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Hiya! ^^ I would like to request hc's about an MC who is a kpop star or part of a group. I imagine they'd all be super surprised to see them at the party! I hope you both are well, and you don't have to do my ask if you wouldn't like to! Oh sorry, I'm starting to ramble again aren't I? Hahaaaa;;;

A/N: IM SO READY FOR THIS, FUCK ME UP (and dont worry i ramble a lot, I don’t think you were rambling sweetheart <3) ~Admin 404


           -He’s a big big fan of kpop

           -Follows all the popular groups and stars almost religiously

           -So when you (or Saeyoung) tell the group what your name is, he’s hYPED


           -You just couldn’t tell him right off the bat that yes, you were that person

           -You decided to surprise him at the party instead!

           -Because nothing is cooler than finding out you’re dating an idol of yours, right???

           -So when he sees you at the party he actually squeals like a little kid because WOW YOU’RE THERE AND YOU’RE AMAZING

           -“YOU KNOW MY S/O HAS THE SAME NAME AS YOU” “Yoosung it is me, I’m MC, I’m your s/o”

           -Poor baby faints right then and there. From then on he’s just always so in awe every time he looks at you. Always telling his friends about you; “Hey did you know i’m dating-” “YES YOOSUNG, YOU’RE DATING MC. THE MC. YES YOU LOVE THEM. YES THEY LOVE YOU. WE GET IT”


           -Yeah he’s heard all the popular groups and stars

           -Has a ton of respect for them all

           -After all, he is a music man himself musicals are different than pop music though zen

           -He’s also a firm believer of “He can date whoever he wants, famous or not”

           -When he’s down in the dumps and you come over to his house to cheer him up he’s really surprised

           -Why is there a famous star on my doorstep?? What do they want?? Are they here to say bad things about me too? whaT IS HAPPENING

           -You have to quickly calm him down and explain that no, you’re just MC and you’re here to cheer him up

           -He’s so confused and stays like that for a solid hour. He talks to you and he’s excited and all but he just…. cannot process that the MC he’s developed strong feelings for is also the famous star MC

           -You’re waiting for him at his home while he brings back some snacks for the two of you and he bursts through his own front door



           -The moment she knew your name, she was suspicious

           -Isn’t one for blindly believing something

           -So she thought it was merely a coincidence that you shared the name of a famous star

           -Except when she saw you in person at the party

           -She kept asking around to make sure that she was seeing you correctly

           -Not to mention she never remembered anyone mentioning the invitation of a famous kpop star???

           -“Jaehee, it’s me. MC. I helped organize the party, I didn’t realize I had to put myself on the list”

           -You helped whAT

           -Then and there is the moment she realized that your name wasn’t a coincidence and that she had asked planned on asking a famous kpop star to be her partner in opening a coffee shop

           -But she doesn’t treat you any differently, not at all. She just kind of fangirls in silence (until you catch her later at the party)


           -“Are you part of that famous group that’s all over the radio all the time?”

           -I guess that’s one way of greeting me, Jumin

           -When he saw you in person it just solidified his assumptions

           -Doesn’t treat you any different than he would have before, because you’re still you

           -You just happen to have a title as well. That doesn’t change who you are inside, ya know, the part he loves

           -But, the fact that you’re famous and you have no body guards concerns him to all hell??

           -That day on you’re surrounded by more body guards than you can even see

           -He actually admits to not hearing any of your work and you just sit there in awe

           -“Jumin do you live under a rock?” “Don’t be ridiculous, I live up here in my penthouse”

           -He actually buys all your albums and anything you’ve ever made later that day. Falls in love with your music and he’s so cute like he wears your merch when the two of you are relaxing at home


           -Knew from the background check, there’s no be reveal for you this time MC

           -Though he was REALLY REALLY excited that you’re the famous kpop star because he loves your music

           -Actually seen you live before which makes meeting you 10x more exciting

           -He throws in lyrics to your songs to try and let you know that “hey, mc, i know who you are but im keeping it a secret from everyone else”

           -HYPED AS HELL! The person he fell in love with is also the celebrity he had the biggest crush on

           -But that also scares the hell out of him because of his job??? He’s supposed to be in the shadows??? How would this even work out?

           -Despite it all, he still came to the apartment to protect you

           -You expected a big “wow i can’t believe its you” but instead you just got ignored and you’re just left there kinda like???? dude???

           -But when the two of you head out to Mint Eye headquarters, your music started to blare in his car and he couldn’t turn it down fast enough

           -EMBARRASSED AS ALL HELL, he’s as red as his hair and finally admits that you’re his favourite recording artist and has been for years. Even admits that he’s the owner of your fanclub fucking dORK


           - can he even see you

           - im sorRY I HAD TO THROW THAT IN JUST FOR 626

           -Really really surprised to see that you’re the famous MC

           -Actually enjoys your music a lot and has photographed you at a few of your shows

           -Never sold the pictures though because those are personal to him what a fanboy

           -He feels TERRIBLE that you got caught up in all of this, he doesn’t think you deserve the trouble at all

           -When he meets you in person, the first thing he does is apologize profusely

           -After a very long time, and the two of you end up together, he didn’t even realize that one day he wore a t-shirt of yours until you pointed it out

           -Immediately starts to stutter and turn bright red. The gig was up so he decided to show you some of those pictures he’s taken as well

           -He’s your favourite photographer at every show from then on and he’s loving the hell out of it <3


           -Also knew from the beginning

           -He’s not into kpop, he’s into some harder music, forget that MC

           - somebody’s being a LLLIIIAAAAAARRRRR

           -After a while, when the two of you get close, you catch him listening to a few of your songs

           -You never say anything though because if you catch him, he gets embarrassed and just walks out of the room

           -Hates publicity (or the public population in general, take your pick) so he avoids it at all cost

           -But he does think it’s pretty cool that you’ve created music, like he wishes he could do something like that

           -Protects you from his fanboy of a brother who’s always hanging all over you

           - calm down saeran it’s in an idol-appreciation way

           -Literally does not care if you’re famous or not. He has no more fucks to give. None I tell you, none

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I’d give anything to hear
You say it one more time,
That the universe was made
Just to be seen by my eyes.

Winchester Sister- Heavy Metal

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Request: Hey can you do an imagine that Dean surprised the reader with tickets to go see Metallica (her fav band) and in the morning Sam is trying to talk to them but they both lost their voices? That would be like the best night of my life: Metallica plus big brother Dean!

Title: Heavy Metal

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Words: 1099

Summary: Dean takes sister!reader to a Metallica concert

(A/N: this one was fun to write lol I haven’t listened to Metallica in forever)


“(Y/N)!” You hear your brother, Dean, yell as soon as he closes the door to the bunker. “(Y/N)!”

He runs down the stairs and you stand up from where you are sitting and look at him worried as he runs over to you with a smile on his face. “You will never guess what I just got!”

“What, Dean? You’re kinda scaring me.” You say and take a step back from your overexcited brother.

He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out two small pieces of paper and hands them to you. You look at them for a second before screaming and jumping up and down from excitement. “OH MY GOD DEAN! YOU GOT US METALLICA TICKETS?!”

Yeah!” He says with a huge smile and laughs at your reaction. “They’re playing tonight a few towns over.”

“How the hell did you manage getting tickets? They’ve been sold out for months!” You ask after giving Dean a tight hug.

“It’s a funny story actually…” Dean starts, scratching the back of his neck. “I met this woman at a bar a couple nights ago and she was apparently a groupie or something for the band.  We started talking about the band and she told me that she might have something for me but it would cost me. I was drunk, so of course I went with it and I woke up the next morning in a motel room with two other women-“

“I didn’t need to hear that,” You whisper, cringing at his last statement.

He laughs and continues, “Anyways, so after a couple more rounds while I was sober, they told me to come back tomorrow and they would have the tickets. So I went this morning, and after a very fun breakfast with two lovely ladies, I got them!”

“Ew, you mean that’s your sex hair?” You look at his messy hair in disgust.

“Hey, if you don’t want these tickets I can always take Sammy.” Dean teases, snatching the tickets out of your hand.

“NO!” Your eyes widen and you wrap your arms around his neck as you kiss his cheek repeatedly, “I am so happy you had sex to get these tickets! I hope those were the best threesomes in your life!”

“That’s what I thought. Now go get ready; we need to leave in an hour or so.” Dean says as he removes your arms from his neck and pushes you in the direction of your room.

You knock on Dean’s door after you get ready and close the door behind you after Dean tells you to come in. “You excited?” Dean asks as he puts on a shirt; you look at the scratch marks on his back from the Metallica groupies.

“Hell yeah I am! This is going to be the best night of my life.” You say and fall next to him on the bed where he is putting on his shoes.

“Good, Sammy said that he’s going to keep an eye on the place for the night.” Dean stands up and motions his head to the door and you two file out and walk to the library where Sam sits, scrolling on his laptop.

“Alright Sam, we’re heading out.” Dean says and Sam nods, “Call us if you need us.”

You and Dean walk up the stairs and out the door when you hear Sam shout, “Have fun.”

You and Dean listen to Metallica while driving to the concert. He turns the volume all the way up with the windows down and you beat along using the dashboard as drums. You reach the arena and find your seats in the front row. “Oh my god, Dean. James is going to be right in front of us!”

Soon the concert starts and all you can hear is the sound of heavy drums and loud guitar riffs. Dean chugs his third beer and the two of you shout the lyrics to the song playing. You throw your hands in the air and scream to the top of your lungs for James, your favorite, after a song finishes. To your surprise James looks at you and smiles. You scream again and he throws his guitar pick at you. Dean catches it for you and you look at him with a wide smile.

“Come on Kansas! Let me hear you!” James shouts into the microphone and the crowd erupts with cheers. They start to play Lords of Summer and you and Dean scream the lyrics again. By the encore, you and Dean both have lost your voices. “Thank you, Goodnight!”

They come to center stage and take a final bow before throwing all their guitar picks and drum sticks into the crowd. Kirk and Lars come into the pit and start slapping people hands in the crowd. Lars makes his way towards you and Dean and Dean shakes his hand. “Thanks for coming, man.”

“No problem.” Dean shouts and looks to you, dumbfounded.  “Did I just talk to Lars Ulrich?!”

You two make it back to the impala, you in the driver’s seat and a drunken Dean sitting shotgun. It is one in the morning and the both of you are exhausted. “Tonight has been so fun Dean. We should make this a regular thing.”

“I don’t think I’m going to be having sex with any more groupies anytime soon.” Dean says, closing his eyes and propping his head against the window.

“That’s okay; I can probably sleep around and get some tickets.” You say, looking at him with the corner of your eye.

“Ha-ha, very funny.” He says sarcastically, peeking his eyes open to give you a look.

You make it home safely and you and Dean go straight to your beds and pass out from exhaustion. In the morning you wake up with a killer headache: your ears ring and your throat is sore. You make your way to the kitchen and already see Sam and Dean eating breakfast. Sam sets down his paper and looks at you, “So how was the concert last night?”

You open your mouth to reply but only a faint squeak comes out. Sam laughs, “Ah, I see you’ve lost your voice too?”

You look at Dean and he weakly smiles while rubbing his temple. “I’ll get some medicine for you.” Sam says and stands up, ruffling your hair and leaving the kitchen.

“Hope you had a good time last night,” Dean whispers hoarsely.

“The best.” You voice cracks and you sit down next to him, taking a drink of his water and resting your head on his shoulder.

Crenshaw Punch / I'll Throw Rocks at You
Crenshaw Punch / I'll Throw Rocks at You

I upload all the discography of Deftones in this blog.

I will upload everyday at 22:00 (GMT+1) a new song.

Thanks for watching.

Subo toda la discografía de Deftones en este blog.

Cada día a las 22:00 (GMT+1) subiré una nueva canción.

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Deftones - B-Sides & Rarities (2003)

8- Crenshaw Punch / I’ll Throw Rocks at You

Remember one time I bit you on the arm
I’m just afraid of solitude of being alone
I want to be at your house right now
Make you stand by the sink
I swear to keep awake

I can show you things like fire and more
Remember the time I kicked the TV over

For months, I’m sharing lungs
I can’t talk to her
‘Cause she’ll throw rocks at me

I might never see you again
I hope we fix and stay special 'cause still
I ain’t tryin’ to start a fight
But now, I only, I could pull you in for a moment
I know this

That’s so sweet
Battle stations, please guard us
Marry me, but don’t lean on me
'Cause I’ll fuck you till the morning
So stay


For months, I’m sharing lungs
I can’t talk to her
'Cause she’ll throw rocks at me

I’ll be screaming and all besides
And ? listening
You’ll know, she knows by now you don’t clap
When it comes to my music

My lungs are in the top drawer
By now I’ve got a lover inside of me
As long as we sleep right now
As long as we sleep right now

For months, I’m sharing lungs
Now I can’t talk to her
'Cause she’ll throw rocks at me
She’ll throw rocks at me

For months, I’m sharing lungs
I can’t talk to her
'Cause she’ll throw rocks at me

10 reasons why Kurt Cobain wasn't murdered

1. None of Kurt’s bandmates, family, or friends believe that he was murdered.

2. Two of Kurt’s uncles committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshots to the head.

3. Kurt made a Super-8 film as a child depicting him killing himself.

4. Kurt reportedly told a classmate that he was going to become a famous rock star and then kill himself in a blaze of glory like Jimi Hendrix (believing Hendrix’ death was a suicide).

5. Kurt wrote in his published ‘Journal’ that he once tried to commit suicide by laying on train tracks only to have the train come down the wrong tracks.

6. Kurt Cobain’s lyrics were full of direct and veiled references to suicide:

Song: “I Hate Myself and Want To Die” – the name of a Nirvana song, the original title for the album “In Utero”, and Kurt shocked his bandmates by showing up to a show wearing a custom made T-Shirt with this phrase on it.

Song: “Milk It”
“Look on the bright side, suicide.”

Song: “Scentless Apprentice”
“I lie in the soil and fertilize mushrooms.
Leaking out gas fumes are made into perfume.
You can’t fire me because I quit!
Throw me in the fire and I won’t throw a fit.”

Song: “You Know You’re Right”
Lyrics (the song is loaded with a veiled suicide references):
“I would never bother you.
Never speak a word again.
I will crawl away for good…
Always knew it would come to this…
You Know You’re Right.”

7. Nirvana MTV Unplugged, Nov. 18, 1993. To me this was Kurt’s planned epitaph 5 months before his death:

Cobain suggested that the stage be decorated with stargazer lilies, black candles, and a crystal chandelier. Cobain’s request prompted the show’s producer to ask him, “You mean like a funeral?”, to which the singer replied, “Exactly. Like a funeral.”
-Charles R. Cross’ book “Heavier Than Heaven”, pg. 304.

5 of the 6 songs cover songs during Nirvana’s MTV ‘Unplugged’ performance mentioned death.

Some Common Kurt Cobain Murder Arguments & Rebuttals:

8. “If Kurt had taken a lethal heroin overdose he would not be able to pull the trigger.”

Heroin addicts have increasingly high drug tolerances. Even a lethal dose of heroin would not necessarily have instantly killed Kurt Cobain.

“A typical lethal injection death should be completed within 7 minutes. Often that time is exceeded, sometimes by 1 or 2 hours.”

That is with a lethal chemical cocktail designed to kill a person and stop their heart. If Kurt gave himself a “lethal heroin overdose” it would have still been possible for him to shoot himself before the drugs kicked in.

9. “There was hardly any blood. If Kurt blew his head off there would have been more blood.”

Kurt shot himself using a bird-shot shotgun round, remember George W. Bush’s VP Dick Cheney shooting incident with his hunting buddy? That involved a bird-shot. If fired into a person’s head through their mouth a bird-shot round would probably kill them but not necessarily penetrate through the back of their skull. This would explain why there was so little blood found at the scene and why the security installation technician who discovered Kurt said he looked like he was sleeping.

10. “Courtney Love hired someone to murder Kurt Cobain because they were going to get a divorce.”

Just hours after performing on Saturday Night Live on January 11, 1992, one week before ‘Nevermind’ hit number one on the charts, Kurt overdosed on drugs. Courtney Love found him at 7:00 am the next morning lying on the floor. She revived him by splashing water on his face and punching him in the stomach.

In July 1993, Kurt was scheduled to perform at the New Music Seminar in New York City. Prior to the show, Kurt shot up too much heroin which resulted in an accidental overdose. Courtney Love injected him with Narcan and then punched him in the chest. This resuscitated Kurt who went on to perform later that night as if nothing had happened.

Courtney reportedly saved Kurt’s life after overdosing on heroin on numerous other occasions. If Courtney had not saved Kurt’s back in 1992 Nirvana would be known for a singer who died from a heroin overdose just before their only hit album hit #1. Because of Courtney Kurt lived for 2 more productive years.

Two months before Cobain killed himself he attempted suicide in Rome, Italy overdosing on “Roofies” and champagne and allegedly wrote a suicide note. Courtney discovered him overdosed, rushed him to the hospital, and saved his life again.

If Courtney wanted Kurt dead she could have just let him overdose and die numerous times. I don’t believe Courtney was a stabilizing influence on Kurt’s life but I also don’t believe that she had any reason or need to have him killed. Even if they divorced she would still be set for life financially. Why would she suddenly want to murder him 2 months after saving his life?

Some people need to believe conspiracy theories about Kurt. The 1998 film “Kurt and Courtney” gave rise to many of these “Kurt was murdered” theories. But even the filmmaker Nick Bloomfield does not believe that Kurt was murdered. Kurt’s best friend, Dylan Carlson, who bought him the shotgun said, “If I really thought Courtney was involved, She would be dead now, I’d kill her…” If Kurt’s friends, family, and bandmates don’t believe he was murdered why do some of Kurt’s fans have to believe it like their lives depend on it?

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana changed the course of rock music for the better. I was, and still am, a huge Nirvana fan. Kurt is the only musician whose death has ever made me cry. I have read 4 books about him. I will always love Nirvana’s music, but I do find it hard to listen to Nirvana without being reminded of his tragic death. Anyone who uses heroin is basically flirting with death. Kurt called himself a “death rocker” in his suicide note. I think Kurt always had a death wish and it eventually just caught up with him. “Always knew it would come to this… Pain… You know you’re right.” It’s all right there in his last song. RIP Kurt Cobain. May your music live on forever.


Sunday Kind of Love

Skinny!Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: Could you write (if you fancy) a one-shot where 40’s Steve goes to a bar, and the reader is the bar singer and Bucky tries to push Steve to talk to her or something cute?
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
2,834 words

Notes: I TOOK TWO MONTHS TO WRITE THIS. I’m so so sorry for the long wait, dear nonnie. I’ve been lazing around with my writing and my college shit is just making it worse. Adding my sudden inability to even start writing something, it took WAY longer than I thought. It’s not that good but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Y’all tell me if there’s any mistakes since I didn’t proofread. Enjoy! <3

When you first see him, it’s a during a busy Saturday night and he’s with his friend, the sergeant, who you’re  already used to meet every now and then during his recent visits. 

The brunette is popular with the ladies, you can tell, and it’s rare the nights he comes alone rather than being with an usual short girl, their lips always in deep tons of red and hairs dolled up with perfectly made curls. 

But you really never saw him before. 

He’s got blond hair, blue eyes and a tiny frame. His hair looks good enough for your fingers to twitch in an urge to touch it, his eyes are light and soft so that you can notice them from across the room and you’re sure he’s a few inches smaller than your height – not that you particularly care about that. 

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Yoga- Nate Maloley

a/n: thanks for the request hope you like it

“Nathan stop” you whisper shouted trying to silence him regretting bringing him along. “All that junk inside her trunk” he continued ignoring you plea. You shrieked in laughter clamping your hand over your mouth. The entire class turned in your direction searching for the sudden outburst. You quickly composed yourself hoping they wouldn’t notice you.

Nate had somehow convinced you to let him tag along to your weekly yoga class saying that you never spent enough time together and how could you say no to your best friend.

You relaxed into your pose you heartbeat finally returning to normal. “Tree” the yoga instructor called. You slowly lifted your right foot to your left thigh deep in concentration. This is always the most difficult pose for you but when you looked at Nate and he seemed to have mastered it. He peered at you smugly as you try to maintain your balance when all of a sudden he pretended to push you. You frantically wave your arms in fear of falling bringing down your leg to stabilize yourself. “You suck” you mouthed to him to which he simply shrugged his shoulders chuckling softly to himself.


You settled into the pose making eye contact with Nate which you immediately knew was a mistake.

“She’s definitely all about that bass” Nate said a little too loud for your comfort. You figured out that he was throwing out butt related song lyrics and for some reason you found the lyrics coming out of his mouth hilarious.

“Her body’s too bootylicious” At this point it didn’t even matter who he was referencing you were done. It was taking everything in you not to burst out laughing and he knew it. He saw the way your body would jolt in forbidden laughter only encouraging his antics.

As the yoga instructor changed positions she shot you a warning look reminding you to stay quiet. Nate looked from her to you and then mimicked her face adding in an exaggerated eye roll and hair flip. You tapped him on the shoulder telling him to cut it out and positioned yourself in downward facing dog.

“That backsides bigger than a family of trees” Nate whispers leaning over to you biting his lip looking to the girl in front of him wagging his eyebrow. You fell from your position glaring at Nate. But the combination of the smirk on his face and the fact that he just used a lyric from Wild Life made you lose it. You cried out trying desperately to silence your noises while Nate watched as if he had no idea why you were laughing at all.

“Out now!” The instructor yelled pointing to the door clearly fed up with the commotion you and Nate were causing. You grapped his hand pulling him out of the studio and you both broke down in laughter the minute you shut the door. Surely they could hear you on the other side but you didn’t care. You were doubled over laughing placing one hand on your heart the other on Nate’s shoulder for support. Finally your laughter died down and you wipe the tears from your eyes.

“Yeah you’re never coming with me again”

imagine moving into a house by yourself, not knowing that the reason the previous tenants left were because of a certain local band who practiced in their basement last night, the bass shaking the entire block while they received a variety of noise complaints, but they still played and you found yourself one night sitting at your bedroom window with the perfect view of the skinny basement window where a certain guitar player’s dark hair clung to his forehead with sweat as he passionately sang lyrics to a song about throwing rocks at a window and you found yourself in front of the door, ringing the doorbell as the same guitarist answered, immediately smiling when he saw you even though you were complete strangers, yet he asked “may i help you?” to which you responded with a slight stutter, “c-can you be a little more quiet, please?” and the dark haired guitarist simply smirked and said “you’ll get used to the noise eventually, babe” along with a smirk and you were almost certain he wasn’t talking about the band anymore