Ash. Sure those two get along but there is something about our relationship that just doesn’t work…we infuriate each other, fight when we feel an urge to.

It’s confusing but our guild is used to it.

“Sister! Sister…” I look down staring at another Dragneel with blonde hair and infectious grin that she had inherited from our father.

“Hey Luna, how you doing?” she pointed towards the ceiling while jumping up and down on her tippy toes.

“Up, Up-U-Up!” she whined loudly causing most of the guild members to look at me pointedly giving me strange looks.

I bent down picking her up before placing her on my hip, she then pointed around the room wanting to visit everyone before we finally ended up in front of the request board, I stared at them, I’ve been on a few, but my father refuses to let me go without him so I always warn him about it.

Luna had her head against my shoulder snoring particularly loudly for a toddler, my mother is probably assessing her health from where she sat, she likes to wait here since dad has gone on a dangerous mission, she doesn’t like being alone and so she surrounds herself with Fairy Tail members.

Suddenly I felt a loud harsh scream before a sneeze then a wail, I looked down in utter horrification as Luna sneezed rays of fire against me.

My hand shot out settling the flames, I pulled the flames away as everyone shot up to aid the raging fire surrounding, me, these weren’t just small flames, they were huge!

“Luna!” I yelled.

I settled her further down my arm protecting her nimble body from the flames trying my utmost best to absorb them in my hand.

“Nashi!” I heard my mother call, Luna cooed before falling limply against my chest.

“Damn, you sure lose interest quickly,” I clenched my fist closing my eyes trying to rain down on the amount of fire on my hand, it soon began to travel up my arm-

Then something cold, touched my palm, it raced down and up my skin like a train before settling it actually felt kind of settling…almost comforting, I open my eyes to see Storm standing near me, and when I looked down I see that his hand was wrapped around mine stopping the flames.

I pulled my hand away as if I had been burnt-Well that’s stupid because not only can I not be burnt he tried to freeze my ass off!

The guild members coughed and went back to their tables.

“You alright?” he asked.

I snorted, “Like you care…” my mother approached me her big brown eyes widened in alarm.

“Nashi is Luna alright?” I nodded.

“I think I’ll take her for the day mom…you just relax and think about dad,” she sighed walking forward to kiss Luna on the cheek.

“Damn your father, I thought you were like me…”

Storm still stood in his place but was looking over at the wooden pedestal with a face of simple thoughts.

Or so I thought.

“What’s the matter?” I asked with a little sass, or maybe with a lot…

He rolled his eyes, “Aren’t you going to thank me?” I acted as if I thought about it before shaking my head.

“Nah I figured you owe me…”

“For what?” he argued

“Your existence,” he snarled.

“You’re lucky you’re holding Luna or else…”

“Or what?” he ignores my threat turning on his heel while he grumbles loudly usually he repeats insulting names over and over again but today was slightly different instead it was followed by a retort, and that retort made my heart crack a little.

He furthered away walking towards his seat in the guild hall, “Stupid Flame headed Tomboy, nobody’s gonna date her I swear to god…”

I felt this overwhelming feeling of anger, usually before I destroy something, but something made me think about what he said clearly.

He made it sound like not only am I unattractive, but I have a personality no guy would ever want in a girlfriend…that made me feel unwanted, usually I wouldn’t take his comments so seriously but this time I can’t throw a punch and usually he doesn’t do it so publically that the guild looks at me for a reaction.

I almost lunged but my sister nuzzled my arm, reminding me of her whereabouts and the responsibility I have to take care of her.

I lowered my chin tucking it into her blonde hair as I hid my face in order to hide away the pain of what his words meant.

“Mom,” I tried to keep the shakiness from my voice surprised to know it was working, “I’m gonna take Luna home, she’s tired and that might be why she’s bursting with flames see yah later ‘kay,” As I walked home I soon felt a small hand tugging on the bottom of my shirt, I stared down to see it was just Reiki, he’s about twelve years younger than me, he’s bright and ridiculously talented but that’s no surprise considering his mother is none other than Erza Scarlet and not to mention his father, Jellal Fernandez. The terrifying Titania who was a very young S-Class Mage, survived the horrific Tower of Heaven slavery project, female puberty (I’m barely coping, especially since Storm’s comment makes me want to rob a candy store) taking down the Oracien Saints, achieving a win in the grand magic games, she phenomenal!

“What’s wrong Reiki,” I pet his dark maroon hair, to me it convinces everyone that he looks like Jellal no doubt about it.

He’s going to be one hell of a heart breaker that’s for sure.

He grabbed my hand, “Take me home, take me home…” he urged with feistiness, I grinned, just like his mother, bossy but completely adorable.

“Very well,” I grinned, pain that had once plagued my thoughts slowly hid away as I spent some time with Reiki who strangely glanced at Luna from time to time.

When we approached his home I walked to the door knocking loudly, I heard a shift as someone came forward to open the door.

“Reiki!” Rosemary his sister grinned walking forward to hug him, the pair of them are utterly adorable, their probably the only siblings on this earth that get along, mind you their mother is none other than the Terrifying Titania.

“Oh hello Rose,” I smiled down at her.

She gave me a wide smile before pulling back running back through the door her bright purple hair bouncing on her small shoulders.

We stepped in my arm a little tired, I’ve been here several times I’m always welcome to settle in and make myself at home.

I walked to the living room where there is a large chest set up, clothing material filing out, and pins scattered everywhere, luckily somebody had set out a small barrier around it so nobody could hurt themselves.

I placed Luna carefully on the couch quietly mumbling to myself as Reiki joined her side placing his fingertips on her leg.

I smiled to myself cheekily, he likes her. I chanted like Happy.

Reiki also falling asleep I laid him down placing blankets over them as I stared at the chest in the centre of the room I stared down at my clothes, pink haired tomboy. I sigh, I’m not like the other girls in my guild, I don’t wear fitting clothes, I pleasantly like loosely hung things, but that’s because my father never allows me to go near my moms clothes, I am very well endowed in the chest area thanks to my mother but it actually makes me look kinda block like not that I think about it.

I dozed off for a moment simply staring at the chest, but a voice came gently from the hallway.

“Nashi thank you so much for settling him,” I smiled at Erza who walked in very gracefully I may add her red hair done up in a pony tail a suitable dress made for a housewife…she looks beautiful.

“No problem,” I sighed.

“No problem getting him to sleep, but there is a problem,” she tapped my chin, “Tell me little one, I’d like to hear it…”

Perhaps if I tell Erza she’ll kick his ass? But isn’t that just me responding to Storm’s violence like any petulant child who wants the victor to suffer?

“Do you think I look like a tomboy?” I asked.

Her right eyebrow raised, “Well you certainly don’t look like a princess,” I knew it! I am unattra-my bottom lip trembled.

“But all you need is a new set of armor,” my eyebrows furrowed, a new set of armor? I don’t use her kind of magic.

Erza reached for my arm grasping my wrist before pulling me onto two feet, she pushed me through the magic barrier, “Come on, I’ll make you into a woman only worthy of feminine comments,”

I blushed but pushed back, “Erza I can’t I don’t want what he said to change me…” I whispered.

I don’t want him to think his insult hurt me even though it did.

She giggled, “No he won’t change you…do you know what happens when I summon armor to my needs?”

“You destroy the opponent because you adapted to their attacks?” I queried.

She smiled nodding, “And isn’t that what you need? Change your clothes so he can’t attack you for how you look…” well she has a point.

“He also made a comment on my personality but how do I change tha-“
“No Nashi, don’t change how you act, because only people who appreciate who you truly are, are the only people that deserve to know you,” she pulled me closer.

I watched in shock as she grabbed a measuring tape and began to take measurements.

When she was finally finished she grabbed a sketchpad and began to work away. I went in search of Rosemary who was in her room staring at her glowing candles.

I find it adorable at how easily she is entertained by such a small knick-knack.

“How are you?” she jumped but smiled pointing to the flame.

“Warm…” she giggled.

I sat at her side, “Very warm,” I took an inch of her flame lighting it up happy when it began to change colours, she watched in uncontained fixation with the pretty colours, there must be a spell on these flames.

We simply sat there just watching the beauty of my magic, and I thought about what Erza said, she’s right, Storm doesn’t appreciate me, he forsakes me, but I can’t let him take full blame, I do as well.

So maybe those things that are bad to us just shouldn’t be in my life.

Maybe I should talk to him, tell him I don’t want him to talk to me, to challenge me and I’ll do the same…then I can get started on trying to make relationships with people who do care and love my personality.

Because god knows how long out of my day I spend fighting him.

“Nashi come here…” I heard Erza from the living room, I blow out the flames placing Rosemary back on her bed as I exited the room.

When I came back into the room my eyes widened in shock, “Umm Erza-w-what are you wearing?”

She faced me with a smile, “Don’t you like it? Its my sewing armour,” oh its something alright, her bosoms hang low out of the low cut cream dress, it pressed against her curves only making mid way on her thighs, she wore platinum heels with what seemed to look like needles attached to it…and is her headband made out of cotton?

Oh dear…what have I gotten myself into?

“I love it,” I said nervously.

“Now come here its perfect…” she grinned I didn’t see what she made because she commanded me to look away.

Almost immediately she pulled the clothes from my body all except my underwear before she started shoving my body around in another material.

“Hehe, almost there,” Erza grinned.

Something was pushed up my legs before it was zipped up, a shirt stuck over my head.

I struggled and at times yelled out for help because I felt mutilated and pressed against almost violently.

“Erza,” I whined, before suddenly she steeped away.

She grinned in satisfactory.

“Isn’t it wonderful, you look stunning,” I didn’t know about that as I lowered my eyes slowly.

My eyes processed as I looked at what I now wore, she is right, it is stunning, I smoothed my hand over the material, it is a strapless dress that molded to every inch of my curvy figure while hiding my bosoms, dark satin black material that is every bit as comfortable as my other clothes, it didn’t rise up or show anything inappropriate.

So it can be given the daddy approval tick. On my feet are a pair of mild orange boots and the hem of the dress is also orange, this dress actually reminds me of my fathers clothes, and Erza confirmed.

“I put a little Dragneel touch in there,” I grinned for the next few minutes I spent gushing over the damn thing whilst trying to act cool, its unlike me to act all girly because its weird, like my mom.

When I finally stopped was when I noticed the sun was starting to set. I quickly said goodbye and took my sleeping sister from the couch before racing home.

I stepped through the door ten minutes later; Dad is lounging on the floor in front of mom as they embraced, really? In the hallway?

“What’s wrong with your room? Gross,” I urged in disgust, my dad laughed getting off the floor with mom in his arms, “Oh and hi daddy,”

“I was desperate to hold my wife your mothe-What are you wearing?” I bit my lip.

“Err clothes,” I said awkwardly while my mother also studied me.

“You look so cute,” my mom squealed in delight.

I pulled my palm out, “Mom, no, that’s weird…”

But she only sprung forward, “Please, please let me do something with your hair…” dammit she’s using those eyes…not the eyes. The ones when her big  brown eyes widen drastically and tears form.

No wonder dad caved into their marriage, that’s a face I can’t even pull it off!

I huffed as she spent the next ten minutes behind me in urgency as my father discouraged the use of clothes that made me look like a woman, not his little girl.

I shook my head, what a weird family I have.

“Oh please, I’m begging you, do it for your mom?” I couldn’t take it anymore, those eyes!

“Fine, fine I give up!” I gave dad Luna, and he took her in watching her carefully, so I guess mom filled him in about the incident.

Mom pulled me in to her and dad’s room bustling around as she grabbed brushes and god knows what.

“Yay this will be our first girly daughter and mommy thing we will do…” she sounded extremely excited so I bared with it.

“Sure mom, it sounds great,” she giggled and began to brush my hair, as she studied the strands she made a frustrated noise, “Nashi why are there a lot of split ends?” she scolded.

I sigh, “I haven’t had a chance to fix it,”

She kissed my cheek, “No matter I have just the right person to fix it,”

She pulled out one of her keys and I knew exactly who she is going to call,”

He appeared in his usual form casually making audible tunes.

“Hey Hot Pink Lucy,” that’s what he calls me. “How you doing-ebi?“

“Great,” I grinned he’s pretty cool, I don’t even act as if they’re magical beings, they’re my friends.

“Hey Cancer, can you give her a hair cut?”

She smiles in encouragement, I watch painlessly as he zipped past taking away all my split ends with ease.

“There you have it, gotta go its disco night,” then he was gone.

For the next half of my night my mother spent putting my hair in various hairstyles till she finally pulled it up into a high ponytail leaving my bangs out.

“Mom I’m tired,” I whined.

“Fine get some rest,” she urged, “Besides its celebration night tomorrow, it’s the festival of the cherry blossoms…did you know your father dug up the entire tree for me because I was too sick to go to the park?” really, my dad did something like that?

He actually dug up a tree for my mother, I mean he’s stupid sometimes he puts his shoes on the wrong feet…so what happened?

Probably a stroke of genius.

“Sounds like dad,”

Little did the Dragneel know that her hair, and change of clothes would stir a jealous emotion from the Ice Mage the very next day that started an adventure like no other. 

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Part 2 here.

Metal Torture - Chapter 2

Author’s Note: I’m overwhelmed by the response I’ve received for my story. Thank you to each and every one of you for all the comments, likes, and reblogs.  It means the world to me.  <3 <3

Warnings: Typical violence and blood associated with being near Mister J.

My cami was drenched and I kept having to swipe at my face to rid it of blood and sweat. The Joker had refused the Novocaine as I had neared him with the syringe, his pale hand circling around my wrist tightly, his eyes dangerous as he refused. Now he was beneath me, most of his mouth glinting with silver, his two front teeth the only place devoid of metal. He had handled the pain for the most part, but had broken into a sweat of his own, a few tears escaping his eyes as the pain became too overwhelming over time. He seemed now at a breaking point, his eyes turning wild and bloodshot.

“Please,” I begged, exhausted and aching from the tension. “Let me numb you.”

“Finish it!” His voice came out strangled and full of agony.

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Unexpected Love p.1

(Peter x Reader)
Warnings: none at this point
Summary: What happens when you fall in love with someone you hate and don’t even know it is them……..
Requested: yes
Words Count: 1299 (why couldn’t I just put one more word??)
(Y/N) - (your name)
(Y/S/H/N)- (your super hero name)

(gif isn’t mine full credit goes to owner)


(Y/N)’s P.O.V

I walk through the alley in the quiet of the night. Today I was suppose to commence my plan. You see I am a super hero of sorts. I guess to most people I could be considered a villian. I just have a different idea as to what I think is right. I make it to the end of the alley and take a left. I walk down the street. I hear the clock start to ring, I listen to the amount of times it rings. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. “Shoot! I should really get going I have a big psychics test tomorrow!”, I think to myself. I walk a coupe of blocks trying to get o the downtown area. Where the most amount of people will hear what I need to say. I see the busy street. I get behind a wall and quickly put on my mask. I take a deep breath. I walk around the corner. Place down my device on the ground and push the button. 

“PEOPLE OF QUEENS!”, I say to the busy downtown street of Queens.

(Peter’s P.O.V)

I sit at the table with Aunt May eating some dinner. “So kid, how was school?”, asks Aunt May.

“It was fine. I have another test tomorrow.”

“What is this test about?”

“It is a physics test. It shouldn’t be that hard.”, I say taking a bite of my dinner. 


We eat in silence for a few minutes when we suddenly hear screaming. I look over at Aunt May. The same look of confusion is on her face. I start to run over to the window. I look out and see an awful sight. Someone is causing trouble to to the town.They seem to have put something over the city. What is that even for? “I need to help”, I think to myself.

“Um I am going to go to my room and stay safe.”, I say not properly thinking of a good reason to suddenly leave. I run to my room and close and lock the door. I start to get my spidey suit on. I climb out the window and swing out ready to help the city. 

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

“My plan is actually going to plan!”, I think to myself. Normally at this point in time that one spider-ling, spider-thing, I don’t know what it is, comes around. I look around and make sure that everything is going fine. Suddenly I see something glide past me. “He’s here.”, I think to myself. I turn around trying to find that darn thing. Next thing I know I see a web right next to me. I look up and see him. He knocks me right now but I get up again. “Ah, spider-ling, we meet again!”, I say sarcastically. 

“Yeah and you have the right to remain silent!”, he says. I roll my eyes. I use my fighting skills and knock him over. He makes a groaning noise when he falls. 

“Oh my I was not expecting that!”, he says. I start to run to get away from him. I think that I have gotten a decent distance until I suddenly see him pop up in front of me. I fall to the floor when I run into him. I lay there in pain due to hitting the ground.

“Doesn’t feel good to hit the ground now does it?”, he says sarcastically. 

“Shut up.”, I say to him getting up and going to punch him. He blocks the punch and tries to retaliate by kicking me. I jump over his kick flip him over on the ground. 

“My goodness! You just like to make people fall on the floor now don’t you (Y/S/H/N)?”, he says. He shot a web to a near by building and glides over there. Knocking me down in the process. He jumps from one building to another building. I look over to the other building and see him coming towards me. He knocks me down swinging by. I feel myself starting to hurt a little bit and decided that I should get going before he arrests me or anything. I think of what I can use to slow him down and make a run for it. I look around and see my best option. A chair. I guess that will work. I use my telepathy powers to get the chair. I get the chair and look around for him. I see him on the building to the left starting to come towards me. I throw the chair at him and run towards the device. I hear a groan of the chair hitting him. 

Nailed it!”, I think. I run up to the device, turn it off and run off down the dark alley. I run then I hear him coming in this direction. He must of saw me running int hat direction and decided that this was not over. I turn into the dark alley way and go into the very dark corner. I hear him shooting his webs trying to find me. I crouch down in the corner trying my best to be quiet. I stay there for who knows how long. I get up and walk to the end of the alley. I look both ways. He has left. I take off my mask and start to walk down the street to get to my house. I find my house and climb up the fire escape. I quietly go to room and change into my pajamas. Get into bed and go to sleep


I turn off my alarm and get out of bed. I check the time. 6:00 a.m. UGH. Why does school have to start to early? I stand up and go to closet. I put on a sweater, some black skinny jeans, and my black converse. I walk out to the kitchen eat a bowl of cereal, then go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I go to my room grab my backpack and start heading to school. I make it to school and go to all my classes. WOW! How fun. After a super long day of school, I finally make it the end of the day. Time for my physics test. I finish the test and turn it in with some free time afterwards. I read my book for about 10 minutes until finally the last person put away their tests. The teacher looks up and sees that everyone is done with their tests. “Okay, everyone is done with their tests so since it is new quarter it is a new seating chart.”, she says grabbing the chart. She starts to call out the names.

“I wonder who my new partner will be.”, I think

“In this first table.”, she says pointing to the table “Will be Emma and Emily, this middle table will be John and Tom, this end table will be Olivia and Jason. Second row will be Connor and Troye, Alayna and Carlo, and Calum and Luke. Third row will be Natashia and Chris, Ashton and Michael, Niall and Tim. Fourth row will be John and Ben, Xavier and Natalie, and Peter and (Y/N). Okay move to your new spots.” You get up not really knowing who your partner is but you are excited to meet him. You go over and see who you think he is walking over. Boy was he cute. I smile at him and he smiles back. He sets down his stuff and greets me “Hi, I’m Peter. What’s your name?”

“(Y/N).”, I say smiling. 

Maybe this quarter won’t be as bad as the last ones


Hope you liked it! Part 2 will be out when it can be! Hope you have a good day!

Sharing is caring || MURPHY X READER

Hey, guys! So I was supposed to post the cop!Bellamy AU thing but I got just the right idea for autumn-out-boys’s request. 

“Hey I’d like to request a college au on Murphy. Where murphy always brings food to lectures and shares it with the reader. One day the reader ask Murphy why he always shares his food with them and Murphy makes up an excuse saying he doesn’t want to be the only person eating in class but it’s actually because he likes them. Sorry if my words are all over the place, you can change some stuff if you want. Love your writing btw!”

So here it is! No warnings, except for the AU (Murphy even has a little sister but whatever, it’s AU for a reason) and my lack of skills.

I hope you like it! Like and/or reblog, darlings. :)

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The most heartbreaking pages from the book 'Voices from Chernobyl'

Memoirs of Lyudmila Ignatenko, the wife of deceased fireman Vasily Ignatenko, who was among the first to arrive at the radiation-spewing reactor, Voices from Chernobyl

I don’t know what I should talk about—about death or about love? Or are they the same? Which one should I talk about?

We were newlyweds. We still walked around holding hands, even if we were just going to the store. I would say to him, “I love you.” But I didn’t know then how much. I had no idea…

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Neighbors (16/?)

Summary: Kat is an Avenger and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and when S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the Winter Soldier in a domesticated life she is sent in to watch over him undercover as his new neighbor.

A/N: Here is part 16. I have the worst case of writer’s block ever. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I wrote this chapter four different times, each completely different from each other. I now have about 2,000 words of useless material on a word document. (I don’t ever erase anything I write. I cut and paste what ever I don’t use on a different document. I like to think of it as my “deleted scenes”.) The problem with me when I get a block is the same as when I am in a reading slump (my worst one was last year, I couldn’t finish a single book in thee months. Self promote time: my booklr is @longbooklist), if I force myself to read or write it begins to feel like homework and makes me hate whatever I am reading, or writing. That being said, I feel like this is some of my worst writing. Sorry. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

“I should have told you,” Steve told me sitting across from me on the sofa.

“This is why you wanted me to take the mission,” I say hugging my knees to my chest. “You didn’t want me around.”

“I thought it would be better to let him get a feel of the team without you, for now,” he confesses. “To make the transition easier for him.”

“So he is on the team now,” I say more to myself than to Steve.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Steve,” I tell him placing my hand on his knee. “This is what you wanted,” I smile. “You have Bucky back, and he is on the team.”

“But is it what you want,” he asks taking my hand in his.

“I can’t lie and say that it will hurt seeing him, and know that he hates me,” I sigh. “But he is a great addition to the team.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” he frowns.

“No it’s not what I want,” I frown. “I would have wanted our lives to have never crossed, but it’s too late for that. I can’t promise that this won’t be hard, but I will try to be professional. He is my co-worker and nothing more.”

“Are you sure you can do this,” he asked concerned.

“I learned my lesson,” I tell him. “I know what happens if I let my feelings get in the way of my job.”

It had been a week since James officially joined the team. I hadn’t talked to him much.

The last conversation I had with him was when Nat helped me break into the room he was being kept in when he was being evaluated.

I was walking to the training room when I ran into him. He looked down at me, but before I could say anything he turned around and started walking in the opposite direction.

“James wait,” I say running after him.

He didn’t stop until he was in front of the elevator and pressed a button.

“James we have to talk about this eventually,” I tell him grabbing his arm and turning him to face me.

“There is nothing for us to talk about,” he mutters frowning down at me and pulling free from my grip as the elevator doors open.

“Yes there is,” I say as he steps inside the elevator. I follow him in. Before he can step off I stand in front of the doors as they close and reach over to press the emergency stop button.

“You can’t ignore me forever,” I tell him crossing my arms in front of me. “Like it or not we have to work together. We are Avengers.”

“What do you want me to say,” he yells throwing his hands up. “Did you not understand what I told you last time?”

“I get it,” I yell. “You’re mad at me for what I did.”

“Mad doesn’t even begin to describe what I fell about what you did,” he growls. “I trusted you. I told you everything, and you lied to me.”

“I’m sorry,” I tell him.

“What did you expect would happen,” he asks. “Did you really think that there wouldn’t be consequences to what you did?”

“That’s the thing,” I tell him. “I wasn’t thinking. For the first time in my life I was happy, I was with some one who made me happy, and I didn’t let myself think about the consequences because then I would have to face them.”

“Well you are facing them now,” he mutters.

“Please forgive me,” I plead. “It’s still me. That was the only lie I ever told you. Everything I told you was true.”

“Except it’s not that simple Kat,” he frowns. “I don’t know if can ever trust you again.”

“Do you hate me,” I whisper.

“Yes,” he mutters reaching behind me and pressing the button to open the doors and walking away.

Be professional. I told myself I was going to be professional.

I stood up straight and wiped away the stray tear with the back of my hand before leaving the elevator and walking to the training room.  

He was right.
I knew there would be consequences for my actions, but I chose to ignore them until now. I would have been ignorant if I ever thought that what I did wouldn’t have ended badly in one-way or another.

Once I am in the training room I walk straight to the back into the shooting range.

Going for the punching bags would do me no good. It would only result in bruised knuckles. I look at the selection of weapons on the wall and reach for the pistol.

I set six clips in front of me and took aim at the target.

I emptied them all hitting the center of the target every time.

It wasn’t enough. There was still a rage in me that needed a way out.

I walked back to the wall and pulled out a belt of daggers and laid it out in front of a new target. I picked one up and twirled it in my hand a few times before throwing it at the target.

I did the same with the rest, all of them hitting their target.

“You have it bad,” a voice behind me startled me.

“How long have you been standing there,” I turn around to see Clint leaning against the wall behind me.

“Longer than you’d like,” he smiles.

“You’re judging me,” I glare at him.

“Can you blame me,” he crossing his arms in front of him. “Now as much as I like that you are taking your anger out with inanimate objects, it think it is time you actually talked to some one about what you are going through.”

“I don’t think you can help me with this,” I sigh moving to grab another weapon.

“I think I can,” he sighs.

“Then do enlighten me,” I exclaim dramatically pulling a bow and quiver from the wall.

“Well first of all,” he sighs, pushing himself off the wall. “The bow and arrow is my thing.”

I frown at him and instead reach over for a rifle.

“Secondly, I don’t think going though our entire arsenal is the best way to get rid of your frustration.”

“Then what do you suggest,” I frown.

“What you need are real moving targets,” he smirks pulling something from behind him and handing it to me.

I look at the object in my hand confused. The bright colors threw me off, but the thing in my hands looked very much like a gun.

“What am I suppose to do with this,” I frown looking back up at Clint.

I am answered with a foam dart hitting me in the face.

Clint is looking at me with a smirk, but the dart hadn’t come from him. Nat is standing next to him holding a gun similar to mine aiming it at me.

“You are so dead,” I say though my teeth.

“You have to catch us first,” she laughs before sprinting away with Clint behind her.

I load the Nerf gun in my hand and chase after them.

They turn into the living area and jump behind one of the couches before taking aim at me as I run after them.

Before they can get a good advantage on me I dive behind the bar as the darts nearly miss me.

Blue Nerf darts go flying through the air as we all fire.

“Come on Kat, all that target practice and you can’t even get one of us,” Nat taunts from behind the flipped coffee table.

I look down at my gun. I only had one dart left. I had to make it count.

I had my back pressed to the side of the bar when I saw a shadow moving behind me. Taking a deep breath I loaded the last of my darts and jumped up shooting at the shadow.

My smirk of assumed victory turns into one of panic when I see who was in front of me.

Standing in front of me with a small red circle on his forehead was a frowning Steve.

I open my mouth to apologize, but a small chuckle leaves my lips. The longer I look at Steve frowning in front of me my chuckles turn into full laughter.

A smile plays on Steve’s lips and soon the entire room is laughing at the situation.

I throw myself on the couch clutching my stomach from the laughter.

“I told you I could help,” Clint smirks.

“Thank you,” I say once I have caught my breath. “I really needed that.”

“You’re welcome,” Nat says sitting on the couch next to me. “Now I have three more darts left, what do you say we go look for Tony and put them to good use.”

“I’m right behind you,” I laugh and we take off in search for the billionaire.

Part 17

For my wives who make me brave

One two three four
I declare a thumb war
Five six seven eight
Better try to sit up straight


icanhelpyouthere pinkfreud17 - I changed ALOT

also draco-malfoys-hair-gel because truth or drarry is brilliant


“Really though, I don’t get why you want this. Can’t I owe you in some other way? Any other way? Any other way at all…?”
Harry grumbled for the billionth time as Draco lead him through heavy swinging doors into a darkly lit dive bar.

“Oh no my darling. You emphasized if I won that stupid muggle game I could have anything I wanted, seemingly not taking note of my natural superiority at all competitive pastimes . This is what I want Mister Potter. You will give me my winnings or you will face a beautifully concocted tantrum of sorts. How horribly un gryffindor of you, take your loss like a man. cock held high!”
Draco purred as he sauntered his way to a leather seat between crowding bodies, pulling a huffy Harry behind him.

“IMNOTBACKINGOUT I just think this idea is rubbish. I might add that HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS is a fantastic game, but takes zero skill level… You could have asked for anything. this seems evil, even for you. Don’t get pissy if this is disappointing, hello strongest wizard of like all time here”
Harry teased
“Plus I hate bars. The crowds of shameless inebriated people, not to mention the outrageously high drink prices.”

Draco responded to the brunet with a lavish roll of his grey eyes and raised one elegant hand at the bartender. “Oh yes , savior of the wizarding world cant afford a drink with his glorious endlessly wealthy date.”

A small man from behind the bar bounced up to them
“ hello my lovelies! Yer new roun er! I woul member his eyes n dat stunnin hair o yers”

“ yeah regular peacock hair that is.” Harry snorted

Draco gave a wicked smile. “ It is rather stunning hair isn’t it. My be-speckled boyfriend here would like a top shelf double whiskey neat.
I myself would like a glass of the finest merlot this establishment can muster ”
With a nod and a grin the bartender walked off

“So how long do we have to do this.”
Harry grumbled,already trying to devise a way to leave as soon as possible

Draco looked like a bored and very out of place Snow King,
leaning a pointed elbow of a high end white suit on the grungy bar he was shockingly luminescent compared to the rest of the witches and wizards surrounding him

“Don’t rush me potter. I won my full pink hippos worth of your time. No limits were stated, you shouldn’t underestimate my finger skills”

“How very Slytherin. Evil pounce”
Harry looked at the people surrounding him hopeing his humiliation would would be limited to only a few strangers, but alas the bar was full as he assumed his wicked boyfriend probably knew.

The bartender came back seconds later holding two drinks. “Eer ya go lovelies” he said with a wink “nn e think else?”

Draco smirks At this moment , reaches into his pocket
“Me no”
::click:: 1
“How about you dear”
The bartender quirked a eyebrow and nods once before walking away,

“So.” Draco purred lifting his pathetic excuse for merlot to smirking lips.

“You tricked me!” Harry quipped giving Draco a wide eyed oh fuck what have I gotten myself into kind of look

“I never trick, only poor, ugly people should know by now that I am the supreme lord of all things competitive, plastic mythical creatures hungry for balls included. Daft gryffindor. So eager to win. ”

“BUT I DIDNT KNOW! Waitdidyoujustsayhipposaremythical…?”

“Didn’t know? That cock rings are so pleasurable? Really Potter? Welcome to dating me, I wouldn’t push you into public to tickle your balls for funsies. I want to watch you come apart before my eyes and at my mercy. Better drink up, it’s going to be a long night with me in control. You sir are only at level one of ten”

Harry takes a huge gulp from his whiskey before he notices a familiar face approaching him and chokes
he sputters as Oliver Wood, his very fit but also very clingy ex slides into the seat next to Harry grinning.
“Hello Harry ! Where has the one that got away been hiding all these months? I’ve fire called about a dozen times”
Oliver reaches out and holds onto Harry’s arm, as if making sure this moment was finally real

Draco rolls his eyes
“more like a trillion” he mutters under his breath
He takes a lingering sip of his wine, looking anywhere but at the horrid man taking away his dates attention
This was his play night after all.
:click:: 2
::click:: 3

Harry managed to yelp moan and throw his drink not so gracefully on Oliver’s lap all at once-cup included


“FUH-d-WHY” Harry stammers pushing a closed fist down on his quickly swelling cock.

“Oh did you say my name darling?”
Draco turns smartly around
“Oh well hullo Wood, what brings the one that won’t go away to this fine establishment? Oh dear you seem to have wet yourself” Draco preened batting his eyelashes in innocence at Woods sopping lap

Oliver pulled out his wand and vanished the spill from his lap with a angry wave
“Malfoy? Blimey Harry you’ve really scraped bottom for this one. Wasn’t he released from azkaban recently”

Dracos cheeks turned a slight angry pink

::click:: 5

Harry’s knuckles turned white as he gripped the bar.

“Oi Harry! What are you doing here? I thought it was stay at home and be gross with your new lover game night?!” Ron appeared behind wood grinning and flushed from too much alcohol and sports cheering

“HARRY!” Seamus bounded up, giving Harry a hearty smack on the back

He stumbled to make out a coherent sentence as he shouldered Seamus off of him while still trying to keep his rageing cock hidden with a fist
“Just a quic
Uh fast drink with Draco. ER uhm not lookin to party. WaS THIRSTY
er alone time you know uh yeah
DATE knight!”
Harry gracefully babbled on

“Hello gentlemen care for a drink? Harry and I were just having deep discussions about mythical hippos feeding habits” Draco grinned like a cat cornering a mouse

“hello Malfoy, nah we were just heading to the leaky, Harpies against the Cannons next!” Ron whooped punching the air
Thankfully much to inebriated to notice Harry’s grammatical smoothness

“YEAH GIN IS ABOUT TO CRUSH RONS TEAM” Seamus cheered clapping Ron on the back, to which Ron fell forward info Harry who sadly had his hands too occupied to push the ginger upright
After a long moment of confused shouldering bodies Ron was put into his feet and going off about the damn Harpies

The bartender appeared again and set a new whiskey in front of Harry, to which he greedily downed with a quick shaking hand that soon returned to its taming of his cock

“Harry are you feeling alight? You are sweating a lot. Is it about Ginervia, I’m sure she will do fine, the cannons are quite awful” Wood asked leaning much too close to Harry with a all too worried expression.

Draco huffed and raised a hand at the bartender

Harry let out a pitiful moan
“Fuck. No.
Nope not
I’m Over Ginny
School crush
Love Draco.
All Draco.
Just Draco.
. Great. Grand. AWESOME
RAD ” Harry whimpered crossing his legs and looking at Draco with pleading dilated eyes

“Alright mate we should be off then, join us for a match Wood?” Seamus said pulling on Oliver’s elbow, and winking at Harry
Oliver gave a stiff but reluctant nod and was lead from his chair.

“Toodles gentle wizards , Golden boy is in great hands don’t you worry” Draco drawled waving them off
Draco already feeling slightly tipsy at this point

The bar was lit by the opening and clawing of the door and Harry heaved a great sigh as two more drinks were placed in front of them

“I don’t think I can take much more of this
Honestly most evil thing you’ve done.
And you basically blew up a school full of children

Draco gave a mock offended gasp, clapping his hand to his chest
“me? I believe I was the uttermost gentlemen considering facing a obsessed ex and talk of your first love!”
Harry opened his mouth to respond but was hit with another


“GODRIC!” Harry let his head drop to the table with a thud.

Draco took another flaunty sip of his drink, his face absolutely merciless
“darling you look absolutly peakish, are you feeling well?”

“Fuck you” Harry choked out

“Well I never”
“So crass. I was simply worried about your current state and you respond with rude vulgarities.
So cruel.
So mean.
I am so abused.
Save me from this Brute ”

Harry bit into his lip hard to keep from moaning too audibly

“Is yer pretty eyed frien alright” the bartender asked “does ee need water” he said going for a glass under the counter

“Oh I’m sure he is having a glorious time picking on poor defenseless me.
he’s just such a sore looser you see.
Lost a bet.
Gryffindors don’t know how to loose gracefully.” Draco said with a wink

Harry growled and lifted his head just enough to grab his glass and down it.

“Aah I see. Was a Puff me-self forgive n forget!” the bartender laughed setting some water in front of Harry and with a chuckle he moved on to the next customer.

“Draco I’m going to cum in my pants” Harry whined

“Another reason cock rings are so wonderful darling, they prevent such unwanted releases”

“BATHROOM NOW” Harry said jumping to his feet. He didn’t wait for a response before walking
Draco gave a nod at the curious patrons

“seems my friend has something in his eye that I must assist him with”

Harry smashed through people while pulling a horribly casual Malfoy to the washrooms. He smashed into a elderly witch, spilling her sherry on the dance floor
He smashed through the black door and flicked on the light

“What’s got you so bent darling”
Draco drawled, he was answered with a brutal push into the wall and several bruising assaults to his lips and neck

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I got you

(A/N): thank you anon for the awesome request! 

Warnings: injury, sorta blood lust, angsty reader, 

Originally posted by caps-bucky

    This was new, this was most definitely strange, but you didn’t hate it. You had spent all your life thinking there was no cure for this…this condition you had. You constantly lived in fear of turning and killing someone and that had become the norm for you. Constantly living in fear, always isolating yourself so that no one got hurt. But you didn’t have to do that now because you’d found a way to cure this, albeit temporarily. 

   You were honestly shocked when you had found this ‘cure’. It came out of nowhere too, one minute you’re locked in the training room, your hunger for blood strong and the next you’re suddenly wrapped up within Bucky’s arms, as if seconds ago you weren’t trying to kill everyone in the training room. The team had then discovered that there was indeed a cure to your illness, your “condition” and it was Bucky. 

   That man could take you from a raging killing machine to a normal (as normal as you could get) person in under 10 seconds. Something about him just soothed that side of you, the dark evil side that you hated with a fiery passion. Now, you didn’t have to live in fear of hurting those around you, so long as you had Bucky by your side. But sometimes he wasn’t going to be there for you and what were you to do then?

    Your nerves were on fire as you slowly dressed for your mission, placing on each layer of clothing with heavy movements. Something about today didn’t feel right, something deep within your bones was telling you that something bad was going to happen. It was like that fear you had was coming back, that bone chilling anxiety that you were going to hurt someone. You sigh softly as you run your fingers through your hair, pulling it back into a bun. Maybe you could ask Tony if you could sit this one out? Stay within the quinjet while everyone else went out and did this-

   “Hey,” A calm voice suddenly penetrates your thoughts. You direct your gaze up, looking directly into the mirror, there you saw only one reflection…and it wasn’t yours. Instead, your gaze connects to the figure behind you, Bucky, leaning up against the doorframe. 

   “Hey,” You reply, just as calmly and quietly as he had. 

   “You ready to go?” You sigh softly, your hands slumping at your sides. No, you weren’t ready, you were most definitely not ready. Despite this you nod, putting on one of your fake smiles. 

   “Yep, let’s go-” You attempt to brush past Bucky, hoping he didn’t think too much about your strange answer. But as you go to walk past him he grabs your forearm, pulling you back against him. 

   “No you’re not.” He whispers, “Something’s going on with you…” You knew it was pointless to lie to Bucky, he knew you like the back of his hand. It would have only taken him 5 seconds to realize you weren’t okay. 

   “It’s just that-” You sigh yet again, folding your arms over your chest protectively. “Something doesn’t feel right about this mission…like…I’m just being paranoid probably.” You glare at the ground, too embarrassed to look Bucky in the eyes. 

   “If anything does go wrong I’m there for you…okay?” You nod softly, keeping your eyes glued to the ground, refusing to meet Bucky’s gaze. You don’t have to, however, as Bucky gingerly tilts your head up, your gazes connecting. “If you’re too worried about this mission though we can ask Tony about sitting this one out…” You nod yet again, feeling as though that would be your best option. Bucky hums softly, lightly trailing his fingers along your jawline. “Then we’ll talk to Tony then,” 

   “Thank you Bucky,” You whisper quietly as you turn your head to press a small kiss to the inside of his wrist. “You’re the best,” Bucky smiles softly, leaning in to press a kiss to your forehead. 

   “I know I am,” 

    Bucky talked to Tony and he agreed that you should sit this one out. Heightened emotions did something to you…made you turn into that thing. So, if you were feeling nervous enough to almost throw up it was a good thing you weren’t participating on this mission. 

   The rest of the team assembled their gear, getting ready to go save a nation. While everyone geared up and prepared to go kick ass you were stuck to your seat, attempting to soothe your nerves. Nothing felt right about this, not being here, not the whole mission, nothing. You knew even if you were to remain in the Quinjet something bad was going to happen, it just wouldn’t be at your hands. 

   “It’ll be okay,” Bucky whispers, rubbing his hands up your back in an attempt to comfort you. “We knew what we’re doing.” 

   “I know you guys do, it’s just that something doesn’t feel right. Nothing about this situation feels right.” 

   “How silly are going to feel when we all return safe and sound?” You smile faintly, your nerves calming slightly. 

   “Yeah, with Clint ‘i broke my nose falling from a fridge’ Barton and Thor ‘I accidentally punched myself in the face with mjolnir’ Odinson I’m sure you guys are going to be just fine.”

   “Don’t forget Steve ‘I hit myself in the gut with my metal frisbee’ Rogers.” You chuckle softly, recalling the memory in which Steve did indeed hit himself with his Shield. 

  “Yeah, good luck getting out of there without a scratch,” 

  “So long as I’m not by any one of those guys I’ll be fine,” 

  “Okay Bucky ‘I got my tongue stuck to my arm’ Barnes,” 

  “Whatever (Y/N) ‘I trip over flat surfaces’ (Y/L/N),” You stick your tongue out playfully only to have Bucky do it right back. 

   “Okay you two children,” Steve calls to you two, a smile upon his face. “We gotta get in there now,” Bucky gives you one last smile before jumping up to press a kiss to your forehead. 

   “I’ll be back in no time doll,” Bucky gives your hand a soft squeeze before rushing off the ramp of the Quinjet, leaving you all alone with your anxiety. 

   You paced up and down the Quinjet, biting your nail down until they were hardly nails at all. It’d been two hours since the team left, this was supposed to be an hour mission. You gulp dryly, trying not to think of everything that could be going wrong. Unfortunately your dark thoughts prevailed and you found yourself thinking of the worst possible scenarios. What if they were all dead? What if they were being tortured? Maybe they’d run off and left you here alone? Maybe one them was a traitor and turned on all the others? Maybe-  

   Your comm suddenly buzzes to life and what you hear on the other end does not sound good. 

   “(Y/N)!” Sam’s voice yells to you. “We need help! You gotta get down here!” You gulp once again, listening to the gunshots and screaming in the background “We’re losing and we’re losing quick. Get your ass down here!” And with that the comm shuts down, leaving the Quinjet feeling empty and hollow. Breathing in shakily you reach for your gun upon a shelf all the while mentally preparing yourself for all that blood…

   Missions had always been hard, given that there was always bloodshed. That creature within you would scream at you to give in, to just have a little taste but you never did. Sure, you’d come close but Bucky had been there to soothe the beast. Now, you weren’t so sure if you could be soothed this time. 

   Pushing your thoughts away you grab your weapon and head down the ramp, your gaze set upon the forest in front of you. You exhale loudly, gripping your weapon a little tighter.  It was no or never…

   You knew this had gone down hill as soon as you stepped on the scene. The Avengers were trying valiantly to fight off all the Agents but they were strong and quick and now the Avengers were losing. You attempted to keep your cool as fought off all the agents but it all became too much when the agents rebounded on Bucky, attacking him until he could barely fight them off. 

   Something within you snapped and you had no control over what happened next. One minute you’re fighting the agents with a gun and the next minute you’ve drained nearly every agent within the vicinity of Bucky. You felt lightheaded off the blood that stuck to your mouth, your lips, your chin. It almost felt like a high, like you’d finally given in and now you had reached euphoria. All you knew was that now your hunger was even stronger than before. 

   You licked your lips as you set eyes upon a group of agents that had swarmed around Natasha. You could nearly taste the blood under their skin, it was so close you could smell it. You growl softly as you go to lunge at an agents but stop short when Bucky jumps in front of you, blocking you from reaching what you desired. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky panted softly. “I need you to calm down, okay?” You nearly growled at him, a warning that he needed to back up. “This isn’t you, you don’t want this…” Bucky takes a step closer to you, the movement slow and hesitant. You bare your teeth at him, hoping the pointed canines would scare him off. Unfortunately, Bucky didn’t seemed deterred by this at all, instead he took another step closer. “Calm down (Y/N), okay? We’ve got this under control now, you can go back to the quinjet…” he takes another step closer, making the distance between the two of you even smaller. “…Just…calm…down…” Bucky whispers as he hesitantly reaches his metal arm out to grasp your hand. 

   With each passing word you could feel yourself slowly shift back into a normal state of mind, the bloodlust was disappearing and your normal mind was suddenly coming back. It suddenly dawned upon you your mistake and a raging fire of self hatred bubbled within you. 

   You’d given in, you’d finally let that goddamn creature win. You swipe your tongue along your lip and when you taste the blood there it only fuels your self loathing. A small sob rises in your throat and tears well within your eyes. You actually gave in, gave that monster the satisfaction of knowing that you were weak.  You sob quietly, wanting nothing more than to curl up and die, burn in hell cause that’s what you deserved. Immediately Bucky pulls you against his chest, holding you tightly. 

   “It’s okay (Y/N)…” He whispers as he gingerly runs his hands along your now matted hair. “It’s okay…I got you.” You sob again, your knees giving out as your self hatred and pain grow within you. Bucky pulls you even tighter against him, keeping you secured against his body. “You were just trying to help, it’s okay.” You couldn’t even find the words within you to speak, all you could do was sob and sob. 

   You could vaguely hear the sounds of conversation amongst the Avengers but you were too out of it to distinguish the words. All you were focused on was the drying blood around your mouth and the self hatred that was bubbling within you. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky whispers against your ear. “It’s okay. The mission’s over and we’re gonna go home. Then we’ll just forget this whole thing, kay?” You didn’t deserve to go home, all you deserved was to die. Die the way you had killed those men, in a brutal and slow fashion. 

   You can hear more conversation but you don’t even pay attention, your focus is now on the warm arms wrapped around you tightly, and the soft kisses that we’re being peppered along your head. 

   “I’m gonna pick you up now, kay?” You nod softly and then you’re suddenly being lifted up bridal style. You catch a vague glimpse of the other Avengers around you and you can feel more tears gathering within your eyes. What would your teammates think of you? What if they feared you now? You can barely stand to look at any of them so instead you take up to burying your face into Bucky’s chest, shielding your gaze from the world. 

    Back on the Quinjet you rush to the bathroom, desperate to get away from everyone and to scrub away at your face until all the blood was gone. You turn on the taps and grab a towel, wetting the corner and beginning to scrub at the blood that caked your mouth. You were disgusted with yourself and you wanted nothing more than to sit in the bathroom and curl up and die. 

   You furiously scrubbed at the drying blood and dirt, most likely rubbing your skin raw. More tears gather within your eyes and you’re about to start crying once again when a quiet knock upon the door stops you.

   “It’s me.” Bucky’s voice calls. “Can I come in?” You sniffle quietly as you pull at the door knob, letting the door swing open on its own. Bucky steps into the small space, locking the door behind him. He stares at the bloodied rag in your hands before looking back up to your face. “Here,” Bucky gingerly takes the rag from your hands. “let me,” he oh so gently wipes at your face and you can’t help but think to yourself that you don’t deserve this kind of respect and kindness, not after what you just did. 

   “This doesn’t change our opinions on you…” Bucky whispers as he gently dabs the towel back into the water. “We all still love you just the same,” You sigh shakily, closing your eyes as tears threaten to escape. “In fact I think Nat was planning on taking you out shopping after this,” 

   “I don’t want to,” You croak, the first words you’d spoken since the incident. 

   “that’s okay,” Bucky nods. “We can do whatever you want.” You nod softly, biting your lip in thought. 

   “Can we just-” You swallow thickly, hesitating in your words. “Can we just cuddle or something…” Bucky laughs softly, his eyes crinkling softly. 

   “Sure, we can cuddle,” Bucky nods his head, giving you a warm smile. “That sounds great,” The two of you fall into a small silence, just sitting there as Bucky wipes away at your blood caked skin. 

   “Bucky?” You ask quietly. Bucky hums softly, acknowledging your comment. “…do you still love me? Even if I-I’m this…thing?”

   “You are not some thing.” Bucky chastises, setting the towel down on the sink. His hands gently cup your face, squishing your cheeks together. “You are (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and I love you, got it?” You nod softly, a faint smile rising to your lips. 

   “Got it,”