throws tablet out window

anonymous asked:

should you be made to count out your spankings? your hands will need to be tied, if you're not going to use them to draw, you can't use them to touch

oh my god

i gotta tell u i read this in the voice of one nicholas boulton and im 2 seconds away from throwing my tablet out of a window

Ohhh nooooo @iscoppie drew this suit sans and it’s so perfect, I can tell it’s going to cause me problems oh nooooooo…..

And then @drowninginfelines said he would be a sloppy drunk and oh no

oh no he would 

*whispers* oh noooooo

Hm? What’s that @theslowesthnery they’re going to Alphys and Undyne’s wedding??? Whatttt??? Don’t you know that on my list of prohibited substances and–


nooo noooooo…. this is so illegal

ILLEGAL *throws tablet out of the window*

How to awake an idiot inside of you?

For this you need:

  • A little skill in drawing. 
  • Senpai. 
  • Tumblr. 
  • The inability to adequately look at things. 

Cooking process:

  1. Draw and praise yourself in every way, thinking that you’re so fucking original. 
  2. Finish the sketch and post the drawing on Tumblr.
  3. You begin feeling a desire to remove the post.
  4. Senpai reposts your post.
  5. Turn off the computer and throw the tablet out the window in shame.