throws self off a bridge

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Hey there KC! I'm Dev💕 Fun Fact: I'm that person that dragged you to the batfam hell and pushed you down it. Have a nice day! 😉✨

hahahaha y tho

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hahaha jks LOVE U DEV I’m tumbling quick I have to like figure out how to…. figure stuff out and then WRITE FOR IT AAAAAAAAAAAAA! I wonder why there aren’t many reader-insert fics for the batfam and am I in trouble if I start. Like ????? I feel like this is one of those fandoms where if I do something that people don’t usually do I’m going to get my throat slit in the dead of night to appease the discourse gods.

OH WELL. HAHAHAHAHA. *throws self off a bridge*

Nice to meet you Dev xoxox